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Dearg-diulai: The Blood Sucker

Dearg-diulai is a vampire that takes the form of a stunning woman to lure men and feed on them by sucking their blood.  This vampire creature is a part of the Irish folktales that usually haunt sad places to look for heartbroken men.  


Legends of Dearg-Diulai



The legend of Dearg-diulai varies depending on the region.  In Waterford, they believe that the dearg-diulai seduces men and then sucks their blood. Antrim also has a slight variation of the story. Based on the local legend, a Dearg diulai is a name given to a troubled spirit who cannot find peace in the afterlife; she was able to find a beautiful woman and eventually took control of her body. This creature is also famous in Country Kerry as a woman that haunts a particular road.  There is a story about a certain drunken man who encountered this creature. Instead of running, he blessed the Dearg-diulai and prayed for her soul.  The beast was released from her curse and finally found peace.


The Story of Abhartach


There is also a story about a male Dearg-diulai.   The story is about a town leader that was so cruel to his people.  Abhartach cruelty spread throughout the other land, and Cathan, the chieftain of the next town, decided to slay him.  Cathan successfully got rid of the vile ruler, and Abhartach was buried upright, which is based on the Celtic tradition.  However, not long after his death, he rose from his grave, attacked the villagers, and drank their blood.  Cathan killed him for the second time, but Abhartach returned from the living again. This time Cathan killed him with a sword made out of yew, which was believed to be embedded with magical powers to repel the undead elements.  The villagers decided to bury him upside down. His casket was also covered with mountain ash that possessed the same magical power as the yew.  No more disturbances were recorded after that time.


Other Names of Dearg Diulai


Dearg diulai is also called Deamhain fhola, Dearg Diliat, Dearg Dul, Deamhan, etc.   The legend of Dearg diulai may be derived from the Celtic warriors who drank their blood.  According to Celtic myths, one does not transform into this creature all of a sudden.  It is said to be a result of the continuous consumption of human meat. 


Monday, November 29, 2021

Countess Elga: The Legend of a Vampire

On June 10, 1909, the news that tells the account of an alleged vampire surfaced the pages of Neues Wiener Journal, a popular Vienna newspaper. It was related to the deaths of the number of children, which they blamed on a vampire.  They believed that Countess Elga became a vampire and was responsible for the surprising number of death. The number of fatalities that year at the Carpathian Mountains is beyond the average rate.


Countess Elga

Franz Haartman Testimony on Countess Elga


Based on account of Franz Hartman, who lived in a town not far away from the said castle:


"Two years ago I was living at Hermannstadt, and being engaged in engineering a road through the hills, I often came within the vicinity of the old castle, where I made the acquaintance of the old castellan, or caretaker, and his wife, who occupied a part of the wing of the house, almost separate from the main body of the building. They were a quiet old couple and rather reticent in giving information or expressing an opinion in regard to the strange noises which were often heard at night in the deserted halls, or of the apparitions which the Wallachian peasants claimed to have seen when they loitered in the surroundings after dark. All I could gather was that the old Count was a widower and had a beautiful daughter, who was one day killed by a fall from her horse, and that soon after the old man died in some mysterious manner, and the bodies were buried in a solitary graveyard belonging to a neighboring village. Not long after their death an unusual mortality was noticed among the inhabitants of the village: several children and even some grown people died without any apparent illness; they merely wasted away; and thus a rumor was started that the old Count had become a vampire after his death. There is no doubt that he was not a saint, as he was addicted to drinking, and some shocking tales were in circulation about his conduct and that of his daughter; but whether or not there was any truth in them. I am not in a position to say."


More Strange Occurrences


After some time, the property became a possession of a family relative, but it was believed that he did not reside in the castle.  He just instructed someone to maintain the house and make sure it is still in its best form.  One day two men came to visit the castle, a young lawyer and a man of literature.  There was nothing so remarkable in the old place since most of the stuff was sold.  But when they come across this old painting, the young lawyer claimed that the oil painting blinked its eyes and was smiling.  On the same night, the visitors formed a ring on the table, and the table started to move and formed the word ELGA; they asked the person that maintained the castle about some information regarding Elga and was surprised to know that the person in the painting they just saw was that of Countess Elga.



Countess Elga Vampire

Countess Elga's spirit also manifested in the writer's presence. It was also followed by unexplained experiences by the servants inside the castle.  The writer also received an invitation to Countess Elga.  He hired a policeman to investigate the incident, and the police reported that he saw nothing but a black carriage as if waiting for someone to arrive. Shortly after the report went public, the terrified public burned the castle to cinders. Strangely, the high mortality rate among kids also ceased after that incident.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Zmeu: A Vampire Dragon

Zmeu is a vampire-like creature found in different legends across the globe. One, in particular, was through the myths of Moldavia. They believe that his creature can assume the appearance of a flame and enter young girls' rooms every night. The Zmeu would then take the form of a young man and seduce the victim.


The Legend of Zmeu



In Transylvania, the Zmeu takes the identity of a young girl. She was said to live in the deep forest. She would seduce mostly the shepherds, promising them to take their cattle into a greener land if the shepherd made love with her. In Romanian Myths, the Zmeu has human traits and has a specific desire to marry young girls. They believe that this creature is a manifestation of selfishness and greed. Based on the legends of Romania, this creature has an uncanny habit of stealing valuable things that only a young handsome man can retrieve.


Zmeu on The Tale of Jack and the Beanstalk?


There is a legend of the Zmeu that is similar to the famous tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some of the English translations depicted this creature as a giant or an ogre. The story relayed a zmeu who kidnapped a beautiful maiden and took it to his realm to be his wife. A Fat-Frumos (the term for a Prince Charming) slew the zmeu and took the young girl to be his wife. In other stories, the Zmeu has a magical stone in its head that is as bright as the sun. His original form was said to be that of a dragon.


Some parables describe zmeu as a dragon. The dragon will transform into a lover or a hero to easily seduce the woman. However, there are instances when it is depicted as something diabolical. When a zmeu would approach and seduce you, one should carry garlic, candle wax, and a celandine to protect yourself from its power.


Friday, November 26, 2021

Lubins (Lupins) Werewolf of Normandy

Lubins or Lupins refers to a specific type of werewolf found in the legends of Normandy, France.  They are usually females and have a shy nature compared to other werewolves who are aggressive.


The Legend of Lubins



The famous Pierre Vidal fell in love with Loba, who was believed to be a lupin (lupine). In his poem "A tal Donna," he described how he was madly in love with a she-wolf.


Crowned with immortal joys I mount The proudest emperors above, For I am honoured with the love Of the fair daughter of a count. A lace from Na Raymbauda's hand I value more than all the land Of Richard, with his Po├»ctou, His rich Touraine and famed Anjou. When loup-garou the rabble call me, When vagrant shepherds hoot, Pursue, and buffet me to boot, It doth not for a moment gall me; I seek not palaces or halls, Or refuge when the winter falls; Exposed to winds and frosts at night, My soul is ravished with delight. Me claims my she-wolf (Loba) so divine: And justly she that claim prefers, For, by my troth, my life is hers More than another's, more than mine. 


How to Become Lubins (Lupin)


They said that there are two ways to become a Lupin: if you were born into the family of werewolves, and the other is if the curse infected you with a bite of a Lupin.  Lupins undergo a painful transformation every full moon.  Their form resembles more of a human than a werewolf since they can walk using their hind legs with a stance of an ordinary man, but their features are the same as a wolf.  The Lupins, since they are all females, have some protective nature that can be compared to that of a Mother's instinct.  A type of Lupins was also used by J.K. Rowling in her famous novel Harry Potter wherein Remus Lupin was cursed to become a werewolf.


Where to Encounter Lubins (Lupins)


According to the legend, the best place to spot this werewolf would be in a graveyard. The Lubins will usually gather here while they are in their wolf form. They will unearth the remains of the dead here and feast on them. Some may think that this is a trait of a ghoul, but others believe that this is just their way to suppress their hunger on flesh. They will have a leader of the pack. It would be easy to identify their leader since she will be the tallest among the Lupins. In some stories, she will also have noticeably darker skin.

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Peter Niers

Peter Niers is a German serial killer who is known for committing 544 murders. His gruesome murders include the 24 fetuses extracted directly from the pregnant victims allegedly used for his black magic purposes. He also performed an act of cannibalism on his other victims. He is known to be a powerful dark magician during his time


The Horrifying Exploits of Peter Niers


Peter Niers

Accounts of his exploits can be found in the works of historian Joy Wiltenburg:


 "Of course the profession of robbery required some roving, whether the principals had been itinerant beforehand or not. It was in the spaces outside cities that these bands operated, particularly in woods and mountains and along unfrequented roads. The gang led by Niers and Sumer reportedly started in Alsace, but after gathering a group of twenty-four (...) near Pfalzburg, they separated to rob and murder. Accordingly, they were caught in different places- one in the imperial city of Landau, one at Kirchweyler am Rhein; four at Strasbourg; nine at Pfalzburg; and six at Koblenz."

 Peter Niers

In 1577, the group of bandits, which included Peter Niers, was arrested. Unfortunately, he somehow managed to escape. After his escape, the news would constantly circulate town about his horrific murder, including his magical ritual and cannibalism. It is said that the main ingredient that gave him the supernatural ability is the heart of the fetuses. Niers had to devour the heart of the unborn before he would cast any spell. The flesh and fats of infants were turned into a candle that is said to help them from robbing houses.


Shapeshifting Powers

 German serial killer

Peter Niers would later be connected with the shapeshifting powers. Legends were told that he could take the form of things, which included logs or a stone. But some stories said that he constantly changed into a cat or a dog.


When Peter Niers arrived at Neumarkt, he checked in at an inn called The Bells. One day he decided to wash at the bathhouse leaving all his stuff inside his room. Due to his popularity, a cooper recognized him and spread the news that the famous killer could be found at the inn. Two concerned citizens quickly went to the Inn and insisted that they needed to check the person's belongings. They opened the bag and found several hands and hearts of fetuses inside. The towns' people were quick to react, which led to his arrest.


Peter Niers was tortured for three days before they finally dismembered him.



Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Varacolaci: Vampire of Romania

The Varacolaci, a vampire revenant in Romania, is created when an unbaptized baby dies or if a person committed suicide.  However, in some instances, being a Romanian varacolaci becomes inherited or passed down from generation to generation.


How the Romanian Varacolaci Attacks Its Victim?


Varacolaci Romanian

If a varacolaci was created after his death, the person who turned into this undead would look precisely the same. Perhaps the only difference is that they tend to look pale and with dried-out skin.  The Romanian varacolaci hunts its prey all year round, but it is particularly active during St. Andrew’s Day and St. George’s Day.  This creature is also said to be one of the most dangerous types of vampire since it was considered the strongest type of vampire in the folklore of Romania. A varacolaci, like any vampire, drains the blood of its victim, but it does not leave any bite marks. 


What Are the Abilities of Varacolaci Vampire?


Varacolaci can shapeshift into any animal, but it usually takes the form of a flea, cat, spider, frog, or dog.  It is also said to be responsible for causing lunar and solar eclipse by putting itself into a trance. The varacolaci also has the ability of “midnight spinning,” a sort of astral projection that allows them to travel safely at night anywhere they wish to go.  While they were on astral projection, the creature seemed to look like a dragon or a beast with several mouths.  However, if one manages to find a varacolaci in this state, the beast would be unable to return to its body, causing it to sleep forever and leaving its soul to wander around eternally.


How to Defeat a Varacolaci?

 Varacolaci Vampire

Traditionally, those corpses suspected of becoming a Romanian varacolaci, can be prevented from rising from its grave by planting a thorny plant on its grave.  If in an instance that a person dies by committing suicide, the only way to prevent him from being a varacolaci is to throw his body into a river immediately.


An intricate ritual needs to be performed to defeat the Varacolaci vampire being ultimately. First, the vampire must rise from its grave and must be captured.  In the case of a male varacolaci, their heart must be ripped off and cut in half.  A nail should be punctured into its forehead, and whole garlic cloves must be placed inside its mouth.  The corpse is then filled with pig fat from a pig slaughtered on St. Ignatius Day.  Afterward, a burial shroud is dipped into holy water and wrapped on the corpse.  The body will then be reburied into an isolated area far from the community.  In the case of a female varacolaci, an iron fork must be driven into its eyes and heart, and the body buried into a deep grave.


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An undead vampiric creature also considered a ghost witch, the Skadegamutc is a part of the legend of various American tribes, particularly of the Wabanaki tribe. During the morning, the Skadegamutc are nothing but corpses.  They are vulnerable to sunlight which is why they only attack during the night.  As soon as the night falls, the Skadegamutc will rise from its grave and hunt for its victim.


How to Turn into Skadegamutc?

 NAtive american vampire

Wicked people or witch is said to turn into a skadegamutc when they die.  This curse is similar to European vampires wherein an evil person or a person who did not receive atonement for his sins will not stay dead but become an undead. Skadegamutc maintains its existence by feeding on the human meat and sucking on the blood.  They can also shapeshift in the form of a ball of light.  According to the legends, the usual prey of this creature involves hunters and those who often take shelter in the cemetery at night. 


How to Determine a Skadegamutc


During the daytime, this creature will appear like a harmless corpse. However, when the night comes, the corpse will reanimate and wander to search for the victim. To make this possible, the Skadegamutc will shapeshift into a ball of light that allows them to cover great distance swiftly. Once they find their victim, it will attack its prey from above, devour their flesh, and drink their blood. The hunters have told many legends from the past. In one account, a group of hunters decided to rest close to this undead's burial ground. After the creature was reanimated, it attacked the hunting team and killed them one by one.   

How to Kill the Skadegamutc

 Skadegamutc  vampire

This creature is also said to possess dark magic that can place a hex or curse on people.  They are also believed to have superhuman strength.  Their camouflage ability helps them in concealing themselves from enemies.  They are said to be immune to standard weapons. One has to approach the corpse of a suspected Skadegamutc and burn them during the day because they are vulnerable during the daytime.  In some stories, an arrow seems to halt this creature's attack; though it is unclear if the number of people in the crowd or the arrow aimed towards him caused him to retreat.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Yaksha: Vampire in Ceylonese Mythology


Yaksha is an enchanted spirit of Sri Lanka whose ways of devouring victims are similar to that of the vampires of the West.  They are also known as the vampires of Sri Lanka.  There are two identities of the Yaksha; one was not offensive. The responsibility of this creature is to preserve and protect nature, especially in mountainous areas.  The other identity devours those travelers who were lost in the woods.


Buddha Yaksha

Yaksha in Different Cultures


The Yaksha is also known in India. They are depicted as male warriors, while the females referred to as yaksinis are beautiful women with round faces and large breasts. In other accounts, the Yaksha in Sri Lanka is also called Yaka.  The Dala-Kumara Yaka, Kalu-Kamara Yaka and Riri Yaka.  The Kalu Kumara Yaka is a demon that usually preys on the children.  This creature was often held responsible for the disease of the children and also for miscarriage.  The Kalu Kumara Yaka was used to be an arhat until it fell in love with a princess that eventually turned him into a demon.


Yaksha in Literature

 Celylonese Vampire

The accounts on Yaksha can also be found at the Sacrifice for a Stanza.  It states:


The monster was a Yaksha, so inhuman and awe-inspiring, with the eye so furiously glaring on Buddha, and the mouth stained with dripping blood. It was this monstrous devil that had just recited those two lines which had so greatly inspired him that he thought they came from a mouth other than that of this evil genius.



In the story, Buddha asked a favor of the Yaksha; however, the creature planned to devour him as an exchange.  Buddha asked the beast to finish a line, and that Buddha would engrave the prose to the stone using his blood. After that, the Yaksha can do as he pleases.  However, when the Yaksha was done and Buddha was prepared to meet his destiny, the Yaksha changed into a goddess.  It states:


When the Yaksha finished, Buddha made one of his fingers bleed, and with the dripping blood inscribed the whole stanza on the rock. This being done, Buddha threw himself over the precipice in order to fulfill his promise. But behold! at this crisis the hideous vampire suddenly changed his features, he became Sakrendra, a reigning god of the heavens and a most powerful guardian angel of Buddhism. Buddha, falling into the abyss, was miraculously received in the arms of this god, who now honored and revered him. The heavens showered flowers and the universe resounded with divine music.


01: Real-Life Horror Story: There's Someone in My Room

There's Someone in My Room


Submitted by: TIM-perature


Shadow Figure

Hi. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I finally had the courage to send my strange story. It happened when I was four. After my parents had a divorce and my Mom and I had to move out to a smaller apartment. There were two bedrooms placed directly on each other, but I still prefer to sleep in my Mom's bedroom.

There was this one summer night when I woke up and saw our cat sitting close to the door frame of our room. I was planning to get up and approach him cause it was strange since our cat would usually sleep on the bed. I was about to get up when I saw him move close to the open door of my room, and I saw a shadow of someone standing there as if looking towards us. I was trying to scream but I couldn't. It seems that I was frozen at that moment. It wasn't sleep paralysis since I can vividly recall how it picked up our cat. Eventually, it walked away without speaking a word. The following day, I tried to tell my Mom about this, but I could tell that she dismissed it. Perhaps she thought that I was adjusting to our new life.

However, it was followed by an equally strange situation. One evening we woke up from the sound of commotion. We looked at our open window and saw 911's vehicle parked by the road, and they were talking to our neighbor. My Mom asked them about what was happening, and they claimed that they saw a shadow of a man inside their house. That was when my Mom remembered what I told her.



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Ojai Vampire

The Ojai Vampire is a vampire who purportedly moved to Ojai, Ca, during 1890 and set up a house near the Creek Road.  Though he was always regarded as a vampire, his appearance was said to be a rotten corpse.
Based on the legends, during circa 1890s, an alleged European vampire moved to Ojai, California, and settled in a house near Creek Rd.  The likely vampire was held responsible for the missing animals and cattle mutilation.  He was also blamed for the mysterious disappearance and sometimes murder of random people.

 Ojai Vampire

The Hunt for the Ojai Vampire


The villagers set up a hunting party to kill the alleged Ojai vampire.  The local citizens found a stone sarcophagus at his home, which a black dog guards.  The black dog was vicious, but they were able to drive it away by spraying holy water.  The hunters lifted the cover of the coffin and pierced a stake straight to the vampire's heart.


According to some stories, the townspeople took the vampire's body and sealed it in a slab made of cement.  The slab was allegedly hidden in a place near Camp Comfort County Park.  Up to this day, people are claiming that they know the location of the slab but would not divulge it.  It is also usual for those people to meet up and search for the vampire remains or even the alleged sarcophagus found inside his house.


The Legend of the Ojai California Vampire Continues

 Ojai California Vampire

However, the haunting did not end with the death of the Ojai vampire.  It was believed that its pet, black dog, still haunts the area of Ojai up to this day.  The black dog was thought to bring a bad omen to those who would see it.  Based on the Chumash elders, a black dog is a form of Nunashish, an evil phantom that serves as a familiar or guardian of a particular place.


Recent Accounts

 Camp Comfort

There are many recent accounts attributed to the Ojai Vampire, especially for people who live near Camp Comfort. Some people claimed that they had seen a strange green light. Students at CSUCI also divulged their eerie experiences, such as the continuous banging of the pipes. There were also creepy stories regarding the old hospital that had been transformed into a daycare.


Lobishomen (Lobisomem) A Vampire or a Werewolf

Two types of Lobishomen were mentioned in the lore.  One type is more vampiric, which can be found in the folklore of Brazil.  They would bite the woman's neck but would not kill her. They would only drink a small amount of her blood, but his attack is like an aphrodisiac leaving the woman a nymphomaniac.  This type of creature was said to be created by witchcraft.


How To Identify Lobishomen/Lobisomem



The Vampire Lobishomen is depicted as a small and fat creature with a stance similar to a monkey. They have pale yellowish skin and black teeth.  They usually have a long hairy beard.  Another type of Lobishomen is more connected with the werewolves.  They were known to have a connection with the Bruxsa.  They are part of the Portuguese legend and are usually referred to as Lobisomen.  The night can affect their transformation as they can retain their human form during the day and transform into a werewolf during the night.


How to Become  Lobishomen


There are various ways on how someone can transform into a Lobishomen or Lobisomem. The first is if this beast has bitten you. Perhaps their saliva contains a venom or toxin that can be transferred to you. Direct contact with their blood can also lead to your transformation. The seventh son of the family is said to be destined to become this creature. By choosing one of the older brothers to become his godfather, the seventh son could be saved. The firstborn son is also possible to become one.  Once he reaches 13, he will experience his first transformation. People who committed concubinage, incest, or having a relationship with a priest will be punished by turning them into Lobishomen.




How to Defend Against Lobishomen



There is also an interesting twist to the story.  They say that the Brazilian werewolves turn into Lobishomen after they die.  Unlike any vampire who seems vulnerable to garlic, experts warn people never to use garlic on this creature.  They recommend using Wolf's Bane, and that is believed to keep the vampire on its grave.  A Wolf's bane mixed with onion and displayed as an ornament on the doorway is an effective way of driving the evil spirit away. Killing this beast requires sharp steel.  One has to cut this creature with steel while avoiding its blood since their blood is known to contain a fatal substance that could kill you instantly.



Thursday, November 18, 2021

Alp Monster, a German Folklore

An Alp Monster is a vampire phantom often associated with nightmares, the bogeyman, and an incubus. It is known in different names depending on the location. There are also other variations of this cryptid in other European countries and English-speaking communities.


An Overview of the German Vampire Alp Monster


Alp Monster



Alp Monster can present itself in the form of a butterfly that came from a demon's breath. This vampire butterfly sucks the life out of its victim. They can also appear as other house pets like cats, dogs, pigs, birds, etc.


Where Did the Legend About Alp Start?


The story about the alp monster started in the mountainous area of Austria and Germany. The mystical hat they wear (known as Tarnkappe), abilities, and personality draws a striking similarity with Alberich, the dwarf king. It is also believed that most of the inspiration behind this vampiric creature is derived from Teutonic folklore. Initially, they were depicted as friendly beings that lived peacefully in the mountain. Eventually, the legend turned into something malevolent.

How Do Alp Monster Attacks Their Victims?

 Alp monster

The Alp Monster is said to be responsible for having nightmares. It is also known to assault its victim, whether they are male or female, sexually. However, compared to other creatures associated with the vampire or other undead, this creature does not force itself to its victims; instead, it enters the victim through its mouth as a mist. It is also known to drink blood, not in the neck but the nipples of the male or female victim.


Based on the legends, some mischievous traits of the Alp Monster can be associated with the elves, like spoiling the baby's milk or adding soil to the baby's diaper. Also, like elves, they tend to attack farm animals, sometimes biting their tails or riding them through the point of exhaustion. They also disturb other small farm animals like the geese.

Alp: A Vampire Creature


Though Alp Monster is more associated with the vampire, its shape-shifting ability is similar to that of the werewolf. It also has an enigmatic hat that keeps it invisible, but the cap remains visible. If a creature loses his hat, he will offer an excellent reward for those who find it. It possesses mystic eyes that give illness and other mishaps. The only way to counter that effect is to remove or damage the eye.


How to Defend Against Alp?

 Alp Vampire

According to folklore, there are many ways one can protect himself from the attack of the Alp Monster. It includes putting a mirror in your chest, placing a broom under the pillow, hanging a horseshoe on your bedpost, etc. The crucifix is also a good way to negate the attack of the creature. If you woke up seeing this creature, you should ask him to return in the morning. It will leave you at that moment and return the following day in his human form. At that point, one must offer him a gift, and it will no longer bother you. It can also be paralyzed by forcing him to eat a lemon. Some stories state that the creature can be weakened, but it is almost impossible to kill.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Obayifo Vampire of West Africa

The West African has a different name for the vampire; they call her Obayifo.  However,  it is different from the Western and European vampires, especially in their sustenance.  The standard vampire that we know prefers the victim's blood. Although this creature also feeds on the blood of its victim, particularly children, it is still is a witch-vampire who feeds on the fear of the people, more like a boogeyman.



What is an Obayifo?


Obayifo is not an undead creature; it is a living creature possessed by an evil spirit causing it to do evil deeds.  They live everyday life and are often a close member of the community. This idea makes it difficult for others to suspect them.  It is said that only a White wizard can tell an Obayifo from an ordinary person.  The White Wizard is called the Okomfo, who is the only defense against this vampire.


How will the Obayifo Attack?


The Obayifo would turn into a light orb during nighttime and would terrorize the town.  They are blamed for the infestation of crops and vegetables. Interestingly, the witches mentioned in the Benandanti werewolves' account are also blamed for a poor harvest.  The vampire uses vegetables as an alternative for her food when circumstances forbid them from hunting children.  This being does not intend to kill children. They suck enough blood to satisfy themselves, but their saliva is thought to carry diseases that will infect the victim once they've been bitten.


How to Determine an Obayifo?

 Obayifo vampire

People were often accused of being this vampire when they were jealous of their neighbors, refused to offer food, or if some of her children died.  It is usually held responsible for deaths related to crop infestation, children suffering from an illness( particularly consumption), or the death of a family member while undergoing a ritual with the Okomfo. When the creature flies on the night, you will notice that her armpit and anus are glowing, making it easier to identify an Obayifo.


How to Become an Obayifo?


There are contradicting stories on how this vampire was born.  Some say that someone is destined to become this beast from the day they are born; others say it was a curse.  There are also accounts stating that if you accidentally drink blood or eat the flesh of a human, then you will transform into this creature.  An Obayifo can only be killed by strangling or drowning.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Bisclavret: An English Werewolf

The Bisclavret is the name given to the English werewolf who attacked the horse of the hunters and feasted on them. It is also the protagonist in a famous novel by Marie de France.


The Story of Bisclavret


Bisclavret, Bisclavaret

Marie de France used Bisclavret in her novel "The Lay of the Werewolf." In her story, Bisclavret was accused of being a monster. He has the power to transform into a werewolf, but analyzing the whole story, it seems that the real monster would be his former wife. In the book, the creature was depicted as a monster with some hint of humanity within him. Whenever he would change into a werewolf, he would run into the deep woods to avoid having direct contact with the humans. There was also no incident of him inflicting an injury to anyone. Her wife, who ran away from him to marry a knight, is the one who told his secret. The knight would put him into a terrible situation that would eventually unleash the beast within him.


The Real Bisclavret

 Bisclavret, Bisclavaret

In real life, the Bisclavret is believed to be a wizard who can shapeshift in the form of a wolf. The witch's ability has a striking similarity to the European werewolves and the witches during the Medieval Period. It is said that while hunters are in the forest, an old lady would offer them something to eat. The hunters would gladly take her offer and would leave their horses. After some time, they would notice that the old lady and their horses were gone. She would be held responsible for the disappearance of the horses, and they would blame her for being a witch.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Pricolici: Vampire or a Werewolf


Pricolici is a vampire and a werewolf in Rome. This creature is closely related to varcolac or varacolaci. Nonetheless, varcolac seems to be more associated with goblins, unlike pricolici, who have a strong characteristic of a werewolf. They are undead souls that came back from the dead to inflict suffering upon humanity.


Pricolici: A Werewolf Who Has a Characteristic 

of a Vampire



Pricolici are undead creatures who rise from their grave to torment the people just like the strigoi. However, compared to strigoi, who usually maintain their human appearance, the creature takes the form of a ravenous wolf. People who have lived a life of sin are likely to become a pricolici as a curse. Those who live in violence are also destined to become undead. This story seems to be popular in Europe. There are a lot of stories about a sinner who returned from their grave.


The Romanian Folklore of Pricolici


In other Romanian legends, they are known to be werewolves when they are alive. Once they die, they will transform into a vampire. Allegedly, this is where the idea of a vampire taking the form of other animals originates. Pricolici as a vampire can take the form of a wolf, owl, cat, or bat. If you notice, this beast prefers to take the image of those nocturnal species.


The belief in this creature is still alive up to this day. An account in some areas of Romania claimed that a vicious and large wolf had attacked them. The attacks went unnoticed and only targeted specific types of people. The targets who managed to survive the attack claimed that they were attacked by a Pricolici and not just the usual wolf. They claimed that the creatures went back to the land of the living to continue their life of sin.


How to Determine a Pricolici


A corpse that is believed to be a Pricolici can only be determined upon the exhumation of his corpse. The carcass should be facing down, and there should also be some blood presence on their lips. The corpse's blood should be fed to those people attacked by the vampire to regain their health. Like the Doppelsauger, an infant who sucked thumb would have a chance of being this creature if he dies.


Rare Magical Being


Pricolici is a rare, mysterious being. They are known to be a Dhampir that was infected by Lycanthropy. In other stories, they are Dhampir that was bitten by the werewolf. It is surprising since vampires won't be able to survive when they are afflicted with Lycanthropy. Fortunately, Dhapmir has enough resistance to handle it. If they survive it, they will go through a more painful transformation than the normal werewolf.


Pricolici is a term used to separate them from the average werewolf. They are faster and stronger than the standard type. There are also stories that they can retain their sanity even after transforming.