Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Barabarlakos is a Greek Vampire revenant.  There are some factors that one can turn into a Barabarlakos according to the legends.  One particular way is that when someone lived a sinful life and a cat jumped over their corpses, a murder victim and a person who took suicide is also in danger of becoming a barabarlakos.  In addition, consuming a meat who was bitten by a wolf make you a good candidate of turning into this creature.

The Barabarlakos will return from the land of the living looking like a normal person with no sign of decomposition at all.  At night, the creature will rise from its grave and visit the houses of the villagers knocking on their doors and calling the name of host.  If no one answers the call, he would move on to the next house and would never return to the previous house ever again.  And since this vampire is known as impatient and does not knock on the second time, it has been a tradition in Greece to wait for the second knock of their visitors before they answer the door.

It is also believe that through this idea aroused the belief that vampire may not come inside the house unless he was invited by the owner of the house.  But in some instance that a person answered the knock on the door before the second try, the creature would attack them at once and would knock them in an instant.  They creature would mantle them to the ground crushing them until they are dead.  Once they are dead, the creature would proceed on sucking their blood.

Like some of the Greek Vampires, this creature is not vulnerable to sunlight and does not require blood in order to maintain its existence.  It is also believed that any person who would see a barabarlakos would die on the spot.

The only way to fully destroy this creature is to find its grave and exhume the body and reduced it to ashes.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Baron Samedi-“King of Zombie”

Baron Samedi also known as Baron Saturday in the English Language is one of the diety of the Haitian Voodoo and considered by many as the King of zombie. His wife Maman Brigitte is considered as the Queen of zombie.

Baron Samedi is always portrayed as a man with a black tuxedo and always wears a top hat that is colored white.  He wears dark glasses which makes it impossible to see his eyes and a plug on his nostrils that resembles the ritual of burial of the corpses in Haiti.  His face is pale white with a figure that is similar to a skull and his speaking voice is very nasal.

He is known to be very fond of tobacco and rum.   He is also known as the spirit of resurrection and voodoo practitioner believed that Baron Samedia has the only access to the world of the dead.

Though Baron Samedi is already married to another powerful spirit, he is known to chase mortal women.  He is constantly seen with a cigar in his hand while drinking rum.  Baron Samedi dwells in the realm that borders the life and death.

Besides being the king of Zombie, he is also known to have the ability to heal any kinds of wounds.  It is also said that his ability on Voodoo and black magic is unparalleled by the other Loa.  They also believed that Baron Samedi decides the fate of those who will die or not.  Even if you are in the verge of dying, if Baron refused to open the gates to the world of the dead, you will not die.

Baron La Croix, Baron Cimetiere and Baron Kriminiel are known as Baron Samedi’s incarnations.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Beast of the Androscoggin County, Killed by a Car?

August 2006, Turner, Maine- a weird looking creature was found dead and the residents were wondering if the creature that was reportedly killed a dog was the Beast of the Androscoggin County that haunt the town for more than half generation.

The creature was allegedly hit by a car while chasing a cat.  The photo of the remains of the creature spread all over news and internet but nobody knows exactly what the creature is.  This incident causes everyone to formulate their own speculation about the creature.

The creature was described to be charcoal gray and weighs at around 40-50 lbs.  Its tail is bushy, short ears and nose and a bent fangs that dangle in its lips.  Michael O’ Donnel, A resident of Turner sighted the creature before it was killed and claimed that the creature is a hybrid mutant.  He said that the beast looks evil and was letting out a horrible stench.

The past 15 years has told the area of Androscoggin about the sightings of the mysterious beast with glowing eyes and with frightening cries.  The beast was held responsible for the death of the dogs in the region.  Nearby area including Turner have their accounts of the said creature.

Nobody was able to tell what creature it is.  Some said that it can be a coyote or a wild dog; other said that it is a hyena.  Some even went far by claiming that it is a mix of a coyote and a dog making it a coydog.

Now in the recent turn out of events.  People are wondering if the creature that was killed in an accident was indeed the beast of Androscoggin.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Beasts of Satan

The Beast of Satan is an alleged satanic group in Italy that was blamed for a series of notorious crime that is said to be one of the gruesome murders in Italy.    The first incident supposedly happened in January of 1998. Chiara Marino (19) and her boyfriend, Fabio Tollis (16) were stabbed to death by their own friends as a form of sacrifice to their cult. Andrea Volpe, Mario Maccione and Nicola Sapone buried their corpses in the woods while allegedly singing and screaming “Now you're both zombies! Try to get out of this hole, if you dare!"

Authorities initially declared that the two couple might have run away but Michele Tolis do not believe it.  He decided to start his own investigation.  On the night that they disappeared Nicola Sapone forced Fabio Tolis to call his father and tell him that he is no longer coming back home because he loves to sleep with her girlfriend so much.  Michele Tolis immediately noticed that there is something wrong with his son.

Michele Tolis uncovered that his son is connected with a satanic cult.  His love for hardcore music and the color of black that he and his friend seems to be interested.  He carefully made a detailed analysis over the next 6 years and when the third murder happened, he presented his own investigation to the authorities which they used to connect the murder to Andrea Volpe.  And after Volpe fall into the hands of the police, one by one the members of the group was arrested.

Nicola Sapone together with three other members of the cult was sentenced with a life imprisonment.  The incident led to the realization that the cult of Satanism is growing in Italy and was attracting the youth.  The Italian police decided to create a special unit that deals with dangerous religious sect particularly those who are Satanists.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Jumlin is said to be the father of all vampires, the creature came from the lore of Cherokee, Lakota and Big Foot nation.  The creature was depicted as a human but with a possibility of turning into a monster when feeding.

Based on the legends, a medicine man got married to a woman named “Laughing Sky”.  But unfortunately Laughing Sky was unable to bear a child.  The man prayed continuously to the gods hoping that they would grant him a child but it seems the God does not hear his prayers.  The man was feeling desperate so he sought the help of the dark spirits who promised to give him lots of children.  The demon named as Jumlin possessed the body of the medicine man and transformed into a monster that fed on the blood of human.

The Jumlin stay true to his words and gave Laughing Sky a bunch of kids.  But the possessed medicine man is not contented with Laughing Sky and started raping and impregnating random women.  His kids were also wicked and evil like him, but one of them stands out from the other, his name is Laughing Bear.  He was said to be the youngest kid of Laughing Sky.  After giving birth to Laughing Bear, Jumlin sucked the energy out of Laughing Sky and killed her.  Finally a group of hunter was formed to hunt Jumlin and his offspring.  Jumlin was aware of it and quickly escape the land.  They went from tribe to tribe unleashing their terror and impregnating the women of the tribe.  Jumlin would then leave his offspring and move to the next tribe.

One day, Jumlin tried to sexually assault the daughter of the chieftain.  The chieftain and his band of hunters were able to hear the cry of her daughter and rushed to the location.  Jumlin was slain by the hunters but Laughing bear and the others managed to escape.

It was believed that up to this day, the children of Jumlin that he left from tribe to tribe still exist up to this day.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bruxsa, a Mix of Vampire and Witch.

A bruxsa is a different species of vampire; the creature is usually a woman who turned into a vampire due to witchcraft. The story about bruxsa originated in Portugal.  They prefer to attack the helpless infant and suck their blood while they are sleeping.

The bruxsa love to feed on the blood of children, when in times that she cannot find a child to victimized, she attacks travelers while they are resting at night.  The bruxsa has a huge similarity with the aswang of the Philippines, they can shape shift into a large bird and leaves at night to hunt their pray.  What differentiate her from aswang is that she can also take the form of other animals like the wolf, rat or even an ant. The bruxsa are often thought to be a part of the lobishmen (Portuguese wolf men) due to their ability to take the form of a wolf.

The bruxsa’s power is limited only for a short period of time, according to the legends they are most powerful during midnight up to 2 am.  Legends said that the bruxsa made a pact with Satan, just like the other undead, they will worship Satan on Tuesdays and also on Fridays to receive more power from the demon.

The bruxsas were believed to be indestructible, there are no ways to destroy them but there are measures one can take in order to protect their children from the bruxsa’s attack.  Like most vampire, they believe that the weakness of the bruxsas are steel and iron, an amulet made of iron would negate the force of the bruxsa.  People also stitch garlic unto their kids’ clothing some also think that placing a scissor or a knife made of steel or iron would ward off the bruxsa.

Some local villagers also perform chants and incantations believed to drive away the manifestation of the bruxsa.  During the Spanish era, when the mother thought that her child was killed by the said creature, she will not be able to kill it, but there are ways to inflict damage on her.  Based on the story, one has to gather all the clothing of the dead child and boil it; she then has to take a sharp object made of steel and stab the boiled clothing continuously.  They believe that the bruxsa would feel every stab that the mother would make to her kid’s clothing.  This method is also done for the witches in South East Asia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Belgrade Vampire

The Belgrade vampire is a name given to the two separate vampire incident that happened in Belgrade country of Yugoslavia at around a 200-year time difference.  The first incident happened in 1732 which was initially documented by a doctor named Herbert Mayo in his works entitled “On the Truths Contained in Popular Superstition” published in 1851.  Apparently the city of Belgrade and the town surrounding it have been terrorized by vampire through an unexplainable plague.  They claimed that the vampire is also successful in turning a few of their kinds into an undead creature.  During that time a series of death was recorded on the city of Belgrade probably due to consumption which is not understood at that time.

The people decided to launch a hunt on the creature together with the people who were suspected to become a vampire.  Upon the exhumation of the corpse they found out that some of the bodies are leaning on the other side.  Their cheeks are also reddish that appears as if they recently consumed a fresh blood.   The skin appears to be leathery tough and fresh plus the nails of the deceased also grow longer. They also noticed a speck of blood on the lips of the suspected vampires.

The villagers immediately pierced the chest of the corpse releasing a shrieking sound.  A massive amount of blood which they believe was the blood of his victim from last night’s hunt also gushed out from its mouth.  Just to be sure, the villagers decided to burn them to ashes.  The details of the vampire incident were attested by 3 surgeons, a lieutenant colonel and a sub lieutenant who was present during the time of the exorcism.

The next case occurred at around the year of 1923.  The people who reside at the street of Bosanka were complaining about the alleged vampire haunts a house in number 61.  A considerable amount of damage can be seen in the house.  The people also decided to hold a procession in an attempt to dispel or drive away the evil forces lurking inside the house.  They also tried holy waters and other sacred artifacts in dealing with the haunting.  Though the villagers firmly believe that it is done by a vampiric entity, experts claimed that the incident involves a poltergeist activity.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg-“The Bloody White Baron”

Baron Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg was a Lieutenant General during the Russian Civil war.  He also became a warlord on 1921.  He gained the moniker the “Mad Baron” or “The Blood White Baron” for submitting his enemies and also his own troops into violent torture. In 1920, Ungern is also known to drink blood believing that he is a reincarnation of Genghis Khan.  He was often associated with vampirism, due to these practices.

During his school days, he had to transfer to number of school for being kicked out due to bad behavior.  And when he joined the enlistment in the military, he was known to be a tough soldier to handle than those other armies.  This could probably be the reason why he was designated to the Far East in order to deal with the Japanese and eventually the Chinese.

He was known by his enemy as a brave or rather foolish leader for charging the enemies ahead of his troops.  But despite of his achievements in war, he was later kicked out of the Russian Military.  He would then persuade his comrade Semenov to go the border of Turkey and rally a group of Christian who was being murdered by the Turkish and Persians.   But the results turned out to be mediocre.

They then decided to return to the East, Ungern believing that Mongolia should be ruled by Genghis Khan.  There were accounts that he led a group of men naked into the freezing river and wait till a pack of wolves attacked them.  The men had to fight these werewolves bare hand, it is said that half of them managed to survive that attack.  These were his own men who was being punish for being a drunkard.

On the other hand, his enemies were slowly roasted as a form of punishment.  His greatest feat would be successfully taking the control of the capital Ulan Bator to the hand of the Chinese.  In 1921, Ungern return to Russian in an attempt to invade it, but he was capture and placed into trial.  The trial was a little short; it lasted at around 6 hours and was followed by his execution on the same day.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Banbirpur Werewolf

On the night of August 16, 1996 a group of kids from the town of Banbirpur, India were on their way to a bathroom located outside the village when they said that a huge wolf attacked them.  The youngest of the kids named Anand was dragged by the alleged wolf in the forest.  The remaining kids can hear the poor child scream, but they can do nothing about it considering the massive size of the wolf and that Anand is tapped on the fangs of the creature.  They went back to the village to seek for help.  The authorities were immediately notified on the incident and the parents and other villagers formed a search party to investigate the woods.  After a thorough search of 3 days, they were unable to locate the alleged beast.  The only thing they managed to find was the decapitated head of Anand.  Other parts of the unfortunate victim were no longer found.  Authorities believed that those have already been eaten by the creature.

The villagers conducted a wolf hunt which consists of the police and the men of the village.  But there were not much of a wolf killed on the hunt, only less than a dozen and the type of wolf was not believed to eat human meat.  The attack on Anand was followed by other attacks, alarming the villagers that the culprit is still alive.  Some of the villagers started to think that it is impossible to find the culprit even if they killed every single wolf in the area since the real perpetrator is a werewolf.

According to the 10 year old sister of Anand who was present on the night that Anand was attacked, the creature charged them using its 4 legs, which is a clear indication that it is a wolf.  But upon grabbing Anand, the creature stand erect using its hind legs and walked like a man.  She then said that he placed Anand on his shoulder and went back into the woods.

A neighboring country, (Pakistan) claimed to kill the creature on the latter part of the year 1996.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Atlanta Child Murders

Atlanta Child Murders is the case of the missing and murdered children that happened in 1979-1981.  The incident involves 28 murdered children.  Though Wayne Williams has been implicated in two of the murders, the other cases of missing children remains unsolved.

In 1979 Edward Hope Smith (14) as well as Alfred Evans (14) disappeared both after an interval of four days.  Their bodies were later found on July 28.  They were believed to be the first victim of the Atlanta Child Murders.  On September 4 Milton Harvey (14) disappeared while he was on his way to the bank, his body was later discovered.

It was followed by the disappearance of Yusuf Bell on the 21st of October 1979.  A witness told the authority that he saw Bell getting in a blue car.  His body was later recovered in E. P. Johnson Elementary School.  Then it was followed by the first female victim, Angel Lenair, she disappeared on the 4th of March 1980 and her body was found 6 days later.  Then on the 11th of March Jeffy Mathis disappeared.

June 9, Chris Richardson was declared missing, followed by Latonya Wilson (7) and Aaron Wyche (10) on June 22 and 23.  The parents were alarmed by the increasing disappearance and the government took extra action to ensure the safety of the kids.  But nonetheless, the series of disappearance continued.

Anthony Carter and Earl Terell were found murdered in July of 1980.  Five more occurred between month of August and November of the same year.  Then on January 1981, Lubie Geter went missing.  His friend Terry Pue also went missing on the same month.

Two murders associated with the crime happened on the month of February 1981 and four on March.  The last known victim was said to be the 27-year old Nathaniel Carter.  Wayne Williams who was implicated in the murder was only connected on the two crimes which were the 27 year old Nathaniel Carter and Jimmy Ray Payne, both adult.

If we were to analyze the method of killings, the killer was only interested in children, but the said perpetrator was proven guilty on two crimes which were both an adult.  Were the authorities pushed through the limit and decided to connect an innocent person due to the popularity of the crime and the media coverage?  Up to this day Wayne Williams maintains his innocence.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Asema, Aseman, Aziman

Asema is a vampiric witch from the land of Suriname that usually takes the appearance of an older man or women and its toes are believed to be pointed downward.

The Asema shed its skin during the night, fold it properly and hide it well.  When the creature was sure that the skin is hidden on a safe place, Asema would proceed on his hunting trip.  It changes into a ball of light but compared to the other vampiric creature that transform into a fire ball the flame of the Asema is colored blue similar to the corpse candle.  While in a form of a fireball, the Asema has now the ability to enter small cracks and opening of the house.  It seems that the Asema has the ability to tell the taste of blood without tasting it since he tends to avoid people who have a bitter blood.

Once the Asema found a worthy victim, he will return every night feeding on him.  The victim of Asema does not instantly die, they gradually weakens and eventually die due to the consecutive attack of the Asema.  An attack of the Asema could be identified through the red and blue marks presence on the victim.

One way to prevent the creature from attacking you is to consume herbs regularly especially those that can make your blood taste bitter like garlic.  You can also spread sesame seeds in front of your doorway since the Asema would be forced to count every seed before proceeding on attacking his victim.  You can also mix talons to the sesame seeds; every time that the Asema would pick up a talon he will be annoyed and drop the seeds that he already counted thus he is again compelled to start the process over again.  One also has to make sure that there are enough talons and sesame seeds on your doorstep that would last until daybreak.  Asema is known to be vulnerable to sunlight when he sheds her skin.

You can also search for the hidden skin and fill it up with salt.  The salt will burn her making it impossible for him to wear her skin.  Eventually the sunlight would fully destroy the creature.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Zombie Road

The Zombie Road is located at Glencoe, Missouri.  With more than a hundred years in existence this road is home for spooky tales and legends.  Most of the time ghost hunters will be on the road hoping they’d discover something that is not usual.

One of the most famous creatures that is said to be found on the Lawler Ford Road are the shadow people.  The Shadow figures were constantly sighted lurking on the woods beside the road.  At times these shadows seem to appear standing on the wooded area and appear to be peeking at you.

The Zombie road is a remote road that is believed to be a place where some dark rituals were performed.  The accident record in this area is much higher compared to the other roads and the number of people who met their tragic ends in the zombie road is quite shocking.  The Lawler Ford Road earned its other name because of the supposed demonic entity and undead creatures lurking in the area.

Others said that this was named Zombie road because the workers who used to work on the railroad rise from their grave from time to time to roam around.  There is also a story about a patient named Zombie who escaped the mental facility and was never seen again.  For all we know he could still be in the area waiting for a victim. The river nearby was also named the River of Death due to the number of deaths that surrounds it.

In the Philippines, there are roads that are quite accident prone compared to the others.  Legends said that the bad omen that surrounds the road started when they were just building it.  According to the story, during the Spanish Colonization period, there was this belief that if you mix the blood of a child or a girl to the mortar of a newly constructed road or a bridge, the road will withstand the test of time.  The body of a kid who was drained with his blood should be placed at the bottom of the river (if it is a bridge) or bury it in the crossroad (if it is a road).  The bridge and the road will surely stand for a long time, but it seems to be searching for a sacrifice annually.

The same practice was being held in Japan during the ancient time where they sacrificed a body of a human and place it on the post of the castle or bridge to make it sturdy.  They believe that by sacrificing a human and stuffing it into the post, the castle or bridge will withstand the strong typhoons and earthquake.  This practice is called Hitobashira.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Greek Vampire, Callicantzaros

A special type of Vampire that is only active for at least 12 days between Christmas day to the Epiphany. Accounts about the creature are mentioned in the works of Leo Allatius in 1645 entitled “De Graecorum hodie quorundam opinationibus”.  It is believed that a child born in the said 12 days has a greater chance to turn into a callicantzaros, since that day is considered unlucky.  During the rest of the year when the callicantzaros are not active they travel on some undocumented world.  Some says they live in the underworld and wait for the right time to appear.  Children who would turn into a callicantzaros act badly toward their siblings.

The callicantzaros was described by its hyper attitude and long sharp fingernails.  They are known for tearing its victim into pieces using their sharp talons.  The accounts of the people describing the callicantzaros vary.  It greatly depends on the maturity of the callicantzaros since they are believed to be a normal human being that turned into a vampire.

Up to this day, children who were born during the 12 period of days suffer a certain degree of social problem since they were mostly maltreated by the others.   Even the parents are living in fear due to their belief that their kids might end up transforming into an undead in the near future.  The first victim of the callicantzaros was often their siblings.  When the time comes that a child who was born in the day of Christmas-January 7 (The day that the three kings are supposed to arrive) transformed into a callicantzaros they would bit their own siblings and eventually devour them.

But there is a way to prevent a child from turning into a callicantzaros.  Their feet would be exposed to the fireplace until their toe nails are burnt.  Only then can the parents be assured that her kid would not turn into an undead.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Viscount de Morieve

Viscount de Morieve is a name given to an active vampire during the French Revolution.  He was believed to be haunting his ancestral place.  He was a nobleman who was clever enough to survive the French revolution.  He promised that one day he would take his sweet revenge against the people who treat him immorally during the time of anxiety.  He waited patiently for the right time to come.

When the French revolution ended, he summoned those people on his land and decapitated their heads.  He was assassinated after due to the beheading incident.  After his burial, children in the villages started to disappear.  Their corpses were later discovered with torn throats and their blood was drained.

The people then repaired his coffin.  While under repair, the people claimed that the Viscount has claimed 9 more victims in a span of one week.  The eerie incident continued for 72 years and the attacks subsided upon the title was transferred to his grandson.  The grandson decided to investigate the incident that kept the town in fear for 72 years with the help of a priest.  The priest examined the corpse when they opened the coffin.  They were shocked to see that even so many years have passed the body of the viscount remained preserved.  His skin is not leathery like the other suspected vampires, but it is soft and his teeth appear to be growing.

The grandson was terrified on the sight of the body, he immediately asked the people to take the body out of the casket and stake him with a whitethorn.   As soon as they stake they body, a massive fresh amount of blood gushed out and they claimed that they heard the corpse scream.

They investigated the background of the Viscount and found out that he was originally from Persia; they believe that he might be a descendant of the vampires in Persia.  The accounts can be seen on the book of Adelaide Middleton entitled Another Grey Ghost Book.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wild Boys

Throughout the history, there were accounts of feral children documented in the history.  One of them was the wolf-boy of Hesse, who was raised by the pack of wolves.  As they were getting old, they were able to simulate the movements of those animals taking care of them.

Another would be the case of the wolf boy of Wetterau.  The German wolf boy of Wetterau was found in the year 1344 and just like the case that was found in the forest of Hesse, he was discovered by the royal guards who were them having a hunting into the dense forest.  The boy was believed to have spent 12 years of his life with the wolves, but unlike the wild boy of Hesse he was known to live at the age of 80 years old.  The supposed feral child was found during the winter season.

Then there was this Danish bear boy which story was told by Lucilio Vaninin in 1619.  The boy was found in the woods living with bears about the age of fourteen or fifteen.  If not for his size, the young man would be impossible to identify since he has supposedly took the appearance of a bear.  Those who discovered him took him and teach him how to be civilized, but by the time that he learned how to act human, he said that he could no longer remember anything other than the time that he was taken away from the bear.

There were other case of feral children like Joseph the Bear boy,  Irish Sheep boy that was documented in the year 1672, Anna Maria Jennaert which is a case of kidnapping, the Girl Found in Issaux who was lost when she was just 8 years of age and many more.  These children have learned to adapt and in some cases took the appearance of those animals that nurtured them.  It was already documented that a child that was taken care by a wolf was able to mimic their movement, but it is possible for him to resemble their appearance like the Danish Bear Boy? If so can werewolf started from this type of incident and not just a curse?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bela Kiss

Bela Kiss is a serial murderer who was never convicted of his wrong doings.  His series of killings started with the infidelity of his wife.  Kiss married a woman who was 15 years younger, rumors said that his wife had a relationship with their neighbor and they run away.  In year 1912, his wife and his neighbor were nowhere to be found, Kiss said that they both ran away.   This disappearance was followed by another woman who said that she is looking for a man named Hoffman.  But the police failed to search for a man bearing that name.  Some suspected that the man could be found in the town of Kiss but no one thought that it could be Kiss.

In 1914, Kiss was summoned to serve the military; he left the town and never returned.  The villagers thought that he might have been killed during the battle.  The soldiers found some container drums inside the former house of Bela Kiss and they took it for their supplies.  But the soldiers were shocked when they opened the drums. Inside the drums were the perfectly preserved bodies of naked women.   Analysis of the body shows that these women could have died due to someone strangling them, but they also noticed a deep puncture of wound on their neck and a sign that they have been drain of blood.

They continue the search inside the house of Kiss and they found more drums, some says that there are a total of 24 drums containing bodies including his wife and his neighbor.  But Kiss never returned on the village and the authorities believed that he was already dead so they close the case.

An interesting turn of event was the testimony of a nurse who tends to a dying person that fits the description of Kiss.  Some says that there are sightings of Kiss in Budapest, but every time that the local would report a sighting of Kiss, he would immediately disappear.  Kiss was never caught to pay for the crimes that he committed.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lievaba Vampire

Liebava Vampire is a vampire incident told by a travelling priest to Dom Augustine Calmet that happened in a small town of Moravia called Liebava.  The vampiric infestation apparently happened during the earlier part of the 18th century.

It appears as though the news about the vampire has already reach the authorities by the time that the priest is relaying the stories since they already sent a cleric together with Monsignor Jeanin to the small town of Lievaba to investigate the eerie case.

According to the villagers, a man who died four years ago allegedly came back as a revenant and started to torment them.  The story about the vampire reached a Hungarian traveler who was passing by on the near area and decided to challenge the revenant.  He was determined to put an end to these vampire manifestations and maintain the peace and safety of the people living within the community.

It was said that the Hungarian traveler created a clock tower in the town and place the shroud that was supposed to be owned by the phantom on the clock tower.  The Hungarian man watched intently and waited for any vampire that would attack him to snatch back the shroud.  The man supposedly saw the creature searching in panic with his shroud, he shouted at him and challenged him to get his shroud back and climb on top of the tower.

The vampire hurriedly climbed on top of the clock tower.  He was foaming on rage as he was preparing to kill the man who stole his shroud.  But before reaching the top of the clock tower, the man managed to land a fatal blow to the vampire and it lost its consciousness.  The man decapitated the head of the suspected vampire using a spade.

The name of the Hungarian traveler remains a mystery up to this day.  Some says he is an authentic vampire hunter others believe that he is just a travelling merchant.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Uthikoloshe is a vampire creature that is described to be hairy and small and wears clothing made up of sheepskin.  It is said to be the most powerful familiar that a witch can ever have.  The creature is a part of the legend of the Xhosa people located at the southeastern region of South Africa.

The Uthikoloshe is different from tikoloshe who has a striking resemblance to a monkey.  The Uthikoloshe can either be a male or a female creature.  The creature is also in possession of an amulet embedded with a magical charm that grants him the ability to be invisible.  They can also send realistic dreams and nightmares to their victims.  Usually those dreams involve their victims that are being strangled to death.

It speaks with a lisp and finds pleasure in the company of the children and delighted in drinking milk.  Usually this creature is said to be compassionate who wants to be left alone and do not want to deliberately cause harm to others.  But when he becomes a familiar of the witch, he is now bounded by her commands and he is required to do her biddings at all cost.

The Uthikoloshe is a lot similar to another vampiric creature, Umamlambo which lives underneath the water and is under the care of its servant which is a lizard.

The safest way to kill an uthikoloshe is by poisoning it.  Salt serves as a poison to this creature.  Mixing salt into a food and leaving it out in the open for the uthikoloshe to discover is the perfect way to kill it.  The fat of a dead uthikoloshe can be extracted into an oil to use as a potion that can kill other uthikoloshe.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Zombi of Aquin-A Pastor’s Point of View

“As an eyewitness of certain parts of this event, I would like first of all to confirm the truth of your clear statements, by showing you the results of some test that I actually applied to the victim in order to verify his identity” “Having called out several different names from a distance, no reaction or charge in his behavior could be observed.  But when I finally called his name,  he reacted immediately.  To everyone’s surprise, he still has a very close relationship with his mother, a brave woman despite the period of 6 years that had separated them.  He easily recognizes the teachers he had had in the past; on his forehead, marked by worry and distrust, scars can still be seen from an injury he sustained when he was 15 years old.” “….in the name of this same Christian faith, allow me, my dear Toussaint, to carry this light that has not shined brightly enough in this column.  My dear friend,  I am not speaking of a Haitian resurrection.  For a true resurrection can only take place if death was real;  even so, this explanation does not rid us of the various figurative uses of the word.  A zombie is someone who has been declared dead according to our methods and according to the physical symptoms that we usually go by to determine that someone is dead (no breathing,  apparent distension of the muscles…). …The key to true resurrection belongs to one person only, and that person is Jesus Christ, who gave us the proof of this on the third day following his crucifixion.  It is also written in the Holy Book:  “For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man.  For as in Adam all die,  so in Christ all will be made alive” (1 Cor. 15:21)

This letter for Toussaint is written by a Pastor named Pastor Jude Valery.  The letter is said to address the case of Romel  Laplante who died and reappeared after 6 years.  The letter was written on the 11th of March 1985.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making A Zombie Powder based on Brad Steiger:

Warning: Do not try this. It will not work unless you know the actual chants, prayers, and invocations to the Great Baron Samedi.         One Human Skull
        Assorted Bones from a Water Rat
        A Pure White Cat
        An Iguana Tail
        The Teeth of a Man 19 years dead
        A good dose of pure Vegetable Oil
        A dash or two of Datura
        Two Blue Agama Lizards of the male sex
        One Big Toad called Crapaud Bonga (Bufo Marinus) that must weigh one pound
        One Sea Snake’s brain and sex organ
        Several Pods of Itching Pea, “Pois Gratter”
        Two (Preferably Female) Puffer Fish
        Add Tarantulas, Millipedes and White Tree Frogs to taste

It is best to create the potion in the Month of June.  During that month the Puffer fish contains high amount of Tetrodotoxin.  One should observe extreme care because the toxins could affect one’s skin.

1.       You should bind the snake to the legs of the Toad.  Place them in a container (jar) and bury them.  (This step is believed to increase the toxin of the toad)

2.      Expose the skull into the fire with a thunderstone mixed with enchanted oil and burn it until it becomes black.

3.      Cook the ingredients of the animal and grind it with the plants into a mortar and pestle then add the splinter of the bones.

4.      One should perform the Juju spell

5.      Continue grinding until it became a powder.  Put it in a jar and placed it inside the coffin with the other remains for three days.

This zombie potion is also called a coup powder.  They said that once you ingested the potion, the toxin level would instantly kill you.  It is dispersed onto the threshold or by touching the skin of the target.

After the zombie awakens, you should bite the tongue of the zombie as a way of sealing the deal.  The tongue should always be kept near the voodoo master because the zombie would obey any orders of those who possess his tongue.  The zombie will obey the order of other people if their master told them to do so.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vampire Incident in Papua New Guinea

October 9, 2013, a father of an unnamed girl (3 years old) supposedly took his daughter for a walk into the woods when all of a sudden the father bit the neck of the 3-year-old girl and starts to suck her blood.  The father continues to drain the blood of her own daughter and even ate her flesh.  Two boys claimed that they witnessed the whole event.  Based on the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, the two boys immediately report the whole incident to the local police.  The authorities were quick to respond and were able to arrest the suspect.

The local Councilor, John Kenny said that the father continues to eat her flesh while laughing at the two boys who are just too shocked to witness the whole event.  But the report gave a light to a countless of similar incident that happened in some rural areas.  Apparently this is not the first incident about a crime that involves vampirism and cannibalism.

It was the year 2012, when the authorities arrested 29 suspects for murdering and eating the brains and sexual organs of seven people who were accused of performing evil craft.  It was February, when a 20-year-old mother was blamed for the death of a 6-year-old child apparently due to witchcraft. They stripped the woman and tied and subjected to inhumane torture then finally burned her on a stack of trash at broad daylight while hundreds of people are watching.  No arrest was made on the said event.

The government decided to repeal their 1971 Sorcery Act which tends to criminalized all sorcery acts.  They also posed a death penalty for those people who killed any suspected witch.  The United Nation condemned the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Based on the report of the New York Times, Daniel Korimbao released a statement saying "These are very tough penalties, but they reflect the seriousness of the nature of the crimes and the demand by the community for Parliament to act,”