Krasue is a female vampiric spirit in the legend of Thailand, it is known as Kasu in Laos and Ap in Cambodia.  During the day the Krause assumes the form of a beautiful woman, but by night the beautiful woman would detach her head from her body causing her viscera to hang down to her neck and her entrails below the head.

The Krasue is said to live in the same place where the Krahang (a male spirit) lives.  She moves by hovering into the air.  She is depicted as a creature with a throat (sometimes with a neck) hangind down from her head.  It also includes organs such as heart and stomach complete with intestines.  The intestines were said to show the voracious nature of the Krasue.  Her viscera are believed to be always filled with blood.

Krasue is similar to the Penanggalan of Malaysia and Indonesia.  It also bears a striking resemblance to the Mananangal of the Philippines that detaches the lower half of its body to hunt victims.  The Krasue has been a source of inspiration for movies and television shows such as Kon Aeuy Madai Ahp (My Mother is Arb), Krasue Valentine and Ghost of guts Eater.

The Krasue is said to feed on their victim by inserting their long tongue into the anus of their victim.


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