Monday, November 15, 2021

Pricolici: Vampire or a Werewolf


Pricolici is a vampire and a werewolf in Rome. This creature is closely related to varcolac or varacolaci. Nonetheless, varcolac seems to be more associated with goblins, unlike pricolici, who have a strong characteristic of a werewolf. They are undead souls that came back from the dead to inflict suffering upon humanity.


Pricolici: A Werewolf Who Has a Characteristic 

of a Vampire



Pricolici are undead creatures who rise from their grave to torment the people just like the strigoi. However, compared to strigoi, who usually maintain their human appearance, the creature takes the form of a ravenous wolf. People who have lived a life of sin are likely to become a pricolici as a curse. Those who live in violence are also destined to become undead. This story seems to be popular in Europe. There are a lot of stories about a sinner who returned from their grave.


The Romanian Folklore of Pricolici


In other Romanian legends, they are known to be werewolves when they are alive. Once they die, they will transform into a vampire. Allegedly, this is where the idea of a vampire taking the form of other animals originates. Pricolici as a vampire can take the form of a wolf, owl, cat, or bat. If you notice, this beast prefers to take the image of those nocturnal species.


The belief in this creature is still alive up to this day. An account in some areas of Romania claimed that a vicious and large wolf had attacked them. The attacks went unnoticed and only targeted specific types of people. The targets who managed to survive the attack claimed that they were attacked by a Pricolici and not just the usual wolf. They claimed that the creatures went back to the land of the living to continue their life of sin.


How to Determine a Pricolici


A corpse that is believed to be a Pricolici can only be determined upon the exhumation of his corpse. The carcass should be facing down, and there should also be some blood presence on their lips. The corpse's blood should be fed to those people attacked by the vampire to regain their health. Like the Doppelsauger, an infant who sucked thumb would have a chance of being this creature if he dies.


Rare Magical Being


Pricolici is a rare, mysterious being. They are known to be a Dhampir that was infected by Lycanthropy. In other stories, they are Dhampir that was bitten by the werewolf. It is surprising since vampires won't be able to survive when they are afflicted with Lycanthropy. Fortunately, Dhapmir has enough resistance to handle it. If they survive it, they will go through a more painful transformation than the normal werewolf.


Pricolici is a term used to separate them from the average werewolf. They are faster and stronger than the standard type. There are also stories that they can retain their sanity even after transforming.