Baron Samedi-“King of Zombie”

Baron Samedi also known as Baron Saturday in the English Language is one of the diety of the Haitian Voodoo and considered by many as the King of zombie. His wife Maman Brigitte is considered as the Queen of zombie.

Baron Samedi is always portrayed as a man with a black tuxedo and always wears a top hat that is colored white.  He wears dark glasses which makes it impossible to see his eyes and a plug on his nostrils that resembles the ritual of burial of the corpses in Haiti.  His face is pale white with a figure that is similar to a skull and his speaking voice is very nasal.

He is known to be very fond of tobacco and rum.   He is also known as the spirit of resurrection and voodoo practitioner believed that Baron Samedia has the only access to the world of the dead.

Though Baron Samedi is already married to another powerful spirit, he is known to chase mortal women.  He is constantly seen with a cigar in his hand while drinking rum.  Baron Samedi dwells in the realm that borders the life and death.

Besides being the king of Zombie, he is also known to have the ability to heal any kinds of wounds.  It is also said that his ability on Voodoo and black magic is unparalleled by the other Loa.  They also believed that Baron Samedi decides the fate of those who will die or not.  Even if you are in the verge of dying, if Baron refused to open the gates to the world of the dead, you will not die.

Baron La Croix, Baron Cimetiere and Baron Kriminiel are known as Baron Samedi’s incarnations.


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