Count de Saint-Germain

Count de Saint-Germain is the spirit guide of many occult; some of them claimed that the Count continues to walk the land of the living with us. Every description of the Count points to being a vampire. The Count transfer from one place to another from time to time, and whenever he stayed on a certain place, there were people who would just vanish.
Frederick the Great called him as the immortal man because according to the Count who is also a self-confessed alchemist, he is already 2,000 years old. He managed to live that long by ingesting a liquid that would enable you to prolong your life. Though the nature of the “liquid” was never mentioned, many experts believed that it is blood.
The Count is also able to speak number of languages and his mastery on painting and the arts were an envy of every artist of his time. Many said that his techniques were far too advanced and his mixing of pigments was unrivalled.
Since Count de Saint-Germain claimed that he is already 2,000 years old, he wo…

Black Cat Mama Couteaux

In the old black Powdermill Cemetery, or it might be Ebenezer Baptist Churchyard and is an unmarked grave. Only the faithful know where to find it for sure. And to those blessed beings that really know the secrets of real Voodoo and special Texas Hoodoo, all say... keep away.Still many others in Marshall will insist her hidden grave lies behind Galilee Baptist Church on Johnson Street. And it is the unmarked grave marked only with three black large stones and voodoo hoodoo blessed and dressed offerings.Others will tell you it can be found in a all white cemetery. And that's just to keep anyone from resurrecting her zombie husband who is buried with her from rising again.My Mama told me once when I was very young that if you went to Whetstone Cemetery behind East Texas Baptist University. And precisely at 3:AM, you can hear a real zombie. You hear him moaning and scratching from the hard ground, impatiently waiting out his time for someone to dig him up.Because here lies Black'…

Chef Survives after Falling 50 ft and Landing on a Concrete Pavement

Daniel Walker, 20 years old and a Chef has been dubbed as a superhuman by the doctors after surviving a 50 ft. fall and landing on a concrete ground. Walker fell down from his balcony and into the concrete pavement. Though he suffered a broken ribs, head and kidney injuries, fractured spine etc Walker is still alive.
He went into a heart surgery that lasted for nine hours to fix his main arteries, and also a 12 hour muscle grafting. Doctors gave him a 30 percent chance to survive. However, after only a month of recovery, Walker was back on his feet.
Daniel who himself couldn’t believe that he is still alive up to this day shared the experience to the press. He said he kept on looking at his photo while he is in the hospital and it is really impossible for him to survive considering the magnitude of the incident.
Doctors in the hospital called him superhuman as he wanted to take a walk after a mere two weeks after the accident happened. Daniel was with her girlfriend when the accident hap…

Roland Henry Tammen, Jr.

The case of the disappearance of Roland Henry Tammen Jr. has got to be one of the most baffling and bizarre cases of disappearance in the history of mankind. A sophomore student of the Miami University located in Oxford, Roland Henry Tammen Jr. worked at the Fisher hall as a resident adviser.
On April 19, 1953, Roland discovered a dead fish on his bed thus he requested the dorm mother for a new bed sheet. Moments after, he apparently heard something that disturbed him outside of his room. Roland supposedly left to investigate the source of the noise but he never returned. Roland left all of his belongings and valuables in the university. His car was also left inside the campus together with the keys and his wallet; and even though the weather that night is chilling, Roland decided to leave his jacket.
Now for an eerie turn out of events, later that night a woman that resides 12 miles away from the dorm claimed that a young man that matched the description of Roland came to her. He appear…

The People of Lou Lan

The fate that happened to the people of Lou Lan continues to be an unsolved puzzle to our scientist for a very long time. The ruins of their inhabited place turns out to be a prosperous and an advanced civilization, no one can literally explain why they had to abandon that place. The Lou Lan city is believed to established during 175 B.C.E., and the civilization is known to continue for at least 8 centuries.
Up to this day, no one knows what happens to the people of the Lou Lan, some are convinced that they were struck by a terrible natural phenomena that wiped them all out. But after around 800 years of prosperity, is it really possible for an entire population of a large city to just disappear in one night? The advance city that was once a cradle of advance civilization became what is now called the Sea of Death.

But there are some artifacts discovered on the city that could shed light on what really happened on the people of Lou Lan. One of the artifacts was a mask that resembles the…

Midnight Washerwoman

Midnight Washerwoman also known as Les Lavandieres is a part of the Celtic lore. They are three old woman who go to the edge of the river during midnight and wash the shroud of those who are about to die. The three old women may be derived from the old Celtic story of the three goddesses of death and slaughter.
The three women have said to turn their back away from their religious belief. They can often be sighted at the isolated part of the river. The description of the vampiric creature depends upon the location. In England, the Washerwoman of the Night appears similar to a ghost while in France, the creature is depicted as a being similar to a skeleton. But in those countries where they are believed to exist, the Midnight Washerwoman is considered as a harbinger of death.
If you are travelling alone at a night and happens to come across to them, you must wring out the laundry. If not, the washerwoman would turn and break your limbs and throw you in the water. Les Lavandieres were als…


Bouda, aside from being a blood sucking creature, it is also considered as were-hyena since it has the ability to shape shift into a form of a hyena. It is a type of a living vampire found in the lore of Morocco, Tanzania and Ethiopia. They can shape shift into a hyena using their magical ability.
When it transforms into a hyena, the bouda would look like any other hyena present in the area, except for the magical amulet that the creature wears. In case the creature loses the amulet that it wears while it is in its animal form, the bouda would immediately return to its original human form.
They are also skilled in crafting magical amulets and charms. They are often found at their forges crafting charms that would let them focus their magical ability and achieve a better transformation.  Bouda are also called as “bultungin” in Nigeria which translates to “I changed myself into a hyena.”
According to the Bouda Legend in Ethiopia, it is believed that every blacksmith can actually wield magi…