Zombie Road

The Zombie Road is located at Glencoe, Missouri.  With more than a hundred years in existence this road is home for spooky tales and legends.  Most of the time ghost hunters will be on the road hoping they’d discover something that is not usual.

One of the most famous creatures that is said to be found on the Lawler Ford Road are the shadow people.  The Shadow figures were constantly sighted lurking on the woods beside the road.  At times these shadows seem to appear standing on the wooded area and appear to be peeking at you.

The Zombie road is a remote road that is believed to be a place where some dark rituals were performed.  The accident record in this area is much higher compared to the other roads and the number of people who met their tragic ends in the zombie road is quite shocking.  The Lawler Ford Road earned its other name because of the supposed demonic entity and undead creatures lurking in the area.

Others said that this was named Zombie road because the workers who used to work on the railroad rise from their grave from time to time to roam around.  There is also a story about a patient named Zombie who escaped the mental facility and was never seen again.  For all we know he could still be in the area waiting for a victim. The river nearby was also named the River of Death due to the number of deaths that surrounds it.

In the Philippines, there are roads that are quite accident prone compared to the others.  Legends said that the bad omen that surrounds the road started when they were just building it.  According to the story, during the Spanish Colonization period, there was this belief that if you mix the blood of a child or a girl to the mortar of a newly constructed road or a bridge, the road will withstand the test of time.  The body of a kid who was drained with his blood should be placed at the bottom of the river (if it is a bridge) or bury it in the crossroad (if it is a road).  The bridge and the road will surely stand for a long time, but it seems to be searching for a sacrifice annually.

The same practice was being held in Japan during the ancient time where they sacrificed a body of a human and place it on the post of the castle or bridge to make it sturdy.  They believe that by sacrificing a human and stuffing it into the post, the castle or bridge will withstand the strong typhoons and earthquake.  This practice is called Hitobashira.


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