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Nabbed by a djinn

A djinn is a mythical vampiric creature in Islamic Mythology that also has a similarity to the Genie of the western culture.  In Oman, a young man was supposedly abducted by djinn while he was driving his motorbike in an area near Mudar Mountain.
A young man attested that he saw the young man drove his motorbike near the mountain but he has not yet returned ever since.  His family has started to grown weary about his absence and ask the neighbors about him.  On their search they managed to find his motorbike but there were no traces of the young man.
The family seek the help of the authority and the police immediately responded by conducting a thorough search.  They mobilize with their search dogs and helicopter but still they were unable to find the man.
On a local newspaper that was published, local residents of the villages surrounding the mountain believe that the djinns dwell on the mountain.  They said that this is not the first mysterious case that happened in that mountain.

A Case of a Cotard Syndrome

Cotard Syndrome also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome is described as a mental illness wherein the person suffering from it thought that he is already dead.  Cotard disease is believed to be one of the rarest diseases in the world not to mention it is really bizarre.
One case happened in a Filipino woman who was named as Ms. L.  One day 911 received an emergency call from the family of Ms. L after complaining that she is dead.  She was then admitted to the psychiatric hospital.  Ms. L smell like a rotten meat and she insisted that she should be taken in a morgue to be with the other dead corpses.  The doctors said that Ms. L have tried to commit suicide which include burning down the house, emaciating herself etc.
Ms. L is in constant medication of antidepressant when she was still in the Philippines, but she has to stop the medication when she came to the US due to the fact that she could no longer remember the name of the medicine.  When she was taken to the hospital, she was hesitan…

A Vampire tale in Russia

There is a Russian vampire tell that tell a story about an Imperial soldier who set on foot to his home.  To reach his village he would have to come across to a mill that stood nearby.  The miller is a close friend of the soldier so he decided to visit him.  He was received warmly by his friend with ale and vodka and they didn’t notice the time while talking about their past since it’s been a long time since they saw each other.  Finally the soldier said to his friend that he should be going since it’s already night time.  But his friend stopped him and warned him that he might not reach his destination if he decided to push through.
The soldier was puzzled about what he said.  He told him that it would be fairly easy for him to reach his hometown since the moon is bright and is not too far away.  His friend told him about the death of a warlock who rise from his grave every night.  The warlock would wander around the town committing horrifying crimes.  No one dares to cross the road …

A Vampire or a Zombie Incident

The account of this zombie incident can be found on the works of Brad Steiger.  He claimed that it was relayed to him by a friend who is a professional journalist and whose works appeared on some notable newspaper in the US.
He said that during the 20th Century, a certain creature still lurks the area of New England.  The creature has been tormenting the certain town but they managed to keep it a secret.  They said that if someone moved in the town, they quickly warn them about the creature and advice them not to stay out late at night.
If someone was believed to be bitten by this “thing”, they would immediately act on their own by sending this victim to a protected area, out of other people’s reach, and they are treated as an undead. Though the account written is similar to that of a vampire novel written by a famous author, the difference is that the villagers know nothing on how to suppress the manifestation of that said creature.  The creature would attack after a long interval.  The…

A Vampire in New Zealand jailed

Ricky Horsburgh is a man from Rotorua who tricked young girls for sex claimed that he is a witch and a blood sucking vampire.  The 22 year old man who  manipulated the 15 year old girl into having sex was given a 3 years and 20 months of imprisonment.  He was also charges in having a sexual relationship with three other minors.
The incident happened in Palmerston North during the period of July 2008-March 2009 while he managed to post a bail on a same offense that he committed.  He also posted a bail on the recent charges, hours only after his arrest.  He was later saw holding hand in hand with a 16 year old girl.
The defense team point out a psychiatric report of their client which highlighted the fact that the sexual offender was diagnosed with a mental disability when he was 16 years old.  But the presiding Judge dismissed the psychiatric report and focused on the fact that he tricked the young girls that he was sterile and telling him that it is the last chance for him to become a …

Tom Burns

Tom Burns, a retired driver and 71 years old at the time the incident happened was playing his piano on a bright day when two girls decided to enter his house.  Lavinia Murray and Sheila Burns who were both five years old seem to be enchanted by the sound of the piano.

Then in the blink of an eye and for no apparent reason at all, Burns decided to murder the two poor kids.  He slit the throat of one of the five year old girls, and then binds the other kid before strangling her to death. The bodies were discovered on the 13th of June, 1958.  They were found two days after they disappeared and the two of them are found naked.  Both of the bodies show evidence that they were sexually assaulted and were mutilated after.  Burns then decided to drain the blood of his victims and then slice them on smaller parts before cooking and eating them.
When he was arrested, people threw bricks at his house and more than 100 people attended his trial.  But the other attendant was not able to take the det…

Joel Martin-New-Age Vampire Hunter

Watch out vampire, a modern Van Helsing is out to get you.  Joel Martin, a self-professed vampire hunter in New York believes that there are hundreds of bloodsuckers walking among us concealing themselves as a human.  They are said to be often hanging out at the watering holes in downtown.
The vampire hunter from Long Island said that the real vampire is different from the idea of vampires in Twilight.  But he is a hundred percent sure that bloodsuckers exists.  He said that the downtown vampires can be usually found in bars found in Soho, Greenwich and TriBeca particularly those Gothic –themed bar.
Martin first is a doubter about the existence of the blood sucking creature.  But he started to become a believer after conducting an interview with Stephen Kaplan, the author of “Vampire Are” on Martin’s radio show on the year 1974.  Since then he started to research the topic about these vampires with Kaplan.

The Kaplan’s Vampire Research Center is located in Martin’s home located at the en…

Sex offender claiming that he is vampire

The search of the authority for an alleged sexual offender led them to a child molester who claimed that he is a vampire.  He added that he have fangs to back up his claims.
The law enforcement was searching for a convicted sexual offender.  They said that David Gray who was 48 years old who lived in Mesa, Arizona sleeps in a casket and believe that he is a 100% vampire.
David Gray acquired a dental implant placed into his teeth to make it look like a vampire fangs.  He was also convicted for sexually molesting the daughter of his girlfriend.  He served a little bit of his sentence and was placed in lifetime probation after. But Gray violated his probation.  Gray was not allowed to move location without telling his officer.
The authorities found him in an intersection in Mesa which is near the 67th street.  He was ordered by the officer to go down his vehicle and was arrested.  He was just one of the 30 sex offenders that were arrested on the past few weeks.

Officers tend to increase thei…

Sava Savanovic-A Serbian Vampire

Rumours about a legendary vampire roaming around the small village found in Western part of Serbia spread fear to the villagers but increase the number of tourist visits.   Local authorities of Zarozjoe remind the public to always carry cloves of garlic on their pocket and place crosses on their doorways in order to repel a visit of a supposed vampire.  They believe that a sleeping legendary vampire has awaken and now preying on the villagers of a remote area and also boosting their local income on potential surge of tourists.
The villagers are baffled on the information given to them by the authorities.  They knew for a fact that Sava Savanovic was a part of a Serbian folklore.  But nonetheless, it’s better to take precautions whether the story is real or not.
Interestingly, the town’s folks are aware that it is a legend but they do not dismiss the fact that some unexplainable things happened in that area on the past.  The story of Sava Savanovic was passed to them by their ancestor…

Russian Vampire Tale

A long time ago, a Russian peasant or a moujik was taking the road along countryside with a cart full of pots when he was overtaken by midnight.  He decided to continue on his journey until the time he could find a shelter where he could let the night passed by.  But his horse move slower and slower to the point that it finally stopped on a graveyard.  No matter how hard he whipped or cursed his horse, it still refused to move.  The moujik gave up on persuading his horse; he took his mat and tried to sleep on one of the graves.
Just as he was dozing off, he felt a tombstone move.  He was so shocked when he saw that the grave is open and the corpse came out of it.  The corpse is wearing an old shroud while carrying his coffin lid.  The corpse placed his coffin lid into the church door.
The moujik then decided to take the coffin lid and put it in his cart.  He then took his ax and waited for things to transpire.  By the breaking of dawn, the corpse returned and threatened the moujik that …

A real reverend Zombie

This is a story about a rich reverend that was said to turn into a zombie by his mistress with the help of Sanite Dede.  Sanite Dede, during her time is considered as one of the most powerful Voodoo Queens.
The wealthy reverend who lived in New Orleans, a place which is known for its rich culture in voodoo never fails to amuse the girls with his handsome look.  His blue eyes and strong German features made him popular to the girls and girls alike.  But despite of that he remained faithful to his wife, or so we thought.  He was having a secret affair with the servant girl of a plantation.
The illicit affair lasted for 3 years.  The reverend managed to keep their relationship a secret.  The slave girl was head over heels with the reverend, she would always watch him even from afar.  She can’t help but admire the good features of the reverend.  The reverend ask the owner of the servant to donate her to him but the owner of the plantation refused.
The plantation owner demanded a huge amount…

A Pony Named Lady

In September 8, 1967 the body of Lady, an Appaloosa pony was found dead In San Luis Valley, Colorado.  All the meat from her shoulder down to the tip of her muzzle was all missing.  The bones located on its skull and neck resembles the bones that have been sitting under the sun for years; they were all white and dried up.   The skull cavity also turns out to be dry and empty.  There is a strong scent that permeates the air and the ground contains a scorch mark that is all around the corpse of the pony.
Although the pony seems to be mutilated and ended up in a gruesome situation, there were no drop of blood that can be found in the scene.  More shockingly is the marks of the hooves all around the body that does not belong to the dead pony.  One of the hooves was said to be at around 18 inches wide.  The case of Lay, is just one of those countless of cattle mutilation that seems to be unstoppable and going around for 30 years in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

On an examination conducted to t…

Lammikin-A Scottish lore

A Scottish ballad that can be traced back to 1775 tells the story of a mason named Lammikin.  Lammikin was hired by a nobleman to build a castle for him.  But after finishing the castle, he never received any single centavo or any type of payment from the nobleman.
Lammikin devised a plan to get even with the nobleman.  He seeks the help of a nursemaid who works inside the castle.  One night the nursemaid let Lammikin into the castle in order to kill the nobleman along with his entire family.  But Lammikin together with the nursemaid was captured and they were both executed for the crime that they committed.
But the story didn’t end there.  The ballad turns a bit of a development as time passed by.  There were 22 different variation of the story of Lammikin.  In one of the version of the story, Lammikin is not only a mason but also a vampire who feed on the blood of the mothers with young kids.
The ballad tells how the Lammikin would enter the house at night and find the room of the chi…

Zirovec-Slovenian Lore

Zirovec is a part of the Slovenian lore.  He was said to be a wealthy and caring man, but despite of that he turned into a vampire.  Zirovec died in Tomiselj 50 yrs. ago.  He turned into a Vedomec which is a local term for a vampiric creature.  According to the story, Zirovec rose from his grave and started to visit his wife during night time.  He will spend the whole night with his wife, a normal thing that he do when he was still walking on this life. 
Some old men who are still alive on that day and are familiar with Zirovec, testified that they can sometimes see him sitting casually in a rock located near their house.  They often saw him wearing only one sock.  Though there were never accounts that someone was attacked by the phantom of Zirovec, the villagers are too terrified of him, which is no longer surprising considering some of the myths about the undead.
The local church authority decided to put once and for all an end to this bizarre sighting of Zirovec’s phantom.  They e…

A man attacked his own father to drink his blood

A man who thinks that he is a vampire attacked his own father with a knife and drinks his blood in order to join an order of the vampire.  He was handed a 3-year suspended sentence which means the next time he attempted to bite another man again and suck his blood, he will definitely go straight to a mental asylum.
Raimund G, the man who decided to become a self-pledged vampire on November needs to drink blood in order to be ordained in a group of vampires.   It is just too unfortunate that he chose his own father.
The attack happened supposedly in one evening when the whole family prepares for a dinner.  Raimund apparently went straight to the drawer to get a knife and attacked his father.  While he was launching the attack he confessed to his parents that he is a vampire and he needed to kill his father.
His father was able to take away the knife from the hand of Raimund, but he was able to reach for a second knife and went after his old man. His father sustained a cut in his finger t…

A high school Werewolf

On a 4-minute report of Ken 5, they revealed about high school students that are claiming to be “teen werewolves”.  The students might have been influenced with the popularity of the “Teen-Wolf” series.
The group of students studying at John Marshall High said that there are no reasons for them to be feared.  The pack of “werewolves” who exhibits a goth looks said that they were not a gang and they treat each other like a family.
The students sometimes conduct a meeting during full moon but under a parents’ consent.  Fascination about the werewolves started on the 1930s upon the launch of some popular movies.  But the recent movies like Van Helsing and Twilight saga with touch of romance made the legend more popular to the teenagers.
The pack of “werewolves” might not have the power to shape shift in the form of a wolf but these teens are experiencing transformation on their own from childhood to adulthood.  Growing teens needs to have some sense of belonging and the group of the self=pr…

Mullos-A Gypsy Vampire

Mullos are Gypsy vampires, they are the restless one that rose up from their grave to avenge their death and torment those who are responsible for her death.  That was really the initial motive of Mullos, to extract revenge but eventually, this vampire would be killing any person she dislike and engaged in various sexual activity.  They strangle human and animals first before feeding on them.  They usually appear a normal human, except that they have no bones, legends says that the Mullos leave their bones in their grave.
The Mullos have very long hair; some of them have hair touching on their ground.  Their hair also appeared to be flaming due to its yellow color.  They also have fangs that are similar to elephant’s tusk.
The Mullos are sexually active vampires.  They are having sexual intercourse with those people that they were never allowed to be married when they were still alive and also to anybody that they like.  Their sexual urge is insatiable that their partner grown weak and…

A group of English colonists during the Starving Time

Archaeologists have recently discovered the supposed first physical evidence on the cannibalistic act that was committed by the desperate English Colonists at around 1609-1610 at the town of Jamestown, Virginia.
The team who conducted the research announced this recent finding in Washington D.C. at a press conference held last May 1. 2013.  The incident of the cannibalism in Jamestown was referred to at least 5 historical documents, but this is the first ever physical evidence that was found to prove the alleged incident.
James Horn, the Vice President of research of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation claimed that the damaged skull is the only factual evidence of cannibalism by Europeans in all the European colonized country.
The skull is believed to be owned by a 14-year-old girl from England whom the researchers named as “Jane”.  The skull was found 2.5 feet down in a place believed to be a building that was built during 1608. Upon subjecting it to further analysis the skull was dis…

A Doctor possessed by a Wendigo

1920, Fort Kent,  A couple which is consist of a young doctor and his wife decided to move to Fort Kent during the war on England.  He started practicing his profession, doing an in home service to help the people of Fort Kent.  The essentials of war such as the weapon base and the Cold Lake Air Force are just a few minutes away from their location so his profession became handy.
It has been a successful run for his practice until a swarm of rats infested the place.  The rats allegedly carried different illness such as small pox which plagued the place and infected half of the population of the town. Even though the doctor is aware that he could do nothing for those who are infected, he still tried to cure them.
Eventually, his wife acquired the sickness and died.  When his wife died he allegedly locked up inside his home and refused to accept any patient.  He also built a shrine in honor of his late wife.  The Indians of the area are already aware about the presence of Wendigo in the …

A criminal who calls himself as the “Wolfman”

Robert Lesarian Howard also known as the Wolfman, sex offender is sentenced for a life imprisonment after proven beyond reasonable doubt that he was responsible for the murder of a 14-year-old school girl.  Robert was found guilty on October 2003 of killing Hannah Williams.
Howard has a history of sexual perversion in the past 40 years of his life.  Hannah who apparently lived in the house with her mother disappeared on the month of April 2001.For 10 months, authorities and families were unable to find any clue to her disappearance until her decomposing body was discovered at an abandon cement shop.
Authorities believed that strangulation is the cause of her dead.  She was strangled using a 12-m. rope at around the time she disappeared.  The investigation of the police led them to Howard who was a long time friend of Hannah.  He was arrested after only 8 days that the body of Hannah was discovered.
The police also uncovered his series of sexual offence dating back as far as 1964.  He wa…

A Crime committed by someone obsessed with vampire culture.

Lisa Manderach was about to celebrate her birthday on the next coming weeks when she went on a quick trip with her daughter (who was only 19 months old that time) to a newly opened clothing store located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania non the 10th of September,  1995.  That was the last time they saw Liza and her daughter alive.  Details of the incident were documented on the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Lisa’s husband is well aware of her wife’s destination so the police launched a thorough search on the store.  The investigation team managed to found a stashed of pornographic materials stained with bloods and strands of long hair similar to the missing woman.  Caleb Fairly, 21 years old and was the keeper of the clothing store possess some notable scratches on his face.  He said he acquired them on a small fight in a local club, but upon further analysis, the scratches revealed to be an injury caused by fingernails.  The police arrested Fairly as the prime suspect on the committed crime.


A Chupacabra slayed 35 sheep?

Farmers  in Mexico found 35 of their sheep dead with noticeable claw marks and bite around their neck.  At an instant glance of the sheep, the farmers firmly believe that it was done by a chupacabra.  One of the farmers who was tending his flock of sheep that night claimed that he witnessed a creature with sharp teeth and wings that feast on the sheep.
Chupacabra is a vampiric creature that commonly attacks the livestock by draining their blood, usually leaving their meat untouched, even though they have also been blamed for most of the mutilation done on the livestock.
Around the same time when the incident occurred, a photo of a creature that looked like a mix between a kangaroo and a dog surfaced the public.  The hospital workers were able to see the creature while they are on break and they said that it quickly flee into the woods.  They were able to capture it by luring it into a trap, but they eventually released it back to the wild.
Authorities believed that the death of 35 shee…

A Case of the Vampire Witch

Diana Semenuha, 29, a resident of Odessa, Ukraine was arrested by the police in March of 2005.  She was a prime suspect for the disappearance of a number of children.  Upon further interrogation, Diana Semenuha confessed that he lure children to her home and feast on their blood.  She believe that it was an effective cure to his muscle-related disease but it appears there is more than that.   Semenuha would lure the children in her home promising them with foods and other necessities.  She would then drugged the innocent child and bleed them to gather some blood.  Apparently, Semenuha will not be able to consume all the blood and she would sell the remaining stuff with those who practiced black magic and Satanism.  One the children serves her no purpose and is already weak, she return them to the streets and immediately found replacement.

The police received information about this event and they raided the apartment of Semenuha in Odessa.  The whole place I covered with black, black …

A case of a Darkling Possession

The story started when the Lee Family of Chicago moved out to New Orleans for a short family vacation.  Ethan Lee, the head of the family claimed that he is a descendant of Gen. Robert Lee and of course he wanted to visit New Orleans and explore the area.
On that afternoon, the Lee family visited the tomb of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.  They were walking along the Bourbon Road and talking about certain stuff when Claire caught something on the corner of her eye.  It was two boys who seemed to appear out of nowhere.  They pushed little Timothy that causes him to come rambling to the street.
Ethan was alert to pick up his son.  But as soon as he picked up his son, Timothy started to cough as if it induced something.  Claire was so furious about what the two boys did.  She tried to shout back at them but the two boys was nowhere in sight.  Ethan was puzzled about the shouting of his wife apparently Ethan never saw the image of the two boys.  The people on the street started looking at …

A capsule made from fetuses

Customs officials in South Korea have intercepted thousand of pills being smuggled in the country.  More than 17,000 pills described as a miracle pill that is believed to cure any type of sickness.  Upon further analysis, it was discovered that the pills are made from fetuses.  The flesh of the unborn were dried up and turned into a powder to create the pill.
The gruesome trade has been happening for sometime in the Mainland China.  Medical companies are receiving notifications from medical staff about babies being aborted.  They would then purchased the tiny fetus and store it to their refrigerator before they were taken into the medical clinic to be placed in medical microwaves.

After the skins are all dried up, they were grounded into powder to create pills.  The powdered fetuses are mixed with some special herbs.  The main purpose of the special herb is to hide the main ingredients of the said pill especially to customs officials.
Chinese authorities were well aware of the said trad…

Cannibal Rap Artist

Antron Singleton also known as Big Lurch is a rap artist serving his life imprisonment for murdering a female acquaintance and eating parts of her body.  The incident happened in April of 2002 while the rap artist is under the influence of PCP. Big Lurch had the privilege to work with different music artist.  On April of 2002, he went to the apartment of Tynisha Ysais to murder her. Tynisha’s boyfriend testified that he and the perpetrator spent the night smoking PCP which is also known in its name “Angel Dust”.
She was found dead inside her own apartment by a friend named Alisa Allen.  Her chest was ripped open and a blade was found broke on her shoulder blade.  There were teeth marks found on the victim’s face and on her lungs which are torn from the opening on her chest.
Witnesses who saw the police arrest Singleton testified that they saw him staring at the sky naked and covered with blood.  Upon deeper examination, they found a human flesh inside his stomach that does not belong to…

A Beggar named Swiatek

Swiatek is a self confessed cannibal who likes to victimized children and whose behavior can be compared to that of a berserkir, a trait attributed to lycanthropy.  He lived his whole life in Polomyja, villagers who reside in this town were usually farmers or woodcutters a not so fortunate town.  Swiatek has a family, he provide their day to day need by asking for some alms to the villagers.  From time to time Swiatek will sell ornaments and beads.  But the villagers are not fond of the fact that Swiatek only relies on the villagers for his family to survive.
It was 1840, when random kids started to mysteriously disappear.  One day Swiatek was invited by a family to have a meal, this particular family has many children.  Swiatek gave one of the girls a ring and told her that there are a dozen of rings and can only be found using a magical incantation.  The girl together with the other kids rushed outside in search for the rings.  Moments after, Swiatek left the house and the girl was…

A 14 year old boy sliced and cooked the flesh of a 7 year old boy

In a ritual that he said to be inspired by the movie Warlock, 14 year old Sandy Charles killed a 7 year old boy.  The way that the body of the 7 year old kid was mutilated is similar to that of the Movie.  Sandy Charles is said to watch the movie for at least 10 times.
Sandy Charles stabbed the 7-year-old kid with a knife and beat him using a beer bottle and a piece of rock.  After he was successful in killing the boy, he sliced his flesh into strips and boiled it down.  Based on the movie “Warlock” drinking a boiled down fat that comes from a virgin would give you the ability to fly.  Charles allegedly wanted to fly.
He apparently told the police that a spirit inside his room was instructing him to do it.  He was thinking about committing a suicide but later decided that killing someone is a better idea.  During the trial, a psychiatrist test was presented as a witness proving that Charles is suffering from a mental illness.  It was reported that he did not see the victim as a human bu…

3 Homeless Man accused of Cannibalism

3 homeless men were arrested by the police due to the allegations of cannibalizing a 25-year-old man.  Authorities believed that they have butchered the man and sold the other pieces of his flesh to a kebab house.  The authorities aroused suspicion when they stumbled upon scattered human remains that are near the bus stop on the City of Perm which is around 720 miles in the Eastern part of Moscow.
Prior to this, the three men already have criminal records.  They allegedly attacked the man using a knife and a hammer and started slicing his flesh.  The allegation whether some of the pieces were sold to the customers of kebab house is yet to be proven.

The local investigators said that after committing the crime, they decided to divide the corpse.  They ate some parts of the victims while the remaining parts were sold to an establishment selling pies and kebabs.

2 Teens killed a girl in hope to sell their souls to the devil

Two boys allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl and killed her after in hopes that they would be able to sell their soul to the devil in the form of a satanic ritual.
Jose E. Reyes, 17 and another 16 year old boy were accused of mutilating the body of the girl which includes carving the image of an inverted crucifix on her stomach.  Reyes and the other boy were facing a charge of a 1st degree murder for murdering Corriann Cervantes.  The name of the other boys was not divulged since he is still a minor.
Officers said that the two boys lured the 15 year old girl into an apartment and hit her with an ashtray and a toilet tank lid.  They then proceed on stabbing the poor girl with a screw driver on her face.  The incident happened on February 5 somewhere in the southeast of Houston.
Reyes was arrested on Sunday and was being held without bail on a Harris County Jail.  His lawyer refused to give any comments as he claimed that he was just a newly appointed lawyer and new a little ab…

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum-Australia’s Haunted Structure

Situated in the lovely, picturesque town of Beechworth, only a couple of hours away from Melbourne is the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. The mental facility was later called as the Mayday Hills Hospital, it is said to be the second most established refuge in Victoria, going back 1867. At the point when the mental facility opened, it extended around half of a kilometer from one end to the next.
The Beechworth Asylum held a sum of 1200 mental patients. More than 3000 patients passed on inside of its dividers within the 128 long years the healing center worked. Its entryways were shut in 1995, and from that point forward, it has become the grounds of La Trobe University, as lodging and gathering structure.
One of the rooms contains the mark of "J. Kelly", carved in the glass. J Kelly is supposed to be Ned Kelly's (the celebrated bandit) uncle which is James Kelly. In the wake of torching the house of his sister-in-laws in Greta, wherein a youthful Ned was in during that time, …