Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jinns are far from the Genie of the West

The stories about Jinns are part of the Arabian and Muslim traditions.  They are the manifestation of evil known to possess many supernatural abilities.  Based on the legend, Jinns are created on smoke and fire and the leader they named Iblis is known as the counterpart of the demon.

The Jinns were mentioned a number of times in the Holy Book of the Muslim, but the existence of the creature were already known to ancient Arabia before the prophet Muhammad even mentioned them.

Compared to the Genie of the west that would grant you three wishes if you rub the lamp, the Jinns are a demon shape shifter.  They can also take the form of any animals.  On some occasion, it can also affect the will of a person to do a good deed to someone and they will also impart some goodness to those people who can summon them.

But the Jinns are known to exist primarily to create a torment to the mortals. There are also beliefs that those people who die without repenting their sins would become Jinn for a period of time.  Later the Jinn evolved into the creature that is able to grant one wishes due to the popularity of Disney’s Aladdin.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Poludnica is the Slovenian version of the La Llorona of Mexico.  It is a beautiful tall woman wearing white dress and always appear to be mourning.  In other instances, the poludnica is said to be carrying a scythe or a shear (similar to Kuchisake Onna of Japan and the Red Lady of Korea.)

The poludnica often attacks during the harvest time, scaring those workers who have not taken a fine rest.  The poludnica is blamed for the heatstroke, heart attack and madness of people since it is believed in Slovenia that she has the ability to inflict them with these diseases.

If the Poludnica is not tormenting the workers he would be luring young men with her beauty.  And when they reach the isolated area of the woods, she would immediately attack them and drain them of their blood.  She also tends to break the limbs of those person who happens to come across her.

She also tends to approach a worker from time to time.  When she does, she would start asking her with difficult questions and when the worker finds it difficult to answer her queries, she will instantly decapitate the head of that worker.  If a poludnica happens to pass by, one must immediately drop to the ground and be perfectly still until it left.

Workers in Slovenia tend to decorate a bundle of grain to keep the creature away.  The workers would burn down the decorated bundle of grain after the harvesting period.  She is also held responsible for kidnapping kids that are unattended.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Guy de Maupassant

We are well aware about Guy de Maupassant and his last years inside the Asylum.  But prior to this there is an entity blamed for his mental condition and it is his ‘twin phantom”.

It is believed that during his last years, Guy de Maupassant has a “doppelganger” and he commonly interacts with it.  Allegedly, it does not only interact with him but in one occasion it also dictated him a short story.  If this was true, then his last stories were ghost-written, apparently by a ghost, or is it really a ghost?

The story that the phantom dictated to him was “The Horla”.  The Horla is a story of a man who was slowly consumed by the evil spirit until he loses all his sanity, and the evil spirit eventually possessed him.  Soon after Maupassant finished the story, his mental condition started to deteriorate.

There is another version of the story, wherein the phantom appeared before him and he was terrified.  He called his servant and the phantom disappeared.  Few months later, the phantom reappeared before him.  It entered his room possessing a sad emotion on his face.  It allegedly sat down and buried his face on his face as if exhibiting an unbearable pain.  At that time Maupassant was sure that the creature is a harbinger of ill fate.  Guy de Maupassant died after a year inside the Asylum.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Eyed Kids

There were numbers of sightings made on the BEK (Black Eyed Kids), one of the most popular accounts was during 1998 and was reported by Brian Bethel.  At 10:00 in the evening, Brian went to the parking lot of an old movie house to write on a check.  Suddenly he was startled to see two children knocking on the side windshield of his car.  The children were said to be 10-14 years old.  Both of them were demanding to be let inside the car, but Bethel refused.

The children demanded several times, until Bethel noticed that their eyes are all black.  He was on the process of opening the door of his car subconsciously when he realized that the eyes of them are coal black.  Bethel immediately left the scene when the children started shouting and demanded to let them in.

In all instances, the kids were said to be at around 10-14 years old.  In all cases whether at a phone stand, house and cars; the black eyed children were asking you to invite them in.  The children would demand and be persistent as they were denied.  The characteristic of asking to be invited in a place before they can enter is a popular trait of a vampire.  There were also reports that the children were wearing clothes that are way past their era.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Black Hounds

Every place in the United Kingdom has a story to share about the famous Black Hounds.  Those who have claimed to see the dog said it is some sort of a phantom dog that has a black fur.  Other started calling it the hellhounds, because of the grim fate that happens to everyone who saw it.

The origin of the story and the year it started is literally unknown.  It’s like one day the towns folks woke up and fear the power of the black hounds.  They said that the fate of a person is dictated on how many times you see the hell hounds, joy for those who saw it for the first time, bad fortune for the second time and an imminent death for the third time. 

In the 16th Century, there was an account about an encounter on the said creature on a church in Suffolk.  The church is having their regular sermon when thunder-storm started to shake the structure.  Suddenly a black hound appears and presented itself in front of the whole people attending the sermon.  But no one can tell how the black hound managed to enter the church since every window and doors are barged in order to keep the strong gusting of wind nd the torrential rain from coming in.
The black dog brushed himself to one of the churchgoers who immediately died after that.  His wife reached to him who accidentally brushed herself to the dog and she also died.  A bold man approached the black dog and tried to remove the creature but he shrieked in pain, after a few moments he fell down on the floor, lifeless.

The black hound made an appearance again at the Blythburg church.  The priest tried to drive away the creature and invoke the name of God.  But the priest together with the clergymen was blown away by an unseen force.   Today the building found on Blythburg were ornamented with dog shape weather-vanes.  They said that this serves as a remembrance to the incident that happened in the Blythburg church. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vela Incident

On the 22nd of September 1979, at some point around 3:00am, the Vela Hotel System satellite recorded a series of serious flashes in a remote portion of Indian Ocean. Minutes after the incident an uncommon and quick moving ionospheric unsettling influence was distinguished by the Arecibo Observatory located in Puerto Rico, and during that exact time, suppressed crash was caught by the Sound Surveillance System of the US Navy. Obviously something rough and touchy had unfolded in the sea off the southern edge of the continent of Africa.

Analysis of the information accumulated by satellite Vela firmly proposed that the reason for these unsettling influences was an atomic gadget. The example of flashes precisely coordinated that of former atomic identifications, and no other marvel was known to create the exact same signature. Shockingly, US knowledge offices were dubious about who was in charge of the explosion.  US government was obviously hesitant to recognize it by any stretch of the imagination.

USA set up the Vela satellite system during the 1960s for the particular motivation behind observing consistence with the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty. In spite of the fact that every satellite's proposed lifespan was just around 18 months, the satellite kept on distinguishing explosions for a considerable length of time from that point. Preceding the puzzling occasion of September 22, 1979, the orbital observation framework had effectively recorded at least 41 nuclear explosions, 12 of the explosion recorded was made by Vela.

In spite of the fact that the Vela satellites were swarming with iota bomb detecting gear, their best device was every unit's pair of apropos named bhangmeters. The photodiode clusters were altered to recognize the burst of extreme light made by an atomic fireball, and the ensuing auxiliary light brought about by the hydrodynamic shock-wave. The architects of the sensor had been doubtful of the capacity—henceforth their choice to coin its name based on the Indian variety of cannabis referred to as bhang. However, the anticipated example of splendid flashes turned out to be a great degree successful system for recognizing nuclear blasts from circle. In over 10 years of functionality, the system of this satellite had not yet recorded a single false signal with the nuclear bomb signature.

Because of the satellites' outline and their huge scope of orbit of around seventy thousand miles, professionals were not outfitted with the specified area of atomic occasions; the sensors can just slender the zone down to 3,000 mile sweep. Accessible information proposed that The Vela incident happened close to the Bouvet Island, a solidified scrap of earth well known as the most detached island on the planet. The little isle was considered a home to a Norwegian computerized climate station; in 1964 a stray raft was found there, loaded with supplies. Be that as it may, apparently the island was totally uninhabited at the season of the vigorous occasion, meteorological machines and puzzling castaways regardless.

At the point when the experts at the AFTAC initially got the identification signal, they didn't know about the related perceptions from Arecibo and SOSUS. In any case, the Vela Incident was a solid proof all alone: the mark was excessively one of a kind, making it impossible to be clarified by other wonders, the flashes were requests of extent brighter than any non-atomic source on earth, and the probability of both bhangmeters falsely delivering the same particular example was little. US knowledge reasoned that 2 to 4 kiloton atomic gadget had likely been blasted between Antarctica and South Africa. No countries conceded obligation regarding the clandestine test, yet insight reports demonstrated that the most plausible culprit was Israel, conceivably working in participation with South Africa.

When the insight docket has been received, the president that time which is President Carter assembled an earnest conference in the White House. His organization had put extensive accentuation on atomic non-multiplication, in this way the USA would be required to react brutally to any affirmed environmental test. On the off chance that Israel were connected to the clandestine blast, the subsequent exchange sanctions or the rejection to force them will be unstable for the President politically, especially while crusading for a re-race in the election. In spite of the fact that there was no motivation to question the identification, President Carter requested the formation of a consultative board, with an exceptional accentuation on looking for non-atomic clarifications.

In the consequent weeks, AFTAC discoveries and the subsequent report were covered in a grave of sensible uncertainty. Albeit both bhangmeters on Vela had watched the claimed nuclear occasion, Vela had recorded these flashes at particularly distinctive intensities. The satellite's EMP finder had long fizzled; consequently it was not able to validate the perceptions. The sister satellite of Vela 6911 hadn't distinguished anything by any stretch of the imagination, however its condition around then has not been verified.

The next day after the occasion, the Air Force had conveyed a few examination planes to scour the climate on top of the Indian Ocean for obvious splitting items. The mission failed to distinguish anything bizarre, however for cause that are not clear, the research plane didn't enter the low-weight air-mass where the blast was believed to have occurred.

Regardless of the waiting uncertainty, most specialists still trusted that a surface atomic explosion was the most likely clarification for the Vela incident. Amid the months of examination, the advisory group was made mindful of the SOSUS recording of the impact, which was observed to be similar with a little atomic blast at or close to the surface of Indian Ocean. Researchers located at Los Alamos likewise connected the Vela incident and Arecebo's quick moving ionospheric unsettling influence, however the specialists were not persuaded that the matching occasions spoke to an atomic test.

An extra point of interest was a glimmer of auroral spark that showed up over the Syowa Base found in Antarctica a few moments after the Vela incident, fortifying the likelihood of an EMP burst. Atomic blasts have been believed to create patches of manufactured aurora, however these bright lights are all the more regularly because of solar power blending with the climate. Further conditional proof showed up in the weeks that took after, including the reports coming from a specialist in Western Australia that distinguished a measure of iodine-131.

The advisory group examining the Vela episode consumed various reports from different associations and researchers. In the mid year during 1980, in the wake of assembling on three events, the board furnished their last report. Inferable from the absence of radioactive aftermath and the conflicting bhangmeter information, the agents were unwilling to reason that an atomic bomb was in charge of the detection. Rather, they proposed that a micrometeorite had hit the satellite. Another hypothesis they enumerated was from a lightning superbolt that imitated the particular atomic bomb design. They at last rejected this idea, on the other hand, subsequent to the Vela incident had around 400 times more power and at least 100 times more extensive in length of time compared to the most exceptional lightning ever recorded. The board refused to address the SOSUS and Aracebo perceptions.

Today a heap of Vela Incident report stays highly classified, yet a couple intensely redacted investigation have been discharged by the US government. In spite of the fact that these archives demonstrate extensive inner contradiction in regards to the reason for the flashes, they provide minimal new confirmation.

Maybe when the redactions have subsided and declassified records are scattered, it will shed a light on the Vela Incident. On the off chance that the particular flashes was not an atomic explosion, the Vela incident would speak to the main case in history where the Vela mistakenly recognized a nuclear impact.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Crying Boy; A Haunted Painting?

England-1985, a progression of unusual flames broke out, decimating numerous homes and organizations. The connection between the flames was an accumulation of works of art, known as 'Crying Boys'. Out of the demolition that happened, just the canvases would survive, giving life to the urban legend saying that the painting is cursed and haunted.

Haunted Object  The Crying Boy
Bruno Amadio, a scholastically prepared painter, was functioning as an artwork restorer at Venice, when he made his painting that got to be known as 'Crying Boys'. These depictions, of which no less than 65 were made, all included young men, who gazed straight good and gone, with tears flowing right out of their eyes and moving down the cheeks.

The photos were made for sightseers going after the Second World War, the centrality being that the sketches demonstrated the predicament of the youngsters who had been as of late stranded because of the war.

Inevitably, some of these artworks were conveyed to England, mass delivered and sold in basic supply and retail chains at shoddy costs. About 50,000 duplicates of the artistic creations advanced into individuals' homes the whole way across England.

During the September of 1985, British daily paper 'The Sun' started a report on some bizarre happenings encompassing the Crying Boy works of art.   The article recounted the tale of May and Ron Hall's house for 27 years located in Rotherham, which unfortunately was crushed by a staggering flame. The flame begun when an unattended griddle got a light and the house was set ablaze.

The weird thing was that there is only one thing appeared to have survived the blast. Found amongst the cinders and ruin was a casing, the work of art inside was face down on the ground, and just somewhat singed. The painting of the Crying Boy had escaped the fire an unknown reason. Ron Hall's sibling was a flame contender, and he advised how a few houses had blazed to the ground, and that the sole remaining thing was a duplicate of The Crying Boy, discovered in place, lying face down on the ground.

He additionally intimated that fire-warriors trusted the artwork to be reviled, and that no one has the courage to hang the photo in their houses. One officer named Alan Wilkinson had reported more than 50 fires with the same 'Crying Boy' cases.   Due to The Sun's huge peruser base, and the way that greater than 50,000 duplicates of The Crying Boy can be found in British homes, a trepidation in the condemnation rapidly spread. 

Numerous perusers told their stories with Sun and different papers around the nation. The story was dependably the same, not long after the photo discovered its way into a house; a flame broke out, annihilating everything with the exception of the photo itself. 
Haunted Object  The Crying Boy

A few perusers likewise sent in, clarifying that after they had heard about the condemnation, they endeavored to obliterate their duplicates of the works of art. They tried to blaze them in their backyard, yet the sketch neglected to smolder. Not long after the report a 'Crying Boy' fire had started in an Italian Restaurant, The Sun followed a story urging perusers to send them their duplicate of the depictions, in the event that they felt dread from the condemnation. The sun composed mass blazes for the smoldering of the works of art, and soon more than two thousand had at long last gone up on fire. Despite the fact that they were difficult to blaze, they did in the end succumb to the flame and flares. Before, other ways for lifting the scourge of the work of art became visible, for example, giving the artwork to another (in this way giving them the condemnation), or hanging the photo nearby an artistic creation containing a crying young lady. 

The stories of the flames started to seethe, and the arrangement of occasions consigned to the status of legend. In any case, the inquiry still is 'If the works of art were to be sure by one means or another bringing about or empowering fires to happen, what power could be the cause of it?'
There are a few stories behind the work of art itself. One expresses that the models of the different crying young boy were vagrants who, not long after the canvases were finished, kicked the bucket in a shelter fire. Decent and straightforward.
Haunted Object  The Crying Boy

There is also this story:

Bruno Amadio, otherwise called Bragolin, had gone to Spain not long after the end of 2nd World War. Amadio met a young man with a name Don Bonillo, mute vagrant who had seen his guardians die in a fire amid the war.

Amadio soon embraced the kid, despite the fact that he was cautioned off of doing as such by a neighborhood minister, the kid being the focal point of numerous secretive flames that started wherever he go. The kid was referred to locally as fiend kid.

Amadio declined to accept these stories, he adopted the kid and they did well. Amadios artistic creations were offering great and the two were having a simple life. 

Shockingly, one time Amadio discovered that his home and studio had smoldered to the ground. Recalling the minister's notices, he quickly pointed the finger at Don and abandoned him. Bonillo was not seen again til 1976, and encompassing another strange occasion. Only outside Barcelona an auto crushed into a divider and burst into fire. The driver was murdered and was so horrendously blazed; he was not ready to be distinguished. 

On the other hand, upon examination back to the police station, the compartment was forced open. Inside, among blazed things, was the driver's permit bearing the name Don Bonillo It is believed that the majority of Amadio's works of art of crying boys were reviled by the memory of Bonillo.   Tragically, the greater part of the actualities of this story cannot be 100% affirmed. Bruno Amadio, the painter, passed on in 1981, reality of this story has likewise run with him. 

At that point obviously it could simply be fortuitous event, numerous houses had 'Crying Boys' enhancing their dividers, individuals start to see the effortlessly conspicuous picture in the remaining parts and another urban legend becomes exposed.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gregory Hale

Gregory Hale,  37 years of age confessed to the police that he picked up Lisa Hyder, killed her, dismembered her body and ate her.  He also took Hyder to his parent’s home in Tennessee as a part of the Satanic ritual.  Upon interrogation conducted by a psychiatrist, they found out that Hale highly idolize the serial killer, Richard Ramirez.  He thought that he is also the Night Stalker.  Hale has no previous criminal record but experts believed that if he hadn’t been caught on his first crime, he would continue on murdering.

The body of Lisa Hyder was found mutilated, butchered and chopped.  Hale was charged with first degree murder for mutilating a corpse.  Prior to the death of Lisa Hyder he called her ex-husband after meeting a stranger which led to the arrest of Hale.

Gregory Hale was fired from a meat processing plant after he was discovered by his boss performing satanic ritual.  The businessman recalls how Hale would often took animal bones and eyes of animals and took it to his home for his supposed rituals.  His social networking site is also filled with gory images and stuff about cannibalism.  Hale confessed that they were talking beside the fire when he decided to kill Lisa Hyder.  The authorities found no definitive motive on the murder and cannibalism that he committed.

Friday, December 18, 2015

North Head Quarantine Station-Australia’s Haunted Facility

For a long time, North Head's disengaged area made it the perfect spot to host ailment ridden explorers.  Amid top times, up to eight boats would be moored off into the headland and many travelers were frequently compelled to stay on shore in hopeless conditions for a considerable length of time during an instance when every one of the beds in the isolation station was full.

There are at least more than 500 deaths accounted in the quarantine station. It is believed that the spirits of numerous individuals who passed there have stayed in the structures making it one of Australia’s Haunted Facilities.  Legends of haunting and unexplained events go back over a century, when attendants on night shift reported seeing a spooky Chinese with lengthy braids meandering the verandas and wards. On location, park officers have reported spooky figures in vacant doctor's facility wards, however upon examination, they were unable to locate anyone inside.  Other normal stories incorporate a spooky young lady with blonde hair holding visitors hands and will lead them around the quarantine area.

Several haunted experiences have happened throughout the years, fluctuating from nebulous visions, individuals abruptly feeling disgusted and unwell to things being moved with no clarification. A couple of guests have even left the grounds after an obnoxious involvement with an element.

A few visitors likewise claim to have caught pictures of spirits while they are on the station, including a spooky hand accidentally pictured at a late wedding on a resort and man wearing a fedora cap envisioned inside what used to be is the shower work areas at the site.

Others claimed hearing voices rehashing the exact thing again and again, for example, 'what are you doing here?' or 'who are you', despite the fact that they weren't close to anybody. Individuals experience weird and at times uncomfortable manifestations every now and then; however these dependably fade away rapidly. With respect to individuals fleeing the site, this situation has already happened a modest bunch of times; however it has never proven to be really essential.

Authoritatively, near 600 individuals kicked the bucket at the station out of 26,000 who was quarantined there between the isolation area being established during the 1830s and its conclusion during 1980s, showing its prosperity.  In any case, it's conceivable that numerous more lost their lives without being appropriately recorded, especially in the station's earliest stages when first entries had minimal more than canvas tents to stay in until they had finished up to 40 days of isolation and could begin a new life.

However, not everyone is having an eerie experience about the area.  Other guest who claimed to have a trouble in breathing says that their breathing pattern has generally improved.  They could sense that someone is assisting them when they visited the Quarantine station.  A story says that there are ghosts of nurses on the area that are still keeping their function even in the afterlife.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monte Cristo Homestead-Australia’s Haunted House

Monte Cristo residence was erected in 1884 by Christopher Crawley and his family. He obtained the piece of land locally in 1876 of January under procurements stated on the Robertson Act of 1861. It's the second building to be constructed on the area; the first residential house was turned into the hirelings quarters after the property was fabricated.

The present proprietors, The Ryan's obtained the property at a deal cost of AUD $2000 during 1963. The Ryan's widely restored the house to its previous superbness after numerous years of diligent work. Reginald Ryan took a few employments to keep up reimbursements and to pay for the redesigns.

The principal peculiar event at the estate happened after the relatives of Crawley family hired an overseer Jack Simpson to ensure what was remaining of the structure. The overseer was killed by a young man who asserted he was impacted by the motion picture Psycho.

The primary "paranormal" occasion to be seen by the Ryan's happened after they transferred in on June 3, 1963. Subsequent to going home after dusk they discover that the manor was blindingly enlightened in oppose to the fact that the power had not yet been enabled in the home of the Ryan's family.  Everyone was baffled in respect to what brought on extraordinary lights which exuded out of each room.   Around 1990 the Ryan's child additionally encountered the same marvel in the wake of returning to the house. Whatever is left of the family was going to a ball and that time the house was abandoned.

The pets has not a liking for the house both their puppy and feline friend escaped the house the minute they were brought inside the house, unfortunately, they were never seen ever again.  It took around three years before a pet would decide to stay, in spite of the fact that the new family pet would not go into the house and liked to stay outside.  Confined chickens were discovered choked in their pens and the family parrot was likewise discovered stifled to death in its pen. Different pets kicked the bucket under weird and odd ways.

The Ryans youngsters would gripe telling about a man peeping in their window situated on the upper floor wearing agriculturist’s garments, however no verandah can be found outside the young ladies room.

Guests of the house regularly experienced inconspicuous strengths hindering them from moving around the Monte Cristo Homestead. A whiskery man in a cocoa suit chased after different guests, some asserted that it was the apparition of the first proprietor Christopher Crawley.

Spirit Mediums who went by the house claimed that they could sense the passing of a baby at the stairwell. What's more, it is guaranteed that a cleaning specialist conveying a newborn child had the kid tweaked from her hands by inconspicuous powers. The youngster fell to his death. Analysts have conjectured that the tormented soul of an unhinged child of an onetime servant at the estate was detained in a little room of the house. He kicked the bucket due to a complete neglect as well as starvation. They blame the horrible assaults on their animals to his apparition.

The sound of the piano can be heard in a room upstairs yet there are no piano inside the house for quite a long time. After the passing or her spouse Mrs Crawley changed a container room into a little house of prayer, a cleric would visit her twice per week and offer a prayer. It is reported that his dowager just gone out on two events in the remaining 23 years of her life. Her apparition is supposedly found in this room. Mrs Crawley was portrayed as a hard lady who governed the house with an iron clench hand.

The phantom of a kid is evidently found in stables, the rumor said he was smoldered to death after his bed was set ablaze as discipline for slacking. It is reported by examiners that the action in the Monte Cristo property is identified with the first tenants, the Crawley crew. What's more, that some way or another they are a magnet to different spirits who now likewise reside in the house.

In spite of the fact that Reginald and Olive Ryan guarantee never to have seen a phantom in the house they do evidently feel their existence within the vicinity. Monte Cristo has subsequent earned the moniker as Australia's most spooky house and is a well known traveler destination that directs phantom visits and quaint little inn bundles.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dreamworld-Australia’s Haunted Theme Park

The Dreamworld is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is deemed as Australia's biggest amusement park gloating more than forty various rides including 5 of universes biggest thrill rides. There a various divisions inside of the recreation center that all completely separated by subject. Some of these incorporate Dreamworks Experience, Ocean Parade, Tiger Island, Wiggles World,Rocky Hollow and Gold Rush Country.

Dreamworld is strikingly perceived at the shooting area of Big Brother Australia. Shooting started during 2001 and the TV show has kept on being shot up to this day. It is a portion of the recreation center where there have various sightings of haunting happening all the time. Various staff has claimed sighting a young lady strolling in passages and frequently shows up in the mirror. Also they have claimed to hear the whispering voice of a kid that echoes all through the structure and unexplained haze happening inside of the premises.

Another spooky event has been accounted for to have occurred on the celebrated "Buzz Saw" ride that was propelled in the recreation center during 2011. It is the phantom of Jack Darke, British conceived mill operator who relocated to Australia during 1888 and filled in as a gold miner in the city of Gold Rush. He went to Australia as a criminal on a wanderer boat from London and had longs for turning into a Prospector. His profession however didn't prosper on a decent note and he was generally unsuccessful. He then chose to surrender this and proceeded onward to work at the neighborhood sawmill. He was presumed to be a persevering however contemplative and unapproachable man who didn't talk much to anybody.

Darke deplorably passed on during 1897. There is a great deal of suspicion encompassing his passing as there are diverse clarifications in the matter of what precisely happened at the season of his demise. There are reports that he accidentally pulled in while attempting to set the Gold Rush mill ablaze, others has an alternate adaptation. They guarantee that there was another person who proposed to torch the plant and Jack Darke attempted to prevent him from doing as such. During the tussle the culprit pushed Darke to his demise.

Since the time of his passing there have been various sightings of his apparition for the most part happening in the middle of midnight and also on 3am on evenings when there aren't any mists and during a full moon. It is accounted for that his apparition has joined itself to the Buzz Saw theme park ride and much of the time shows up next to someone on the ride.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bhangarh Fort-India’s Haunted place

Brief History of this haunted place:

Bhangarh Fort is arranged on the outskirt of Sariska Tiger nestled in the Aravali mountains in the abandoned town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan. It is a destroyed town in the middle of Alwar and Jaipur. Bhangarh post is a noteworthy vacation spot and is said to be a standout amongst the most haunted chronicled places on the planet. Numerous myths are connected with this spooky fortress.
The town, Bhangarh was set up during 1573 by the King Bhagwant Das who happens to had two children. His senior child was Man Singh, the acclaimed General of Mughal Emperor Akbar and the more youthful one was Madho Singh. King Bhagwant Das created Bhangarh as the residential place of the younger child Madho Singh who governed Bhangarh his entire life. Madho Singh derived the name of the city after his granddad Man Singh who was otherwise called Bhan Singh and now the town is perceived as  Bhangarh.

Bhangarh Kila was set up in 1613 and assembled by Madho Singh and the city of Bhangarh was set up by Bhagwant Das. Bhangarh Fort may be really popular for its spooky and strange vicinity yet it can be gone to as a spot that is lovely and wonderful. Individuals say, Bhangarh fortification is not for the effortlessly terrified (timid) individuals. It is appraised as the most haunted spot in the entire of India. India likewise has some other world's most spooky spots. Truth be told, if have you ever imagined that India was a nation of a few Gods then you can be in for a shock that India has a dim and spooky side also. Those individuals who like to see haunted spots should go to Bhangarh Fort that is named of being a standout amongst the most haunted spots in India.

The story behind the most haunted place in India

There is this conviction about the Bhangarh that the spot is spooky and nobody can set out to go there after dusk. A few phantom stories are behind the riddles of the Bhangarh Fort. From all of the various stories surrounding bhangarh post one that can be considered the most pervasive is that the ity was assemble by King Madho Singh. The Emperor got endorsement by plain Guru Balu Nath that reflected at this spot. The endorsement was provided under the condition that shadow of head's royal residence would never lay a hand on him at his secluded retreat area. In the event that shadow touched over on his meditating ground, the city would transform into remnants. The king began the fort development with his cash and quality. The Fort was built with a few stories lastly shadowed the restricted retreat of Balu Nath.

Based on the psychic force of Saint, the whole town was devastated and since the time that any development around the pounded area or royal residence is facing an inevitable demise. The samadhi of Balu Nath is still there where his body remains.

Other myths:

Ratnavati, the Bhangarh princess and was renowned for her stately magnificence everywhere on her own kingdom and the neighboring states. When the princess turned 18, she began getting wedding offers from different kingdoms. A tantrik named Singhia, was totally stricken by her yet realized that being matched was outlandish with the princess. Be that as it may, Singhia on the spell of heavenly excellence of Ratnavati chose to trick the princess with his enchanted forces. Singhia saw the princess' house keeper in the business sector.

Then Sanghia thought, he'll wed the princess by utilizing dark enchantment on the oil that the house keeper was acquiring so that after touching the oil, Ratnavati would surrender herself to him. Nonetheless, the princess witnessed the Sanghia trap that he was putting a spell on the oil. Ratnavati threw the oil on the ground. The oil on the ground suddenly transformed into a huge stone and moved towards the conjurer and squashed him. Before kicking the bucket, the mystical performer reviled the Bhangarh city to and said there will be no more resurrections. After this occurrence, the condemnation demonstrated its outcomes in a fight in the middle of Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, unfortunately Ratnavati was killed on that skirmish. Then again, some local myth tells that the princess has taken a resurrection elsewhere and the bhangarh post is sitting tight for her arrival to end the perverted condemnation. As indicated by the folklore, Bhangarh fortification is the abode of phantoms and that is the reason why some section is precluded for vacationers or guests in the stronghold before dawn and after dusk.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cinco Saltos-Argentina’s Haunted Place

Cinco Saltos in Argentina is one of the prominent haunted places situated in the Rio Negro region. Its name Cinco Saltos clearly signifies Five Waterfalls. This refers to the five stages that begin from the encompassing waterways and the Dam of Ingeniero Ballester. It is also referred to as the City of Witches. This is due to the witchcraft activity happening in that place.

Haunted Places: Cinco Saltos

Haunted Attractions
Cinco Saltos | Common Wikimedia
Inside Cinco Saltos, you will find numerous haunted places. One of them would be a region called as Bajo Negro. It is famous for a number of its kin participating in sorcery, or "dark enchantment". It is believed that this spot gets almost no daylight. Because of this, numerous legend arise from it saying that a lot of witches would attend and perform several mysterious ceremonies on this place. There have likewise been sightings of extensive gatherings of individuals standing together exhibiting weird conduct while wearing long dark shrouds. However there are no photos to prove that these sightings are genuine and today, it has turned out to be an urban legend.

Horror Stories from Haunted Places

There are other spooky stories that possess some truth. They have been well archived on different platforms. The first one is of a child that suffocated in the crossing Pelligrini Lake that goes through the town. Cries and shrieks of a child have regularly been heard by vacationers and guests. However, it has never been traced as to where the cries are originating from. Local people say that the child has not discovered salvation and is still looking for solace in the mortal world.

Another documented occurrence happened in the place where a gathering of specialists were restoring the burial ground in Cinco Saltos and supposedly discovered the body of a young lady about twelve years of age. It has been believed that she was buried around seventy years ago but the body was discovered bonded and embalmed, and with only a minimum signs of decomposition. Local people believe that she was a piece of some mysterious custom performed by the purported witches in light of the fact that after the body was discovered apparition sightings had gotten to be ordinary on that place

Cinco Saltos: Haunted Attractions

Compared to the other haunted places, Cinco Saltos was only inhabited for around 100 years. In that short time frame, it has gained a reputation due to the witchcraft reports. It also holds a place that is unreachable by sunlight which makes it stranger. There are reports about people wearing robes but there are no pictures or videos to prove that. There are also UFO sightings and paranormal experiences in this place.

The Pellegrini Lake and Bajo Negro are some of the haunted places in Cinco Saltos. Every year, the place is attracting thousands of tourists. They are hoping to witness the horror stories first hand.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Alkimos, Australia’s Haunted Ship

The Alkimos, a trader boat fabricated in 1934 had a quarter century adrift before she perched off the shore of Perth, Australia.  Throughout the years she has picked up notoriety for being spooky. One particular phantom has been seen on board her multiple occasions. The Alkimos is likewise reviled.   Since her deserting in 1963 individuals who have been associated with her or even just got close to her frequently have ended up cursed.

A brief History of the Haunted Ship

Outstandingly, the Alkimos was inherent only for ten days. Scramble was fundamental for it was only before the Second World War and she was one of numerous boats endorsed by Congress. She was initially called, George Shriver.

During the first day of the development in the city of Baltimore it is believed that welders were accidentally fixed in the middle of her frames. Their apparitions have frequented the boat from that point forward.   After the World War 2, she was auctioned two times; the last buyer was a Greek delivery line who rechristened her as Alkimos.

When she got to be known as Alkimos all the more awful things began to happen. A homicide, suicide occurred on board and after this the group started to see a ghost of a man they called "Harry" wearing oilskins, elastic boots and a dull green sailor's jacket.

During 1963 Alkimos was setting out on Jakata to Bunbury when the ship ran ashore close Geraldton. The propeller was severely harmed.  A choice was decided to tow her on Fremantle where transitory repairs should be possible so she could be taken to a bigger port. Yet, while anticipating these repairs she strangely burst into flames and when the time came to tow her on Hong Kong, a line in the middle of her and a boat snapped.  The Alkimos then floated in front of the coast. She stranded close Yanchep where it was chosen to salvage her.

To the rescue teams that chipped away at her it got to be evident that she was spooky. These groups kept aboard day in and day out while they dealt with the Alkimos.  These men frequently discovered their apparatuses had bafflingly moved. Different instruments vanished just to return later.

Large portions of these men would not allow their lodges to sit unbothered during the evening. In the event that they did, mysterious strides would tail them. These strides were additionally heard climbing stepping stools when the entire group was represented.

The smell of something cooking and clamours were heard in the cookroom. When they were examined the scents and commotions stopped. In any case, once the cookroom entryway was closed they were heard once more. A few men that accomplished this turned out to be so panicked that they quit their employments.

Over the next years the Alkimos was auctioned eight more times as it is stranded. Then a mysterious pattern became more obvious.  Each new proprietor encountered some grave incident once they purchased her. A few needed to opt for non-payment, others turned out to be gravely sick. In any case, once they sold the Alkimos again they were no more tormented.

One youthful couple, who lived on load up as overseers quickly, had their own particular disaster. The wife who happens to be pregnant fell and must be raced to the clinic. Her infant was conveyed stillborn.

The apparition of "Harry" began to be seen afresh on the boat. Cray anglers in the territory reported witnessing a man wearing oilskins aboard the Alkimos. To begin with, they initially thought that he must be a loner taking refuge on the boat. Yet, when the boat was looked it was found that nobody was living there.

It was believed that simply passing the ship can bring a man misfortune.

Herbert Voight, an occupant of Perth was a professional swimmer. He was preparing in the region close to the boat when he vanished. Later on his skull was discovered in the wreck of the boat.

Ted Snider, an individual from the US Navy was performing a preparatory appraisal to perceive the amount of explosives would be expected to explode the Alkimos' propeller and rudder. Be that as it may, when he cleared out to examine another occupation he was executed in a plane accident.

A writer who was composing a book about the Alkimos went to the destruction site. Not long after, he turned out to be sick and very nearly passed on.

Innumerable individuals who have been close to the boat have fallen or turn out to be sick. Others have suffocated. It is expressed that steeds that are ridden on the shoreline close to the boat turn out to be exceptionally anxious.

The region around the Alkimos this day is still viewed as spooky and reviled notwithstanding the way that by the spring 2007 the boat had broken down to the fact were it is impossible to be seen from shore over the waterline.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Aradale Mental Hospital-Australia’s Haunted Asylum

Aradale Mental Hospital was originally a psychiatric facility, situated in Ararat, a country city of Victoria. Initially known as Ararat Lunatic Asylum, the Aradale together with its two sister havens found at Beechworth and Kew were charged to suit the developing number of insane people in the state of Victoria. Development started during 1864, the guardhouses are recorded as being inherent in 1866 however the rundown of patients reaches out on the years prior to 1865. It was shut down as a refuge in 1998 and in 2001.

On the off chance that the wall of Ararat Mental Asylum can talk they would doubtlessly reverberated the frightening cries of loathsomeness, sadness, anguish, and horrifying agony. If you have gone to the refuge, you would definitely agree with the prevalent supposition that it is a standout amongst the most haunted areas in Australia. The profundity and expansiveness of persecution inside the wards is very unmistakable, as inconceivably genuine like the whiff of aroma or a shower of seawater over your face. It even incites enough vociferous, negative ambience and responses coming from psychically-tuned people as to scrutinize the moral and good standards under which the mental refuge was working in its prime.

Unquestionably people that are unfortunate to be conferred here had little to anticipate; the private luxuries incorporated a commonplace circle of dull, flavorless suppers, tedious undertakings and exercises, and twenty-four hour reconnaissance by authoritative individual who most likely wasn’t that invigorated about their arrangement. The most shocking perspective was the limitless boundaries raised to limit the possibility of freedom by the mental patients. It gives the idea that two notification were all it took to be imprisoned in Aradale, however an accumulation of eight were required for release.

Modern people must constantly consider what number of individuals were submitted in light of the fact that they remained between a prosperous specialist and a broad property; the number of wives were conferred by double-crossing spouses wishing to bear on their extramarital undertakings impenetrably; and what number of apathetic, gutless folks submitted debilitated kids in light of the fact that they couldn't assemble the affection, tolerance, or fearlessness to raise these shocking souls themselves. Whatever the case the refuge's story is Machiavellian and dour, and generously darker.
It only requires summoning the scholarly and social milieus of the period 1800s and mid 1900s to comprehend what other vile occasions happened inside of the refuge dividers. Offenses of sexual carelessness and planned endeavors at hurting kindred detainees were deserving of isolation and twisted torment with different mechanical contraptions. Where detainees turned out to be chronically hyper and along these lines unmanageable the in-house specialists would have depended on electroconvulsive treatment, frontal-flap lobotomy as well as different medicines regarded admissible by the out of date exploration of phrenology with an end goal to rejuvenate the failing 'rational soundness'. Working solidly inside of the parameters of a deficient scholarly model, the shelter would have fizzled in the majority of its endeavors to "settle" mental issues and physical afflictions. Ararat was in an inconsequential and minimal corner of the world, far expelled on the philosophical advancements initiated by medicinal specialists in Europe. Psychiatric innovations credited to Sigmund Freud and the armed force of psychoanalytic scholars that tailed him, like the advancement of free affiliation analysis and dream examination went for distinguishing self-governing complex inside of the openings of the oblivious which we now know are in charge of the development of certain psychopathological conditions, wasn't formally perceived as a doable treatment choice in Australian restorative association until 1930.

Consequently the time period in advance must've been an authoritative activity of enlisting and marking detainees; of carrying them off into individual wards; and of giving shallow restorative consideration when objections opened up past the routine and standard level. By the day's end such simple care to people who were enduring the battering impacts of mental degeneration combined with physical undernourishment wouldn't have been sufficient to ruin nature from taking its unfortunate course. With a worn immune framework numerous people would have quickly abdicated to the microbes produced enemies of that time such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. This truth is reflected in the shelter's death rate; around four-five detainees passed on week after week, and that is when there wasn't a sudden flare-up of infectious ailment. More or less, Aradale was commensurate to an Egyptian sarcophagus.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Schneider Alley-Australia's Haunted place

Schneider's Alley is presently called as Andrew's Walk. You can discover it on Google Maps with that name. It is a lengthy, twisting way among a thick forestry to an old manor.  If you are a thrill seeker and you are searching for a place to go through, you might want to consider the Schneider's Alley.  It is said to be one of the most haunted places in Australia.

In mid twentieth century in Adelaide,  Dr. Schneider obtained his manor, where he resided with his beautiful wife and two lovely girls. It is believed that the family lived there joyfully for a long time until the entire family beside Dr. Schneider suffered an unfortunate death. He then went frantic during his grief. The the 40 sq. km. manor, that is originally used to treat his patients far from his family in a lodge he had constructed. After his family's demise, this lodge used to offer patients some assistance turned into a hell of torment.

Dr. Schneider performed surgeries with no type of anesthesia.  Neighbors claimed hearing shouts and cries of torment originating from the property. Numerous trusted individuals claimed that the specialist was performing evil ceremonies. An investigation was initiated in the end, yet it is only when the specialist had passed. The doctor was found in his house, parts and limbs of his dead family were found with him. A cop took a photograph of what had all the earmarks of being the body of his wife.

It was not until the video from YouTube turned into a web sensation in 2011 did the purported hauntings of Andre's Walk turn out to be truly popular. Much to the consternation of local people, visitors herd to the region to see apparitions and hear shouts of Schneider's casualties. The video is just five minutes in length, however it has made an imprint in the hearts of daredevil around the world.  Schneider Alley is now regarded as one of Australia’s most haunted place.

Friday, April 17, 2015

James Brown, a Sailor Vampire

The James Brown incident was a popular case about a Portuguese sailor who murdered the two crews of the ship by sucking their blood.  But just as how fast the news spread all over North America, the issue died all of a sudden, the only evidence left are the news paper clippings, prison register as well as the ship’s logs.

According to the documents, the story about the James Brown vampire incident happened in 1867.  James Brown left the port of Boston riding a fishing vessel.   Suddenly, the captain noticed that 2 of his crews are missing.  Feeling worried and a bit angry that the two are neglecting their duties, the captain decided to look for them.  He went into the hold and saw Brown sucking the blood from one of the missing crew members, not far from their location was the corpse of the other missing crew, all dried out of blood.

James Brown was sentenced to death due to the atrocities he committed, but the President intervened and reduced his sentence to life imprisonment.  Brown was first jailed at the Suffolk jail and later transferred to the Ohio State Penitentiary.   After two years the government sent him to the US Government Insane Asylum.   Rumors said that James Brown committed another murder while inside the jail reason why he was transferred to the Mental Asylum.  But why did the President intervene on his death penalty?  And why did the issue dissolve all of a sudden?  These are just some mysteries in life that we might never solve due to the alleged cover ups of people in the higher position.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beast of Gevaudan

The Beast of Gevaudan or also known locally as the La BĂȘte du GĂ©vaudan was the name given to a man-eating wolf that terrorized Gevaudan.  It is said to be  the inspiration behind the novel “Hound of Baskerville” by Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Beast of Gevaudan is not part of any myth, it is real.  It left more than footprint and killed more than 80 people.

The story of the beast of Gevaudan was documented after the French Revolution in year 1789.  Account said that between the months of May 1764 to June 1767, a huge wolf like creature preyed on women and children, killing at around 80-113 people.  The number of injured individual was never documented.

Montague Summer’s also gave the description of the beast which was also based in London Magazine dated 1765
“For months this animal panic-struck the whole region ofLanguedoc, and is said to have devoured more than onehundred persons. Not merely solitary wayfarers wereattacked by it, but even larger companies traveling incoaches and armed. Its teeth were most formidable. Withits immense tail it could deal swinging blows. It vaultedto tremendous heights, and ran with supernatural speed.The stench of the brute was beyond description. 
Witnesses attested that the said Beast of Gevaudan attack suddenly and sometimes in broad daylight and will vanish after into the thick forest.  Some people claimed that the beast remained silent as it was hunting its prey others said that they heard a loud noise like the neigh of the horse.    Its appearance cannot be compared to a normal wolf; its muscular built will frightened any individuals who come across the said beast.  The news about the man eating wolf quickly spread all over the land even reaching Louis XV who commissioned hunters to hunt the beast. The hunters arrived at the rumoured place with hounds trained for hunting wolves.  The hunters claimed to kill a number of Eurasian wolves during their hunt; they believed that those are the beasts that are causing the random attacks.  But four months later and the attack of the Beast of Gevaudan continued.  They were replaced by Francois Antoine, The lieutenant of the hunt who arrived on June 22.  Antoine managed to kill a huge wolf, stuffed it and sent to Versailles.  Antoine was given a huge amount of money as a reward.  But on the 2nd of December, 1769 the attacks continued, harming more than a dozen of people.

The credit of killing the beast was given to a local hunter named Jean Chastel.  But his claims were surrounded by controversy.  Chastel said that when the huge hunting started, he sat down with the Bible and prayed.  While Chastel was praying the beast came into sight, he shot the beast but not until he finished his prayer.  The townsfolk could hardly believe his story since the beast has an uncanny ability to conceal itself when preparing for an attack.

Up to this day, the identity of the beast remained a mystery.   Some says that the deaths on those days are a result of pack of wolves, or that the story about the Beast may have been exaggerated.  Some says that the beast may have been an exotic animal.  No matter what it is, the beast continues to baffles the imagination of today’s generation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Auvergne Werewolf

Auvergne werewolf is a case of a woman who was executed due to allegations that she’s a werewolf.  The event took place in 1558 and was documented by renowned demonologist Henri Boguet.  Accounts can be found in his book Discours des Sorciers written in the year 1602. Though the account was only reported by reliable sources and not personally witnessed by Henri Boguet.

It is said that a nobleman asked a hunter to bring him a few of his kill.  While the hunter is in the forest, he was attacked by a werewolf.  Fortunately he was able to severe one of its paws; he placed it in a knapsack and went back to the castle.  He went to the nobleman to present the evidence that he encountered a werewolf, but to his dismay, the paw was nowhere to be found when he opened the knapsack.  Instead he saw a hand of a woman wearing a golden ring.

The nobleman recognized the ring; he knew that the ring belongs to his wife.  So the nobleman went to his wife and interrogated her regarding on her daily activities.  He noticed that his wife is hiding her arms.  Upon further investigation, the wife admitted that she was the werewolf who attacked the hunter.  Her admission of her true identity led to her death.  The wife was burned alive at the Ryon stake.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Vampire or Zombie of Castle Alnwick

The event was documented during the 12th Century by William of Newburgh.  It is about a terrifying incident of a blood sucking monster that terrorized the town that surrounds Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England.

The story started with a man who lived his life with sins and cruelty.  He moved to the town to evade the authorities that are seeking for him.  He was sure that the officers can never lay a hand on him on this place since he is well acquainted with the Lord of Castle Alnwick. 

He decided to settle down on Castle Alnwick and get married.  But there are rumours that his wife is unfaithful to him.  To discover the truth behind the rumors, the man said that he’s going away for a trip and will be gone for several days. He hid on top of the roof and spied on her wife.  At that night he saw a young man visited his wife and he was able to catch his wife committing an act of adultery.  The man was too shocked that he fell off the roof.   The man incurred severe injuries that eventually caused his life.  He never had the chance to repent his sins, but he was given a Christian burials.  William Nyubskogo said on his certification

For by the power of Satan in the dark hours he was wont
to come forth from his tomb and to wander about allthrough the streets, prowling round the houses, whilst onevery side the dogs were howling and yelping the wholenight long. Throughout the whole district then every manlocked and barred his door, nor did anyone between thehours of dusk and dawn fare to go out on any businesswhatsoever, so greatly did each one fear that he mighthaply meet this fellow monster and be attacked and mostgrievously harmed.”

Days after the supposed burial of the man, people over the town claimed that the man visited their house at night. The documented event stated that the dead man leave an unbearable stench on every home he visited that people from that town started to flee and relocated somewhere else.  The bizarre event has come to the knowledge of the bishop, so one Palm Sunday the Bishop talked to the council in order to find a solution to the problems.

But there are two men, who can no longer kept in silence due to the death of their loved ones that they blame on the dead man.  They started exhuming the dead body and burn the corpse.  The body was already swollen but with red cheeks, it is clear evidence that time that the corpse is still feeding on blood.  They struck him with a sharp stick and blood started flowing out of his body.  The townspeople started to flock and surrounds the burning corpse.  After the said exorcism, the foul stench emanating from different houses suddenly vanished and people went back to their ordinary life.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Buckinghamshire Vampire case

The Buckingham Vampire case is about a man who died on the year 1192.  At that time he cannot be called a vampire since the term “vampire” started to exist in the English language during the 18th Century.  This particular case was accounted by William of Newburgh from the accounts told by Stephen, Archdeacon of Buckinghamshire Diocese.

The man who died in the year 1912 was laid to rest on the night of the Ascension Day.  That night his wife claimed that his husband visited her.  The man’s name was never mentioned on the story.   The man’s specter climbed on the bed with the wife and began to focus his entire weight on top of the wife. This phenomenon is known as the Old Hag Syndrome, it is a Psychotic Disorder popularly known as Sleep Paralysis.

The wife was almost killed by his dead husband that night. During the third night, the wife fears that his husband might cause him more harm so she decided to invite people at her house.  Shortly, the husband appeared before the crowd and was stunned to see the numbers of people.  They started to shout and create noise that drove away the vampire.  Others claimed that the vampire started to infest other houses and their cattle.  People stay on guard fearing for their life.  There were some people saying that they saw the man walking in broad daylight with an evil look.

The townspeople are desperate and ask for the help of Archdeacon Stephen.  He wrote a letter to the bishop and asked him to help him on a rare case.  Eventually they will find out that similar cases also happened on England.  One of the methods they executed to stop the attack of the said undead was to exhume the body and burn the organs.    Archdeacon Stephen felt it was inappropriate for him to do this so the bishop wrote a letter of forgiveness.  He instructed Stephen to open the coffin and place it on the chest of the corpse.  When they opened the coffin they were startled to see that the corpse of the suspected undead was well-maintained and with no sign of decomposition.  Stephen did as he was told by the bishop, after that day the attacks of the rumored undead ceases. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Frederick Ransom

New England Vampire panic is the result of the unexplained sickness that time.  There is a little information about consumption; most often this type of sickness is associated with vampirism.  Such is the case of Mercy Brown and Frederick Ransom.  By now most of you have already known about the identity of Mercy Brown.  Apparently the same incident also happened in Vermont on a suspected vampire by the name of Frederick Ransom.

Frederick Ransom came from a well-to-do family from South Woodstock Vermont.  He was attending a college at Dartmouth when one day he came home very pale and looking sick.  Frederick eventually died due to consumption on February 14, 1817.  His father suspected that an undead might have caused his sickness.  Fearing for the life of the other members of his family he suggested exhuming the body.  And just like the case of Mercy Brown, his heart was burned and the ashes was mix with water and consumed by the sick members of the family hoping that it will cure them.

Unfortunately not long after the death of Frederick Ransom, his Mother, sister and two brothers also died.  The case is one of the well documented exorcisms of undead manifestation in the history of New England.

The story of Frederick Ransom was shared by his brother Daniel.  He was only three years old when the incident happened but he clearly remembered every details of it.  The alleged exorcism happened in Woodstock Village that also involved a man they called Corwin.  But as of late, they were unable to find a grave bearing the name of Corwin which placed some inconsistencies on the account of Corwin.

The vampirism account of Frederick Ransom was published on 1890s in Vermont Standard.  Other local news agency grew an interest on the case including Providence Journal and Norwich Courier.