Of all the vampire creatures known to mankind, the invunche is said to be the most pitiable.  The Invunche can be found in the legends of Chile.  The witch will kidnap the first born son of a family while he is still a baby and take him back to her sanctuary.  The witch is believed to live in a place which can only be accessed using an underground lake.  The witch would then twist the leg of the infant and put it over the back of the baby causing it to break in the process.  The other legs together with the arms hands and feet are also broken and placed in an unnatural position.

A hole would also be cut on the right shoulder of the baby making it looked like that an arm is growing on the back of the infant.  The head of the infant was also gradually twisted overtime.  After the long process of dismantling the body of the child the infant would start to grow hair all over its body.  The tongue of the baby would also be cut in the middle making it resemble the tongue of the snake.  The witch would also start to feed the baby with a special type of diet which consists of a human flesh.

Due to the deformities of the creature done by the witch, the Invunche will not be able to leave the lair of the witch.  There is only one way that the invunche could leave the cave and that is if the witch decided to use her power and fly the invunche out of the cave.  The invunche serves as a familiar of the witch, while the witch is out and tormenting people, the invunche guards her house and kills everyone who dares to enter it.  Overtime, the creature developed to unleash a terrifying scream that caused anybody to freeze in an instant.

The invunche can also control a lesser being which lure beautiful girls into the cave.  The invunche then would drain the girls of their blood.


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