Princesse de Lamballe

Princesse de Lamballe died in the hands of an angry mob in 1792 at the Streets of Paris.  Her murder is described as hideous and strange because despite of serving as the confidante of the queen she was devoted to charity works and civil improvements.

Princesse de Lamballe was allegedly butchered on the spot and her heart was ripped out of her and eaten by one members of the mob.  The account states:
 One of the brigands carried on the end of a pike that head from which hung a mass of blonde hair soaked with blood. He was followed by another, who carried in his hand the bloody heart of the princess while her entrails were twisted around his arm. In this way they passed under the windows of the Duc de Penago, whom they forced to gaze on the mutilated members of his daughter-in-law. From there they proceeded to the Temple, to the royal family. The queen fainted at the horrible sight. All the carriages in the streets were stopped and their occupants compelled to kiss the head of the princess. One monster boasted of having made his dinner on the heart of Madame de Lamballe. 
On September 3, she was taken to a tribunal that demanded her to swear her hatred towards the king and the queen as well as the monarchy.  She refused to do it and the tribunal ordered to take her away.  She was then taken to a group of men who killed her in just 10 minutes.

She was allegedly raped and one of her breasts was severed.  Her body was mutilated and her head was decapitated and placed on a pike and paraded on the window of Marie Antoinette.  In the historical biography of Marie Antoinette, it states that she was not able to see the head of her long time friend Princessee de Lamballe but she was well aware of what is happening. 

Princesse de Lamballe’s body was never found, reason why she was not entombed at the necropolis of the Orleans family located in Dreux.


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