Friday, September 30, 2016

Vseslav of Polotsk

Vseslav is the ruler of Polotsk an area which is now a part of the Country Belarus.  He is known as a strong warrior.  His Cathedral of Holy Wisdom is one of the most valued monuments on the country of Belarus.  But Vselav is not only known as a ruler, he is also known as Vselav the Sorcerer.

On some tales, Vselav is depicted as a vicious werewolf particularly in the Tale of Igor’s Campaign which was written in the 12th Century.  Notice on how in his emblem he has a depiction of a werewolf on the background.   Here is a short excerpt on the novel:
 "In the seventh age of Troyán Vséslav cast his lots for the Maiden dear to him." "He with wiles at the last tore himself free: and galloped to the city of Kíev; with his weapon took hold of the golden throne of Kíev; galloped from them like a wild beast at midnight from Bĕ́lgorod, swathed himself in a blue mist, rent asunder his bonds into three parts, opened wide the gates of Nóvgorod, shattered the Glory of Yarosláv [the First]; galloped like a wolf from Dudútki to the Nemíga." "On the Nemíga the sheaves are laid out with heads; men thresh with flails in hedgerows; on the barn-floor they spread out life; they winnow the soul from the body." "On the blood-stained Nemíga the banks were sown with bane,—sown with the bones of the sons of Russia." "Prince Vséslav was a judge to his subjects, he appointed cities for the princes: but he himself at night raced like a wolf from Kiev to the Idol [or, (accepting the reading of the text unaltered)—to the Lord] of Tmutarakáń, raced, like a wolf across the path of the great Khors." "To him at Polotsk they rang the bells early for matins at Saint Sophia; and he at Kíev heard the sound."

Vselav may have also been the basis for Volkh Vseslavich.  They were considered as priest during the pre-Christianity period and believed to possess magical powers.  Their knowledge on the mystic arts can be related to the allegation that Vselav is a sorcerer.  The volkhs are also believed to have the power to transform themselves into werewolf.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Giles Garnier, The Hermit of St. Bonnot

Said to be a French Werewolf, Giles Garnier lived with his wife in a make shift house far from the villagers at Amanges, France.  During the autumn of 1873, random disappearances of kids were reported around the area of Dole.  The court then releases a declaration, giving the public the authority to hunt the perpetrator down.

Despite the weird appearance of Giles, the public did not see him as a suspect for the disappearance at first.  Garnier exhibits a long beard with thick eyebrows and a pale face.  He also has a poor social life and he avoided talking to others.

Another attack from a wolf was reported on November 8, 1873.  Her screams led the villagers to her location.  When the villagers arrived, they claimed that they saw a huge beast in the form of a wolf and the wounded girl defending herself.  The villagers frightened the wolf and it flees.  They said that the beast’s feature seems familiar to them.  The next attack was recorded on November 10; this time a boy, 10 years of age went missing.  It was not clear how Garnier was arrested but he and his wife confessed about them being a wolf.  These claims were supported by a number of witnesses.

Garnier said that he attacked and killed a number of children when he was in the form of a wolf.  He chewed the arms and legs of a 12 year old girl and thought that it was tasty.  He took the arms of the girl to his wife to delight her.  Garnier said that his next victim was a 12 and 13 year old boy,  he wanted to take the body to the woods and eat them but the appearance of the towns people frightened him and he went away.  The villagers who witnessed him on that day stated that Garnier is in human form and not in a werewolf form.

Garnier was convicted after proven to be the culprit of the series of murder that happened in the area of Dole.  He was sentenced to die by burning alive.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"To Eat Your Children is a Barbarian Act"

Famine can cause a spread of a large group of men cannibalizing each other.  This apparently happened during the Holodomor also known as the “Famine-Genocide in Ukraine”.  During the man-made famine millions of people who reside in Ukraine died from the starvation.  It was also regarded by other countries as the genocide of Ukraine.
The death toll was estimated by the scholars at around 1.8-12 million individuals perished on the said famine.  It is said that in order for one to survive, one has to result to desperate measure.  Based on the work of Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin”:

“Survival was a moral as well as a physical struggle. A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933 that she had not yet become a cannibal, but was "not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you." The good people died first. Those who refused to steal or to prostitute themselves died. Those who gave food to others died. Those who refused to eat corpses died. Those who refused to kill their fellow man died.”

During the Holodomor at least 2,500 individuals have been imprisoned due to the act of cannibalism.  The Soviet officials spread posters saying “To eat your own children is a barbarian act” in hopes of minimizing the terror of cannibalism.

Below is the account of Rev. E.E. Shields about the Cannibalism in Ukraine.  It was found in the Edmonton Journal published on the 17th of February 1933.

Toronto, Feb. 17 - "There are well-authenticated reports of cannibalism in certain areas of U.S.S.R.," declared Rev. E.E. Shields of Chicago in an address Thursday night on what is happening today "in red Russia." Figures from the London Times of March 16, 1922, were quoted by the speaker, showing "the wholesale slaughter of 1,766,119 men and women" and indicating that "the test, upon which depending either life or death, was the nature and condition of the hands. If they did not indicate toil, the person was taken out with less than scant ceremony and destroyed."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zdzislaw Marchwicki, The Silesian Vampire

Zdzislaw Marchwiki was born on the year 1927 in a poor family.  His father had 5 marriages and 4 children.  All of his siblings were also indicted in the crime that he committed for conspiring with the criminal, obstruction of justice and also robbing.

His killing period started on the year 1964 and was arrested on 1972.  His trial lasted for 10 months in which the mainstream media plays a major role.  He was given the sentence to die in July of 1975 and was executed on 1976.  Marchwiki was held responsible for killing a total of 14 women and also an attempted murder for 6 others.  2 of the attempted murders were not proven by the prosecutor due to the lack of evidence.

Jan Marchwiki, his brother was also sentenced to die, the third brother was ordered to spent 25 years of life imprisonment, and Helena was given 3 years imprisonment for robbing the victims of things like watches, pens, etc.

During the trial, it was hard for them to determine whether Zdzislaw is the real culprit since they claimed that he is not exhibiting the actual behaviour of a supposed serial killer.  During the criminal trial however, he admitted about writing diary that involves the detail of the crime he has committed.  Further investigation shows that Marchwiki is a very unstable man and is capable of executing the series of murders.

One of the victims of Marchwiki came from a prominent family but the police authority denied that they have been pressured by the communist party in prosecuting the serial killer.

List of Victims according to Murderpedia.orgVictims:1. MYCEK Anna; Dąbrówka Mała - 7.XI.64  2. PAKUŁA Ewa; Czeladź-Piaski - 20.I.65  3. NOWACKA Lidia; Będzin - 17.III.65  4. SZYMAŃSKA; Irena Grodziec - 14.V.65  5. ZYGMUNT Jadwiga; Sosnowiec - 22.VII.65  6. GĄSIOROWSKA Eleonora; Łagisza - 26.VII.65  7. WIŚNIEWSKA Zofia; Łagisza - 4.VIII.65  8. BŁASZCZYK Maria; Czeladź - 15.VIII.65  9. ŁEBEK Genowefa; Będzin - 25.VIII.65  10. TOSZA Teresa; Będzin - 25.X.65  11. DUBIEL Alicja; Garbierze - 28.X.65  12. SZREK Irena; Czeladź - 12.XII.65  13. SAMUL Stanisława; Gródków - 19.II.66  14. BIJAK Genowefa; Niepiekło - 11.V.66  15. GOMÓŁKA Maria; Zagórze - 15.VI.66  16. KOZIERSKA Julianna; Będzin - 15.VI.66  17. GIEREK Jolanta; Będzin - 11.X.66  18. KAWKA Zofia; Grodziec - 15.VI.67  19. GARBACZ Zofia; Wojkowice - 3.X.67  20. SĄSIEK Jadwiga; Cieśle - 3.X.68  21. KUCIA Jadwiga; Siemianowice-Bytków - 4.III.70

Monday, September 26, 2016

Gary Michael Heidnik

Born on November 22, 1943, Gary Heidnik is known for kidnapping women and keeping them on his basement; he was also referred to as a cannibal.  He was constantly referred to as a serial killer but his profile would never fit a serial killer as he is only responsible for the death of two individuals.

During his early years, he was raised in Cleveland where he dropped out of his ninth grade.  He attended a Military Academy for two years and left before he even graduated.  He also joined the army after he dropped out of the military academy.  His mother committed a suicide when he was 27 years old.

He had a relationship with a Filipina woman whom he constantly exchanged mails and after two years of communicating with her, they decided to get married.  But their marriage didn’t last too long as she saw him in bed with three other women.  He forced her to have sex with her and raped her.  After three months of horror she decided to leave him.  They had a son but he is not well acquainted with him.

In 1978, he signed out his girlfriends’ mental retarded sister out of a mental institution and kept her locked under the basement.  She was found in 1978 and was returned to the mental facility and was discovered to be raped and sodomized.  He was charged for rape, kidnapping and was found guilty.  He was ordered to serve three years-seven years inside the cell.  He was released on 1983.

It was after his separation with his wife that the murder and series of imprisonment happened.  He abducted 6 women in 1986 and locked them under the basement of his house in Philadelphia. The girls were sexually abused and beaten in front of each other.  One of the captives died due to starvation, Heidnik grounded his meat and feed it to the other captives.

One of his detainees managed to escape after promising that she will bring him with more additional captives.  The victim called the police that led to his arrest.  He was given a death sentence and was executed by lethal injection on the 6th of July 1999.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brandon Duke

Brandon Duke who fired back at a police officer claimed that he was just defending himself against a zombie attack.  Before this incident, Brandon was already wanted for a third degree assault.  The officer saw him walking on the Main Street on May 8, Saturday when he was approached by police officer Blake.   Brandon Duke immediately run and fire a .380 caliber hand gun to the officer.

Brandon Duke took a total of seven shots but he was not able to shot the officer.  Officer Blake cornered the suspect in the stacks of commercial trucks found near the Main Street in Boston Ave.  Duke was shot that eventually led to his arrest.

Due to the gunshot wound, Brandon Duke was taken to the hospital.  During his stay at the hospital, Brandon claimed that there were times that he lost his consciousness and do not know exactly what happened.  He doesn’t even remember pulling the gun and just remember it tossing it aside.  He said he thought he was chased by a zombie and he was only firing gunshots as a warning to the zombie.

Brandon Duke pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault but with the agreement that he will be sentenced to prison for 24-64 years.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Joshua Rudiger

Joshua is a 22 year old murderer who claimed that he is a 2000 year old vampire.  The incident happened in San Francisco in 1998 that led to the injury of 3 men and a woman who died due to the loss of too much blood.  Joshua Rudiger allegedly cut the throat of a homeless woman named Shirley Dillahunty and drank her blood.  But those who survived from his attacks did not record an event that Rudiger wanted to drink their blood.

Upon his capture he apparently told the investigators that a “prey is prey”.  He also said that he was a samurai warrior, according to his videotaped statement:

"I'm a samurai. I was samurai before I was born, even in another life.  I'm like a tiger. I'm okay if you leave me alone, but if you bother me, I strike.''

Rudiger was believed to be suffering from mental illness who said he has an alternate persona of a ninja warrior and a vampire.  Rudiger was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.  Before he turned 18, he apparently told a psychiatrist that he will soon turn into a vampire and feed on the blood of the people.  When Rudiger left the mental institution he was not yet cured.  He attacked a friend using a bow and an arrow.

During the trial, the defence attorney entered a plea of not guilty and uses an insanity defence hoping that the court will listen to them. But nonetheless, the court gave a guilty verdict for the second degree murder for the murder of Shirley Dillahunty, a homeless woman.  The lawyer insisted that Rudiger must be sent into a mental Asylum and receive a proper treatment but despite of that Rudiger still has to spent 23 years behind bars.

The local press picked up the story and gave him an alias of “The Vampire Slasher”

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dale Bolinger “The Cannibal Nurse”

Dale Bolinger, a nurse who has a different kind of fetish was found guilty on the attempt to meet a minor whom he had contacted over the internet before.  He allegedly told her that he wanted to decapitate her head and devour her flesh after.

The British nurse who was 58 years of age allegedly bought an axe before their day of meeting.  Bolinger has a wife and a father of three.  He met the 14 year old girl whose identity was not divulged due to her minor age at the Dark Fetish Network.  The girl who was given the alias “Eva” was said to be a Mexican living in Germany.

In his social networking profile, his bio states that he already ate a woman that is 39 years old and child who is five years of age.  But during the court trial Bolinger denied everything and claimed that everything just happened inside his fantasy.

During their chat, he allegedly described how he wanted to have sex with her and also to dine in on her.  The message states:

“I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table.” 
The exchange of messages was discovered by the FBI on Bolingers email address,  The messages were used during the trial which led to the conviction of the cannibal nurse.  He was found guilty of the crime and was sentence on September 19.

Police also raised that there might be some instances where the nurse had sex with the dead bodies.  They found out that Bolinger have an access to the mortuary.  Bolinger worked at a hospital where he was suspended after fantasizing about eating and killing a five year old boy on a website.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Geoffrey Portway

Geoffrey Portway is a man who devised a plan to eat, rape and kill children in a torture chamber that is under his home.  He was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment after the devices that he was originally planning to use to kill children was found.

Portway, 40 years old confessed to the courtroom his fantasies and his plan on committing the gruesome crimes.  The chats that were recovered from his computer clearly depict that he seek the help of other people in kidnapping kids.  Some of the messages include stuff like “I want to eat ... the two boys you will bring me,’’ and “Perhaps not today, but it will happen. That is all I live for. ... I am serious. It is the only thing that gets me up in the morning.’’

The prosecuting team also showed photographic evidence caught in the basement of the house of the suspect which includes a coffin that is about the size of a kid, tools for butchering and an instrument that is used to restrain someone.

Portway is a former computer programmer before he was arrested due to the pornographic materials of 5 children that he shared.  The defense team referred to the basement as a theatre rather than a torture chamber.  They insisted that Portway walks in that room to fantasize about certain things and they believe that he is not doing anything harmful to anyone since he is doing it in his own home.

Portway was found guilty due to the chats that were recovered from his computer.  The chats included exchange of message between Portway and Ronald Brown who has a plan of nabbing a young boy from their local church.  Brown allegedly took a picture of a kid and drawing thin lines on his bodies to identify the parts of meat and sent it to Portway.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


If you are a fan of the Japanese manga, this won’t be the first time that you encountered the term “yuki-onna”.  This vampiric creature is a beautiful young woman, who has a very pale skin and sucks the life force or blood out of her victims.  Yuki-onna is often associated with snow due to her pale skin and was also said to have the ability to transform into a mist of snow once she thinks that she’s in danger.  She also does not leave any trace on the snow as she can levitate to avoid creating footprints.

During the older days, yuki-onna is often pictured out as a heartless maiden who feed on the locals and kill them.  Legends say that the story of the yuki-onna originated on the people randomly disappearing during the snow storm.  But these days, yuki-onna is use on manga and other pop culture with a touch of humanity focusing on her beauty.

There is a story about the Yuki-Onna victimizing people who are searching for their children.  It is said that this creature would take the form of a woman carrying a child, and when someone took it from her; she will use her icy breath to freeze the poor man.  The story varies in some region; it is said that Yuki-Onna once released a young man due to his beauty and kindness.  But they both came into an agreement that the young boy must never talk to anyone about her.  The young man eventually got married and had children.  One day he decided to tell his wife the story about the ice queen.  The young man was stunned after finding out that his wife was nonetheless the ice queen.  She was so enraged but decided to forgive again the young man for the second time because of their kids. Yuki-Onna melted like an ice when her husband found out that she was the Ice queen.

Lafcardio Hearn, an international writer who goes by the name of Koizumi Yakumo has a different version of the story.  It goes like this:

“In a village of Musashi Province, there lived two woodcutters: Mosaku and Minokichi. At the time of which I am speaking, Mosaku was an old man; and Minokichi, his apprentice, was a lad of eighteen years. Every day they went together to a forest situated about five miles from their village. On the way to that forest there is a wide river to cross; and there is a ferryboat. Several times a bridge was built where the ferry is; but the bridge was each time carried away by a flood. No common bridge can resist the current there when the river rises.Mosaku and Minokichi were on their way home, one very cold evening, when a great snowstorm overtook them. They reached the ferry; and they found that the boatman had gone away, leaving his boat on the other side of the river. It was no day for swimming; and the woodcutters took shelter in the ferryman's hut, – thinking themselves lucky to find any shelter at all. There was no brazier in the hut, nor any place in which to make a fire: it was only a two-mat hut, with a single door, but no window. Mosaku and Minokichi fastened the door, and lay down to rest, with their straw rain-coats over them. At first they did not feel very cold; and they thought that the storm would soon be over. The old man almost immediately fell asleep; but the boy, Minokichi, lay awake a long time, listening to the awful wind, and the continual slashing of the snow against the door. The river was roaring; and the hut swayed and creaked like a junk at sea. It was a terrible storm; and the air was every moment becoming colder; and Minokichi shivered under his raincoat. But at last, in spite of the cold, he too fell asleep. He was awakened by a showering of snow in his face. The door of the hut had been forced open; and, by the snow-light (yuki-akari), he saw a woman in the room, – a woman all in white. She was bending above Mosaku, and blowing her breath upon him; – and her breath was like a bright white smoke. Almost in the same moment she turned to Minokichi, and stooped over him. He tried to cry out, but found that he could not utter any sound. The white woman bent down over him, lower and lower, until her face almost touched him; and he saw that she was very beautiful, – though her eyes made him afraid. For a little time she continued to look at him; – then she smiled, and she whispered: – "I intended to treat you like the other man. But I cannot help feeling some pity for you, – because you are so young.... You are a pretty boy, Minokichi; and I will not hurt you now. But, if you ever tell anybody – even your own mother about what you have seen this night, I shall know it; and then I will kill you.... Remember what I say!" With these words, she turned from him, and passed through the doorway. Then he found himself able to move; and he sprang up, and looked out. But the woman was nowhere to be seen; and the snow was driving furiously into the hut. Minokichi closed the door, and secured it by fixing several billets of wood against it. He wondered if the wind had blown it open; – he thought that he might have been only dreaming, and might have mistaken the gleam of the snow-light in the doorway for the figure of a white woman: but he could not be sure. He called to Mosaku, and was frightened because the old man did not answer. He put out his hand in the dark, and touched Mosaku's face, and found that it was ice! Mosaku was stark and dead....By dawn the storm was over; and when the ferryman returned to his station, a little after sunrise, he found Minokichi lying senseless beside the frozen body of Mosaku. Minokichi was promptly cared for, and soon came to himself; but he remained a long time ill from the effects of the cold of that terrible night. He had been greatly frightened also by the old man's death; but he said nothing about the vision of the woman in white. As soon as he got well again, he returned to his calling, going alone every morning to the forest, and coming back at nightfall with his bundles of wood, which his mother helped him to sell.One evening, in the winter of the following year, as he was on his way home, he overtook a girl who happened to be traveling by the same road. She was a tall, slim girl, very good-looking; and she answered Minokichi's greeting in a voice as pleasant to the ear as the voice of a song-bird. Then he walked beside her; and they began to talk. The girl said that her name was O-Yuki; that she had lately lost both of her parents; and that she was going to Yedo, where she happened to have some poor relations, who might help her to find a situation as servant. Minokichi soon felt charmed by this strange girl; and the more that he looked at her, the handsomer she appeared to be. He asked her whether she was yet betrothed; and she answered, laughingly, that she was free. Then, in her turn, she asked Minokichi whether he was married, or pledged to marry; and he told her that, although he had only a widowed mother to support, the question of an "honorable daughter-in-law" had not yet been considered, as he was very young.... After these confidences, they walked on for a long while without speaking; but, as the proverb declares, Ki ga aréba, mé mo kuchi hodo ni mono wo iu: "When the wish is there, the eyes can say as much as the mouth." By the time they reached the village, they had become very much pleased with each other; and then Minokichi asked O-Yuki to rest awhile at his house. After some shy hesitation, she went there with him; and his mother made her welcome, and prepared a warm meal for her. O-Yuki behaved so nicely that Minokichi's mother took a sudden fancy to her, and persuaded her to delay her journey to Yedo. And the natural end of the matter was that Yuki never went to Yedo at all. She remained in the house, as an "honorable daughter-in-law."O-Yuki proved a very good daughter-in-law. When Minokichi's mother came to die, – some five years later, – her last words were words of affection and praise for the wife of her son. And O-Yuki bore Minokichi ten children, boys and girls, – handsome children all of them, and very fair of skin. The country-folk thought O-Yuki a wonderful person, by nature different from themselves. Most of the peasant-women age early; but O-Yuki, even after having become the mother of ten children, looked as young and fresh as on the day when she had first come to the village.One night, after the children had gone to sleep, O-Yuki was sewing by the light of a paper lamp; and Minokichi, watching her, said: – "To see you sewing there, with the light on your face, makes me think of a strange thing that happened when I was a lad of eighteen. I then saw somebody as beautiful and white as you are now – indeed, she was very like you." . . . Without lifting her eyes from her work, O-Yuki responded: – "Tell me about her.... Where did you see her?" Then Minokichi told her about the terrible night in the ferryman's hut, – and about the White Woman that had stooped above him, smiling and whispering, – and about the silent death of old Mosaku. And he said: – "Asleep or awake, that was the only time that I saw a being as beautiful as you. Of course, she was not a human being; and I was afraid of her, – very much afraid, – but she was so white I . . . Indeed, I have never been sure whether it was a dream that I saw, or the Woman of the Snow." . . . O-Yuki flung down her sewing, and arose, and bowed above Minokichi where he sat, and shrieked into his face: "It was I – I – I! Yuki it was! And I told you then that I would kill you if you ever said one word about it! . . . But for those children asleep there, I would kill you this moment! And now you had better take very, very good care of them; for if ever they have reason to complain of you, I will treat you as you deserve!" . . . Even as she screamed, her voice became thin, like a crying of wind; – then she melted into a bright white mist that spired to the roof-beams, and shuddered away through the smoke-hole.... Never again was she seen.” -Yuki Onna, Lafcardio Hearn (1904)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Philip Onyancha; A Cult Leader/Serial Killer

Philip Onyancha is a self confessed serial murderer that is responsible for killing 17 (possibly 19) murder accounts.  He claimed that he was targeting at least 100 victims.  He said that he was invited to join the cult because of the promise that he will become the wealthiest man in Kenya if he drinks the blood of his victim.

He further claimed that his urge of killing people only develop when he joined the cult.  His supposed target was 100 people then he will become filthy rich but since he already made a confession, his dream of becoming the richest man in Kenya was now out of hand.

During the inquest, Onyancha said that he was looking to fulfill those targets in around 5 years time.  He constantly target women and boys ages 10 and below because they are generally weak and easier to kill.  He also said that he was thankful for the authority for arresting him because finally he would be able to denounce the evil spirit inside him; since he believed no one is powerful enough to arrest him.

He reiterated that he was not on his free will when he engaged on the murder incident.  He blamed the evil spirit inside him and that he couldn’t tell anyone about the evil deeds, because his own spirit might be placed on jeopardy once he speaks about it.  He was in pain when he saw the families of the victims lamented on the death of their members and he said he will always regret doing such acts.

The series of murder remained a mystery until Onyancha confessed to everything. The head of the crime unit was shocked on the confession that it helped them in solving the murder cases.  Onyancha even led them to the place where he executed the victims and the authorities were successful in collecting bones and fragments of the victims.  He usually strangles his victims and then drank their blood.  Somehow he was assured that no one will be able to discover the corpse unless he showed someone their bodies.  Subsequently the police are trying to find connection to Onyancha and some unresolved murder cases within the area.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sarah Tillinghast

Sarah Tillinghast will usually spend her day on a graveyard of a revolutionary army and brought a book of poetry.  There she will sit on the ground and read for long hours.  One day, Sarah went home and said she was feeling ill.  She decided to go straight to the bed and rest, after a few weeks or so, Sarah died due to the unknown disease.

They were not yet able to recuperate on the loss of Sarah, when one day James woke up looking anaemic and said that Sarah came to him last night and sat on his chest.  The parents were quick to conclude that James was only hallucinating and it is their son’s way to deal with the loss of a loved one.  But the next morning James was looking paler and started to show difficulty in breathing.  Soon after, James also died.

But that was just the beginning, soon after two of their siblings also died.  They also complained the same thing that their sister Sarah is visiting them.  Their parents started to get worried about the fact that this is a clear sign of vampirism and that Sarah might be draining the life of her siblings and feared that if they do not do something about this, the death on their family will just continue.  The rumours about the random death in the Tillinghast family spread all over town.  Then suddenly, all the deaths on the village were blamed to Sarah Tillinghast.   The Mother of the Tillinghast, Honour, also became sick.  Snuffy, the father could not take it anymore.  He asked Caleb to accompany him on the cemetery.  They brought a knife and an oil lamp determined to put an end to this curse.

The two men dug up the grave of Sarah and opened them.  They were surprised to see that her corpse is perfectly preserved despite of the fact that 18 months has already passed since her death.  Snuffy Tillinghast took her daughter’s heart and burned it.  They said that fresh blood gushed out of the wound of Sarah.

Surprisingly   Honour was able to regain her full strength and recover from that sickness.  There were no more deaths attributed to Sarah after that day.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Devil Made Her Do It: The Story of Otty Sanchez

Otty Sanchez, who killed, dismembered and ate the brain and some of the body parts of her newborn son was found not criminally liable for the murder due to the reason of insanity.  She told the authorities that the devil made her do it.  She was sent to a mental institution to receive an ample treatment on her condition.

The District Attorney claimed that this is one of the most horrendous crimes that they have ever witness.  The Aunt of the three-week old baby arrived on the scene only to see the mutilated body of the kid.  She then called the emergency hotline, 911.  The receiver of the call can clearly hear Sanchez screaming on the background claiming that she didn’t mean to do it and it was the devil who made her devour his own kid.

She was initially found competent to stand a trial but the defendants presented an analysis of three doctors where they claimed that she was already receiving treatment before she committed the crime.  The judge decided to send him into a mental asylum and should be kept secluded until the day that she no longer poses a threat to her fellow men.

Otty Sanchez was known to be suffering from postpartum psychosis.  It is a state wherein a new mother experienced severe depression that some of they became psychotic.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hjalmar Moilanen, the Beast Man of Ontario

January 1914, a man was reportedly on the loose in Kenosha, Ontario.  The story of Hjalmar Moilanen was first reported in January 28, 1914.  The accounts were published on a Chicago newspaper, “The Day Book”.

The reports were as follows:
 “WILD MAN” BREAKS UP BIG SETTLEMENT OF INDIANSKenosha, Ont., Jan. 28–A famous “wild man,” Hjalmar Moilanen, former well-known resident of Aurora, Minnesota, who has terrorized Indians and woodmen and has been pursued all over the forest region of Ontario, has been captured and placed in a steel cage.Indians, believing their country infested with evil spirits after seeing the wild man, abandoned their homes and migrated to a western section of the country.

The perpetrator was described as raving maniac.  Reports further said that Hjalmar was making growling sound when he was sent behind the steel cage.  Though it was never mentioned what caused him to act this way, some people are saying that a theory of Wildman exist in the North America can be true. 

There are no documents stating the incident that happened on the year 1914, other than the story that was published on a Chicago newspaper.  But found a service registration bearing the name Johan Hjalmar Moilanen.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Zombie Doll

The incident about a Haunted Zombie doll can be found on  They said that a customer in Galveston Texas purchased a real zombie doll in Ebay. The shipment arrived on October 2004 with the doll tied up in a metal casket.  She thought that everything was just an ornament; she decided to take out the zombie doll out of the metal box and display it outside.  That’s where the horror begins.

The zombie doll allegedly attacked the woman over and over again.  After the attack, she decided to place it back inside the metal coffin.  She tried to set it in flames but the doll won’t burn.  She attempted to cut it with a knife and a scissor but both of these tools were broken.  Finally she buried it in a cemetery.  After a few moments, the doll appeared on her doorsteps lying with all those dirt.  She posted the image of the doll on Ebay and resold the item.  Fortunately there was someone willing to buy the item.  But after a couple of days, the buyer complained that the doll was missing.  She was surprised to see the doll on her door step again, so she sent it again to the buyer, on the third attempt of sending the buyer the item, the box arrived without the doll.

The original seller of the item claimed that the doll is haunted and should never be taken out of the metal box.  The new owner should’ve kept it hidden.  But of course, the buyer did not believe it and she took it out of the coffin.  The buyer is an amateur ghost hunter and thought that if she took the doll out of the metal case, it would be a perfect specimen to investigate.  Little did she know that the doll is indeed possessed by a ghost.

She seeks the help of the original seller but the seller never responded to her mails.  She also asks for a 3 paranormal to take a look at the doll and see what they can do but apparently they said that they could no longer do something about it.

Finally upon the advice of someone, she took the zombie doll into a priest to have it blessed.  She now kept the haunted doll hidden on her attic.  She said that one day she will sell the house and if she’s fortunate enough she will be able to get rid of the doll until someone eventually finds it.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


The Vampire spirit of Ustrel is believed to be a soul of a child who was born on a Saturday and failed to receive a baptism due to an unexpected death.  After 9 days on the date of its burial, the infant would rise up again as a vampire to feed.  But do not be alarmed since this type of vampire only feed on the blood of the cattle especially cow.  This vampire is being held responsible for the massive death of cow during the old days.
The ustrel would usually start from the fastest and healthiest cow and move down to the list until all the cows have been eliminated.  After 10 days of subsequent feeding, the creature is now strong enough to remain above ground.  The creature won’t stop feeding unless you were able to kill it.  They said that you can usually find an Ustrel dwelling in the horn of a bull or at the hind legs of the cattle.

In order to kill the creature, you must summon a vampirdzija and ask him to perform the ritual of the needfire. A Needfire is a fire that was created for paranormal reasons. On a Saturday morning, the same day that a supposed Ustrel was born, one must check if all the fires in the village were extinguished.  Two needfire should be created in a crossroad and the cows should be led between the two fires.  If the supposed cattle that have an ustrel pass between the two fires, the ustrel will drop causing it to be trapped at a crossroad.

But no one should be allowed to go near the fire, as the ustrel would call their name and follow them home.  If they chose to ignore the call of the creature, a pack of werewolves would soon arrive in the scene and devour the vampire creature.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The incident about Polycrites was recorded Colin de Plancy in his literary work Dictionnaire Infernal during 1818.  He was a writer during the early part of the 19th Century.

Based on the story Polycrites was a man of reputation in some parts of the Greece.  He was asked to take the post of a governor of Thermon.  He ruled for three years and by the time that he was able to leave his post, he married a beautiful woman.  But after four days of being married with the woman, Polycrites died.  His wife was pregnant when he died. 
Months have passed and he gave birth to a hermaphrodite. Aetolia believed that this kind of defection is cursed and would bring terrible omen to the land.  They believe that it might cause a civil war between Aetolia and Locri.  There was a belief that the only thing that can save them from an impending civil war was to burn the child and also the mother. 

On the day that the child and the mother was about to be burned, Polycrites supposedly appear looking pale and gruesome.  He was wearing a robe with spots of blood.  The terrified people flee but Polycrites call them back.  They told them that if they burn his wife and his child, he will send the worst calamity in the land.  The people did not believe him; he apparently grabbed his own kid and began eating him.  The people started to throw stones at him hoping that they will stop the horrific scene but they failed in doing so.

The authorities sent a delegation to investigate the bizarre incident but Polycrites is no longer around the area. The head of the kid which was the only thing left apparently said that a calamity will soon hit the land.  The prophecy of Polycrites did happen in time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Juan Diaz de Garayo

Juan Diaz de Garayo dubbed as “The Sacamantecas” or the fat extractor is a serial-killer who was held responsible for strangling 5 women to death and killing a 13-year-old girl.  He also attacked other women in different instances.  Garayo would kill prostitutes at first but eventually grew disorganized and started attacking and raping random women.  Some of the bodies of his victim were also mutilated in way that only animal can do.

Garayo was born on the 17th of October, 1821.  He was illiterate but despite of that he is known to be a hardworking man.  He worked as a farm helper, coal miner and a shepherd.  He had a wife wherein they had 5 children. Two of them died and the marriage ended in the year 1863 with the death of his wife. 

Garayo decided to get married again but unlike his first marriage that is happy, the second marriage is full of complication especially on the relationship between his new wife and his children.  His second wife also died allegedly from smallpox.  Shortly after the death of his second wife he married a third time, this time it is more complicated since her wife is alcoholic.  After five years Garayo found his wife in bed suffering he called the doctor but the doctor told him that nothing could be done on his wife’s current state.  Garayo claimed that he did not kill any of his wives especially on the third one, where the death is a little suspicious.

His first victim was a popular woman from the area of Vitoria; the woman resulted to prostitution after her husband was sent to jail.  They went to a steam to have sexual intercourse.  Garayo strangled her using his bare hands and submerged her head into the steam until she was drowned.  He would then commit a series of murder up to June 1874.  After that period, Garayo went into a hiatus due to an unexplainable reason.

He returned to his killing spree on 1878, where he disemboweled one of his victims.  He was arrested and executed on 11th of May 1881.  The Sacamantecas is the boogeyman in the Spanish folklore.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Werewolf Butcher

A serial killer is commonly give the moniker of a beast based on the severity and the magnitude of the crime that he committed; more often than not the victims would suffer greatly before they die and their mutilated bodies would appear as if they have been attacked by a wild beast.  Such is the case of Jack Owen Spillman III, a serial killer also known as the Werewolf Butcher from Spokane, Washington.  He sexually mutilated a woman and her daughter in April of 1995 and also claimed in killing a 9 year old girl.

Spillman who was 27 years of age allegedly told one of his prison mates that he has this ambition to become one of the greatest serial killers in the world.  He pictured out himself as a wolf, and just how a wolf would act on its prey, Jack Owen Spillman III stalked his prey for months.  He also studied killers to avoid being caught by the authority.  He often fantasized in torturing little girls and taking out their heart to eat.
Spillman said that he was a bit disappointed on his first victim, Penny Davis whom he kept inside a cave because she died too fast.  He proceeds in burying him in the woods but he exhumed her for a number of times to sexually assault her.

Exactly a year after the crime has been committed, Spillman pleaded guilty on the deaths of Rita and Mandy Huffman.  He also pleaded guilty on the murder of Penny Davis.  The court sentenced him to a lifetime imprisonment.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kuno Hoffman

Kuno Hoffman is a murderer who is a deaf mute laborer.  His alias’ The Vampire of Nuremberg” was acquired on his ways of killing his victims.  Hoffman spent 9 years in a mental institution trying to cure him from his mental illness especially necrophilia.  During those nine years, people said that Hoffman tried to escape 12 times

Hoffman as a child suffered maltreatment on his alcoholic father that resulted to him being a deaf mute.  He was sentenced to nine years in prison due to robbery and theft.  After he fulfilled that nine years, Hoffman became obsessed with demonic rituals and Satanism, particularly the vampirism subject.

It was reported that Hoffman would read obituaries to search for newly death occurrences.  He will then visit the grave, unearth the corpse, slice them into pieces and drink its blood.  He drank the blood of his victim due to his belief that it will rejuvenate his youth.  There are also reports that Hoffman cut down their heads and take their hearts out.   He was also blamed for shooting a man who stopped him from going inside the mortuary.  He said that he caught Hoffman on the act of kissing a corpse.  Kuno Hoffman drew his pistol and aimed it on the morgue personnel, but his shot went wild causing only a wound to the victim.  There are several people who witnessed the said shooting.

Hoffman was said to be responsible for desecrating 35 numbers of corpses and even inciting attempted rape on some corpses.  After sometime, the blood of the corpses is no longer satisfying his needs.  He murdered two people (a man and a woman) at the lover’s lane and drank their blood.  He said that the blood of the livings is far tastier than the blood of the corpse.

Though Hoffman has a history of mental illness, two psychologists present during the court hearing said that Hoffman is aware of what he is doing.  He was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tiffany Sutton

On the Valentine day of 2007, Robert McDaniel (46) voluntarily submitted to his friend Tiffany Sutton (23) and bound him up.  Tiffany has been staying with Mc Daniel for quite some time now and agreed to have a sexual intercourse with Mc Daniel, although there are no reports stating who initiated the idea of a kinky sex.  A copy of the book “The Eighth Circle” was said to be on the scene.

Tiffany Sutton started to carve wounds on Mc Daniel upon tying him up.  McDaniel was shocked upon Sutton slice her legs.  He asked her what she’s doing and told him that she has a weird fetish on blood.  Sutton started to drink blood on his fresh wound.  But that didn’t stop there; Sutton also started to stab him on his torso.  Mc Daniel started to fear for his life, he knew that one deep wound from a knife could end up his life.  He struggled and managed to get free from the bond.  He started to run but Sutton chased him with an ax on her hand.

Fortunately, he was able to call a friend before losing consciousness.  The friend discovered mc Daniel’s body covered with blood while Tiffany is standing on the other side covered with a blanket.  He called 911 and McDaniel was rushed to the hospital with an ambulance.  The doctor found seven stabbed wounds together with some slices on McDaniel’s body.  McDaniel was able to survive the bloody incident.

Sutton was arrested by the police, but she claimed that she was the victim.  She exhibits this gothic look with a heavy eye liner.  But McDaniel insisted that she was tricked by Sutton into tying him up.  He said that he believes that Sutton could’ve killed him that time.  During the trial, it was revealed that McDaniel signed a document stating that no one would file a court case in some instance that the sexual intercourse went crazy.
Sutton however, pleads guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.