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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Diana Semenuha: A Case of a Vampire Witch

Diana Semenuha, 29- a resident of Odessa, Ukraine and an alleged Vampire Witch, was arrested by the police in March of 2005. She was a prime suspect for the disappearance of a number of children. Upon further interrogation, Semenuha confessed that he lure children to her home and feast on their blood. She believed that it was an effective cure to his muscle-related disease but it appears there is more than that. Semenuha would lure the children in her home promising them with foods and other necessities. She would then drugged the innocent child and bleed them to gather some blood. Apparently, Semenuha will not be able to consume all the blood and she would sell the remaining stuff with those who practiced black magic and Satanism. One the children serves her no purpose and is already weak, she return them to the streets and immediately found replacement.

Vampire Witch

The Detailed Review of the Vampire Witch

The police received information about this event and they raided the apartment of Diana Semenuha in Odessa. The whole place is covered with black, black paint, black curtains, and black candles. The missing children were found tied on the bed; each of them seems to be drugged. Authorities also found a huge knife and a goblet which seems to be an instrument used by the Vampire Witch

Semenuha admitted to being involved in some witchcraft practices and even confessed that he took it as her permanent job. She also confessed that she taught these Vampire Witch practices to those who are interested to learn and also ask these students to consume blood from her. She firmly believes that no laws were broken on their practices since she said she offered the children with food and beddings in exchange for their blood. She thinks that no violence was implemented and the children were not forced to give their blood.

One of the kids confessed that she witnessed Diana Semenuha smell his blood and use a syringe to draw a blood out of him. She then saw her pour out the blood in a bowl while speaking some incantations which that latter did not recognize. The alleged Vampire Witch will then drink the blood on the silver bowl after she uttered some witchcraft incantations.

After being rescued, all seven children disappeared on the street, making it impossible for the case against the alleged Vampire Witch to stand. 

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