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Victor Ardisson

Victor Ardisson is a grave desecrator and also shows some signs of necrophilia.  He is also known as “The Vampire of Muy”.  Ardisson was born on September 5, 1872 at a community in Provence named Le Muy that can be found in south eastern section of France.  He worked as a mortician and a grave digger. But unlike the criminals, who earned the moniker “vampire” which includes Peter Kurten and John Haigh, Victor Ardisson is not violent and he attacks only the dead bodies.  During his work he was said to violate corpse of dead women.  There were times that he would sexually assault them or decapitate their head.
There was a case where he dug up the body of a 3 year old girl and took her home.  The police allegedly smelled the scent of a putrid decaying flesh that is coming from the house of Ardisson, and that is when they found out that there was a corpse inside his house that led to his arrest.  He claimed that he took her home and had oral sex with her hoping that she will be resuscitate…


Ramanga is one of the most bizarre living vampire creatures that are found in the lore of Madagascar.  It is one of the earliest incarcerations of evil.  This is a creature that offers disgusting services to the noble men of the tribe, most especially the chief.  It is said that whenever a high profile individual clipped his nails, the ramanga has to eat those nail clippings.  And if the noble man went into an operation that consists of a dripping blood, the ramanga also has to drink that blood.  If during that time a ramanga is not present around the area, the clipping and the blood was preserved to be consumed by the next ramanga or living vampire.
In the popular series, Young Dracula, the Ramanga is known to be a high ranking vampire.  The fact that the whole family knelt in front of him means that he is someone that deserves a high respect.  In the series it was also shown that Ramanga has the ability to create copies of himself.  He can also transform into a bat that he use to esc…


Owenga can be found on the legends of Guinea, a North African country.  These are the spirits of the dead magicians or people who practice black magic that returned from the living to continue their life of sin and torment those that are still living.  The owengas only attack those people from their own town.  There are no known ways that can kill this undead creature but a certain offering can be done to appease their soul.  Blood offerings usually that of the animal that has never mated is an effective way to calm the troubled soul of the owenga.  The blood is poured into a bowl and left outside of the house particularly in the doorway so the owengas can see it immediately.  The Owenga will accept the blood offering in an instant and leave the village at peace.
But there are some instances when the Owenga feels so much anger and cannot be appeased with a simple offering of the animal’s blood.  It will return on the village from time to time to take a life of the villagers and spread …

Operation: Resurrection

Operation Resurrection is one of the secret projects of the CIA in hopes of reanimating the dead.   The tests were conducted with a number of apes, those who had been proven useful would continue to the next stage, those who will not, would end up dead.
It was during the period of 1965-1966 when the CIA reconstructed the isolation chamber of the brain butcher, Dr. Cameron.  It is said that they rebuilt it at the National institute of Health.
The apes first underwent a lobotomy and then were put into a total isolation.  This experiment also made use of the radio frequency being transmitted into the brainwaves that was cultivated by Leonard Rubenstein.  Apes that were able to pick-up the signal of the radio frequency were decapitated.  Their head was also transplanted into the body of a dead ape and see if they were able to pick up the radio frequency, reanimating them in the process.
The apes that failed to meet the criteria were flooded with high frequency of radio waves, until they coll…

Monclova Monster

Most of the residents of Colonia Chinameca were baffled on the incident that was reported by two children.  The two children claimed that they saw a creature that walks on his four legs but can also walk using his hind legs.
The children saw the creature in an empty lot on Calle Londres on a Saturday night. Omar Andres Armendariz and his friend Jose Rolando Gallegos both of 13 years old were shaking in fear upon telling the residents about the alleged creature.
The mother of one of the kids called the police and requested that whoever was responsible of causing the kids to panic should be apprehended.  The police immediately went to the location where the supposed creature was reported and search for a creature with the dog’s eyes, but are green in color.  The police searched everywhere but was unable to find the culprit.
Incidentally, this is not the first time that the Monclova monster was sighted.  On April 6, 2010, people of the Colonia Alamo were startled upon seeing a creature subm…


Shunamism which is sometime referred to as Shunamatism is said to be an ancient form of psychic vampirism.A practice that can be traced back to biblical ages particularly those accounts associated to King David.The method is said to heal the ill and also to prolong the life of an individual.
The method was mentioned in a book of the Bible: 1 Kings 1: 1-31 Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat.2 Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thybosom, that my lord the king may get heat. 3 So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel, and found Abishag a Shunammite, and brought her to the king. Shunamism involves an elderly person sharing a bed with someone younger for sexual purposes.  The belief involves that the body heat is a form of life force that could extend the life of s…

Steven Craig Hurd

Steven Craig Hurd is a devil worshiper who was convicted for the murder of two individuals.  He died inside the prison on the 28th of May, 2005.
Hurd had established a group of devil worshippers when he was just 20 years old.  He was able to recruit 3 teenagers and a 31 year old female in his cult.  In the beginning, the group lived like a scavenger and hunts their food on the pile of garbage.  They would later learn how to mutilate and dismember the body of smaller animals while chanting their satanic rituals.
Later on, the group has grown tired of just dismembering animals, they thought about a better sacrifice, a human sacrifice.  On two succeeding nights, the group murdered an attendant and a teacher, in honor of Lucifer.
Florence Brown, 31 was abducted on June 4 in an orange grove which is near a campus.  Brown was stabbed several times using a long knife severing his right arm.  His heart and lungs was also removed as a form of human sacrifice.
The remains of Brown were found on Jun…

Drinking Deities

Buddhist in Tibet believed that after a person died, his soul would wander into a place that is dominated by the law of karma. People will be judge according to the things that they’ve done in the past.  The thing contained inside ones heart will be judges by the Peaceful Deities and the brain by the Wrathful Deities.
The Wrathful Deities is also known as the 5 blood drinking deities.  The deities will make their appearance 8 days after once death.  Vajra will appear on the 9th day which is the order of the wrathful deities.  The intellect will be personified by Bhagavan Vajra Heruka which is depicted by the Tibetan monk as a deity that holds a human scalp on one of his hands.
Embracing him was his mother who was holding a red shell that is filled with blood. Vajra Krotishaurima would place the shell filled with blood into her son’s mouth.  On the 10th day, Ratna-Heruka would appear which has a striking similarity with Vajra-Heruka but only with different colors.  The next day another d…

He Needed to Eat

Sergey Gavrilov was arrested upon being suspected of stealing a mobile phone, but the police discovered a more gruesome crime that he committed.  The body of her mom was discovered with both of her legs missing.
Gavrilov is spending much of his money on vodka and gambling machine and a little to nothing was left on his meal.  The judge further explains that Gavrilov is starving and needed to eat (apparently his own mother).
Gavrilov hit his mother in the head with a brick and strangle her to death using a cable.  The attack resulted to the refusal of his mother to give her his monthly pension due to the fact that he is just wasting his money to buy alcohol.  He placed the body of his mother in the balcony of their flat before taking the money and heading into a two-day drinking spree.
After he headed back home, he discovered that there is nothing much left for him to eat, so he decided to slice her own mother and eat her.  He said that the body looks like a frozen meat inside the freeze…


Kanima are depicted by the South American culture as a human transforming into a jaguar.  It is not designed to torment the innocent people rather it murders the people who has committed a terrible crime.  But the pop culture has given them a new face, as they were portrayed as a reptilian creature that also kills the murderers.
Based on the South American culture, a kanima is a were-jaguar that acts as a familiar to its master.  It is said to be a spirit of vengeance.  During the old times, a priest sought the help of this creature to kill all the murderers and to bring peace to the region.  The bond that binds the master and kanima develops until it reaches the point that the will of the kanima and its master became one.  Eventually, the master would no longer need to instruct his familiar, the kanima would kill anyone willingly that is unfit on the sight of his master.
“Teen Werewolf” gave the kanima a new look as they portrayed him as a creature covered with scales.  They also have …

The Happy Vampire

Catacano is a vampire that laughs for no reason at all. It is also known for its toxic blood.  He usually grins at people showing his pearly white teeth and randomly spits blood to his victim.  The victim will suffer burns and other effects of toxins.  They said that the only way to kill this creature is by salt water or boiling the head of the catacano in vinegar.
This creature is a vampire from the Greek region particularly on Crete and Rhodes.  The catacano is swift when launching its attack, he is also known for being very arrogant.  This vampire has a unique way to spread his cure to others and inflict them with vampirism.  His spits that can kill someone can also turn him into a vampire.
This creature is not that popular unlike the other species of vampire.  There is a little information about this undead.  This creature is believed to be similar with another vampiric creature called Brucolaco.  Just like most of the people who turned into a vampire, catacano was cursed due to the…


Boundas are creatures found in folklores of Africa, they are were-hyenas.   In most Tanszanian and Moroccan legend, bounda is man who lives in a tribe and works as a wood cutter and a blacksmith and has the ability to shape shift in the form of a wild animals.  The locals believed that a wizard granted them the power to change their form.
The boundas eyes have the ability to put you in a daze, though it wasn’t clear how the boundas are using that ability.  Furthermore, the creature is said to stalk the gravesite at night to rob the graves of fresh corpses and cannibalize them, a feature that is similar to a ghoul rather than to a werewolf.
Though there are many ways that a werewolf and a boundas are different, they said that a boundas is the first cousin of a werewolf.  There is also a high probability that a boundas is female specie since most of the women are considered as the alphas of the packs, but then again these claims might vary depending on the region.
Also unlike the werewolf …

The Vampire Facial, a New way of Anti-aging

The Vampire facial involves a doctor creating a small puncture wounds on your face allowing a significant amount of blood to flow through it.  The doctor would then start to spread the blood all over your face in claims that it will make you look younger.  Somehow similar to what a witch told to Elizabeth Bathory during the old age, but this time a certified plastic surgeon is recommending this procedure.
Dr. Marotta claims that in order for the procedure to proceed, he would need at least 3 vials of blood from the patient.  The doctor would then place it in the centrifuge at around 20 minutes allowing it to spin continuously.  The blood would be separated into different components while the platelets will be concentrated.  The platelets would then be injected back to the owner using a fine needle.  Dr. Marotta said that the changes would be visible as soon as the procedure was done, but the full effect would be witnessed after 3-4 weeks. The Vampire Facial costs at around $400-$1,000. …

Babes in the Wood

The Babes in the Wood is a name given to two unidentified victims whose decomposing bodies were discovered on the 14th of January, 1953 in Stanley Park.  The investigation was slowed down due to the conclusion that the victims are a male and a female.  On 1998, a DNA test was conducted and revealed that they were both male and they were brothers.  The case remains unsolved and no suspect has been identified by the authorities.
The remains of the two unidentified kids were deliberately covered with a woman’s rain cape.  There are also other things discovered in the crime scene such as a fur coat, a shoe of a woman, a lunch box and a hatchet.  Police were thinking that the hatchet could be the murder weapon.
The two children were around the age of 10 and 6, and their remains eventually ended up as a display in the Museum.  In 1998, their remains were removed from the Vancouver Police Museum to conduct a DNA testing.
Prior to the discovery of the remains of two unidentified victims, there w…

Asena-She Wolf

The Chinese people believed that the term Asena means wolf, while the Turks believed that it is a name fitted for a she wolf.  The legend of Asena is a part of the Turkic lore but the story began in China.
It started around the 7th Century in a region in China wherein a shepherd boy who was 10 years of age was caught in crossfire.  He witnessed how the men around him died one by one.  He already knew back then that when the enemy found his hiding place, he too would suffer the same fate.
The enemy’s soldier eventually found him, but seeing that he was just a child, the soldier decided not to slay him and just leave him bleed to death.  There were also stories saying that the soldier dismembered his joints.  But in any case, the shepherd boy thought that he was already dead back then.
When the night arrives, the shepherd boy witness the unseen as a spirit of a blue wolf presented itself to him.  The shepherd boy was of course scared; he thought that this might be a punishment for a shephe…

Werewolves in Hindenburg

Up to this day, there is still a belief in the Werewolf of Altmark.  The story of the man who could turn himself in the werewolf is still being told in the small village of Hindenburg.  There are people living up to this day claiming that they knew the account and the people involved in the story of the Hindenburg werewolf.
The story told a man who possess mystic leather made up of a werewolf skin which allegedly still has its hair.  The suspected werewolf would then tie the wolf skin into his body and that would turn himself into a wolf.  During the time that he is in a form of a wolf, he is believed to possess a superhuman strength.  He said that he could carry an entire stack of hay all by himself.  There are also people claiming that the werewolf could take an ox in its mouth and dragged it back home using its sheer strength.
But aside from his super natural strength, he also has the disposition of a wolf.  He would crave for meat causing him to attack cattle and also humans.  One m…


In the Mohawk Indian tribe, the Limikkin is a term used to refer to a skin walker.  Werewolves during the Ancient American folklores were believed to be skin walkers.  Limikkin are also shape shifters just like any other type of werewolves, but they are not limited to wolf alone, limikkin can transform in a shape of any animals they want. 
On the Navajo tribe, they believe that a limikkin is described as a mutation of animals.  A limikkin may only use a garment to change into another form of animals.  For example a wolf strap is enough for one to change into a wolf.  In the case of the Limikkin they believe that the witch is only using a mask in order to shape shift.
Limikkin can transform into a bear, coyotes, dog, fox, and owl or even a crow.  The legends of the Limikkin are normally heard in the Navajo tribe, Mohawks, Aztecs and Hopi.  These Limikkin is said to gain the power of shape shift through witchcraft.  Based on the stories and legends of Limikkin, they are almost impossible…


The tik-tik is a type of vampire spirit in the Philippines that got its name from a small owl that serves as its familiar.  The owl allegedly creates a ticking sound (tik-tik) that is said to be an alarm that a tik-tik is nearby.
This vampire only attacks at night when it changes its appearance from human to a bird.   During the day the Tik-tik would assume the human form and search for its prey (usually a kid) and at night that tik-tik shape shift into its bird form and hover on top of the house of its selected prey.  It will perch down the roof above the room of the sleeping child.  And just like the manananggal, the tiktik would feed on its victim by sending its long tongue inside the house, eventually reaching the sleeping child.
The tongue of the tik-tik has a barb at the end of it enabling it to pinch a hole on the skin of its victim and feed on them.  After the tik-tik finishes its meal, the bird would look swollen due to the amount of blood that it consumed.  It will fly back to…

Franz von Poblocki

Consumption, during the earlier years where often mistaken to be a vampiric manifestation. One reason why they are often attributed to the works of the undead is that a little is known about the sickness and that there is no cure on it during that time, making it a mysterious illness.
In the year 1870, a prominent person died in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda, Pomerania, which is northwest of Poland. Franz von Poblocki died due to consumption and was buried on the churchyard located in Roslasin.  After only a mere two weeks, Anton, the son of Poblocki also succumbed to the same sickness.  Immediately after, relatives and people close to them suddenly got sick and complained about being attack while they were sleeping.
Other family members started speculating about the idea of vampire manifestation.  They sought the help of a famous vampirologist, Johann Dzigielski in hopes that the attack on the family will be stopped.
Dzigielski decapitated the head of Anton and placed it between the legs of the…

Major Singh

Major Singh, a serial killer was able to evade the authorities for 34 years.  He was held responsible for seven sadistic murders and an act of cannibalism on his former servant.  The 55 year old man is not only a murderer but also an opium smuggler.  The authorities in Punjab, India were careful in coining him the term serial killer since they claimed that there are motives on his killings.
Singh also known on his alias “Jabba” has to be the first criminal who committed the act of cannibalism in India.  He was able to elude the justice by murdering his enemies in a very sadistic and gruesome ways.
It seems that Singh is used to killing someone, he was even calm in killing one of the officers who managed to trace him and recognized his identity.  He was apprehended numerous times for being an opium smuggler and during the time that he was out on bail, he would kill a competing narcotic smuggler.
Jabba always keeps in his mind to change his identity as well as his address. Bihari Lal, a p…


The account of a girl who once became a sexual servant zombie was told by Paul Dale Robert, a renowned paranormal investigator.  The story happened on 1974 when Robert was dating a woman named Gabriela.  When they started to became intimate on their relationship, he noticed a circular hole on her navel area.  It’s as if someone deliberately made a hole on that part of her body.  Robert asked her on how he acquired that bizarre hole and she said she was a former sexual-servant zombie.
She said she was currently having her vacation with a friend when they met and befriended two boys.  They went into dancing with the two boys, enjoying the rest of the night with some drinking of alcoholic beverages. 
There came a point that they both lost their consciousness and by the time they regained their awareness, they were already in a strange room with some men looking back at them.  Eventually they realized that they are in the Middle East.  Every night they would be given some type of hallucino…

Yara ma Yha who.

Yara ma Ya who is a vampire creature of Australia.  They have a very big head which is not proportional for their short bodies.  But what is different from this type of vampire is that it has a very huge mouth but it doesn’t have a set of teeth, instead it uses its feet and hands which have suckers like the tentacles of octopus to suck the blood from its victims.
These creatures usually lives in a fig tree, they do not hunt for food, instead they will wait for someone to take a rest under the fig tree, and when they least expect it, the yara ma yha who would jump into them, place their hands and feet into their body and start sucking their blood.  But it doesn’t end up there, when the victim started to feel weak; the creature will devour him and drink some water and will go to a nap.  When the yara ma ya who awakened it will regurgitate the victim, this time the victim will look a little reddish, the yara ma ya who would repeat the process over and over again until the victim turned in…

Tianhui Zhan

A teenager stabbed a cleaner repeatedly to death because apparently he believes he is a zombie.  He was ordered to be sent to a State Hospital indefinitely.
Tianhui Zhan (19) attacked the 21 year old cleaner, Michael Davis in October 2010 in Glasgow’s West Campbell Street.  He was first declared not criminally liable due to his insanity.  The High Court order Zhan to undergo treatment at a State hospital and can only be released under the supervision and approval of the Scottish ministers and medics. At an earlier trial, the judge told the jurors that they should declare Zhan not guilty because most of the witnesses who were present during the incident say that he is not sane.
It is said that Mr. Davis was talking to someone in his phone while doing his task of cleaning.  Zhan then stabbed him three times.  Mr. Davis went to the office where her aunt was working and he was sent to a hospital only to be declared dead.  It was later discovered that the suspect had a history of mental probl…