Sato Franklin Sigrah

Police apprehended a man who was suspected of stabbing a 27-year-old woman to death in an apartment in McCully area. The victim was identified as Lyola Mesebeluu. The 26 year old husband and their 2 year old daughter also receive injury on the attack. Alan Bumeke remained in a serious condition while the daughter is already free from danger.

The authorities arrested Sato Franklin Sigrah moments after the incidents occurred on suspicion of a second degree murder, first degree murder, attempted murder, and burglary. He was still in the custody of the police when the news has been reported.

Sato Franklin Sigrah claimed that he committed the crime because he believes that they are a family of vampires. Sigrah was not acquainted nor related to the family. Bumeke said that he woke up upon hearing the scream of his wife. The police arrived at the scene at 4:10 am and Sigrah was arrested at 4:30 am.

Sigrah was able to enter the house because the apartment was said to be less secured. A large kitchen knife which the police believe was the instrument used by the suspect was recovered on the crime scene.

Sigrah was later diagnosed that he was suffering from mental illness. There was one time when he was staying at the state hospital that he jumped out of the window because he believed that he can fly. The doctors said that Sigrah murdered Lyola due to the fear that she is a vampire. Sigrah then told the doctors that he has been abusing drugs since he was at the sixth grade.


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