Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Matruculan is like a combination of ghoul and vampires.  The creature is said to enter the house of a virgin and impregnates her.  After some time it will return inside the house and eat the fetus of the mother.  There is also a different version of the story where the creature enters the house of a pregnant woman and ripped her abdomen to extract the fetus and eat it, killing the mother in the process.  In an attempt to drive away the creature, the husband would slash the air with a balisong (folded knife) while their wife is having labor.  The belief in Matruculan can be traced back during the Spanish Era in the Philippines.

Matruculan is one of the few creatures who attack the pregnant women.  This creature would first impregnate the woman and eventually returns to eat the fetus.  Though in some legends, the mother and the fetus are both killed.  There are also other stories saying that the woman involved is not a virgin and that she has a husband and is already pregnant.  The slashing of air in order to protect a pregnant woman from the attack of the Matruculan is done above the belly of the mother while she is having a labor.  But one needs to be careful in brandishing a sharp knife above the abdomen of a laboring woman.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Conde Estruch

Conde Estruch is about a wealthy Catalan whose real name is believed to be Arnald Estruc or Wifred Estruc.  The legend about him started on the 12th Century.

During the reign of King Alfonso II, he was keen on eradicating paganism and witchcraft.  He vowed to fight against these practices which oppose Christianity.  He ordered Arnald Estruch to go to the Llers castle and see what he can do to dissolve the witch craft and paganism tradition in the Alt Emporda.  However, during his fight against the said culture, the Count died.  It was said that the Count lived a life full of sin.  Though he is a Christian and he is fighting the not so Christian practices, Count Arnald Estruch was said to be wicked and vile.  Having these characteristic was believed to be a possibility of turning into an undead creature.

And true to their superstitious belief, it was said that the Count rise from its grave as a vampire.  The villagers blamed the misfortunes that are happening in the town to the Count.  They claimed that they saw the Count feed on the blood of the people.  They also said that they were sexually assaulted by the Count and other instances where they have been impregnated.  Interestingly, these women who were impregnated by the count would suffer a miscarriage or their child would turn out to be dead.

Conde Estruch reign of terror lasted for long years, until a nun claimed that he was able to kill the suspected vampire.  There were also some stories that a Jewish hermit put a rest to the terror of the Count.  The accounts of the story cannot be distinguished if it is a myth or a true story.  But the supposed castle where the Count resides was destroyed during the Spanish civil War.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bennington Triangle

Bennington Triangle is a name given to an area in Vermont wherein a total of five people mysteriously disappeared within the period of 5 years, these includes Middie Rivers,  Paula Welden,  James Tedford, Paul Jepson and Frieda Langer.

Middie Rivers, 74 years of age was reported missing on November 12, 1945.  He was reportedly out for a hunting trip.  Since Rivers was familiar with the area, he served as a guide for a group of hunters.  On their way back, Rivers went ahead and was never seen again.  Authorities conducted a thorough search but the only trace they could find was a single cartridge of a rifle.

In 1946, the most baffling disappearance in Bennington triangle happened.   Paula Welden, 18 years old disappeared on the 1st of December, 1946.  She told her friends that she’s going on a hike, she even invited the others but they all declined.  Many people recounted seeing Paula Welden that afternoon; at 4:00 pm she passed by a man who allegedly asked her “how far the trail went”.  Paula Welden was never seen again.  The most puzzling piece was Sarah is aware that it is going to snow that night and she seems undressed and unprepared for the chilling weather.

In 1949, James Tedford went missing, It was on December 1, 1949, exactly 3 years after the disappearance of Paula Welden.  Tedford just mysteriously vanished while he was on his way home through a local bus.  Witnesses reported that Tedford was still in the bus at the last stop before Bennington.  Something happened between the last bust stop and Bennigton that made him disappear. His luggage and belongings is still in the rack.

Two separate case of a missing person happened there on 1950.  Paul Jepson vanished on October 12, 1950.  Blood hounds tracked the boy to a highway where Paula Jepsen disappeared.  On October 28 of the same year Freida Langer, 53 disappeared.  The authorities launched a massive search operation on the area but they were unable to find her.  On May of 1951 her body was discovered on the area where the authorities launched a search.  The manner of her death could not be identified due to the state of the body.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Asha Degree

What could make a 9 year old girl from leaving her room in the middle of the night that would lead to her mysterious disappearance?  Fourteen years later the case of Asha Degree remains to be a case that baffles us.

It was during the Valentine’s Day of 2000 when her parents went to her room to wake her up and they discovered that their daughter was not in sight.  Apparently, Asha shared a room with his brother who also has no idea of what happened to his sister.

A witness claimed that he saw a young girl that match the description of Asha walking on the highway at around 4:00 am.  It seems like Asha left the house on her own free will.  Authorities claimed that the action of Asha might be inspired by a story that she is currently studying.  The story is about going in an adventure after running away.  But then the case started to get more bizarre as one by one the things of Asha started to show up.

Approximately 3 days after she went missing her hair bow, marker and pencil were discovered in a doorway of a shed which is around one mile away from their home.  After one and a half year her book bag appeared 26 miles away.  The book bag contains more of her personal belongings and was wrapped in a double plastic trash bags which is deliberately done to conceal it.

What happened to Asha is still unknown, what made her leave her room that night and who might she had crossed path with.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gandillon Werewolves

Gandillion Werewolves is about a French family of werewolves.  It includes a sister, 2 children, and a brother who terrorized Jura in the form of a werewolf.

The event may have been a case of clinical lycanthropy, since Pernette Gandillion has a delusion that she is a wolf.  One day when she thinks that she’s in a wolf form, she came across a boy and a girl, believed to be siblings, who are picking some strawberries.  Suddenly she felt the urge to attack the children.  She attacked the girl first but the boy was brave and aimed a knife to Pernette. She then attacked the boy, but the boy was successful in inflicting a fatal blow on her neck.  The news about Pernette reached the villagers, they were so angry that they tore the body of Pernette into pieces.

Not long after the said incident, the town’s folk accused his brother of witchcraft.   They believed that he was responsible for kidnapping children and bringing them to the witch.  They also indict him of having the power to shape shift and take the form of a wolf to terrorize the town.  They said that this was possible because of the ointment that he received from the devil.  They also said that Pierre also has the ability to change into a hare, but he usually takes the form of a wolf.

Pierre reportedly recognized the charges, he also sight an instance when he has to kill an animal or a human.  He said that in order for him to return to his human form he has to roll his wolf body into the grass.

George, Pierre’s son also admitted on using the same ointment to become a werewolf.  He said that while on a wolf form he managed to kill two goats. Pierre and George have notable scars all over their body; they believed it was a bite they suffered when they were in a wolf form. 

Pierre’s daughter also confessed about the pact she made with the devil that appeared before her in a form of a black cat.  She said it gave her the power to create hail and attend a gathering of the witches.  The three of them are arrested and put into prison; there were no accounts about them changing into werewolves while inside the jail.  People believe that they do not have the special ointment with them.  The three of them acted like a lunatic inside the cell while constantly howling and acting like wolves.

Not long after they were imprisoned, the three of them were hanged and their remains were burned.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Bajang is said to be a vampiric spirit on Malaysian lore.  Though they associated it more to a vampire, the bajang usually takes the form of a fox which is similar to the Gumiho of Japan.  But in this case the true form of a Bajang is a muscular male with a brown skin.  Its eyes are orange and the hairs are flimsy. The feet of a bajang are similar to the talons of a vulture.

It is believed that this creature loved to prey on children, and can be used as a familiar by a certain family that is practicing craft and handed down from generation to generation.  If not a familiar, the bajang will dwell on a dense forest far away from the village, since it is afraid that his shelter might be cut down.  Cutting down the trees where the bajang lives means ending its life.  But if it is a familiar, the bajang is kept in a bamboo that was made into a vessel they called “tabong”.  They should be constantly nourished with foods such as milk or bread.  Neglecting their daily meal would result to his betrayal and will kill you instantly.  Like the other vampires, the bajang is also blamed for mysterious illnesses.

Bajang’s favorite meal is the fetus; they believe the stretch mark is caused by the attacks of the bajang. Babies who are defenseless can be protected by placing a scissor near them.  Children were given an amulet to repel them and also there were numbers of proven method to help them locate the owner of the creature.

Pawang (witch doctors) can come in handy in interrogating the victim while he is in a trance state.  They believe that during this time, the owner of the bajang is in control.   The pawang will aim a razor to the victim believing that the hair of the owner would fall out.  Anyone who was suspected to be the owner of the bajang will be in danger.  Numbers of supposed incident that involves a suspected owner of bajang that has been driven of the village or killed was documented in Malaysia.

The Bajang also has its female counterpart named langsuir.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sasabonsam captured

In 1939, West African Review reported about a captured Sasabonsam.  Sasabonsam was originally a vampire creature of the Ashanti myth though others claimed that it is another name for kongamato.

The newspaper shared their accounts about the killing and the examination of the sasabonsam.  Based on the account, the creature was a humanoid with wings similar to a bat that is attached to its long arms. The wingspan is measured at around 20 ft.  The other description of the creature turns out to be so odd.

It is said to have two short horns located on its head.  The creature hand can also be retracted and it has a nose similar to a human.  It also has a noticeable ridge in the middle of its chest.  The hind legs of the cryptid are described as slim and long, the hair on its head is stiff and it possesses sharp teeth.   Furthermore, they say that the creature is unlike any other creature that we are aware of.

The description of the captured sasabonsam bears a striking similarity to the owlman which was included in an article published on the fall of 1991 in the Strange Magazine 8 by Mark Chorvinsky.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nagasjatingarong blamed for the death of 5 husband.

A Nagasjatingarong is an Indonesian vampire.  It is believed to have the ability to possess the body of a beautiful woman that she uses to seduce her victim which is usually young male.  The nagasjatingarong would bite her victim in the neck and feed on their blood.  Surprisingly this creature won’t leave a mark indicating that the victim has been bitten by a vampire.  The only way to tell that he was attacked by this creature is if he was diagnosed with the condition of anaemia.

The Daily Reporter newspaper reported about an incident on March 18, 1975 about a woman who has 5 successive husbands.  Apparently all 5 of them died after only months of marrying the 25 year old beautiful woman. The parents of a woman are worried about their daughter so they consulted a witch doctor.  The doctor confirmed that the woman is under the influence of the nagasjatingarong.  It feeds on the blood of her husband that caused their anaemia that eventually led to their death.  All of her 5 husband died on the first month of their marriage.

The shaman confirmed that the woman from Sumatra is possessed by the Nagasjatingarong.  The shaman said that these 5 husbands have a rival on the heart of their wife which is beyond human.  In folklore the incident can be compared to succubus and incubus, the succubus being the demon who takes the form of a woman to seduce young men for sexual pleasure and the incubus who preys on beautiful woman and have a sexual intercourse with them.  According to legend, a repeated sexual intercourse with these demons can deteriorate your health massively and eventually cause your death.

This event was explained by science as sleep paralysis or the old hag syndrome.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nightmares caused the death of 18 Laotian Refugees

On a report published on May, 10 1981 by the NYTime, 18 Laotian refugees were reportedly killed by a nightmare. Federal Center for Disease Control was conducting a thorough examination about the death of 18 Laotian refugees in four years.  One of the cause they are looking at is that they were frightened by a nightmare while they were sleeping.

Surprsingly, unlike similar cases, this case involves a young Laotian woman.  The 17 men and a woman was a member of a Laotian group called the Hmong.  Most of the refugees went to United States to escape after it was overrun by Pathet Lao on 1975. By the time that the incident happened, there were at least 35,000 Hmong living in the US.

Members of Hmong grew up in a very isolated place like the Indian tribes.  Aside from that , very few of them can speak the English language.  The death of those 18 Laotian remained a mystery.  The deaths were said to be associated with irregular heartbeats and “probable cardiac Arrhythmia”.

Dr. Roy Baron said that their deaths can be caused by a nightmare but they cannot still give a distinct conclusion.  There were no foul plays, accidents or suicide, apparently the 18 Laotian just died while they were sleeping.  Doctors said that they could pinpoint the reason why they didn’t die but they could not uncover the reason why they die.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Aripa Satanai

Aripa Satani belongs to a vampiric race in the lore of Romania.  According to the legends, the creature usually takes the appearance of an old woman that sits in the entrance of a nearby cemetery or lurking on the crossroads.

The Aripa Satania would appear to be a helpless old woman and lure her victims deep into the woods of Transylvania where her kingdom is said to be located.  The Aripa Satania would then transform to her true form and attack those unsuspecting travelers who believed in her promises.  Aripa Satanai is said to be the “Queen of the Forest” and bears a striking resemblance to the old gypsy who warned Jonathan Harker in the novel written by Bram Stroker, Dracula.

The creature’s hunger is said to be insatiable.  When the woods in the Romania can no longer provide a shade for them to transform on their original form, the vampire would strike a nearby village at night.  She will assume the form of an old woman mourning or a gorgeous woman dressed in red.

Legends did not specify on how to vanquish the vampire, but they were believed to be vulnerable to river water that caused them to drown.  Despite of its characteristic, the attack of the Aripa Satania doesn’t always succeed.  If someone manages to reveal its true identity, it will reveal all the secrets of the forest, including herbs that can cure any type of disease and potions that can drive away blood sucking creatures.

In some legends, the Aripa Satania is described as a half old woman and a half bear.  It is known to be bloodthirsty and controls all the evil lurking in the forest.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Beast of Neffer

The Beast of Neffer of Austria is said to have existed during the 16th Century.  It terrorized the people of the village named Neffer.  The werewolf is said to be so huge that when it walked to the dense forest located at the outskirt of the village, people could already see his head.

A wood cutter went to the forest to cut some woods so that he would be able to sell them to the market and earn a few cash for his family.  While cutting some woods, the woodcutter heard a noise behind him.  He looked back to see what happened but it was dark and he couldn’t see anything.  But when the woodcutter looked up, he saw a massive creature with the head of a wolf.  The werewolf had this evil grin and had her hand outstretched as if it’s trying to reach the woodcutter.

The woodcutter feared for his life and started to run as fast as he can.  He didn’t even dare to look back as he can hear the large stomp of feet at his back.  He must have been ran miles away from his village when finally he can no longer hear the stomp of feet.  He sat down on the grass as he catches his breath.  He tried to focus listening to the woods, there were no more footsteps following him, but instead he can hear the sounds of cry and screams coming from a distant.

He was so scared to go back to his village using the path to the woods.  So he made a long travel of using the main road that is outside the edge of the forest.  When finally he was able to return to his village, he was astounded to see that the village was reduced to ruins.  The houses has been demolished, and the mutilated bodies of the villagers including his family and friend were left on the ground.  Every single one of the villagers has been brutally murdered by the Neffer Werewolf.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Arikara’s Headless Warrior

It was on the night of 1872 when a group of people watched how a medicine man of Arikara tribe as he whacked the head of a warrior that is on the platform.  People who witness the incident were so shocked that some of them fainted and lose their consciousness.  Others ran out of the area to escape the horror that is going inside the venue.

Some of them who stayed saw how the medicine man picked the head on the ground.  The medicine man walked around the guest as if boasting to them the head of the warrior that he just slashed.  Then the unthinkable happened, the medicine man raised the headless warrior, he placed the decapitated head on the trunk of the headless warrior while chanting some words that only he can understand.  The witness testified that they saw the headless warrior walked. 

Among those spectators were American Soldiers who came for the purpose of seeing the medicine man do his wonders.   The Soldiers walked near the warrior to examine it, they were astonished to see that there were no markings of wound on the area that the saber passes.   The macabre moment that was happening before, appears as though it never happened.  But the blood pool on the floor tells otherwise.

The history of the Arikara tribe and their bizarre rituals has been documented in the history of mankind.  Their method and culture were beyond human comprehension and up to this day science still failed to explain those event.

It’s as if this tribe has the ability to create the real zombie that those Haitian people failed in creating.  Up to this day, that tribe has been inviting people to witness their bizarre ritual.


-Brad Steiger Real Zombies, the Living Dead and Creature of the Apocalypse.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another zombie-like attack

It seems that all this zombie-like attack happens frequently in Florida.  In September,  Richard Cimino Jr. was held responsible for jumping on a woman and chewing on her head.  The incident bears a striking resemblance to the “Causeway Cannibal”.

The suspect allegedly drove his car on the 12th of September 2012 in a road near Hawley Pennsylvania, and just like what Rudy Eugene did; all of a sudden he got out of the car take off his clothing except his underwear and attempted to enter a house nearby.

The homeowner shouted at him and he ran away.  He took off his underwear before entering an empty house.  Cimino didn’t stay too long in the house; he jumped out of the window from the second story house that injured his arm.  He went back to the street where he stumbled upon two walking women.  By this time Cimino is already covered with his own blood caused by his injuries.  He suddenly jumped on one of the women smothering her with his blood and gnawing her face while producing an animal sound.  The woman was so shocked but he managed to struggle from the attacker and called 911.

Moments later, the police arrived on the scene and they discovered Cimino lying on the street, severely injured.  But it seems that Cimino still have some strength left in him as he was able to fight against the authorities.  It was not until the authorities tasered him that he was finally subjugated.

When the blood analysis came out, the result is a little vague as they were not able to found any substance present on the suspect except for marijuana.  The man was also proven completely sane and in normal condition.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arif and Farman Ali

On April 15, 2014 the police arrested a cannibal and on a search for another after discovering the head of a boy believed to be three years old.  Mohammad Arif Ali confessed that he cooked a curry out of the boy’s body.  He was arrested after his neighbors complained about the foul stench of a decaying meat coming from the house of Mohammad Arif Ali.  The authorities thought that they might dug up the body of the dead boy in a grave site and cooked it.  They are now searching for his brother Farman who shared the curry with his brother.

During the inquest, Arif confessed that they chopped the body and cooked it but blames the entire incident on his older brother.  The two of them were already jailed back in 2011 for digging up a dead woman’s body and cooking it in the same process.  They were sent to prison for 2 years for cooking the lower limbs of a dead woman.

The man who led the search on the duo’s house shared his experience on the incident that shocked him.  He said that they discovered a pot full of curry soup that is believed to belong to the 24 year old cancer victim.  They also saw an axe with some of the flesh sticking on it.  He said that the image of the corpse with her limps chopped off still gives him the creeps.  The brother later claimed that they have been digging the bodies of the dead and creating a curry out of it for so many years.
The trait of eating a corpse can be related to ghoul traits.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Aptrgongumenn is a vampiric being from the Norse legend whose name literally translates to “Walking dead”.  This particular creature was not cursed nor doesn’t it live a sinful life.  It so happened that a powerful necromancer summoned his body up from his grave.

The Aptrgongumenn is then forced to do the bidding of the necromancer who summoned him.  He’s not a familiar of the sorcerer but more of a slave.  There were binding runes often placed on top of the graves of the deceased in order to prevent him from rising up.

Based on the Legends, Aptrgongumenn must be killed in a very specific way to completely put it to rest.  First the grave of the suspected vampire creature must be found and the body must be exhumed.  Then the head of the supposed Aptrgongumenn must be decapitated.  One of its feet must also be severed to prevent it from walking.  The two severed parts must be then placed in the location of each other and the body must then be reburied.

One of the more popular runes that the ancient civilization used is the Stone of Kalleby.  It is an example of a craft of the rune-master to keep the dead inside their grave.  The runes are not only used to prevent them from rising up, sometimes it is also an effective tool to create a communication with the dead.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Apsaras is a celestial vampire creature of the Indian lore.  They were said to be created when the God Vishnu used the Mt. Mandara as a churning rod in one of the legends in India.  As he was doing this, Vishnu was able to create magnificent treasures and creatures.  But aside from those he also created 35 million apsaras.  Their name was believed to be derived from this legend which means “from the water”.

The apsarras are known for their love of dance, their unimaginable beauty that can rival the goddesses, their talents and their love for wines and dice.  They were said to be sent to the land of the mortals in order to defile the virtuous men.  The creature would use her beauty and charm to seduce the men in committing sin causing him to lose all the merit that he accomplished.

Apsaras is said to possess different abilities.  They can put a hex on someone and cause him to be insane; they also have the ability to take full control on the animals of the forest.  Apsaras can also bring out the rage into a calm man and can also predict the future accurately.    Interestingly, the creature also sends inspiration to lovers and shape shift in different forms.

Apsaras is always delighted to fulfill their task and for a good reason; they are given an immortal life once they succeeded in breaking the virtue of a man.  During the times that the apsaras failed in doing so due to the strong will of the man then she will cause him to go insane or would order the vicious beast in the forest to tear his flesh apart.

There were also stories telling that the Apsaras fell in love with the human that he was ordered to seduce.  During those incidents, the Apsaras would marry the man rather than to cause him any harm.  It was believed that the apsaras make for a good housewife,

The apsaras are not always seducing men, they are also seen in the battle field and hover above the heads of the great warriors.  If one of those warriors died while holding his weapon the apsaras would carry his spirit into the paradise.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Apollonius of Tyana

Apollonius of Tyana is one of the most famous philosophers of his time.  He has a wide experience on travelling reaching as far as India, Syria and even Egypt.  There are many books that mentioned his name including the  Life of Apollonius written by Flavius Philostratus.  The book includes his experience with the vampire of Corinth.

The story involves a former student of Apollonius, Menippus that is about to get married to a beautiful and rich young woman.  Apollonius is one of the invited guests of the wedding and he immediately noticed that something seems wrong with the bride of Menippus.  Apollonius told Menippus beforehand that she cannot marry the girl since she is a serpent.  But Menippus is determined to marry the girl, so Apollonius decided to go to the wedding.  After a keen observation, Apollonius suddenly announced that the girl is a Lamia (A form of a female vampire that takes the form of a beautiful woman and seduced men.  He was also believed to kill children due to her hatred to Hera.)  He said all the grandiose fest and luxurious settings are just a trickery made by the power of the Lamia.  After his proclamation, the guests of the wedding supposedly disappeared including those of the extravagant feast revealing that it was after all a hallucination made by the blood sucking creature.  Upon the revelation of her real identity, the lamia apparently lost its powers and the true identity of the cryptid was revealed which became a basis for the poem Lamia written by John Keats.  The story is different from the “Bride of Corinth” written by Goethe.

In other books, the creature is mentioned as empusa, also a different type of undead creature.  The incident can be found on the Book IV of the Life of Apollonius.  It was said that due to his mystic eyesight, Apollonius was able to save his student Menippus in a certain death.  The event was believed to occur during the 1st century (A.D.).  It was also written by Montague Summers in his book Vampires in Europe

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Vampire of Versailles

Antoine Leger was the culprit of killing a 12 year old girl and feeding on her blood.  Antoine Leger was originally a wine grower and a former soldier.  He was rebellious at his young age.  In June of 1823 Leger decided to ran away from home and live in a forest where he stayed in a cave and consume wild fruits in able to survive.  Accounts said that Leger stayed there for weeks.  During his stay on the forest his taste for blood develops, a day came when he encountered a love rabbit that he decided to eat the poor rabbit raw. Antoine Leger felt a sudden desire to eat a human flesh and taste their blood upon having a chance to eat a raw animal.

One day Antoine Leger saw a girl on the outskirt of the forest, he lured her to his cave where he sucked her blood and killed her, and he buried the body of the 12 year old girl after.  After three days, Leger was captured by the authorities, but he denied the allegations.  He claimed that they are making unbelievable stories, but upon seeing the body of the deceased girl, he broke down and confessed to the crime that he committed.  When he was able to calm himself he relayed the details of the crime.

During the trial, Antoine Leger shows no sign of repentance for killing the girl but something change when she saw the mother of the kid.  He cried and told the people inside the court that he regrets the time that he has to take away the kid away from her Mom.  He also asked the Mother for forgiveness.  He was sentenced to die on guillotine on June 1824.

Antoine Leger’s head was later given to Dr. Esquirol and Dr. Gall for further examination.  They apparently said that the guy is suffering from a mental disorder.  They claimed that he was not as he was branded “a great criminal” and a “cannibal” but a mental patient that should be treated in the mental institution.  It’s just unfortunate that he is already dead.

James Cowles Prichard wrote about the life of Antoine Leger and gave him the moniker “The Vampire of Versailles”.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anthus Family

Pliny the Elder who was a writer during 23-79 C.E mentioned of a family that involves a story about a werewolf. In his work,  Historia Naturalis which incident was originally documented by Euanthes, the clan of the Anthus was a direct descendant of Antaeus.

Every nine year, the Anthus family would have to draw a name of a family member, whoever was fortunate enough to be chosen should go to the lake and perform an ancient ritual that is said to transform him into an appearance of a wolf.

The ritual is started by hanging first their clothing on a branch of a tree.  The chosen one should then swim to the other side of the lake.  They believed that by the time that he reached the other side of it; he would be transformed into a werewolf.

The man chosen to transform into a werewolf is said to remain on that appearance for nine years.  If on the period of nine years, he was able to resist his urge to kill humans, then he would be allowed to swim back to the lake and the lake would bring back his original human form.

The story bears a striking similarity to the tale of the Lykaians.  Some believe that both of the clan’s ritual is an account of an Arcadian wolf ritual.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Depending on the country, an Aoroi can be a fay or a ghost but both of them possess a similar behavior, they are both a vampiric creature.

In some British area an Aoroi is a type of vampiric fay.  They are born when a warrior dies during the battle prior to his proper time and also when a woman dies while giving birth.  The babies who were born by the deceased mother were believed to become an Aoroi.  Also those babies who died before they even acquired a proper name were deemed as an Aoroi.

During ancient times, these babies were believed to be a bad omen.  They were immediately taken at the outskirts of town after their date of birth have been noted and recorded.    According to the story, these babies cannot be instantly killed as they would only return from the land of the living to haunt and take revenge.  But this Aoroi can be trapped and they believe that the magical ability of the Aoroi can be used by those who can capture him.

While in Ancient Greece, an Aoroi is a term for a vampiric ghost.  The process of creating a Greece Aoroi is the same, those who died an untimely death is fated to become an Aoroi.  Aoroi literally means “Untimely dead”.  Similar to the Aoroi of the British Isles, the Aoroi can be captured and its magical properties proved to be helpful in performing hex and spells.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Anomalous Biological Entities and Chupacabra

There are rumours that the government already assigned a specific department that analyze and study some unexplained creature.  The ABEs (Anomalous Biological Entities) was believed to be set-up at around 2000-2001 in Texas to tackle issue that surrounds cryptids.    ABEs has also been associated to chupacabra incident, UFO’s and other biological experiments conducted by the U.S. Government.  Some people believe that the trutha bout these cryptids are being covered by the government and the media to prevent a wide spread panic.

The ABEs also grab the interest of the mainstream media, as Inside Edition travelled all the way to Puerto Rico in an attempt to uncover the truth behind ABEs.  There is a rumour that the media team went to Puerto Rico just to mock the whole idea of el chupacabra and to declare that everything is just a fantasy.  The program was said to ridicule the Canavana’s Mayor who is one of the witnesses of the chupacabra.  Though the news program included the capture of two alleged chupacabra by a US Marine and was supposedly held on a secret place, Inside Edition declared that the news about it is highly unreliable and did not possess any strong evidence.

The news about the capture of the el chupacabra was reported by Jorge Martin who has a strong belief on this kind of culture.  He also thinks that a certain gene manipulation made it possible to breathe life to a real life vampire.  He firmly believe that a certain Dr. Tsian Kanchen who work for the USSR government was successful in creating new types of creature with the help of what he called was a “certain bioenergetic signatures”.  Furthermore, he said that Kanchen went to the U.S. when the USSR collapsed.  Kanchen apparently offered his service to the U.S. government

He claimed that one of the chupacabras was wounded by a farmer, but it managed to flee leaving a trail of blood.  He said that those trails of bloods were removed by a group of authorities both U.S. and Puerto Rican.  Martin later said that he was able to get a copy of the analysis and he was certain that it is not comparable to a human blood.

But both of the government denies that any of the statement of Martin was true.  They said that there is no Dr. Kanchen that manipulates genes and no analysis was made to an alleged blood of a chupacabra.  They said that Martin is only making up some stories.  But the news about chupacabra reached the other land.  Sightings on a suspected chupacabra were reported in Texas, Florida, Chile and Brazil between the periods of 1999-2003.  That year the story about ABE and chupacabra caught the interest of the public again.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Annis is a vampiric sorceress who means pure or virginal.  It is also known as Ana, Blue Hag,  Befind , Benie etc.  The legends of the vampiric sorceress can be traced back to the day that the Scotland and Ireland was founded.

Scotlands is said to be a country named after this being.    The name Scota where the name of the Scotland originated used to be called Caledonia literally means “lands given by Cailech”.  During those times, Annis was still called Cailech. In the Arthurian legend, Annis was known as Annowre.  She was one of the most popular vampiric sorceress that people was able to preserve her image and converted her into a St. Anna, (daughter of St. Joseph of Arimathea).  Annis has so many names throughout the history of mankind that it is almost impossible to list them all.

According to the legends, Annis has a shape shifting ability that enables her to take the appearance of an owl.  There are also legends saying that she has a healing ability and control the weather.  She can also conduct ceremony and grant wisdom to those who seek her aid.  In the past she was treated as a goddess, honored as a saint and despised as a demon.

There were so many tales and legends about Annis.  Country has been named after her.  But in every legend there seems to be collectively stating that Annis loves to consume the blood of the children.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Anjanette Donovan Lyles

Anjanette Donovan Lyles is a beautiful woman who was first married to a World War 2 veteran named Ben F. Lyles.  They run a restaurant at the downtown Macon in Georgia.  Anjanette was not particularly good in school but it seems she has an advantage when it comes to public relations.  There came a time that Ben was thinking of selling the restaurant, Anjanette performed a voodoo hex that hopefully would change Ben’s mind.  But the voodoo spell did not work at all.  Anjanette was angry, on the fact that she did not know about Ben’s decision on selling the restaurant.  Ben’s health slowly deteriorated after that.   Ben died on January of 1952 shortly after he entered the hospital.  The doctors ruled out that the cause of death in encephalitis.

After his, death Anjanette Donovan Lyles returned to work.  She applied for a loan and took back the restaurant that they once owned.  The restaurant became one of the most popular restaurants in the city.  This is the time that she met Joel Neal Gabbert, an airline pilot. 

 Joel Neal Gabbert is a loyal customer of her restaurant.  The two of them got married on June of 1955 after a week of courtship.  Three months after their marriage, Joel Neal Gabbert felt ill.  Anjanette Donovan Lyles hired a nurse to take care of her husband while she go to work.  The nurse advised her that she need to take her husband to the hospital.  But despite of bringing him to the hospital, Gabbert died due to an unknown reason.

The Mother of Ben Lyles died after and after 8 months her beautiful 9 year old daughter followed.  The succeeding death caught the attention of the authorities.  They performed an autopsy to the remains and diagnosed that their body contains high amount of Arsenic.  It seems that all of them died due to arsenic poisoning.  The police searched the house and managed to find a rat poison that contains high amount of arsenic toxins.  They also found the same bottles but all of the bottles are empty.

Anjanette Donovan Lyles was arrested and placed into trial on the 6th of May 1958.  During the trial, it was revealed that Anjanette amassed wealth after the deaths of these individuals.  But besides of a luxurious life, Anjanette seems to be spending much of the money that she acquired on voodoo stuff.

Anjanette Donovan Lyles was sentenced to be committed at a mental hospital.  She died due to a heart attack on December 4, 1977.  During the trial it was revealed that she use this kind of root.  She has a certain roots that if you place in the mouth of anyone, they would follow every command of yours.  It is just like turning them into a mindless monster and agreeing into every command of yours, just like a zombie.  Could this be the reason why Anjanette’s restaurant became so popular?  

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Aniukha is a vampiric creature in the legends of Serbia (not to be mistaken with the Shaman of Mongolia). Aniukha has a lot of striking resemblance to the Chupacabra of Mexico.  The first sigting of this undead creature is said to be after the World War 2 in Serbia.  A number of Jewish community claimed that they saw the creature that is ranging from the size of a grasshopper to the size of a rabbit.

The creature ran on all its four legs but when it stands, it only uses its hind legs and it has the ability to leap great heights and would often walk with the grace of a cat. The creature is depicted  with plated skin and it has patches of thick and brown fur.  Its eyes are huge and black and its ears are pointed similar to a rabbit. It also has jagged teeth.

Though the creature may possess bizarre appearance, it does not have a distinct ability other than its cleverness and its use of trickery to lure its prey.  Their favorite target would be the children and the elderly.

In order to drive away the evil spirit, a garlic should be use.  Smearing garlic into a person’s chest or on their doorways and window panes can prevent the aniukha from entering one’s home.  The only way to completely vanquished the evil creature would be to cremate it and turn it into ashes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Anito where the ancient tribe used to pray to give them a good harvest is different from this vampire spirit also known as Mamangkiks.  Anito is just one of the vampire spirits in the Philippines.   Unlike other vampires who reanimate corpses and manifest like a human being, this vampire will rise from its grave the form of a gaseous vapor.  This creature is also known to be bounded only on the areas around its grave and doesn’t venture away from it.  But legends say that anyone who tries to enter his territory will be instantly attacked.

The Anito will cling into his victim allowing himself to be inhaled.  Once inside the body of his victim, he will give him illness.  The victim will not be consumed but boils will start to appear all over his body.  The disease will take over the victim until it spread into his lungs.

Those who become a victim of the anito have a little chance to survive especially the children.  Though it is known to be territorial, its vengeful spirit can be appeased by offering fruits on top of its grave.  If one is also planning to pass a territory that is believed to be guarded by an anito, he needs to sing a chant in order to be protected. The chant goes like “Honored spirit, please step aside, I am just passing through.”

Though it was never known to suck blood or feed on the flesh of human being, it was classified as a vampire spirit due to the fact that it can spread diseases.  Vampire beings are known to have the ability to spread plague which is one of the ability of the Anito.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Angela Thomas

This eerie account about an encounter with an evil black dog was from the personal experience of Angela Thomas.  A black dog is often associated to a werewolf or vampiric activity or in other nation a black dog is linked to death.  Angela Thomas is the executive producer of P.O.R.T.A.L.

It was almost night time when she arrived on her grandparent’s home. The house appears to be very simple and cannot be compared to the previous house where her grandparents live.  But as soon as she entered the house, she felt the dark energy that encompasses the entire house, it’s as if the house has a life of its own.

She disregarded that thought and went to her bedroom that she shared with her sister, Sandy.  They spend the night listening to the stories of their grandmother about moving into the town and also that their grandfather fell ill shortly after moving to the house.  The doctors cannot explain the origin of his illness; their grandfather appears to be lifeless lying on bed.  The door of her grandfather’s room was kept open, just in case of any emergency.  While they were having conversation, Angela thought he saw a giant black dog that passed in front of her grandfather’s bed.

She asked her grandmother about the dog, but apparently they were not keeping dogs as pets.  But Angela was sure that she saw a dog.  She followed the path that the black dog allegedly took but she saw nothing, she searched every corner of the house but still no dog was present.

That night Angela finds it hard to sleep.  Then as she was trying to sleep, she heard a loud noise coming from the other room.  She sat on her bed and glanced on the other room and there she saw an image of a giant dog.  She tried to wake up her sister but her sister is not responding.  He chanted a prayer and commanded the evil dog to leave.  The next thing she knows was the creature was gone.

After that night, her grandfather was able to gain back his strength.  It seems like a curse has been driven of their house.  But that night changed the life of Angela, she now firmly believes that evil does walks among us.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Angela de la Barthe

Angela de la Barthe is a deranged woman from Toulouse, France who confessed to the inquisitor that he had a sexual intercourse with the devil that gave birth to a werewolf.  He was placed into trial for being a witch and was put to death by the Inquisitors in the year 1275.  She was the first ever person accused of being a witch to be put to death during the medieval period.

Hugues de Beniols, one of the Inquisitors, accused him for having an alleged sexual relationship with the devil.  She gave birth to 7 years ago prior to her current age of 53 to a creature with a head of a wolf and a tail of snake.  The monster consumes infants which allegedly were killed by Angela de la Barthe or was dug up from the nearby cemetery.  For two years, Angela de la Barthe fed it with babies before it ran away one night.  She also said that she had a constant communication with the Devil and being constantly present during the Sabbat.  She was found guilty and was burned alive at the stake.

Recently, scholars doubted that Angela de la Barthe committed any of those act.  If only Hugues de Beniols would further investigate the matter, he would discover that there were no disappearances recorded during that year within Toulouse.  But nonetheless, the Catholic Church believed her confession that time and was condemned to death.  They believe that Angela was just suffering from mental problem and was discriminated by the community that is why he was suspected of being a witch.

But if it turns out that she really did gave birth to a creature with the head of a wolf, could this be connected to the 30,000 alleged werewolves that were sentenced to die during the period 1520-1630? Considering the lapse in time between the alleged pregnancies of Angela, it is quite possible that the monster may have been successful in creating its own clan.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Larundel Mental Asylum-Australia’s Haunted Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum started its operation during the year 1938 however because of the 2nd World War it didn't operate as a psychiatric haven not until 1953. Amid WWII, the healing center was utilized as a Military Hospital of the US, crisis lodging for regular citizens, a military preparing warehouse and R.A.A.F. healing facility.

Larundel was noted as a bleeding edge of neurophyschiatry as therapy for mental patients. It is the primary spot to utilize the drug Lithium for solution to hyper scenes of mental patients. The healing center cured patients with a scope of issues including psychosis, schizophrenia and those agonies from geriatrics. In any case, there are legends of mental patients being nourished with awful food and portrayed as an alarming, impressive, loathsome spots by some previous "detainees" of Larundal Mental Asylum. The said asylum treated the Australian serial executioner, Peter Dupas, amid his sentence.

A total of 387 mental patients were transferred to Larundel when it operated as a mental healing center during 1953. More wards and structures were included throughout the years and in the long run Larundel Asylum housed just about 800 mental patients. With the development of deinstitutionalization over the world Larundel in the long run shut down in 1999. It sat surrendered for more than 16 years now but is slowly getting a renovation.

Amid some time during the operational period of the Asylum it is believed that a young lady who possesses a music box passed on there. Around evening time and now and again amid the day there are cases by wayfarers and different drifters who have heard shocking playing of music similar to a music box. Other paranormal reports of giggling, striking against dividers, pummeling of entryways, sound of an agonizing pain and other spooky haunting occurring on the said asylum.
Amid the year 2013, a few flames were set ablaze to a couple of previous psychiatric structures. One flame brought about an arsonist and a high school young lady, falling through a story and getting injured.

In the course of recent years Larundel psychiatric hospital has gradually been wrecked and revamped to clear a path for new lodging. A considerable measure of which is as of now already erected were supported by LCGD and Deal Corporation. Started on the 2014 of July, the organization structure of the asylum and a few others has been wrecked. A few structures of Larundel are legacy secured and will be completely redesigned.

An anecdotal novel entitled "The Ring of Lost Souls" written by Rachel Tsoumbakos is highly inspired from the eerie Larundel Mental Asylum.