The Case of Maria das Dores

Maria das Dores was a few minutes away from being buried when she came back to life.  Maria das Dores, 88 years old was pronounced dead by the doctors after they found her with no vital signs.  She had been admitted in the hospital located in the Apatinga for quite some time after being diagnosed of suffering from blocked arteries and Alzheimer’s disease.

On Christmas day, the doctors already signed her death certificate and asked them to transfer her remains on a funeral parlor.  And from the funeral parlor she was taken to the local church for burial rites.

When the funeral is preparing for her burial, the undertaker opened the coffin and noticed that Maria das Dores is alive.  She was alive after all but she’s not responding to any type of conversation.

She was quickly returned to the hospital where she was declared dead; they gave her an immediate treatment while she was still in her coffin.  Family members of Maria das Dores were claiming that she was moving more compared to before.

She was pronounced dead on a Tuesday and they have never seen a sign of life from her since Wednesday. Is this a sign of the reanimated corpse or a case of medical malpractice?  Is her lack of response caused by zombification or Alzheimer’s disease?


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