The Native American referred to the vampire as Apotamkin.  The Native American uses this story as a way to scare the kids from wandering to the woods.  But still, the Native Americans believe that Apotamkin is real.

Apotamkin is known as the Cold One.  Their skins are known to be very cold that is why they were called with such name.  He is a hairy vampire with long fangs. They are also known as a blood sucker.  They feed on the blood of humans and animals.  Apotamkin is known to be very strong and fast, they say that it can outrun a running vehicle or attack a cheetah.  They are also often associated with the chupacabras of the Mexico.  Apotamkin was also mentioned in the highly popular movie series, Twilight.

To Non-Native Americans, the Apotamkin is not a vampire.  In some legends especially Passamaquoddy and Maliseet, the creature is far from being a vampire.  The Apotamkin is a name for a sea serpent that lives in the Passamaquoddy Bay, that lure people particularly children into the water and devour them.  It is a sea serpent with a long hair.  They believe that it was once a beautiful woman with a red hair who was cursed to turn into a hideous creature.

They said that there is only one way to keep you safe from an Apotamkin and that is to stay as far away as you can to a suspected Apotamkin.


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