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Stikini Seminole Legend

Stikini is a vampiric creature found in the folklore of the people of Seminole.  Seminole people were known to be a native of Florida but were later forced to transfer to Oklahoma.  The legend of this creature is also found in the tribe of Creek. According to the myths, the Stikini Seminole, just like some other vampiric creatures, appears human by day, but they will shapeshift into an owl and fly to search for prey at night.  Based on the stories, Stikinis can take the form of any animals, but they commonly use the image of an owl.


Stikini owl

Stikini Seminole Story


This creature undergoes a different kind of transformation; they will go into the deep woods at night and start to regurgitate their internal organs.  They will then hang their internal organs in the trees to prevent other wild animals from eating them.   After vomiting their internal organs, the stikini seminole can now take the form of animals.  The Stikini Seminole will change into an owl, fly to a nearby village, and search for a victim.


How Stikini Attacks its Prey

 Stikini Seminole

This beast is known for its tremendous strength once it turns into an owl. They were said to eat the hearts of humans by ripping it out of their bodies through their mouths.  They usually attack their victims during their vulnerable state, for instance, while they are sleeping.  After their hunting spree, the Stikini Seminole would return to the woods and swallow their internal organs to revert to their human form. In other legends, Stikini was said to be originally a witch who became more evil and powerful as they spread their vile deeds on humans. Just like the vampiric creature, they also transform into an owl to terrorize the village. There are also stories telling that they will not just regurgitate their internal organs but also their soul and blood.


How to Identify a Stikini


By day, the Stikini will appear like an average Seminole person, making it difficult for others to identify them. However, it was believed that this creature would reject cultural norms. People whom they come in contact with will also find their behavior strange. They may also show no interest in social taboos. Perhaps this behavior is due to their mage qualities.


How to Kill a Stikini Seminole?


The cry of the stikini Seminole is said to be an omen of death. Rather than a vampire, this happens to be a quality of a banshee. To kill this creature, one should find their internal organs in the deep woods and destroy them.  The beast would be unable to turn back into its human form, and the sunlight would eventually kill them.  They can also be killed using ritually blessed arrows.  The weapons are also said to be dressed in owl feathers.



There is a place called Stikland in Sasakwa, Oklahoma, where it is believed that the area is infested with a massive amount of Stikini Seminole.  There were a lot of disturbing and bizarre incidents that were reported in the area of Stikland. It would be best to be careful when you end up along those sites.


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