La llorona

La llorona is also known as the weeping woman or the woman wearing a white dress and it is common in various tales in different countries.  In Mexico, the La llorona is a woman who was betrayed by her lover.  He left the woman to marry another in spite of the fact that she had given him three kids.  She attended the wedding of her former lover and experienced an agony way beyond anyone’s comprehension.  She decided to return to the house that the lover bought for her and killed her three kids.  After she came into her senses, she understood the magnitude of the crime she committed so she escaped.

She was said to be executed.  Her lover also joined her on the grave since he committed suicide after learning about what happened to his kids.  This story gave birth to La llorona who lured and seduces man and kill them as a sign of his revenge to her former lover.

In Asia, La llorona is also called “The White Lady”.  The White lady is often a victim of a gruesome murder particularly rape.  One of the most popular cases is the White Lady of the Balete Drive.  Balete Drive is even cited as one of the eeriest places in the world.  Reports claimed that no cab driver is brave enough to pass that street especially during midnight.  Some drivers who dared claimed that a lady in white would stop you on your way and ask for a ride.  She will vanish upon reaching the end of the road.  The unrest soul associates them to the vampire but unlike the La llorona they do not kill men, they only seek justice for their cause of death.

Experts claimed that the story of these white ladies can be traced back to 15th Century, but they can be older than that.  There are no definitive reasons why there are White Ladies in almost every land and their description of having a long hair and wearing a white dress is always consistent.


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