Major Singh

Major Singh, a serial killer was able to evade the authorities for 34 years.  He was held responsible for seven sadistic murders and an act of cannibalism on his former servant.  The 55 year old man is not only a murderer but also an opium smuggler.  The authorities in Punjab, India were careful in coining him the term serial killer since they claimed that there are motives on his killings.

Singh also known on his alias “Jabba” has to be the first criminal who committed the act of cannibalism in India.  He was able to elude the justice by murdering his enemies in a very sadistic and gruesome ways.

It seems that Singh is used to killing someone, he was even calm in killing one of the officers who managed to trace him and recognized his identity.  He was apprehended numerous times for being an opium smuggler and during the time that he was out on bail, he would kill a competing narcotic smuggler.

Jabba always keeps in his mind to change his identity as well as his address. Bihari Lal, a police officer who managed to find him was tricked by his accomplice in eating a meal with poison.  They then took the body to a railway track.  The police who discovered the beheaded body of the police officer thought that it was an accident at fist but after further examination, the results revealed that he died due to poisoning.

Then his next crime he committed was during the time when he was angered by his servant named Raju.  He again beheaded his victim, but this time he cooked his head and ate it.  Then he changed his identity again and took a daytime occupation as a truck driver.  He was finally arrested in November of 2005.


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