Matej Curko

Matej Curko dubbed as the Slovak Cannibal, allegedly offered those people who wanted to die a painless death.  He would drugged you first before stabbing you heart, in a way that the victim would not experience too much pain.  But there is some complication to his offer; he would eat your flesh after killing you.

Others who would see his online offer would deem it as a joke and he’s not serious but after the authorities found the dead bodies in the woods where he allegedly performed his solicited killings, the authorities know that he is dead serious about his offer.

Curko lived in a small village of Kysak.  The villagers never suspected him of being a serial killer or a cannibal since he was quietly living with his wife and two daughters.  They never saw him exhibiting any violent behavior in the seven years that he occupies that place until the police stormed the village and found the gruesome evidence in his hideout.

The police received a tip from a Swiss who allegedly wanted to die.  The two of them exchanged emails regarding the stuff that Curko wanted to do.  He also instructed the Swiss on what to wear so that he would immediately recognize him.  Based on their exchange of messages, Curko seems to be used to the idea of eating someone.

The Swiss was pretty determined to be killed by Curko but on the last minute he had a second thought and reported Curko to the police.  One of the police’s agents pretended to be the Swiss man and went to the woods hoping to meet Curko.  He wore the clothes that Curko requested but the police placed a wire underneath to listen to their conversation.

But it seems that Curko is already prepared in case something like this happened.  When the agent reveal himself, Curko draw his gun and threatened that he will fire.  Fortunately, a sniper in the area was able to shot Curko at the back.  But he still managed to shot the Swat member leaving him with an injury.  Curko died in the process.

But the trail of horror that he left is unprecedented, as the authorities found numerous dismembered bodies and some of the flesh were stored in the freezer.  There is also an altar and a candle found in his hideout though the police was unable to determine the purpose of the altar.


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