Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Groac’h is a vampiric fay of France particularly in the area of Breton.  It is depicted as a beautiful maiden that lives in the deep forest.  The Groac’s would occasionally visit the village in order to satiate her cravings for the flesh of children.

The Groac’h is believed to be protecting a great deal of treasure that often caught the interest of greedy men.  But those treasures are almost impossible to find since the Groac’h is said to protect it with its life.  The men who dare to seek for her treasure would be lured by the beauty of the maiden, if a man lets his guard down; the groac’h would immediately attack him and drained him of his blood.

A popular story which concerns a man named Houran Pogamm tells a tale of a man who seek for the treasure of the Groac’h.  The man attempted to find the treasure in order to marry the woman that he loves, Bellah Postik.  Houran had heard the story about the beautiful but evil woman that is guarding the treasure.  The woman is said to live in the Isle of Lok and is guarding a great deal of fortune.

In spite of knowing the threat, Houran decided to go into an adventure and seek for the treasure.  Eventualy Houran came across the Groac’h.  Groac’h is known for devising a plan to trick young adventurers especially the male ones.    She believes she is too clever that no one can outsmart her.  Houran was transformed into a toad; fortunately Bellah came to the rescue and outsmart the Groac’h.  She was able to trap the creature and placed it in a hole which was plugged using a large boulder.

The spell was broken and Houran reverted to his human form and they discovered the treasure that the Groac’h is guarding.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Girl and the Vampire

The story of the Girl and the Vampire is a popular tale of the undead creature in Rome. It tells about a boy who committed suicide after failing to get the woman that he loved.

According to the legends, the boy took his own life after the parent’s of the girl refused to give them their blessings.  People said that the man turned into a vampire and began visiting his girlfriend.

The girl then decided to seek the help of the woman who has knowledge into this kind of creature.  She told her that she should attack a thread to the man’s shirt.  The woman complied in doing so, on the night that the vampire visited her; she placed a thread into its shirt.  When the vampire departed, the woman traced it back and found out that the thread ends into the vampire of her late boyfriend.

The vampire did not stop on visiting her.  They even had a sexual relationship after the girl’s parents died.  The vampire asked her girlfriend what she saw the night that she followed him to the graveyard, but the girl refused to divulge what she discovered. The girl died few days after.
People buried her according to the instruction that the older woman gave.

Soon after, a flower grew on her grave, which was witnessed by the son of the emperor.  He ordered his men to unearth the flower and bring it to his castle.  During the evening, the flower tends to change into a beautiful maiden.  Eventually, the son of the emperor and the beautiful maiden got married.  One day she accompanied her husband to the church where she was confronted by a vampire.

She ran immediately to the church where she hid behind an icon.  The vampire followed her and the icon fell on him which killed the vampire.

The story was often told to discourage youth from having pre-marital sexual relationship.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Synthetic Drugs Can Create Zombie?

They are not drunk, but they are intoxicated. This seems to be the findings of the authorities to some of the incident that includes a rampaging naked psycho in Florida.

The first incident happened in February 4, 2014, when the authorities were attacked by a person who is in some state of delirium.  The suspect attacked them with a clock with sharp things protruding on it.  It took them 10 minutes before they were able to apprehend him.

A 15 year old boy called the help of the police when a neighbor named Conrad Hooper, 17 years old showed up in his house naked and started attacking him.  When the authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered Hooper inside the house breaking random stuff and shouting stuff like 1234, grandma, girlfriend, 5678.  The police had to use everything they got including a police dog which Hooper started to punch in the face.  He even tried to pluck out the eye of the dog.  He then usef the clock to attack the officers and was able to break one of the arms of the police.  The police tried to inject him with a considerable amount of Vallum to sedate him but it seems the medicine does not have any effect on him.

Also in Florida, a naked Psycho ,  Anesson Joseph attacked a teen and started to chew his face before being shot dead by the police.  It is not clear what drug they are using that turned them into a zombie-like creature.

The last incident happened on January 19, but this time the attacker was supposed to be clothed.  Brandon Davis attacked Nicholas Sorace in his own house.  He bludgeoned him and tried to gouge out his eyes.  He even attempted to eat his face before the officers were able to subjugate him.

All of this zombie-like attacks happened in Florida.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Milos Rakovic, the Vampire of Svojdrug

The case of a Serbian vampire that was exhumed three times was written in the book of Alan Dundes, “The Vampire-A casebook” which was published on 1998.  Milos Rakovic, the suspected Serbian vampire who died of a sudden death.

By August of 1836, the villagers started to speculate that Milos Rakovic is a vampire.   They stormed the cemetery and exhumed the body without the authorization of the church.  The villagers decided not to get the approval of the authorities and the church since they will disapprove the exhumation anyway.   On the first time they unearthed the corpse, they examined it with any manifestation of vampire.  They quickly reburied it after that.

Jovan Obrenovic told her younger brother named Prince Milos Obrenovic (he was the prince during the Takovo uprising) that the villagers are suspecting that Milos Rakovic who died on the feast is a vampire and that the villagers already exhumed the body without a prior notice of the church.  Jovan and his brother went to the church. When the news about the suspected vampire reached the church, the priest ordered the villagers to exhume the body for the second time.  The priest examined the corpse and poured holy water onto the remains of Milos Rakovic and buried it again.  But that didn’t stop the vampire attacks on the villagers.  They decided to dig the body again for the third time, open the casket and they shot it at point blank.  They dismember his parts of the body and return it to the grave.

By that time, the churches have already implemented laws on exhuming the body of a suspected vampire.  But just like the other parts of the world, Serbia has a strong belief on vampires that time and anything that cannot be explained and causes a plague-like disease to the town can be attributed to the vampire.

Friday, February 24, 2017

La llorona

La llorona is also known as the weeping woman or the woman wearing a white dress and it is common in various tales in different countries.  In Mexico, the La llorona is a woman who was betrayed by her lover.  He left the woman to marry another in spite of the fact that she had given him three kids.  She attended the wedding of her former lover and experienced an agony way beyond anyone’s comprehension.  She decided to return to the house that the lover bought for her and killed her three kids.  After she came into her senses, she understood the magnitude of the crime she committed so she escaped.

She was said to be executed.  Her lover also joined her on the grave since he committed suicide after learning about what happened to his kids.  This story gave birth to La llorona who lured and seduces man and kill them as a sign of his revenge to her former lover.

In Asia, La llorona is also called “The White Lady”.  The White lady is often a victim of a gruesome murder particularly rape.  One of the most popular cases is the White Lady of the Balete Drive.  Balete Drive is even cited as one of the eeriest places in the world.  Reports claimed that no cab driver is brave enough to pass that street especially during midnight.  Some drivers who dared claimed that a lady in white would stop you on your way and ask for a ride.  She will vanish upon reaching the end of the road.  The unrest soul associates them to the vampire but unlike the La llorona they do not kill men, they only seek justice for their cause of death.

Experts claimed that the story of these white ladies can be traced back to 15th Century, but they can be older than that.  There are no definitive reasons why there are White Ladies in almost every land and their description of having a long hair and wearing a white dress is always consistent.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


K’uei a vampire revenant in the Chinese lore is depicted as a transparent and dark human with black eyes and dark hair.   Surprisingly it poses a striking similarity to the phantom of the West, i.e. Springman, Rooftop Mad Man, Spring-heeled Jack etc.  But compared to those phantoms that appeared all of a sudden, the K’uei is said to be created when the P’O of someone refuses to leave his body since he cannot accept his fate.  It’s either he lived a dishonest life or a life full of regrets, or there is also a possibility that he committed suicide.

There are also certain events that could lead someone in becoming a K’uei.  One is if the person was not given proper funeral rites and was not properly mourned, another is if the corpse was hit by a direct sunlight and last would be if a cat jumped over a corpse.  But in these events, the person will live the evil life of the others and become a k’uei.

K’uei is described as a nimble and smart creature.  They prefer to be left alone and would not inflict harm to anyone unless it was prevented from feeding.  The K’uei is also known for being shy and since it doesn’t have the confidence to create a physical attack, it would resort I using its limited magical ability and put a hex on that person.

K’uei would be often seen on battle field.  This vampire creature is attracted by the negative energy especially places that have been a scene of chaos and war.  They tend to stay away from holy places and holy artifacts.

There is also a different type of K’uei that can also be found in the Mainland.  They are described as a skeleton-looking demon.  It only attacked those who have sinned greatly and can only walk on a straight line.  Climbing stairs and going in circles would be an impossible task for them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


In the year 400 B.C. in Ancient Greeks, there lived a boxer named Damarchus who was said to shape shifted in the form of a wolf for nine years before he was able to revert back to his original human form.

The account of Damarchus can be found in the works of Pausanias “Description of Greeks.”  He said:

 "As to the boxer, by name Damarchus, an Arcadian of Parrhasia, I cannot believe (except, of course, his Olympic victory) what romancers say about him, how he changed his shape into that of a wolf at the sacrifice of Lycaean (Wolf) Zeus, and how nine years after he became a man again. Nor do I think that the Arcadians either record this of him, otherwise it would have been recorded as well in the inscription at Olympia, which runs:-- This statue was dedicated by Damarchus, son of Dinytas'ss, Parrhasian by birth from Arcadia." 

The description of Damarchus in the work of Pausanias is a mere two sentence long, but it has helped some of the enthusiast to trace the origin of the werewolves.  Pausanias never believed in the allegation that Damarchus was cursed to transform into a werewolf for nine years.  But the fact that Pausanias decided to include the account of the champion boxer that turn into a werewolf in his works means that the legend of the boxer is well known throughout Greece during that period in time.

Pausanias even wrote something about Lycaean sacrifice on the description of Greeks.  Recent discovery of the archaeologist shows evidence of sacrifice in Mt. Lykaion, dating back thousands of years before even they started worshipping Zeus.

The tale about the curse is still popular up to this day.  They said that if you eat the flesh of an adult male and spend your time in the company of the wolf can cause you to change into a form of a wolf for nine years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

She Ate a Friend

Olesya Mostovschicova, 27 years of age, was arrested for allegedly axing a friend to death.  She then cooked her and ate her in the presence of her seven year old child.  She confessed to the police that she had a heated confrontation with her friend.  She then took her axe and decided to kill her.

The victim was hit in the head for several times as well as on her body.  When the poor victim died, she cut her body parts into pieces and ate it.  Police was saying that the suspect calmly relayed them the story of her crime.

Based on her testimony on the police, she said:

 “I took the axe and hit her a number of times on her head…..Then I cut off her ears, gauged out one eye, cut off an arm, and a hand. I took the hand, arm and eye and cooked these body parts in the oven.”

She added how she was able to hide her friend’s body with the help of another friend:

“Some time later, I went down to the cellar again because Julia said that she was hungry and wanted to eat some more……We sliced off some more meat and took it upstairs to the kitchen We fried it on the cooker and ate it.”

The seven year old boy was able to witness everything, including the murder and the mutilation of the body.  Julia, the alleged accomplice of Mostovschicova claimed that she was only forced to eat the meat since she threatened her that she will also kill her if she does not eat her meat.

The police was able to discover the crime when they received a report about a human leg in the garbage bin.  They discovered markings on the floor of Mostovschicova that apparently looked like a blood.  Upon thorough investigation, the police found a dead body in her garden.  Olesya confessed to the murder and cannibalism.  She is now facing 15 years of imprisonment.  Her child was then taken to a rehabilitation centre.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Around Asia, the idea of a man changing into a wolf is not that popular to the culture, but shape shifting in a form of other animals is quite well known.  A fox (which is common in the legend of Japan and South Korea), Bird (Southeast Asia) or a Tiger.  The legend of a human taking the appearance of a tiger is part of the lore of India and China.

Unlike the werewolves, the weretigers are not dependent on the moon.  People who have this ability do not need lunar intervention and can transform at their own will.  In China, weretigers are known to be a vicious and violent creature that terrorize human while in some South East Asian countries especially Indonesia and Malaysia they are pictured out as a calm and not violent, unless of course provoked and in times that they cannot search food.

Based on the legends, there are many ways on how one can achieve the power of the weretigers.  One is the cause of death, they believe when a person was killed by a tiger, that person turned into a phantom that seeks for revenge.  He apparently wanted the other people to suffer the same fate that is why he changes in a form of a tiger to eat human.

In other legends, they say that being a weretigers can be inherited. Like the powers of the aswang (Philippines’ vampire) the family must pass the curse down to their family line.  They are prohibited to skip a generation of weretigers for an unknown reason.

There is also a story that one can become a weretiger through a curse.  One legend spoke of a ritual to be performed that turned someone into a hideous creature.  Then the last one and the most unique of all is that one can be a weretiger on a sheer will power.  They said that being this creature is a matter of choice and anyone can be a beast if it is indeed his true desire.  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Case of Mrs. Gehrke

There was a vampire incident that happened in Pniewo, a district in Prussia.  It concerns the wife of a forest keeper named Gehrke.  One day, the wife of the forester died for unknown reason at around February of 1870.  They buried her at the Biechowo cemetery.  Soon after she died, Gehrke and the children also became sick.  Since the belief on the undead creature is strong in that region, the villagers thought that his wife might be a vampire.  They believe that the wife is missing her husband and children and wanted to drag them into the grave.

The brother of the forester was alarmed.  He held an emergency meeting together with the other men of the villagers and they decided to open up the grave and see if there are any signs of vampirism.  At first they were planning to place flaxseed on the corpse as a way to repel the undead manifestation.  But when they opened up the casket and saw that the corpse has reddish cheeks, they immediately decided to decapitate her head.  They hack her head with a spade until it was detached to her body.  They placed her head behind her arms and closed the lid of the casket again.

Mr. Gehrke on the other hand, went into an operation and was fully recovered.  The news about the event that happened on the night that they exhumed the corpse of his wife spread quickly.  The authorities found out about the desecration of the grave done on the Biechowo cemetery, back then the desecration of grave is already prohibited.  The brother of Gehrke was arrested together with the other man and was placed into trial.  He was found guilty of the lower court but he decided to appeal his case on the higher court.  The court decided that the brother and the other people acted in self defense and not with any malice.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Michael Woodmansee

Michael Woodmansee is known to be a child murderer.  He was only 16 years old when he killed a 5-year old boy named Jason Foreman.  Woodmansee’s journal has been recovered and used as evidence during the trial.  Written in the journal was a confession of Woodmansee that he ate the flesh of Jason Foreman.

Jason mysteriously disappeared on May 1975.  During that time he was reportedly playing with his brother and three other kids.  He told his playmates that he wanted to go home and he went into a fire station that is at the bottom of a hill.  The place where he lived is not too far from there, however Little Jason had to pass the house of Woodmansee.  His Mother, Joice Foreman heard the laughter of her son through an open window at about 3:30 in the afternoon.  It was her 25th birthday when Jason disappeared.
The case of Jason Foreman remained unsolved until 1982, when Woodmansee was arrested for a different crime.  He reportedly lured a young boy in his home and attempted to strangle him to death.  But the attack turned out to be unsuccessful, the boy escaped and managed to go home and tell his father about the incident.

The father was enraged and confronted Woodmansee.  He then punched Woodmansee.  Woodmansee’s father is present during that time which called the attention of a police that is nearby and complained about the enraged man.  The officer told them both to come to the police headquarters.  While having an interrogation the police started to suspect that Woodmansee might have something to do with the disappearance of Jason given the circumstance of the attack.  Upon further questioning, Woodmansee suddenly confessed on the murder of young Jason.  When the authorities searched his house, they found the skull and bones of Jason.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lester Harrison

It seems that a conviction is not enough to stop a killer from committing a murder, which is the case of Lester Harrison.  While Lester was behind his prison cell in Menard, he attacked and killed a fellow inmate.  Lester Harrison was at that time serving his 5-10 years sentence for an armed robbery in Chicago.  He was declared unfit for a trial due to the murder of a fellow inmate and was admitted in a state hospital.  He would be later given a parole and commit other petty crimes which include indecent exposure, attempted robbery etc.

He was declared to be competent for a trial on robbery and was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment.  While he was being held responsible for the petty crimes, no one knew that he is the one to blame for the series of murder that happened around the area of downtown Chicago.

First victim of the serial killer is Agnes Lehman; her body was found on the morning of July 11, 1970.  There were signs that he was beaten to death on the night of July 10.  A shoe was found in the murder scene and linked to a suspect named Wilbur McDonald.  But McDonald was found unconscious in a railway track and was at that time a victim of an assault.  He admitted that he was having a conversation with Lehman at the night that she was murdered but there was a black man who appeared from the darkness and assaulted them.  But the jurors did not believe his story.  McDonalds was given a 150 years of life imprisonment.  The authorities did not even see the reason to reopen the case when they found another victim which was killed in the exact same location. 

Lester Harrison would continue to spread terror around the downtown Chicago and even commit cannibalism on one incident.  When he was finally arrested, the defense was able to delay the procedure due to his psychiatric examination.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Carrickaphouka Castle

Literally translated as “the rock of the Pooka”, Carrickaphouka Castle is believed to be haunted for some reasons.  One is because people believed that it is inhabited by a pooka which is a type of a fairy creature and second it was a place of a gruesome event.

In 1601, people believed that a pooka lives inside the wall of the castle.  They believed that one of the boulder used to build Carrickaphouka was the natural habitat of pooka.  The pooka is known to have the ability to take the form of an animal.  People claimed that they saw the creature shape shift in a form of a horse, eagle or a goat.

When the Battle of Kinsale ends, the Lord of Muskerry, Cormac Mor MacDermot Tadhg McCarthy was designated as the High Sheriff.  He was given the duty to round up those who opposed the current ruler of the land.  One of the lords, James Fitzgerald was known to oppose the current English ruler.  McCarthy invited him to his castle (Carrickaphouka) under the pretense of creating peace.

McCarthy served a poisoned meal to Fitzgerald.  But it seems that he was not satisfied to see him die, McCarthy drained the body of Fitzgerald with his blood and had his flesh cook.  The English rulers were shocked to see McCarthy cannibalizing the flesh of the Lord and drinking his blood.

The Irish people were aghast about the incident; they claimed that McCarthy has been possessed by the pooka that is residing inside the castle.  McCarthy disappeared after that incident; some claimed that he went to France.  But after the news spread about his death, some says that his spirit went back to the castle.  There have been numerous reports about people who walked by the ruins at night and being attack by an unseen force.  There were also fresh Blood that is often sighted at the gates of the castle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Civateteo, Vampire Witch of Mexico.

Civateteo is a woman who died of giving birth, she returned from the dead to take revenge on kids by infecting them with a polio disease and eventually killing them.  Incidentally there is also a part of the Aztec Mythology that is similar to Civateteo and her name is somehow similar to her, Cihuateteo in Aztec would refer to the spirit of a woman who died from delivering her child.

Civateteos are mostly noblewoman, who said to have the powers of witches.  They returned from the death riding a broomstick. They usually preyed on people at crossroads.  The civateteo is an ugly creature, with face that looks so pale and their hands and arms are covered with white chalk.  But contrary to their appearance as a civateteo, these women were used to be beautiful when they were still alive. 

This creature would roam at night to look for children and feed on them.  They will leave the child on an ill state, suffering from either paralysis or an unknown disease until they die.  They were also rumored to have mate with the living to give birth to vampire kids.

People would usually build a shrine at the crossroads and leave an ample amount of food hoping that it will satisfy the craving of the civateteo.  There is also a belief that a delicacy in a shape of a butterfly (either a cake or other pastries) is the creature’s favorite.  They also hope that the vampire-witch would not notice the rising of the sun while she’s enjoying feasting on the offering in the shrine.  Apparently the sun is known to kill this type of vampire since they serve the god of the moon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Masan and Masani

Masan is a male Indian vampire and Masani is a female Indian vampire.  There is not much similar about these two vampires other than their name.  One of them dwells on the cemetery and haunts that place and one victimized those who would cross its shadow.

The Masani can only hunt on the grave yard; some says that her power is limited on that area while other says that her spirit is bound to stay in that place.  She’s always depicted as being black, either by the clothes she wear or her complexion.  Some stories states that her dark complexion is due to the ashes of the pyre.  She only attacks those who accidentally passed the graveyard where she haunts during the night.  Though it is not well explained how the daylight could affects her, it seems that this vampire like most of them is a nocturnal specie.

The Masan is a male vampire who is believed to take the appearance of a child.  It is not clear whether he shaped shifted into a kid or he is a kid.  What clear though is he loves to prey on children.  He takes the pleasure of torturing the child before killing them.  They believe that the Masan despised the children because of his child appearance.  Children must also be careful in walking into anyone’s shadow since the shadow of the Masan contains a curse, a curse that could kill the child.  The Masan is also known for having the magical ability and to put his victims into hypnotic states.

There is no way that you can stop these vampires from terrorizing a certain place.  The only way you can do is to stay as far away as you can to the graveyards and beware of those people with long shadows.  Learning some Sanskrit chant or ritual that is bound to protect an individual can also help.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Tale about the Demon Chair

There is a popular legend about zombie in New Orleans.  They said that there are Devil’s chair placed on 23 of the cemeteries of New Orleans.  However, they believe that there is only one devil throne, where the Voodoo master resides.  They believe that this is the place where you can meet him and sign a pact with him.  They said that the throne can be found at the Saint Louis Cemetery no. 1.

The tale about the Demon Chair tells about the story of Marie Laveau, which is said to be the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.  They said that she was able to learn about the power of the chair from her Master Dr. John.  The followers of Dr. John claimed that they witness Dr. John sitting on the throne and having a conversation with the Devil learning stuff and secrets about zombification, and the ability to create a zombie.  Hey further claimed that Dr. John was able to learn around 100 spells in order to immediately turn someone into a zombie.

The throne found in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is also called as Zombie Making Chair. According to the legends, Dr. John was the first ever mortal that was turn into a zombie while sitting into that chair.  The demonic power of his master was able to grant him the eternal life, and he claims that only the demon can give that power to the mortals.

Thos who believe in the power of the Voodoo believe that if you take a sit in the throne during a moonless night, you will be able to have a conversation with the devil.  During that time, you will have the opportunity to ask the devil to grant you eternal life.  They said that you will no longer age, die or be harmed ever again.

The only problem is that if Satan would be thrown into the bottomless pit, based on the Bible.  Satan will be the one sitting on you for 1000 years.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tomtin is a vampiric fay in the legend of Germany.  They are small creatures dressed in red from their head to toe.  More than an undead creature, they were considered as spirit of the forest that serve the fertility god Nacht Rupert; and god who was once worshipped by the old German tribe, Schwartz Peter.

The Tomtin is known for being a sadist even for the members of the Unseelie Court.  They are known to attack travelers.  They would pounce upon them and start to beat them to death with a stick or a chain.  The blood from their victim would form a pool that the tomtins would drink.  When they finished drinking the blood of their victim, the tomtins would return to their master with the heart and liver of that person.

When Christianity was introduced on the ancient region, they were able to absorb some of the belief and practices of the area to speed up the process of transition.  The god of fertility is known to travel the lands during the winter, he would often give gifts to those people who worship him and leave the others to his tomtins.  Christianity offered Saint Nicholas as an alternative to Nact Rupert.  He was chosen because he was known as Buller Clause all over Germany.

The tomtins are now under the command of Saint Nicholas, but they no longer commit murder.  But the tomtins would now visit children on their beds, wake them up and ask them about their catechism.   Once the children failed to answer the question, the tomtins would whip them while Saint Nicholas will stone them using a lump of a coal.  After they beat them, the tomtins are now free to lick the blood from the children.

The tomtins would evolve in to happy creatures that make toys for the children that Saint Nicholas will distribute during Christmas Day.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Teke Teke

Teke teke is a vengeful spirit that usually haunts railways.  It is defined as the upper torso of a corpse that carries scythe or sometimes a saw.

It has been an inspiration to some popular horror movies in Asia such as Tomie.  According to the story, Teke Teke is a spirit of a young girl who was bullied by her classmates.  One day while sitting on a train station and waiting for the train, her classmates pranked her. 

They scared her with an insect.  The girl got so scared that he fell into the train tracks and the train ran over her body causing her body to split in half.  Her death did not put her spirit at peace.  He went back to the land of the living and swears that she’ll take revenge to those people who did her wrong.

After taking vengeance to them, the teke teke started attacking people particularly children.  She first appeared to her victim with her upper torso, asking them where to find her lower torso.  In order to escape the wrath of the teke teke one must only answer “Meishin Railway”.  Once a person scream or answered anything apart from Meishin Railway, that person will be severed in two.  If a person attempted to run away, he will also be cut into half using her saw or scythe.

Her ability to severe a person in half is too fast that she can do it in a blink of an eye.  She can also appear and disappear at will.  If the teke-teke asked you on how you found out the location of her lower torso you must reply “Kashima Reiko told me”.  Kashima Reiko is the name of the girl who was ran over by the train.  Locals believe she is the spirit of the Teke Teke.

It is believed that anyone who would dare to say the word teke teke would be visited by the teke teke within a month.  So to those who are reading this entry, you might want to avoid railways and train tracks for a month.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Of all the vampire creatures known to mankind, the invunche is said to be the most pitiable.  The Invunche can be found in the legends of Chile.  The witch will kidnap the first born son of a family while he is still a baby and take him back to her sanctuary.  The witch is believed to live in a place which can only be accessed using an underground lake.  The witch would then twist the leg of the infant and put it over the back of the baby causing it to break in the process.  The other legs together with the arms hands and feet are also broken and placed in an unnatural position.

A hole would also be cut on the right shoulder of the baby making it looked like that an arm is growing on the back of the infant.  The head of the infant was also gradually twisted overtime.  After the long process of dismantling the body of the child the infant would start to grow hair all over its body.  The tongue of the baby would also be cut in the middle making it resemble the tongue of the snake.  The witch would also start to feed the baby with a special type of diet which consists of a human flesh.

Due to the deformities of the creature done by the witch, the Invunche will not be able to leave the lair of the witch.  There is only one way that the invunche could leave the cave and that is if the witch decided to use her power and fly the invunche out of the cave.  The invunche serves as a familiar of the witch, while the witch is out and tormenting people, the invunche guards her house and kills everyone who dares to enter it.  Overtime, the creature developed to unleash a terrifying scream that caused anybody to freeze in an instant.

The invunche can also control a lesser being which lure beautiful girls into the cave.  The invunche then would drain the girls of their blood.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yeenaaldlooshii literally means skinwalkers; they were originally a group of powerful magicians who were feared by the ancient American tribe that allegedly had an encounter with them.  They have the ability to take the form of any animals but mostly, they allegedly transform into a wolf.   Aside from taking the form of an animal they are also known to steal the identity of an individual by copying his appearance.

The subject of Yeenaaldlooshii is still popular in the southern part of U.S.A. and the northern part of Mexico.  But the matter of this is discussed in a secretive manner since they believe that most of the powerful Yeenaaldlooshi still lurks in that part of the world.  Thank Goodness, the Yeenaaldlooshi prefers to maintain its anonymity.

The skinwalkers are also known to be a part of a tribe called “Anasazi” meaning ancient enemy. This ancient tribe in known to be hunted by the other tribes and was completely wiped out. Due to the fearsome ability they possess, other tribes were threatened of their existence.  They were also hated for the blood rituals that they usually perform.

One is said to become a Yeenaaldlooshi if he denounced the teachings of the Navajo magic and accepted the mystical magic of witchcraft.  After she was able to reach the highest position as a witch, one must sacrifice the blood of a relative, a child, sibling, or a parent.  This method will said to destroy once humanity and will help them gain the evil power of the yeenaaldlosshi.

Compared to the other skin walkers this wolf like creature cannot be killed alone by the silver bullets, after all they have a protection of the magical spells from this type of weapons.  The only way to kill them is to call them with their real name.  Upon calling them with their real name, the creature would instantly die.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It was during the year 1964, when the head of the MKSEARCH are developing the perfect truth serum to create the perfect “Manchurian Candidate”.  The experiment is like a continuation of the works of Dr. Cameron and Dr. Gottlieb, who were the head of the MK-ULTRA.  But for them to perfect the drug, they would have to use a human guinea pig.  The agency would pick someone who wouldn’t create a suspicion in case they disappeared.

The mind control project reached its climax when Richard Helms assumed the post as the Director for CIA on the 30th of June 1966.  During this time, they would no longer need to search for their test subjects.  VietCong prisoners would be delivered right in front of them when they need one.  All POW (Prisoners of War) that were used as a test subject was declared MIA or killed.

The project named Operation: Spellbinder is created to find the perfect sleepwalking assassin.  Those assassins would be assigned to kill high profile figure while in a state of tranquility.  They would be hypnotized, drugged; mind controlled and ordered to do things that are ordered by their masters.   One of the targets that time was Fidel Castro; the assassin however would have no memory in killing him or in the process would be ordered to let himself be killed by the bodyguards.  But during the whole process he would be unaware of what he’s doing.  He is in a zombification process making him unable to control his body and mind.

But after sometime, Operation Spellbinder was taken down by the official and was declared an utter failure.  At least that is what they want us to perceive considering the fear that it might bring to the public and also the number of those test subjects that ended up dead after being subjected to sadistic measures.

Zombification process has indeed proven useful to the military and government. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Giovanni Aldini

Giovanni Aldini was born in the year 1762 and at a young age of 36, he already acquired the position as a professor of Physics in the University of Bologna located in Northern Italy.  Though others may regard him as a very humble professor, he was also involved in a very bizarre experiment.  Galvanism is derived from the uncle of Giovanni Aldini named Luigi Galvani who experimented on dead frogs.  Galvani through this process discovered that by giving an ample amount of electric current to the dead frog, it was able to twitch and create movement as if it was still alive.

Aldini was greatly influenced by this experiment of his uncle.  He took the experiment of Galvani into a step higher, an experiment that has gone very controversial during his time due to the violation of the corpses.

Aldini was however unable to bring the dead back into life but he was able to make the dead move.  It is not a form of reanimating the corpse but rather animating the corpse.  He followed the same process that Luigi Galvani took but he did not use an animal as his test subject.  He used a body of a recently hanged man named George Foster.  His experiment is based on the use of electric current.

His experiment on the body of George Foster happened in 1803 at the Royal College of Surgeon in London.  George Foster was hanged for the crime of drowning his own wife and child.  By attaching rods to a large battery, (other rods are attached to Foster’s body) Foster’s left eye opened wide.  His jaw began to move in a very bizarre way as if he wanted to say something.

When the rods was attached to his arms, Foster’s hand rise.  But Aldini was quick into explaining that he did not literally bring the dead back to life instead the power of electricity make it looked like that the dead has come back from the grave.

Aldini died in 1834 when he was 72 years old.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


A Vjesci is a type of vampire in the Polish lore.  Based on the old stories, a person can determine if he is destined to become a vjesci during the time of his birth.  A newborn baby who was said to have a cowl in his head will become a vjesci.  In order to prevent a child from turning into a vampire, the cowl is removed.  They set it aside for some time and let it dry, after a few days it is grinded down and fed to the owner on his 7th birthday.  A vjesci unlike any vampire appears to be normal and can easily associate himself within the community.

The person who will become a vjesci is believed to refuse to take the sacrament before his death.  There are also some accounts that said that the creature didn’t really die but just rise up from his grave as a vampire.

Also stated on the legends is the method to stop the attack of this creature.   The story reminds the people that they should receive the Eucharist of the church before they die.  Relatives must also ensure that soil is dispersed inside the coffin especially underneath the corpse to prevent him from coming back to life.  Some will place a crucifix (sometimes a coin) inside the mouth of the suspected vjesci.  There are also accounts that a net would be placed inside the coffin as a cover to the suspected vampire.  They believe that it take a year before a vampire could untie a knot and doing it in a net would take him a lifetime.  Some of them also buried the alleged vjesci face down position in hopes that if the vjeci would be back to life it would just continue to dig farther to the ground.

The wupji which is also a type of a vampire has a striking similarity with vjesci.  But instead of a cowl in his head, the suspected people that will turn into a wupji said to possess two teeth upon his birth.  And unlike vjesci there are no known ways to counteract the undead manifestation of the wupji.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sirhan Sirhan, a Culprit or a Zombified Victim?

When Sirhan Sirhan fired all the eight bullets of his revolver, Senator Robert Kennedy was already dead, but Sirhan Sirhan seems to be in a state of trance.  Was he not able to comprehend the magnitude of the crime that he committed or was he under the zombification process?

George Plimpton was one of those inside the venue that tried to disarm Sirhan Sirhan.  But he cannot forget the look in the eye of the killer.  His eyes are so peaceful like he is in a state of tranquility.  Other guest who was inside the event also testified to the account that it seems Sirhan Sirhan has been drugged or hypnotized.

When he was done on the inquest procedure in the police station, he apparently asked the authority to bring him a copy of the book of Madame Helena Blavatsky, the “Secret Doctrine”.  As we all know Madame Helena Blavatsky is the author of Isis Unveiled, he also discussed paranormal stuff such as psychic vampirism.

On 1967, Sirhan Sirhan was hired as a part timer on an occult bookstore.  Here he started to become interested on astral projection, hypnotism and mind control.  On 1968, Sirhan joined an occult group who claimed to have a connection on the ancient priest of Egypt.
During the court trial, Sirhan Sirhan professed his admiration to John F. Kennedy and that he has no memory of killing Senator Robert Kennedy.  But he also stated that he hated Robert Kennedy for not keeping his promise of giving back the Arabs their home back in Israel.  In the end he told the jury that he might’ve killed Robert but he still insist that he has no knowledge about it.

A lot of theories have manifested such as paranoid psychosis, self hypnotism and being drugged with a certain stimulus that strengthen his will of killing Kennedy.  There is also the theory of mind control thus turning into a mindless zombie and killing Kennedy without his knowledge.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Bizarre Case of Tarrare of France

Tarrare was born in France at around 1722.  During his teenager it is clear to see that he is different from the others because apparently he has an endless need for foods.  His parents even decided to disown him because it came to a point that they could no longer support him with his needs; not to mention Tarrare has devoured everything inside their house including their pets.

When he was in his 20s he joined a group of swindler, becoming a warm-up act to a group of travelling charlatan.  He would eat anything including stones, corks, a whole basket of apples and a live animal.  He then went to Paris and performed on the streets.

Tarrare joined the Army during the War of the First Coalition.  During his military service he would eat anything in the gutter, garbage piles, etc.  But it seems those are not enough to satiate his hungers.  He was then hospitalized due to his deteriorating condition.  He was subjected to different medical experiment due to his bizarre eating habit.  There was one time when Tarrare ate a meal that is intended for 15 people.

His ability caught the attention of the government and they decided to put it to good use.  His job was to swallow documents and pass through enemy lines; they would later recover the documents from his stool.  But unfortunately, Tarrare could not speak German and was captured by the Prusian forces.

He agreed to any medical procedure that would cure him of his big appetite, but it seems any test done on him turns out to be futile.  The procedure was not successful and Tarrare need to feed.  He allegedly drinked the blood of the patient and eat the corpses inside the morgue.  He was also suspected of eating a new born baby.  After that he was expelled from the hospital.

Four years after, he was seen in Versailles suffering from consumption.  He apparently died shortly after that.