Surender Koli

The series of murder dubbed as the 2006 Noida serial murder is blamed on a rapist and a cannibal named Surender Koli.  In December of 2006, the investigation on the incident began as the police discovered the bones and remains of a number of missing children in the town of Nithari, India

On the 26th of December 2006, an influential businessman named Moninder Singh Pandher as well as his servant Surender Koli were apprehended by the authorities for supposedly murdering a prostitute named as Payal. They were both sentenced to death on the 13th of February, 2009.

On December 29, 2006, two residents of the village claimed they knew about the location of the remains of the children who went missing on the past years. The two men, whom both of their children disappeared believed that a servant from the D5 house has something to do with the series of disappearances.  They were constantly ignored by the officials about their report of the missing children so they seek the help of S. C. Mithra, a former President of the Resident’s Welfare Association.

That morning Mithra lead the search on a water tank where the bodies of the kids were supposedly kept.  They managed to find a decomposed hand which prompted them to call the officials.  Upon the arrival of the police, the residents had already found additional remains of 3 victims.  Koli then confessed on murdering six children together with the murder of Payal.  The residents of the village as well as the parents of the missing children started to speculate that the police are corrupt and under the influence of a rich businessman.  They demanded a thorough investigation on the matter.  One of the residents even claimed that the police are claiming the discoveries of the bodies when they have long ignored their reports.

The Central government took the matter into their hands and started an investigation.  The press later divulged that an influential businessman, Pandher was apprehended by the police.  Two of the policemen were also relieved on their duty on the allegations of having connections with the murderers.  Later Surender Koli confessed on eating the livers of the victims as well as their body parts.  There was also evidence of Necrophilia committed on the victims.


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