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Monday, December 14, 2015

Cinco Saltos-Argentina’s Haunted Place

Cinco Saltos in Argentina is one of the prominent haunted places situated in the Rio Negro region. Its name Cinco Saltos clearly signifies Five Waterfalls. This refers to the five stages that begin from the encompassing waterways and the Dam of Ingeniero Ballester. It is also referred to as the City of Witches. This is due to the witchcraft activity happening in that place.

Haunted Places: Cinco Saltos

Haunted Attractions
Cinco Saltos | Common Wikimedia
Inside Cinco Saltos, you will find numerous haunted places. One of them would be a region called as Bajo Negro. It is famous for a number of its kin participating in sorcery, or "dark enchantment". It is believed that this spot gets almost no daylight. Because of this, numerous legend arise from it saying that a lot of witches would attend and perform several mysterious ceremonies on this place. There have likewise been sightings of extensive gatherings of individuals standing together exhibiting weird conduct while wearing long dark shrouds. However there are no photos to prove that these sightings are genuine and today, it has turned out to be an urban legend.

Horror Stories from Haunted Places

There are other spooky stories that possess some truth. They have been well archived on different platforms. The first one is of a child that suffocated in the crossing Pelligrini Lake that goes through the town. Cries and shrieks of a child have regularly been heard by vacationers and guests. However, it has never been traced as to where the cries are originating from. Local people say that the child has not discovered salvation and is still looking for solace in the mortal world.

Another documented occurrence happened in the place where a gathering of specialists were restoring the burial ground in Cinco Saltos and supposedly discovered the body of a young lady about twelve years of age. It has been believed that she was buried around seventy years ago but the body was discovered bonded and embalmed, and with only a minimum signs of decomposition. Local people believe that she was a piece of some mysterious custom performed by the purported witches in light of the fact that after the body was discovered apparition sightings had gotten to be ordinary on that place

Cinco Saltos: Haunted Attractions

Compared to the other haunted places, Cinco Saltos was only inhabited for around 100 years. In that short time frame, it has gained a reputation due to the witchcraft reports. It also holds a place that is unreachable by sunlight which makes it stranger. There are reports about people wearing robes but there are no pictures or videos to prove that. There are also UFO sightings and paranormal experiences in this place.

The Pellegrini Lake and Bajo Negro are some of the haunted places in Cinco Saltos. Every year, the place is attracting thousands of tourists. They are hoping to witness the horror stories first hand.

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