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If you want to share something scary, bizarre or any true horror stories that will catch our interest then make sure to send us an e-mail.  We are always eager to read and share your horror stories; however, see to it that you will provide the complete details similar to the articles that you will usually find here.  You may use an "alias" but be sure to include the proper date, time and the entire accounts of the event.  If you want to attach any image that will verify the veracity of your account, please include that on your e-mail.  We will gladly credit you with the images that you will submit.  Doctorfright will never take the ownership of your stories and images, we are just here to share your scary stories to everyone and maybe clear your minds with all the trouble.

Doctorfright is a collection of haunted, scary, eerie, bizarre and unexplained events that happened throughout the history of mankind.  We make it a point to maintain the details to remove the confusion and doubts in the mind of the reader.  We are highly devoted in creating articles that will shed a light in the area of the paranormal.

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