Vampire-Related Incidents

June 2003, when a male prostitute named Shane Abbott was murdered inside his home.  He was accused of rape and was about to go on the 5th day of trial when he was murdered.  During the trial Abbott claimed that he’s a vampire and there are times that he attempted to bite the tongue of his victims; he further said that he used human blood to quench his thirst.  The identity of the suspected murderer remains anonymous.  But it is indeed baffling that the murder happened upon Abbott confessed that he is a vampire.

A mass hysteria about a vampire incident also happened in Malawi in Southeastern Africa.  In December of 2002, villagers would randomly beat people who they suspect is a blood sucking creature.  One day three Catholic priest are passing around the area when they were attacked by the villagers, other group also attacked a camp of a group who was drilling for fresh water.  Apparently the people of Blantyre suspected that it was a vampire’s camp.

Rumors started to spread across the land when the President offers a deal to trade human blood in exchange for food in order to alleviate their problem on food shortage.  The people thought that the government is dealing with vampires and they believe that the government issued a command to these vampires to hunt locals and collect bloods.

The government is willing to put an end to this panic thus they sent authorities to the villages to clear that there are no such dealing with a supposed group of vampires.  But that didn’t stop the mass hysteria, some says that this is because the people already felt hopeless against hungers and diseases especially AIDS.  There are also rumors that some people were attacked by these undead creatures, reason why their belief about the vampires grew stronger.  They are also sightings about a suspected modern day vampire that attacks their victim with a sleeping gas that immobilize them, but no sightings of the medieval type of vampire with a sharp teeth.  The government finally decided to take drastic measures and arrest those who were “hunting” vampires.  About 40 men were arrested by the police. Interestingly there had been an incident of vampire hysteria in Malawi 30 years ago.


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