Monday, February 29, 2016

SkinWalker Ranch

The SkinWalker Ranch also known as Sherman Ranch was surrounded by different unexplainable incidents.  These even caught the attention of a scientific research team and documented a film of the same title last year.

One of the numerous paranormal incidents that happened in this ranch involves a werewolf.  In 1994, a rancher bought the ranch after it has been in its dormant stage for 8 years.  When his wife and two kids moved to the ranch, they immediately noticed the huge bolts that were covering the doors and the windows of the house.  They also saw signs that the previous owner is taking care of two huge dogs in front of the house.

One day the family spotted a wolf on the pasture.  To their shock, the wolf went into their house as if it’s a pet of the family.  It was raining that day and they could smell the scent of wet dog.  After a few moments, the wolf attack one of the calves.  The rancher came to the rescue by beating the wolf but it wouldn’t let go of the calf.  The rancher took his Magnum .357 and shoots the wolf in point blank but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the wolf.  He attempted to shot it 4 more times but the wolf shows no signs of pain.  He then decided to take his rifle and shot the wolf again at point blank.  It takes at least 6 shots before the creature backed out.  It flees on to the muddy area where it left paw prints. 

The rancher and his son tracked the paw prints, but when they reached the end of the tracks, they were not able to find the wolf.  It seems like the wolf has just vanished into thin air.  He return to the area where he encountered the wolf and he saw a chunk of wolf flesh that he examined.  He smelled it and it smells like a rotten meat.  He asked the people nearby about the wolf but no one knows about a giant black wolf that acts like a pet.

Over the next two years, there were numerous sightings of the said creature.  Sometimes someone would saw the creature attacking the horses and it would instantly disappear.  His wife saw the alleged huge black wolf which is accompanied by another dog.  There were also sighting of the Sasquatch, a weird bird, and other ghostly figures.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Emily Isabella Burt

Emily Isabella Burt is a resident of the Talbot County in Georgia.  She is also known as the Georgia werewolf girl.  The Burt Family is a prominent family in Georgia.  They also had several children.  Mrs. Burt was already widowed by the age of 37 making her an heir to the estate of her husband.

Emily Isabella seems to be having the most trouble compared to her siblings.  One reason is the features that she inherited with her deceased father.  The dark hair and bushy eyebrows does not seem to compliment her face, and on top of that she had very sharp canine teeth that are a bit disturbing especially when she smiles.  Her mother took her to a local dentist in hope that she can alter the appearance of her canine teeth, but unfortunately the dentist could not do something about it.  Not long after this, she fell terribly ill and was unable to sleep at night.

Isabella would take a potion that contained opium that would help her fell asleep.  But that medicine does not seem to work all the time, and during those times Isabella would stroll on the countryside.  Emily Isabella soon develops the interest to read, but not just any type of books, Emily Isabella prefers to read book about the supernatural.  Since the estate that her mother inherited comes around with loads of book, it helps Isabella on coping up with her sickness.  Soon her mother started reading books too, a way to keep her awake while watching over Emily and making sure that she will not roam on the countryside.

William Gorman, the lover of one of her sisters, reported that something is murdering the sheep.  Mrs. Burt was worried that this might happen to some of her animals too and took interest on the subject.  On Gorman’s visit, he would tell her stories about the missing cattle and the livestock that were killed and how the villagers are forming a hunting party and determined to kill whatever creature is causing the killings.  Isabella seems to be disinterested with the matter.

On the evening of the hunt, Mildred Burt who was also a great marks-woman took her gun and joined the hunt.  Unknown to them, she has already suspected that Emily Isabella is involve with the deaths of livestock and she is prepared to whatever might happen.  Not long after, Mildred had the sight of the creature and it attacked her.  The creature lunged at her but she managed to fire her pistol.

The next morning, they noticed that Isabella is missing her left hand.  They took her to a local physician and advised them to take her to Paris where a doctor specializes in clinical Lycanthropy.  During the time that Isabella is not in the area, the attack on the cattle dropped to the minimum level.

Isabella was supposedly cured from her sickness.  She remained in Talbot County until the last of her days. Her remains were buried on the Owens and Holmes cemetery found near Woodland.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Galipote is an evil creature that is part of the folklore of the western part of France particularly in the parts of Guyenne, Poitou, Charentes and Drill.  A similar creature named Garache is found in the legends of Poitou.

Pierre Jonain described the Ganipote in his book “dictionary of the dialect Saintonge” as The male-beast, the object of superstitious fears of all our campaigns. These are said to be witches who change, night, white dog (cani-buddy, dog paw) and run the country to scare and hurt”.  The book was published at around 1869.

Like most of the European werewolves, the Ganipote is highly associated with the world of witches.  It usually attacks at night and went home before the breaking of dawn.    It is not only capable of taking the form of a werewolf, sometimes it is also depicted as a creature who can take the appearance of a dog or a sheep.  When attacking, the creature makes use of their heavy weight.  They usually jump at the back of their victim and pull their weight until the poor victim die due to suffocation.

Based on the local legends, there are different ways on how someone can transform into a Ganipote.  Some requires a ritual of transfer of soul to the body of an animal.  Another process describes stages of changes.  Finally the most popular one would be the body double.  A human form, an animal and an evil can reside in a single body, but the host remains unaware of it.  It is said that while the human body is sleeping the other persona inside his body would act, which is similar to the symptoms of individual suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.

On the 10th of November, 1895, “La lune”journal de Fouras released news stating that there was a sighting of Ganipote.  Below is the exact phrasing that is found on the broadsheet:

 “Une bigourne (galipote ou loup-garou) vient de faire son apparition à Fouras, on n'en avait pas vu depuis une douzaine d'années. Cette horrible bête vient se poster tous les soirs, vers huit heures, dans un bois le long de la ligne ferrée. Elle se montre sous différentes formes et effraie les personnes qui passent par-là. Mères de famille, veillez” 
It says that a ganipote has made its appearance in Fouras.  They said that the creature has been sighted at 8:00 in the evening along the railways which is near the woods.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nellie Vaughn

The Nellie Vaughn case was a unique vampire case.  She was never suspected of being a vampire, at least not by his family and friends.  They never exhumed their body, or tear her organs apart and burned them.  She was never a vampire at all, but legends made her a vampire.  It was almost 100 years after she died when she acquired her reputation of being a vampire.
the tombstone of Nellie Vaughm

Between the periods of 1790-1899; exhumation of body was pretty familiar on New England that led to the popular New England vampire case.  More than a dozen were exhumed, taken their hearts and other organs and cremated.  The locals believed that they were creatures of the dark or suffering from an undead manifestation.  Nellie Vaughn died on 1899 due to pneumonia unlike most of the suspected vampire who died due to consumption.  In 1977, a newspaper of Rhode Island related his name to a vampire.  Westerly Sun pointed out the signs surrounding the grave of Nellie Vaughn; they further added that no plants would grow on the land that surrounds her grave which is apparently a clear sign of vampirism.

After the story of Nellie Vaughn was published in the newspaper, tourist started to flock on the grave of Nellie Vaughn.  Visitors, who were mostly teenagers started to vandalize her tomb.  The priest grown impatient on the situation, and that the other tombs have also been compromised.  There are signs of attempted digging on the grave, other also left coins on the grave while the others take it.
Nellie Vaughn; New England Vampire Case

The next incident that associates Nellie Vaughn to a vampire happened in Coventry High School.  Apparently the students mistook one of the teachers story about a vampire.  They believe he was talking about Nellie Vaughn when in fact he was trying to relay a story about Mercy Brown.  But this story was an urban legend since no one can pinpoint the high school teacher mentioned in the story.

Others also said that Nellie Vaughn started to haunt the place.  Some people also said that they were attacked by the spirit of Nellie Vaughn.  They also made the inscription on Vaughn’s tomb a part of the whole vampire story.  But experts said that the engraving “I am waiting and watching for you” has nothing to do with it.  The engraving means that the souls of the deceased are waiting for her family members and loved ones in heaven.
In 1993 someone dug up a grave believing it was Nellie Vaughn’s grave, but he was surprised to see a corpse of an old man.  Nellie Vaughn’s stone mark was removed to protect her tomb.  Eventually the vampire scare about Nellie Vaughn was proven to be a hoax, but it still became a part of the New England Vampire craze history.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Soul Eaters

It was 1968, when Boltan Simmons, an anthropologist, witnessed the soul eating rituals of the Mayaxa Tochlan.  The power of that cult is said to be way beyond human, since they claimed that no mortal can harm them.  Mayaxa Tochlan literally means “Take Soul Life” a trait which is similar to the vampires of the East that sucks the life out of their victim.

The tribe has managed to stay away from the other tribes and live on the dense forest.   Most of the elders of the tribe is said to be a 100 years old who managed to keep a youthful appearance and energy due to the life that they suck out of their victims.

The other villages feared them believing that the tribe has a ritual to kidnap one child each year and feast on the poor kid’s body.  The children of the nearby village will draw lots to determine who will be visiting the tribe.  Those who were not so lucky will be designated to go to Tochlan and will never return again.

The story of the tribe reached the European country which prompted Simmons to take interest on the subject.    He persuaded a native to take him to the village.  After successfully entering the tribe, he injected morphine to the elders that caused numbness.  He then declared that he has the ability to take all of the souls of these people.  The tribe was convinced that Simmons has a magical power and they permitted him to witness their ritual of Soul Eating.

Simmons was overjoyed about the fact that he was allowed to see the rituals.  He would be taking notes of the event on his journal.  But after sometime, he came to a conclusion that he should never have witness the said ritual.

The ritual started with the choosing of the person that would lose his/her soul.  That time a little girl was unfortunate enough to be chosen.  The little girl was pleading the elders to take her back home, but they replied with a loud slap on her face.  The elders reminded her that it was the will of her own tribe to bring her to the Tochlan.

The chief of the tribe cut across the arm of the poor girl.  Though the wound was not that deep, it was enough for the blood to flow out of her veins.  The blood filled up the bowl that contains secret herbs.  The shaman also added a berry that he said was taken from the Tree of Life.

It was followed by a bizarre chant.  For 13 days, Simmons witnessed the inhumane treatment of the Tochlan tribe to the Poor girl.  The girl was destined to die; she was already in an almost lifeless state on her 13th day.  On the 13th day, the child die and her body was dragged outside of the village to be eaten by the wild animals.

The Tochlan believes in the tradition of soul eating.  They think that it does prolong your life and maintains the youthful glow.  Other tribe members said that they had been living with their elders since the day that they were just a kid and they successfully maintain their youth, thanks to the ritual of soul eating.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Vampire UFO

Chupa-chupas which name was derived from chupacabras is a creature believed to be a vampire from the sky or a UFO.  The chupa chupa is blamed on an incident of a red light that burned the skin of those people that left them weak and cause them anaemia.  There are also reports that some people that were exposed on that red light died.

The rumours about the chupa chupa started to circulate the news during the 1970.  Incidentally it is also the time that the supposed attack of the chupacabra increased at the South America and Central American region as well as Puerto Rico.

The news intensifies when a certain incident happened at Brazil that killed people and some animals.  There were about 40 people recorded injured by the said UFO sighting.  Most of them testify that weird beam from the sky injured them causing their burns in some parts of their body.  The doctors reported a huge decrease on the amount of haemoglobins on the body of those people.  Some of them suffered a gruelling death.  Local folks attributed that event to a UFO attack.  They believe that these UFO visited them to suck their blood and energy out of them.

One of the victims testified about the chupa chupa attack.  She said she was sleeping when a green light awakened her and it suddenly turned into red.  She said that the light came from someone holding a gun.  She added that this man was wearing a diving suit and it has a quite small eyes compared to the usual.  The unknown man aimed the gun at her that emits red lights three times, she felt like it was a hot needle stinging at her skin.  She wanted to scream but she couldn’t; it felt like her whole body has been paralyzed.  The red light left a mark on her right breast.  Finally she was able to scream that awakened her cousin, but by that time the man was no longer in sight.  She was rushed to the hospital where she spent weeks recuperating her health.

A doctor also gave his testimony regarding the UFO attack.  He said that the entire victim has a mark of punctures on their arms and there are signs that their blood was sucked.  Though the doctor wanted so much to give a scientific explanation on the events, the marks on the victim does not resemble a bite of a vampire bat.

There is also a pregnant woman who was reportedly injured by the said beam of light and her unborn son died.  A dog that has also been reportedly struck by the same light died weeks after the incident.

Besides the 1978 incident, a similar attack of the chupa chupa was recorded in 1980.  The attacks were concentrated in only three regions of Brazil: Sao Luis, Parnama and Belem.  The victims who were mostly outside had their blood sucked out of them.  Some of the victims said that the light is so bright that the night turned into day.  They also suffered a decline in haemoglobin, paralysis, headache, weakness etc.

The attack of the chupa chupa remains a mystery up to this day. Some of them believe that this chupa chupa is a new mutation of a vampire species.

Wales Werewolves

This werewolf account was documented in the year 1790 in North Wales.  It started on one night when a stagecoach was taking the road between Denbigh and Wrexham when apparently a huge black creature attacked them that overturned the chariot.  The black beast is allegedly about the same size of the horses.

The ravenous creature tore one of the horses and killed it, while the remaining horses managed to cut loose on the harness and flee.  The attack was recorded on a full moon, the moon that night was red probably due to the dust present in the stratosphere caused by the forest fire that happened in the Hatchmere region.  But the villagers believe that the red moon signify something like a bad omen.

In the year 1791, a farmer went into his field that is currently filled with snow when he saw huge tracks of an animal that appears to be a paw of a giant wolf.  He asked a blacksmith to accompany him on tracing the tracks.  The tracks led them to a gruesome scene of mutilated farm animals.

A farmer was found hidden inside his own house and in a state of shock.  He said he ran to his house after seeing a huge wolf tearing the throat of his sheepdog.  The creature chased the farmer but he managed to get inside the farmhouse and barricaded it.  He then went under the table to conceal himself while hiding a pitchfork in case the animal breaks through.

The farmer also claimed that the wolf stood on its hind legs as if it’s a human.  It even peeked through the window of his farmhouse.  He said that the eye of the creature is colour blue and resembles the eye of a human.  The church and the villagers organized a hunting group to search for the alleged werewolf but the only thing it left was its tracks.

After 7 years, two men were travelling along the Bickerton Hills when they saw an image of a creature that sent them running.  They rushed to a nearby inn and decided to let the night pass by and just continue their travel the next morning.  At the break of dawn, 2 mutilated bodies were discovered 5 miles away from the Inn.

The attack of the supposed werewolf slowly faded.  But two centuries later, an unidentified creature was reported again. It was 1992, when the newspaper reported something about the sighting of a huge creature that resembles a bear.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Rose Family

During the year 1874, William G. Rose, 53 years of age is one of the most respected men in the community of South County.  He was known to be tough and strict.  But that attitude of him didn’t save his daughter from dying to a mysterious disease.  Juliet is her daughter on her first wife, Mary who died 8 years ago.  It seems that Juliet is William’s favorite daughter, her demise managed to bring pain to William who is known to be tough and resilient.  Though the doctors have already ruled out that Juliet died due to consumption, it didn’t stop William to look for other things to blame.  William G. Rose is aware of the Young and Tillinghast vampire case; he started to suspect that it is a work of the undead after Rosalind, 7 years of age shows symptoms of the same illness.
Old Hag Syndrome (One of the symptoms associated with vampirism)

William was afraid that Rosalind might suffer the same fate of Juliet.  He seeks the help of the priest named Father Amos Cabot.  The news circulating about the demons and vampires worried the priest about what further step is William willing to take.  He advised William to just pray for Rosalind’s safety.  But William is unsatisfied with what the priest told him so he seeks for other option.

William’s second wife is married before to a man named Thomas Tillinghast a descendant of Stukley Tillinghast.  As we all know the Tillinghast family was once acquainted with vampiric manifestation.  There are no accounts stated that Mary Griswold know about the whole story that surround the Tillinghast vampire case.  What he told William was the traditional method of driving away the force of the demon.  But for him to fulfill that obligation, he must desecrate the grave of his favorite daughter and destroying her remains.

William decided to go to the cemetery the next day.  He waited for the sun to set and contemplated whether it’d be the right thing to do.  When the evening comes, the cemetery is covered with mist, he claimed that her daughter appeared before him and talked to him.  He said Juliet was complaining about the coldness.  He wanted to embrace her but he hesitated after he heard the story about vampire to his second wife.  Right there and then, he was already sure that something paranormal is happening.

William opened the casket of her daughter.  Her daughter shows some signs of pigmentation as if she has nurtured herself with some blood.  He took the knife on his case and cut the heart of Juliet.  He went home weeping while carrying the heart of his beloved daughter.  He burned the heart on the fireplace and the smoke went out of the chimney carrying the curse of the vampire with it.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

P’an Hu

P’an Hu means Dragon Dog, is known as the ancestors of the tribe that is found at the lower area of Chang Jiang in China, The Yao people.  He is also known as a shape shifter which usually takes the form of canine specie and he supposedly married the daughter of the Emperor.

P’an Hu is depicted in most legends as a superhuman dog, a creature with the body of a human and a head of the dog.  His whole part can turn into a human except for his head.  The Yao people, which is a descendant of P’an Hu is always described as monster creature that is a mix of human and dog.

The story happened a long time ago in the ancient land now known as China. A king named Gao Xin has a beautiful wife who suddenly experience an unbearable pain on her ear for three years.  The doctors in the area were unable to alleviate the pain and suffering she was experiencing until a wizard came and took something from her ear that made the pain go away.  The stuff looked like a golden cocoon; the queen took it and kept it inside a jar which she covered using a plate.

A dog came out from the cocoon after a few days, he was named Pan Hu because of the manner that he was kept.  The dog grew in just a matter of days and became a favorite pet of everyone.

The king Gao Xin is not in good term with the king of the neighboring land named Fang. He told everyone that anyone who would bring the head of the Fang would marry his daughter.  Pan Hu immediately left and slays Fang.  King Gao was shocked to see Pan Hu dragging the head of Fang, he was so happy that he ordered them to get the best roast and gave it to Pan Hu.  But for some reason, Pan Hu refused to eat the roast; the king thought that it might be because he was not able to keep his promise.

Pan Hu allegedly talked saying that if he do not want her daughter to marry a dog, he should leave him under a golden bell for 7 days and it would change him into a man and he would be able to marry the princess.

The king did as he was told, but on the sixth day, the princess was a bit worried that Pan Hu might die cause he was not eating any stuff so she lifted the golden bell that cause the spell to be broken. True to his word, Pan Hu changed into a human, but her head remains a dog.  But the king took pity on him and let him marry the princess.

They settle in the mountain where they allegedly had 12 kids that eventually became the 12 clans of Yao.  Up to this day, the yao-minority, still believes that they came from the children of Pan Hu and the princess.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hebrides Werewolf

Hebrides Werewolf is a case of a ghost werewolf in Scotland.  Rumors said that it was a werewolf that waslooking for his bones, similar to the story of a werewolf in Wales, which is also known as the Merionethshire Wolf.

An account of the supposed phantom wolf was recorded on the early 20th century. Andrew Warren and his grandfather are interested with geology and natural history and because of this his grandfather would often visit the countryside to look for something interesting, especially new type of specimen.  One day while he was investigating a certain part of the countryside, he saw a collection of weird bones, he brought those bones home and gave it to Warren for further inspection.  Warren found out that the set of bones has a human body with a head that is similar to the wolf.

One night when Warren was all alone in the house since most of the adults are in the church, he heard some unusual noise at the back part of their home, but surprisingly, he couldn’t find any sign of an intruder or anything that might have cause the noise.  Warren spread the eerie bones on the kitchen table.  Suddenly he heard a loud tapping sound at the window.  He looked up and saw a dark shadow of an unknown man, and upon a keener look; he found out that it was a head of a wolf attached to a human neck.  But since he would not believe in anything bizarre, he quickly shrugs of the idea that it was a phantom wolf.  He thought that it was just a reflection, but the image of the face did not vanished. 

He took a good look at the image of the shadow; little by little the image becomes clearer to him.  It was a wolf with huge canine teeth; its ears are pointed with glowing eyes.  Warren was so afraid that the creature might forced to go inside their house by smashing their window, he ran through their kitchen to lock the door.  He decided to wait inside until all the adults are done on their meeting at the church.  By the time that his grandfather arrived, the shadow of the wolf was long gone.  He and his grandfather decided to return the remains of an unknown beast to the original location where his grandfather found it.  The eerie ghost was never seen again after that day.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vampire of the Melrose Abbey

During the 12th Century, there is an eerie story about how the monks of the Melrose Abbey rescued the town from some dark entity that has been plaguing the village for quite some time.  The suspected Vampire of the Melrose Abbey was said to be a chaplain.  The chaplain lived a life of sin; the villagers gave him the name “Hundeprest” which means Dog priest.  The name was derived from his hobby of hunting animals while riding a horse and being followed by several hound dogs.

When the chaplain died, he was buried on the Melrose Abbey. But his mortal death did not grant him the peace, his phantom spirit kept on haunting the said abbey at night in search for a blood to replenish.  The local was terrified about the Hundeprest sightings, they went to the church and utter prayers hoping that it will protect them against the undead.    The group of monk started a war against the creature.  They prayed, fasted and went on hunting and eventually defeated it. 

The account of their battle against this vampire has to be one of the most exaggerated accounts of a vampire case.  The monks said that he saw the phantom of the chaplain in form of a vampire and chase him at an increased pace.  He was trembling when he went out of the abbey.  He decided to come back when he saw the grave opened and found the vampire inside.  The next day the monk gathered some people to help him in exhuming the body.  When they open the coffin they saw the fresh body of the chaplain with a grin on his face and a fresh blood on his lips.  Some accounts of this event have also been documented by William of Newburgh:

“as the horrible creature rushed at him with the mosthideous yell, he firmly stood his ground, dealing it a terribleblow with a battle-axe which he held in his hand.When the deadman received this wound he groanedaloud with a terrible hollow noise, and swiftly turning hefled away no less quickly than he had appeared.”

The corpse of the chaplain was burned and the wind carries his ashes onto the hills and over the Scottish borders.  They said that black blood came gushing out of his mouth and open wound and filled the grave.  Up to this day people who live on that place said that they can still hear the scream and moan of the Hundeprest.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vampires of Lastovo Island

The case of the Lastovo Island vampire is a unique case of undead activities.  It was believed that there is a certain type of vampire that was causing diarrhea during 1737-1738.  A group of vampire hunters were brought to trials for the desecration of corpses and their graves.   The government that time, already imposed rules forbidding public on exhuming a suspected vampire.  But the strong belief of the locals about vampires remained strong that some people continued to perform vampire exorcism rituals.

During the year 1737-1738, residents of the Lastovo island of Croatia were called in front of the court to undergo inquest for the desecration of the corpse and the grave.  The residents claimed that whenever there are illnesses or unexplained sickness in their area, they blamed it on a certain vampire.  The incident was the same for the recent epidemic that happened on the island that resulted to numerous deaths.  In addition, the villagers believe that people who died on the diarrhea plague also became a vampire.

The villagers then decided to launch a massive haunt for the vampire to stop the epidemic.  They believe that the plague will cease once they managed to stake the supposed vampire with a black thorn.  Not everyone in the island joined the said hunting; it is also not recorded that sometimes a priest was present on the exhumation.

The villagers opened the casket of a man who dies of drowning, according to the legends and belief, people who died because of drowning is likely to be infested with the undead, but his remains has been reduced to bones confirming that he’s not a vampire.  They opened more casket but to their dismay, they saw no sign of vampirism on the other corpse.

They decided to open random casket and to stake those who are believed to be a creature of the undead.  Some said that a loud noise upon staking the corpse was heard, some dogs also howl and the donkeys all made a noise, which the local believe was a clear sign of vampirism.

A priest present on some days was also summoned by the court.  Don Marin Pavlovic, 63 years of age confirmed that the villagers hold a strong belief on vampires.  He said that the priest before him told him an event about a vampire that leapt out of his coffin.  The priest shot the vampire and it went back to his casket.  He further testified that before that event, a similar occurrence has already happened 17 years ago, where the villagers randomly dug up a grave and search for a suspected vampire.  They opened a casket of a priest and tear his body.  Pavlovic was annoyed on what they did, but the villagers said that the priest is a vampire.

17 individuals were proven guilty after the trial.  They were asked by the archbishop to wear a stone on their neck and go to three different churches and ask for repentance from their sin.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Moving Coffins of Barbados

Barbados is an Island found in the Southern Caribbean Sea, it is widely known for its tropical paradise that is frequented by thousands of tourist every year.  However it is also a home of a mysterious phenomenon that happened during the early 19th century.

In 1807, The Chase Family Vault found in the cemetery of Christ Church Parish became widely known as a center of enigmatic activity and became one of the supernatural mysteries in the island.  It is a burial in a hill that was overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  It is an ancient burial ground which is found near the Oistin village at the Southern part of Barbados.  The vault can be entered via stone steps and was encased with a heavy stone slab made of blue marble that required 6-7 men for it to move.

The vault was constructed in 1704 by James Elliot and was already weathered by the time that the Chase Family purchased it.  The Chase family was not liked by the villagers due to their eccentric behavior and the way they treated slaves.  James Elliot was never laid in that vault, by the time that Chase family purchased it, there was only one remain inside which reportedly belongs to Thomasina Goddard.  The Chase family decided not to disinter the body and let it stay inside the tomb.

In 1808 Mary-Anne Maria Chase an infant born in the family died and her remains was put in a heavy metal coffin.  4 years after the death of the infant, Dorcas Chase, the sister of the infant died a mysterious death.  She was also buried the same way in a heavy lead casket.  After only a month, Thomas Chase himself died.  He allegedly committed suicide.  He was interred in a casket weighing 240 pounds that took 8 men to carry it to the vault.

Based on the accounts, it was on the interment of Thomas Chase that the paranormal events occurred.  Upon moving the marble slab to lay down the casket of Thomas, they saw the casket of Dorcas and the infant in a strange position.  They were so surprised to see the position of the coffin since it would took great strength to position it that way.  Nothing had been stolen and the remains were not violated.  The incident was blamed on vandals and the tomb was sealed even tighter.

In 1816, Charles Brewster Ames, 11, was buried on the same vault. Upon unsealing the tomb, they again discovered the caskets in a disarray position.  It’s as if someone tossed up the coffin like little things.  But again, the remains were left intact and nothing was stolen.  There were two more times when the vault has to be opened and again, the entire casket inside the vault was displaced.

The phenomena caught the interest of the governor and ordered a thorough investigation.  The wife of the governor explained the investigation:

“In my husband’s presence, every part of the floor was sounded to ascertain that no subterranean passage or entrance was concealed. It was found to be perfectly firm and solid; no crack was even apparent. The walls, when examined, proved to be perfectly secure. No fracture was visible, and the sides, together with the roof and flooring, presented a structure so solid as if formed of entire slabs of stone.”

After the investigation, all the coffins are again brought back to their original place.  The governor made extra effort to make sure that the coffins will not move again.  After 8 months, due to curiosity, the governor ordered that the vault has to be reopened.  The mortar seal he placed was unbroken and there were no sign that someone breached the place.

But again, the coffin of Thomas Chase was at the entrance as if barring someone from entering the place.  It took the strength of a lot of men to move the coffin and to gain entry.  When they were inside they were shocked to see that all coffins were once again displaced.

Nathan Lucas, who was present at that time said:

“…I examined the walls, the arch, and every part of the Vault, and found every part old and similar; and a mason in my presence struck every part of the bottom with his hammer, and all was solid. I confess myself at a loss to account for the movements of these leaden coffins. Thieves certainly had no hand in it; and as for any practical wit or hoax, too many were requisite to be trusted with the secret for it to remain unknown; and as for negroes having anything to do with it, their superstitious fear of the dead and everything belonging to them precludes any idea of the kind. All I know is that it happened and that I was an eye-witness of the fact…”

Upon the discovery of the displaced coffin, the governor ordered for separate burial sites at the Christ Church Parish.  He also forbade anyone from burying bodies inside the tomb.  Up to this day the Chase Family vault remain empty.  Fortunately no further similar incident occurred after they move the body.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trine, the Woman who can turn herself into a Werewolf

In one village, there lived a woman named Trine.  Her husband was dead for quite some time now and in addition he had not left her anything.  She was left in a slumber state with no one to turn to.  But despite of her being on the poor class of the community, she still managed to provide herself with an adequate and fresh amount of meat especially to those people who would pay her a visit.

After some time, a male relative came to her house to visit her.  She would then offer her a fresh meat.  The male relative would wonder on where she was getting all the fresh meat since she couldn’t afford much to buy this stuff.

Trine asked him to go to the roof by climbing the ladder which is leaning on the side of their house.  The male relative did as he was told.  On the roof of the house, he saw a herd of sheep on a distance.  Eventually, a werewolf appeared on the area and attacked the herd of sheep.

The werewolf managed to snatch one of them and took it back with her.   The shepherd who was also in the area saw everything that happened and took after the alleged werewolf with his pack of dogs.  The wolf was able to defend itself.

But back on the roof where a male relative was watching, he watches as the werewolf fight with the shepherd and the dogs.  He panicked and calls the werewolf’s name.   He allegedly shouted the name Trine.  In old lore, it was believed that if you call the werewolf with its true name, the werewolf would revert on its original form.

Trine went back to her human form and was unable to fight back.  The shepherd attacked her with no mercy.  Fortunately she was able to survive that attack, but she had to drag herself in order to go back home.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thornton Heith

The incident on poltergeist activity that concerns a vampire happened in the house of the Forbes in Thornton Heith.  The bizarre and eerie event happened all of a sudden with no known reason at all.  It began on 1938 and was focused mainly on Pat Forbes who is believed to be the mistress of the Thornton Heith.  The paranormal activity is so severe that sometimes random objects will fly out of nowhere, objects dropping from the ceiling, glass shattering and object appearing from the thin air.  Eventually the house is covered with a pungent scent of a decaying meat.  As day goes by the phenomena grew from bad to worse.  Finally Mrs. Forbes decided to report the incident of a vampire menacing their house.

The bizarre case caught the attention of the mainstream media.  Nandor Fodor, a renowned psychologist launched a thorough investigation about the poltergeist activity and concluded that Mrs. Forbes is suffering from what he called a “poltergeist psychosis”.  He claimed that Mrs. Forbes was unconsciously responsible for the poltergeist activity caused by stressed and her current mental state.

The story of Mrs. Forbes was like a rip off from a famous vampire novel.  Fodor together with his research has gained negative feedbacks from the critics that led to a libel case against one of the local newspapers.  At that time Fodor refused to divulge the whole story behind the poltergeist activity until he gave a detailed lecture at the Assoc. for the Advancement of Psychotherapy.  Accounts of the incident can be found on his book “On the Trail of the Poltergeist” which was published in the year 1958.  Finally he was able to gain his reputation.

The disturbance on their home lasted for a long time.  Fodor went to the Forbes’ home on Feb. 24 and his investigation of the creepy incident lasted for months.  Fodor was surprised to see that Mrs. Forbes was able to create this activity with the help of some troubled spirits while she is in a trance state and also the ability to leave her host body and travel. Mrs. Forbes also have a notable marks of injuries all over her body and she claimed that it was because of the random spirit attacks.

Fodor was able to document the vampire attack, and according to him:

“She awoke feeling something like a human body lyingbeside her on top of the cover; something cold and hardwhich she took to be a head was touching her neck. Shewas unable to move. After a few seconds the thing left herwith a flapping of bird’s wings. Then she must have fallenasleep, and in the morning she awoke limp and bloodless.She pricked herself and drew no blood. There were twopunctures with clots of blood on her neck.”

Fodor started an examination and found two deep and unusual puncture wounds on the neck of Mrs. Forbes.  According to the testimony of Mrs. Forbes she felt a bizarre force that night that knocked her off to sleep.  She said:

“It may have been around midnight that I woke with thesensation that there was something ghastly on my lefthandside (which is away from my husband), on top of thecover. It felt like a human body. Pressing against my neckwas something cold and hard, about the size of a man’shead. I could not move, I could not shout, I was frozenwith fear. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker, sinking.I felt like this when I lost a lot of blood after an operation.”

She further said that she felt weak upon feeling the pressure on her neck.  She described the sensation as tingling rather than painful.  She claimed that a strong foul odor emanated on the whole area when she regained her consciousness; however, creature suddenly left.

Upon further investigation conducted by Fodor, she found out that Mrs. Forbes has an urge to bite her husband of the neck and she actually did.  She also dreams of someone biting her on the neck prior to the incident. The vampire incident was a self inflicted injury caused by a fantasy of Mrs. Forbes.  Fodor elaborated that her case goes back to her childhood days when she suffered some traumatic experiences resulting to hallucinations.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hexham Heads

On 1972, a case of a demonic ghost of a werewolf was reported in England.  The incident began after the discovery of some weird bones, similar to what happened at the Merionethshire case in Wales and Hebrides Wolf in Scotland, wherein a phantom wolf came back to look for his lost bones.    The event happened on a conjunction in Hexham, Northumberland. 

February, 1972 when an 11-year old boy named Colin Robson was tending on his family’s garden when he accidentally dug up a weird stone similar to a head.   His brother came to help him, they continued their digging and moments after they found the second stone.  The head-stones were a bit smaller than a ball of tennis but it is very heavy despite its size.  One head looks like a head of a man and the other resembles a head of a female witch.  They took the stones and brought it home.

Not long after they brought the weird stones home.  Some bizarre things started to happen that is similar to poltergeist activities.  The spooky experience is not confined in the Robson’s home alone but also with Dodd’s family, their neighbour.  Random object were found shattered and broken.  Their sister’s bed was also found covered with broken shards of glass.

Meanwhile, in the Dodd’s house, the family reported a sighting of a werewolf.  The werewolf allegedly appeared inside their bedroom during the middle of the night.  The couple said that they apparently saw the werewolf ran using its hind legs, down the stairs and into the front door.

The heads were then acquired by Dr. Anne Ross. Dr. Ross was an expert in studying the Celtic cultures; she has no information regarding the previous bizarre experience that happens to both families.  She thought that the heads are a part of a ritual that is around 1, 800 years old.  Actually she already has a few collections of the heads but this new one that she acquired seems to bring her troubles.

Ross also reported a sighting of a wolf.  She first thought that a man broke inside her house, but upon keener look, she found out that it was a wolf.  The body of the wolf was covered with fur.  It also disappeared in an instant, she tried to pursue the creature by listening to the hooves but unfortunately the sound disappeared upon reaching their back door.  The image of the werewolf was also seen by her daughter.  But just as what her mother experienced, the werewolf also disappeared.  And that was not the end of the werewolf sightings, the Ross family always spotted the creature at their stairs.  Their visitors also reported some weird things that they notice inside the house.

The head stones were eventually claimed by a man named Desmond Craigie stating that he is the original owner of the head stones.  He said that he made those headstones as a toy for his son which is a bit weird considering the heavy weight of the object.  The sighting of the wolf remained unexplainable up to this day.