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Nelapsi Vampire from Slovakia

The Nelapsi Vampire is a walking corpse. However, since it doesn’t have sign of decomposition, it is often associated with a vampire than to a zombie. This creature has a very pale skin, with a fit body. Its mouth is full of a needle-like teeth and it has a long dark hair. The Nelapsi prefer to attack its victim naked.

The Legend of the Nelapsi Vampire

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The Nelapsi vampire is a vicious creature. It enjoys destroying the villagers and feasting on the blood of humans and animals. It is said that anyone who was attacked by this creature will be completely drained with blood. The vampire creature is strong and able to break the bones of its prey by embracing him. His needle like teeth will tear through the flesh of the victim. If there is chance that the victims would survive his attack, he would eventually die on the illness caused by the creature.

Nelapsi is Known for Torture

There are times that he would torture the victims before killing him. The torture could last for weeks, on ways you can never imagine. The Nelapsi vampire would then feast on the flesh of the victim. The thirst of this creature for blood is unquenchable. It will continue to hunt its prey until the break of dawn. The vampire would return to the grave and spend the whole daylight on his grave.

A Powerful Vampire

The Nelapsi Vampire is known to be one of the most powerful types of vampire. It has an incredible strength and speed. It has a high rate of endurance. There were also myths that tell about its burning eyes. Nonetheless, it usually use it sharp fingernails and teeth to kill its victim. It brings an incurable disease to those victims that survived its attack.

How to Attack

It is not advisable to attack the Nelapsi Vampire with any weapons. No known weapons can kill the creature. You can only deal a fair amount of wound that will only enrage the creature. It has two hearts and 2 spirits which is not common for an undead creature.

The only thing one can do is to prevent a Nelapsi Vampire from attacking them. One can intentionally bump or knock on the coffin of the suspected Nelapsi before its burial. The knock would lose the Nelapsi’s interest to attack them. Another method is to leave opium poppy inside the grave, outside the grave and the road where the coffin passed. The mouth of the supposed vampire should also be filled with Millet seeds. The arms and legs of the corpse are also nailed into the coffin to prevent it from rising up from its grave.

The only way to destroy this creature is with an exorcism done during Saturdays. Hawthorn should be used to stake the heart of the corpse. They would then have to decapitate his head and place cloves of garlic into the mouth and throughout the coffin. By this time the corpse of the Nelapsi Vampire is safe to be reburied. If the attack persists, they would then have to burn the corpse into ashes. The ashes should be dispersed into the air.

The Origins of the Nelapsi Vampire

Nelapsi Vampire from Slovakia

The Nelapsi Vampire is a malevolent creature deeply rooted in Slovakian folklore. Its name alone sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to speak it. This creature is said to be a member of the undead, a revenant that rises from its grave to feed on the blood of the living. While vampires are a recurring theme in many cultures, the Nelapsi Vampire has its unique characteristics that set it apart.

Unlike the classic image of a vampire, the Nelapsi Vampire is believed to be a corpse-like entity with an insatiable hunger for blood. Its appearance is ghastly, with pallid skin, sunken eyes, and long, bony fingers that it uses to pierce its victims' flesh and drain them of their life force.

The Curse of the Nelapsi

Legend has it that the Nelapsi Vampire is not born, but rather created through a curse. Those who have been cursed with the affliction of the Nelapsi are often people who led sinful lives or committed grave offenses during their time on Earth. This curse turns them into bloodthirsty monsters, forever condemned to roam the night in search of innocent souls to sate their hunger.

To protect themselves from the Nelapsi Vampire, the people of Slovakia turned to various folklore traditions and rituals. Garlic, crosses, and holy water were believed to ward off these creatures, and burial practices were adapted to prevent potential vampires from rising from their graves.

The Fear That Lingers

The legend of the Nelapsi Vampire has persisted for centuries, serving as a cautionary tale and a source of terror for generations of Slovaks. Even in the modern age, the fear of encountering a Nelapsi Vampire can be found lingering in some remote villages, where superstitions die hard.

Visiting Slovakia and Exploring the Nelapsi Legend

For those intrigued by the dark and mysterious, Slovakia offers a unique opportunity to explore the legend of the Nelapsi Vampire firsthand. You can visit the charming villages and towns where these tales originated, listen to the eerie stories told by locals, and even participate in folklore events that celebrate the rich tradition of Slovakian storytelling.