The Rooftop Madman

The Rooftop Madman is a phantom similar to the Spring Heeled Jack that reportedly haunts Argentina during the year 2005.  There were hundreds of reported sightings claiming that they saw the alleged Rooftop Madman.  Citizens started acting on their own and created a patrol to protect the citizens from the alleged phantom.

The Rooftop Madman is reported as a tall creature wearing a black cape and dressed in black with red and glowing eyes similar to a fireball.  Residents of Santa Fe reported about a man who leaps from roof to roof while sporting amazing acrobatic activities.  They said that the creature can jump up to ten meters long and five meters high.

Like some reported phantom in the past, the creatures face cannot be distinguished but its eyes are visible due to the glow and color.  Sheriff Gabriel Legstra gave an interview on a local radio station.  He said:

"On Tuesday I dispatched 18 units to assuage people's fears. But ultimately there is no other crime than tresspassing here. The character goes from one roof to the next, appears inside a house, has pressed his face against a window but hasn't attacked anyone." 

The issue was also reported at Diario de Capital and said that the creature was first sighted at Barrio Centenario.  It was sighted on nearby town afterwards.  But in spite of the thorough search that the police conducted they were unable to find the phantom.

There is also a man who claimed that he managed to fire a gun on the creature but it seems that firearms do not affect the creature.  He said that it even danced on rooftops and walks like a cat.  The police advised the people to remain calm, since there are no reports that the creature attacked someone.


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