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Friday, March 27, 2015


Stikini is a vampiric creature found in the folklore of the people of Seminole.  Seminole people were known to be a native of Florida but were later forced to transfer to Oklahoma.  The legend of Stikini is also found in the tribe of Creek.

According to the legends, the Stikini just like some other vampiric creature appears human by day but at night they will shape shift in to a form of an owl and fly to the darkness of night searching for a prey.  Based on the stories, Stikinis can take the form of any animals, but they commonly use the image of an owl.

Stikini undergo a different kind of transformation, they will go into the deep woods at night and will start to regurgitate their internal organs.  They will then hang their internal organs in the trees in order to prevent other wild animals from eating them.   After vomiting their internal organs, the stikini can now take the form of animals.  They will change into an owl and flies to a nearby village and search for a victim.

They were said to eat the hearts of the human by ripping it out of their body through their mouth.  They usually attack their victims while they were sleeping and considered to be vulnerable.  After feeding, the stikini would then return to the woods and swallow back their internal organs in order to revert back to their human form.

The cry of the stikini is said to be an omen of death.   In order to kill a stikini, one should find their internal organs in the deep woods and destroy them.  The creature would be unable to turn back into their human form and the sunlight would eventually kill them.  They can also be killed using arrows that were ritually blessed.  The weapons are also said to be dressed with owl feathers.

There is a place called Stikland in Sasaka, Oklahoma where it is believed that the area is infested with a huge amount of Stikinis.  There were a lot of disturbing and bizarre incident that were reported on the area of Stikland.

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