Robin Swope

Robin Swope is what they called, the Paranormal Pastor.  But before he became a pastor, he was first a grave digger.  Robin Swope shared some of his eerie accounts while being a grave digger.

Robin Swope was not the happiest grave digger.  He said that it is not the job that he wanted since the occupation is disturbing.  When experiencing bizarre incident, they tend to share those incident with a co-grave digger to avoid getting insane.

Robin Swope was first assigned at the Erie County Pennsylvania.  During the late 90’s, a casket elevator was used to raise the coffin since most of the crypt that time can be found in a higher level.

One time, the superintendent and a helper was raising the coffin of an old woman.  Beside her was the crypt of her deceased husband.  The funeral services are also held inside the area since the place also offered those kinds of services.

When the funeral service was over, they placed the casket on the elevator and everyone left.  A few moments after, they noticed an old man standing on the mausoleum looking at them very intently.   It was not unusual since many times one of the family members would like to see their loved ones until they were sent to their final resting place.  But this particular man is not included in the guests while the funeral services in ongoing a while ago.  But nonetheless they decided to ignore him.

They did their job as they usually do, placed the casket inside the crypt and cemented it.  When they are done with their job, the old man vanished into thin air.  The supervisor and the helper froze in fear.  When they were finally able to compose themselves, they continue on their work.

They lift the heavy granite and place it outside the crypt.  They noticed that there was a picture of the couple on the granite.  The picture of the old man looks very familiar. Yes, it was the picture of the man who was standing on the mausoleum a while ago.  And he was also wearing the exact same suit.

They thought that the husband wanted to witness and make sure that her wife will be laid next to him.  


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