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Are Vampires Real? The Long History of Vampire

Vampires are mysterious being that rose from the dead. They fed on human blood to survive. It is a classic monster and their legend has persisted through these days. People will usually link the existence of vampire through Count Dracula. He is a popular character from the renowned novel of Bram Stoker. However, the history of vampires started long before the author was born. In fact, their story began even before they were called ‘vampire’. In this article, we will try to find the answer to the question ‘Are Vampires Real?

Early History: Are Vampires Real?

Real Life Vampires
Vampire |darksouls1 via pixabay
Perhaps one of the earliest forms of vampire can be found in the Greek mythology. The story involved a young man named Ambrogio. He is deeply in love with Selena. The story of Selena and Ambrogio involves strong elements of vampire stories that we know these days. The blood-sucking creature has extreme sensitivity towards the sun. It involves passion and unquenchable thirst for blood.

Based on the story, Selena is an oracle from Apollo’s temple. Ambrogio fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her but unfortunately, Apollo has a hidden motive. He wants Selena for his own so he put a curse on Ambrogio.  Every time his skin is exposed to sunlight, it will burn. Due to extreme desperation, Ambrogio sought the help of Hades. Hades commanded him to steal the bow of Artemis. When Artemis found out about it, he cursed Ambrogio. This time, his skin will also burn when exposed to silver. Afterwards, Artemis pitied Ambrogio. He gave him fangs, immortality, and super strength.

As the story proceeds, Selena was able to escape Apollo. Artemis told Ambrogio that he can also turn Selena into immortal. He will need to drink her blood. The mortal body will die but her spirits will live on forever.

Vlad Dracula

People believed that Bram Stokers named his character after Vlad the Impaler. Born in Romania, it seems that there is a striking similarity between Vlad Dracula and Dracula. There are historians who will describe him as a just and vile ruler. His nickname ‘The Impaler’ was given due to his interesting way of punishing his enemies.

Based on the Legend, Vlad has this habit of dining with the dead bodies of his enemies while soaking his bread into their blood. However, the veracity of that account is unknown. According to Elizabeth Miller, Stoker did not base his character on Vlad. Nonetheless, similarities between the two are somewhat intriguing.

So Are Vampires Real?

vampire history
Do Vampires Exist |geralt via pixabay
The superstitions towards vampire became popular during the Middle Ages. The plague that brought havoc on the community was blamed on the vampire. Symptoms of the disease would often include a bleeding mouth. People back those days believe that this is a sign of vampirism. It is so common for people with unknown disease to be called vampire.

There is also a disease called ‘Porphyria’ that causes blisters when skin is exposed to sunlight. This is a blood disorder that was linked with vampirism. Symptoms of this disorder can be alleviated temporarily by drinking blood.

During the middle age, they will unearth the corpse of the suspected vampire. They will then look for a sign of vampirism such as growing nails and hair, bloated stomach, and little to no sign of decomposition. There are different ways to perform the exorcism. Mostly, they will thrust a stake made from yam, yew or hawthorn on their chest. If the problem persists, they will cut their head, stuff it with silvers and stones. The bodies will also be buried upside down.


The Mercy Brown Incident

The case of Mercy Brown is perhaps one of the first documented accounts of vampirism. Mercy Brown is the daughter of a farmer from Rhode Island, George Brown. In the year 1800s, the Brown family lost members of their family to consumption. The people of Exeter blamed vampirism for their death. Members of Brown Family were exhumed and analyzed for any symptoms of vampirism.

When they exhumed the body of Mercy Brown, they found no sign of decomposition. The town people believed that this is a clear sign of vampiric manifestation. They cut out Mary’s heart and they burned it. The ashes were then mixed with water and given to her brother. Unfortunately, Mary’s brother still died in the end.

The Real Life Vampires

Science has denounced the existence of vampires. There are real vampires out there. They are the people who considered themselves as vampires. They are individuals who need blood as nourishments. The communities of vampire can be found in the internet and on other locations all over the world. They also have drinking rituals. It involves the blood of the willing victim.
Asian vampires do not necessarily feed on blood. They prefer the energy of their victims. Most of them confessed that they feel agitated when they do not feed.


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