Friday, June 30, 2017

Edgar Allan Poe, A Vampire?

Edgar Allan Poe, an author, poet, editor, etc. was known for his macabre tales and mystery novels. He got married on 1835 with his 13-year old cousin Virginia Clemm. She contracted the virus of tuberculosis on January of 1842 and succumbed to death after five years. As we all know, the consumption is often associated with vampirism. But that is not the reason why Edgar Allan Poe was suspected of vampirism. It was due to the Poe Toaster.

The Poe Toaster is a name given to an unidentified person who pays an annual tribute to his gravesite. It began in 1949 and occurs every year on the exact date of the birthday of Poe.  Based on Wikipedia “In the early hours of the morning on that date, a black-clad figure, presumed to be male, with a silver-tipped cane enters the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. The individual proceeds to Poe’s grave, where he or she raises a cognac toast. Before departing, the Toaster leaves three red roses and a half-bottle of cognac on the grave.”

In the 2011 radio play entitled “The Poe Toaster Not Cometh” aims to explain the mysterious death of Poe. He was depicted as a vampire who arrives from the future and went on a killing spree on Baltimore. They depicted the Poe Toaster as the contemporary of Poe that was able to survive time by means of occult.

On several occasions, the Poe Toaster will leave a note. Notes with messages like “The torch will be passed” or “Edgar, I haven’t forgotten you.”

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Werewolf of Zarnow

Zarnow is a small village found in the Opoczno County in Germany, and we all know that Germany has a rich culture of werewolves. One incident about a werewolf happens in an area near Zarnow in the year 1831. It is said that a terrible werewolf went loose that cause great suffering on the people of Zarnow and to their livelihood. The werewolf was believed to come from the woods nearby; it started killing cattle and humans when it reached the village. There was even one account that the creature ripped a child into pieces with its sharp claws and vicious teeth.

It came a time when the villagers had enough of the terror of the werewolves that they decided to form a group that would hunt the supposed werewolf. The group is usually composed of the peasant of the village. On one occasion the group chased the werewolf and managed to corner it. The enraged villagers were so furious that they were prepared to kill the werewolf. 

However, right before their very eyes, the werewolf allegedly changed into a human form, taking the appearance of a tall man with a club on his hand. It seems like the werewolf can trick the people in believing that he is one of them. 

According to the story, it is not clear whether they really saw a werewolf. It is possible that they just saw a shadow figure that they mistaken to be a werewolf; and when they chased him they only concluded that he was able to take the appearance of a human but they never really saw it changed.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Russel Eugene Weston Jr.

Russel Eugene Weston Jr. stormed the U.S. Capitol on the 24th of July, 1998 and killed 2 cops in the process. He told the court that he attacked the capitol in order to prevent the United States from being conquered by a horde of cannibals and an unknown disease.

He told them that if he hadn’t come to Washington, he would’ve been affected by the disease he called the Black Heva, he claimed it as the most deadliest disease known to mankind. He said that he went to the capitol to gain access to the “ruby Satellite”. He believed that the device was being kept safe at the senate and it is the only way to stop the cannibals. He even told the doctors that he shot the two officers because they are cannibals who are stopping him from gaining access to the satellite.

Neighbors of the accused often stayed away from him. They think he is an odd and eccentric individual. There was also one account that Weston thought that his neighbor is using his dish satellite to spy on him. He also believed that the Navy seals are hiding on his corn farm.

Prior to this, Weston allegedly killed their 25 cats because they have fleas. He also went into a 50 day treatment in a mental hospital after threatening someone. He was later released after finding out that he cannot be a danger to himself.

Weston was found not fit to stand a trial because he is mentally incapacitated. The judge recommended that he should be sent into a mental facility to receive treatment.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Zombie Lady of Haiti

One of the most famous zombies on Haiti was Felicia Felix-Mentor. Zora Neale Hurston reported the case of Felix-Mentor. They said that she was so drugged that he would not even feel if a lighted cigarette was placed in her mouth. She is in terrible shape, all her eye lashes had fallen out and she wore rags and walks the street barefooted. Felix-Mentor hated the sunlight; she would immediately cover if a ray of sunlight touches her skin.

The presence of Felix-Mentor attracted many visitors including those of the Mentor family. The Mentor noticed that she resembles that of their deceased family member Felicia. The family without knowing that it is really Felicia took her in.

They sent her to a state hospital to receive an immediate treatment but despite of efforts to bring her back to normal, she died a week later. Felicia spoke in a monotone and emotionless way due to the effect of drugs. They also claimed that Felicia laughed with no emotion at all. Whenever referring to herself, she would never use the word “I” and she does not seem to be aware of her surroundings.

The zombie during that time was created using the tetrodotoxin of the puffer fish. Doctors were saying that the woman’s identity is in question. Furthermore they said that the woman is just schizophrenic and not zombified. 

The case of Felicia Felix-mentor is the same as the case of Clairvius Narcisse. They said that practice about zombification increased during the rule of the dictator Duvalier.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ted Nugent Warns People about the Next Zombie Attack

Ted Nugent, the former member of the band Damn Yankees warned people about the upcoming anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. He posted on Facebook that the anniversary will bring a series of attack on Americans and Europeans who are unarmed on an incident that he called the “4th world allahpuke zombies”.

He wrote:

“9-11-14 is the day of infamy again. Unarmed & helpless Americans and Europeans will be viciously ambushed when they least expect it, and the death toll will be more brutal and widespread than all the peace & love dreamers could ever imagine,”

He advised people to prepare for the attack and armed themselves with ammunition in order to keep themselves protected. He also added tips on how to kill the allahpuke zombies.

He said:

“Those who carry guns had better gun & ammo up no matter where you go, carrying at least 10 spare mags or 10 spare speedloaders because the allahpukes are confident they will once again methodically slaughter walking cowering whining cryin helpless sitting ducks capable of zero resistance,”  the frequent Fox News guest explained. “To gullible naive embarrassing ill prepared targets, there is still time to firepower up ASAP.  Head for cover but retain an attentiveness in order to identify the evildoers and dbl tap center mass, then two to the head. Then take cover and prepare your next evasive escape, taking dwn (sic) known jihadists to the best of your ability, Aim small miss small center mass & headshots.”

When asked to explain all that is going to happen, he added:

“This is going to be the real deal & absolutely survivable against these 4th world allahpuke zombies. STAND! Go heavy, Only assholes are outgunned, Dont be outgunned or out ammo’d. Goodluck. Be safe, Shoot straight & OFTEN, Godspeed, killemall.”

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Luka Rocco Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta’s real name is Eric Clinton Kirk Newman. He was born in July 24, 1982. He was a model and porn actor that is accused for dismembering the body of Lin Jun, an International student from Wuhan and mailing his severed limbs to political parties and elementary schools.

Magnotta left the country after a video about the murder was supposedly posted online. The Interpol started an international manhunt. He was later arrested in an internet café in Berlin while he is reading news about himself.

Magnotta began working as a porn actor and an escort model in 2003. He also appeared as a pin up model on one magazine back in 2005. He also made some television appearance during the year 2007. He declared bankruptcy in March of 2007 but was discharged later that year.

Rumors started to circulate that Magnotta is in a relationship with Karla Homolka, which is a high profile killer. Though he denied about the affair, during the investigation of the murder, the authorities told the press that Magnotta and Homolka dated. However, they later retracted that statement and said that they do not have enough evidence to prove that.

May 25, 2012, when a video entitled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was uploaded in the website The video shows a naked man bounded into a bed frame and was repeatedly stabbed using an ice pick and a knife. He then proceeds in dismembering the body and committing an act of necrophilia. The police was able to obtain a more elaborate form of the video and said that Magnotta also perform cannibalism.

Early reports about the video were dismissed by the officials. Later on they found out that the video was authentic after body parts of the victim were sent to political parties and elementary schools. The body was identified to be Jun Lin also known as Justin Lin.  His bodies were cremated after.

As of the moment, Magnotta is inside the prison awaiting his trial.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Count de Saint-Germain

Count de Saint-Germain is the spirit guide of many occult; some of them claimed that the Count continues to walk the land of the living with us. Every description of the Count points to being a vampire. The Count transfer from one place to another from time to time, and whenever he stayed on a certain place, there were people who would just vanish.

Frederick the Great called him as the immortal man because according to the Count who is also a self-confessed alchemist, he is already 2,000 years old. He managed to live that long by ingesting a liquid that would enable you to prolong your life. Though the nature of the “liquid” was never mentioned, many experts believed that it is blood.

The Count is also able to speak number of languages and his mastery on painting and the arts were an envy of every artist of his time. Many said that his techniques were far too advanced and his mixing of pigments was unrivalled.

Since Count de Saint-Germain claimed that he is already 2,000 years old, he would often tell you stories about the gossip in a Babylonian court, his conversation with Queen of Sheba, he would relay about the different miraculous work of Jesus Christ.

There were records that Saint-Germain died on the Court of Landgrave, but despite of the records, some still believes that it is only a fake death. They also claimed that this is not the first time that he faked death; they said that he had done this in order to continue in drinking the “liquid” and watch the world as history unfolds.

The excerpt below can be found on the works of Brad Steiger.  He stated:

Since I first wrote of the Count in the 1950s, I have heard from numerous individualswho claim to have encountered the legendary being. I am not referring tomembers of various secret societies who claim Count de Saint-Germain as theirmaster teacher, but serious minded individuals—many of them experiencedparanormal researchers. Only recently some investigators have told me that theyhave spoken with the Count as he stood in the shadows and that he promised toreturn to them and make himself more fully known to them. My advice is topractice extreme caution when arranging such a rendezvous.As an interesting postscript to my theorizing that Count de Saint-Germain wouldhave made the perfect vampire, I learned that Chelsea Quinn Yarbo has written aseries of novels in which the eternal Count moves through time as a vampire. I guessI was not the only one who had begun to suspect the “man who lives forever.”

Friday, June 23, 2017

Black Cat Mama Couteaux

In the old black Powdermill Cemetery, or it might be Ebenezer Baptist Churchyard and is an unmarked grave. Only the faithful know where to find it for sure. And to those blessed beings that really know the secrets of real Voodoo and special Texas Hoodoo, all say... keep away. Still many others in Marshall will insist her hidden grave lies behind Galilee Baptist Church on Johnson Street. And it is the unmarked grave marked only with three black large stones and voodoo hoodoo blessed and dressed offerings. Others will tell you it can be found in a all white cemetery. And that's just to keep anyone from resurrecting her zombie husband who is buried with her from rising again. My Mama told me once when I was very young that if you went to Whetstone Cemetery behind East Texas Baptist University. And precisely at 3:AM, you can hear a real zombie. You hear him moaning and scratching from the hard ground, impatiently waiting out his time for someone to dig him up. Because here lies Black' Mama Couteaux. Many say she was buried with and a ax in her brain a bowie knife in heart. Her legs and arms burnt to ashes and scattered in the great Caddo lake. Yet others will say... "You want to know the real truth! " "Be glad she's still buried... STANDIN ON HER UN HOLY CURSED HEAD!" -Lisa Lee Harp Waugh (THE TRUE STORY OF THE MARSHALL, TEXAS VOODOO ZOMBIE QUEEN) 
Black Cat Mama Couteaux, appeared all of a sudden in the city of Marshall Texas. She came without notice and just set-up her own shop during the Good Friday of 1838. In fact it was Friday the 13th on that fateful day. No one knew how old she was exactly. Those who are well acquainted with her claimed that she was the Great Grand Mother of no less than the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau. There are also rumours saying that she was vanished for her evil deeds after going through that war with all the Voodoos of New Orleans with her army of zombies.

During that war, Black Cat Mama Couteaux was sending her horde of zombie followers to defeat those lesser Voodoo Queen, and she seems to be on the upper hand at first. However, her move was countered by the Voodoos using spells that eventually defeated her.

Or was she really defeated?

Some says that the powerful spells and knowledge of Marie Laveau never really defeated her. She just decided to end up the war when her husband, Rudolph Couteaux died after losing a bet. After his death, Black Cat Mama resurrected him to be her husband with the help of Marie Laveau and Dr. John. After performing the rituals, Black Cat Mama bit the tongue of Rudolph and made him her zombie lover.

According to the story, Black Cat Mama has an army of zombie. She always kept their 1600 tongue in a belt under her clothes. The number of the tongue she’s hiding was believed to be lesser than the actual zombie she created. No one can tell the exact amount of zombie she controlled since there are no accounts as to how many tongue she already swallowed within the year. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Chef Survives after Falling 50 ft and Landing on a Concrete Pavement

Daniel Walker, 20 years old and a Chef has been dubbed as a superhuman by the doctors after surviving a 50 ft. fall and landing on a concrete ground. Walker fell down from his balcony and into the concrete pavement. Though he suffered a broken ribs, head and kidney injuries, fractured spine etc Walker is still alive.

He went into a heart surgery that lasted for nine hours to fix his main arteries, and also a 12 hour muscle grafting. Doctors gave him a 30 percent chance to survive. However, after only a month of recovery, Walker was back on his feet.

Daniel who himself couldn’t believe that he is still alive up to this day shared the experience to the press. He said he kept on looking at his photo while he is in the hospital and it is really impossible for him to survive considering the magnitude of the incident.

Doctors in the hospital called him superhuman as he wanted to take a walk after a mere two weeks after the accident happened. Daniel was with her girlfriend when the accident happened. She took him in her arms and rushed him to the hospital where he went into a life saving surgery. He went into an induced coma and woke up 5 days later.

He said he couldn’t feel any pain and thought that he is dead. Today Walker is still in the process of recuperating and he has been taking his daily exercise in order to get back to his full shape.

Walker has indeed defiled the norm.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Roland Henry Tammen, Jr.

The case of the disappearance of Roland Henry Tammen Jr. has got to be one of the most baffling and bizarre cases of disappearance in the history of mankind. A sophomore student of the Miami University located in Oxford, Roland Henry Tammen Jr. worked at the Fisher hall as a resident adviser.

On April 19, 1953, Roland discovered a dead fish on his bed thus he requested the dorm mother for a new bed sheet. Moments after, he apparently heard something that disturbed him outside of his room. Roland supposedly left to investigate the source of the noise but he never returned.
Roland left all of his belongings and valuables in the university. His car was also left inside the campus together with the keys and his wallet; and even though the weather that night is chilling, Roland decided to leave his jacket.

Now for an eerie turn out of events, later that night a woman that resides 12 miles away from the dorm claimed that a young man that matched the description of Roland came to her. He appears to be disoriented and asked what town he is in. He also asked the woman on the direction to the bus stop. Prior to this, there were no signs of Roland having a mental disorder. Five months earlier he went to the coroner’s office for a test to have his blood type.

Fisher Hall where Roland worked is used to be a mental asylum. The residence was demolished on 1978. The disappearance of Roland remains a mystery.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The People of Lou Lan

The fate that happened to the people of Lou Lan continues to be an unsolved puzzle to our scientist for a very long time. The ruins of their inhabited place turns out to be a prosperous and an advanced civilization, no one can literally explain why they had to abandon that place. The Lou Lan city is believed to established during 175 B.C.E., and the civilization is known to continue for at least 8 centuries.

Up to this day, no one knows what happens to the people of the Lou Lan, some are convinced that they were struck by a terrible natural phenomena that wiped them all out. But after around 800 years of prosperity, is it really possible for an entire population of a large city to just disappear in one night? The advance city that was once a cradle of advance civilization became what is now called the Sea of Death.

But there are some artifacts discovered on the city that could shed light on what really happened on the people of Lou Lan. One of the artifacts was a mask that resembles the image of a wolf that started a legend about the Lou Lan. Legend says that the people were given a curse of lycanthropy and were turned into werewolves. The story said that the Lou Lan were cursed by the Gods. There were also some stories saying that the Lou Lan people were originally werewolves, but on one time they decided to take the human form to start a civilization. Eventually the Lou Lan were no longer happy on becoming a human and agreed to revert to their wolf form.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Another Zombie-like attack caused by the bath salts

A woman allegedly high from bath salt attacks a police officer and tried to eat him. She then told the officers that she has this some kind of urge to eat and kill people. According to the statement of the city of Utica, police responded to the report about a disoriented woman that is on Stanley Bar. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found a woman sitting in the staircase. The woman was also sweating massively and has a blank stare similar to other zombie attacks that were reported in Miami.

The officers approached the woman and asked her what’s wrong; the woman started to act violently and attack the officer and even attempted to bite him. Finally the police were able to subdue the violent woman, at which point she confessed about having the urge to kill and eat someone.

The woman was then taken to the hospital where she was identified to be under the influence of bath salts. Bath salts have been the source of the zombie-like attack that happened in Florida particularly the Rudy Eugene case and Charles Baker.

The incident of the unidentified woman was believed to be the ninth cannibalism attack that occurred in the month of June 2012. The zombie related attack led to the theory of a zombie apocalypse and even prompted the Central for Disease Control to release a statement saying that “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)."

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sipho William Mdletshe

In 1993, Sipho William Mdletshe met a tragic car accident. He was declared death that instant and was taken into the mortuary. He was then placed in a metal box as any other dead would be. Little did they know that the 24 year old man was not really dead, he was just unconscious brought by the mishap that happened to him.

Mdletshe lied in the metal box for 2 straight days and 2 long nights in Johannesburg while her loved ones mourned for his death. After that, Mdletshe woke up screaming for help.  Everyone was shocked even the people in the mortuary that released him.

Mdletshe was so happy that he was alive. He rushed to the house of her fiancé to tell her about the good news. But the fiancé rejected the South African man thinking that he was a zombie who came back to life to torment her.

In an interview with Sunday Times, he said that realizing that he was inside a coffin occurred to him gradually. He started to panic and created noise to alarm the people.  Thankfully the people in the mortuary were able to hear him and set him free.

He further stated that he was happy to know that he isn’t dead, but unfortunately, he is heartbroken, since the fiancé who was with her in the time of his accident did not believe that he is alive and thought that he already turned into a zombie.

So is the case of Sipho William Mdletshe, a case of a wrongly declared death or another tale of someone returning to life? Could the suspicion of his fiancé be true or the belief on zombie in her family is just too strong?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jarrod Wyatt

An American cage fighter ripped out the still beating heart of his training partner fearing that he might be possessed by the evil. Jarrod Wyatt also cut out the tongue of his training partner and cut his face in a disturbing way that police described it as an incident similar to a scene in a horror movie.

The 26 year old cage fighter was seen naked in front of the mutilated body of his friend. Some parts of his training partner were splattered on the ground with the blood including an eyeball. Wyatt claimed that he drank a tea which was infused with a hallucinogenic substance causing him to think that his friend is possessed by the demon.

Powell, who was 21 years of age, bled to death upon his heart was ripped out. According to the investigation, Powell was still alive when the suspect cut open his chest using a knife and took out his heart that is still beating. Wyatt then threw the heart and other organs that he removed from his friend into the fire. He had to do this in order to stop the devil that possessed his friend.

The police was summoned on the scene by another friend of Wyatt upon seeing a sudden change in his action when they ingested a wild mushroom tea. The defense team claimed that Wyatt is not responsible for the crime and only committed the gruesome murder due to the effect of the wild mushroom and he is not in control of his action.

Wyatt was charged with first degree murder and torture.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that is usually found inside cats and most warm blooded species. It was able to penetrate the cats from the rats that are common part of their meal. The parasite would change the behavior of the rat by making it friendlier with the cat, leaving it defenseless on the attack of the cat.

After it successfully entered the cat, the parasite would multiply inside the animal. The cats are the only known host where the Toxoplasma gondii can sexually multiply.

The parasite can also enter the human species. It also has an effect on the behavior of its host. In male they tend to disassociate themselves from the society (which maybe a reason for the emo’s) while infected females tend to be more affectionate toward their partner.

This parasite has also been associated to different neurological diseases such as schizophrenia. However, the effect of this remains limited.

They enter the human body when a person usually consumes raw meats, when they normally drink unpasteurized milk, if their body is in usual contact with soil, if they eat vegetables and fruits that are not washed or when cleaning the cat litter box.

The parasite is known to be fast in adapting to its environment. If a certain parasite who possess an uncanny behavior in adaptation has penetrated our body, it’ll only be a time before it can affect and control our way of thinking. Imagine if their effects on rodents are the same as the effects on human, the world will be infested with people who are not in control of their body.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Werewolf of Lawton Oklahoma

On February 27, 1971 authorities were bombarded by the reports about werewolf sightings. The sightings about the Lawton werewolf lasted for three days. Donald Childs, one of the very first who reported about the werewolf suffered a heart attack after seeing the creature. He supposedly looked out of his windows and saw the creature drinking on his empty fish pond.

Harry Ezzel, a police officer received calls from concerned citizens ranging from a creature running on the street, chasing different cars and some of them reported about a monster that is hiding from the bushes.

One of the call, that was first treated as a joke was a report from a civilian who looked out of his window and saw someone sitting on the railing. The witness, who was in apartment that day, saw the creature jumped off the railing which is approximately 17 ft off the ground. The witness said that it run in a manner similar to a monkey and his face is disgruntled which looks like a scar from being burned. It is also covered with hair all over its body.

The reports are not only limited to civilians. There are also sightings made by a group of soldiers that were stationed at the area during that time.

The most intriguing part of the report is that the creature was said to be wearing a tattered clothes, which was ripped because it doesn’t seem to fit the monster. He is also wearing pants which are too small for the creature. Two days after the sightings, the creature disappeared and never seen again.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

German Vampire Cult

On March 31, 2010, different press organization from Germany reported about the rise of a vampire Cult said to be inspired by the popular series Vampire Diaries. The group of blood drinkers is said to be composed of approximately 150 members. The German press said that by drinking blood, this group apparently experienced a sensation similar to having sexual interaction. Some of them also believe that by drinking their blood or the blood of the others, they feel like their strength is increasing.  They also believe that their intelligence and health has improved immensely.

Rafael, 39 years of age who lived in Regensburg is a member of the cult. He claimed that there are around 150 members who are currently in Germany. He said that there is an easy way to distinguish their members, and that is through a mark which is similar to a wound from a razor blade.

Some of them would drink the blood from a glass while Rafael prefers to drink it directly from the wound. The blood is said to contain the life force of an individual. He said that he loves the taste of blood and make sure that he can have a taste of it at least three times a week.

Rafael who is a computer technician by day, confessed that he and the other meetings conducted a regular meeting but make sure that they undergo a HIV test. In 2004, Rafael was sentenced to do a community service for attacking a young boy and attempting to suck his blood.

He claimed that he was just drunk at that time and not in his lucid mind. He assures the press that he is a changed man now.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Vampire Pumpkin

1930s and 1940s when T. P. Vukavonic, a researcher studied the belief of the Lesani Gypsies in Serbia regarding on a vampire creature for his work “The Vampire”. Included in the work is the alleged belief of the gypsies about the vampire pumpkin. Though that is still up for a debate, others claimed that the gypsies made that story right on that moment and they were just teasing Vukavonic. Nonetheless, the legend of the vampire Pumpkin has made its way to the legend of the vampire creatures.

In Serbia, the Lesani Gypsies believe that if you keep a pumpkin inside your home for a time that exceeds 10 days, or by keeping it inside ones home after the Christmas Day will cause the pumpkin to turn into a Vampire Pumpkin.

Like the human vampire, the vampire pumpkin will retain its normal state right before its spoiling. It will maintain its original color, shape and size. Thankfully, the vampire pumpkin does not directly attack the human. However, it pours blood and roll on the floor creating an annoying sound, making it the least harmless vampire creature but one of the most annoying one.

To vanquish a vampire pumpkin, someone has to follow a very precise instruction. First, the vampire pumpkin must be boiled using water and the water must be thrown after it. The vampire pumpkin must then be scrubbed using a whisk broom and the pumpkin must be immediately discarded. After that the broom used in scrubbing the pumpkin must be burned.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Died from the bite of a vampire bat

A Mexican migrant worker became the first ever person to die from the bite of a vampire bat. Center for Disease Control warn the public that the bats might be spreading all over the country.

The 19 year old Mexican was bitten by vampire bat with rabies on his heel on the 15th of July 2010. He was already bitten in Michoacan Mexico before he went to the United States and work for a plantation of sugar cane in Louisiana.

The Center for Disease Control confirmed on their report that he is the very first person in the United States to die due to the rabies of a vampire bat. The teenager started to felt sick 2 weeks after the bat bit him, unfortunately he was not able to acquire a vaccination against rabies. Compared to the normal case which has incubation period of 85 days this incident of rabies is somewhat rabid since it only took 15 day.

Prior to his death, the victim shows symptoms that he has indeed contracted rabies. He complained about shoulder pain, fatigue, numbness of muscles and dropping of left eye. He also has difficulty in breathing and a fever.

On a post mortem result, he was diagnosed that he died due to rabies. CDC confirms that the brain tissue confirmed "the variant to be a vampire bat rabies virus variant."

Though most of the similar vampire bats can be found in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, they still warned the public about the danger of the vampire bat cause there is a possibility that the bats were expanding due to climate change.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Yaya Ceremony

The Yaya Ceremony is a ritual performed by the Hopi of the Pueblo tribe. This ritual would grant the participant the ability of a certain animal which particularly includes the wolf. The details of the said ceremony is not divulged to the public and currently forbidden for an unknown reason.

Participants should first gather the animal which possesses the ability that they want to inherit. They would then start to invoke the spirit of the animal that would grant them of their abilities. The shaman would then start the ceremony where the participants are required to apply oil or an ointment to the desired body parts where they wish to gain the ability of the animals. If a warrior wishes to inherit the speed of the wolf, he has to rub the oil in to his feet and legs; if he wishes to gain the strength then he has to rub it on his arms and shoulders. Coincidentally, ointment and oil are also known to be the element used by the witches to gain the appearance of the wolf during the medieval ages in Europe. But in this ceremony, only the ability of the animals would be inherited and not the physical appearance.

There was a time that a Hopi tribe wanted to gain the eyesight of a wolf, thus they rub it on their eyes. But eventually the tribe was afflicted by a plague that affects the eye of the tribesmen. The Hopi tribe thought that the Gods may have punished them for abusing the power of the Yaya Ceremony that is why they were given such a disease.

The Yaya Ceremony is a highly forbidden ritual these days.   

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Earl of Desmond (Gearoid Larla Fitzgerald)

A castle used to stand in Limerick County in Ireland that overlooks Lough Gur (Loch Gair).  The castle is inhabited by a count who claimed that he is a scholar and a sorcerer.  Whenever he would perform his magical rituals, the Count would do it in a closed room without anyone seeing him.  He also prohibited anyone from entering the room or from disturbing him during this time.

One time, his wife begged him to allow her to watch the ceremony, eventually the Count agreed under a strict provision that she would not make any sound regarding of what she will see during the ritual.  The wife agreed to the condition and the Count began his magical rituals.

The Earl of Desmond started to shape shift in different form.  After some time, the earl assumed a horrifying creature that his wife couldn’t help but scream.  It was said that her scream could be heard throughout the castle and nearby land.  But her scream resulted to a catastrophic event.  The castle began to shake and sink deep into the lake.  No one was able to survive the event.

But it was believe that the Earl who took a vampire form occasionally leave his watery castle to find a young adult that he can bring to his castle.  Their life energy would be drained through a sexual intercourse. The Earl of Desmond is required to live a cursed life until the day that everything will return to the way it was before.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


The Ulfhednar of Scandinavia is similar with the berseker in a lot of ways.  For starters, they are warriors who wore an animal skin but instead of using a bear skin which the berserker use, the ulfhednar use a wolf skin.  They also believe that by wearing a wolf skin, they were able to channel the spirit of a wolf into their body thus inheriting their abilities such as the remarkable speed and strength.  Legends claimed that these warriors do not feel any pain when they are in the battlefield.

Snorri Sturluson described them in the Ynglinga as “strong as bears or wild oxen, and killed people at a blow, but neither fire nor iron told upon them.”  It is not clear though how they were able to achieve that strength.  Experts claimed that they were able to enter into a level of consciousness called berserkergang.  It is a state wherein a human body would secrete hormones that would help him in coping up with the strength such as adrenalines, endorphins and dopamine.  It is not clear though if the wolf skin were able to magnify their ability that they were indeed possessing the abilities of the wolf.

The wolf-warrior was suppressed by the followers of Christianity as a form to stop paganism and other type of religions.  Due to the efforts made by those people, the wolf-warrior was removed from the history and took them out from the pages of folklores and tales.  Cannibalism and human sacrifice was imposed with a higher punishment by the Roman Empires thus the people practicing it retreated into the mountains.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Vampires in Poland

Four suspected “vampire” remains were found by a group of Archaeologist in a construction site in Gliwice in the southern part of Poland.    Their head is decapitated and placed between their legs.  The skeletons which was discovered on July 13, 2013 undergo a traditional burial practices to ensure that a suspected undead would no longer rise from its grave and torment its family and the villagers.

The archaeologist claimed that the remains dated long before the year of 1914. They are actually unsure on the exact date of the burial since no personal belongings were found inside the casket to tell what time the incident happened.

Analysis was conducted by the experts and stated that these rituals of repelling vampire are common for Slavic areas due to the widespread of Christianity.  Normally people who were suspected of becoming a vampire would have their head decapitated or hanged and kept it hanging until their head separated from their body.

On July 22, 2013, more suspected vampires are found in Poland.    The number of corpses found with their head dismembered rose to roughly 17.  Stones were also placed on top of the skulls to ensure that they would not return from the walking life.  There are all in all 43 graves found within the area where gallows are used to be located.

The bodies will undergo a further analysis on the hands of the experts.  Furthermore historians would browse to the old archives of church and try to locate if there’s any evidence to this mass executions of suspected vampires.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Werewolf of Defiance

In the year 1972, there were sightings of a creature that resembles the appearance of a wolf in Defiance, Ohio.  There were around three people who seek the help of the police to protect them from the said creature.

August 4, 1972 at 1:24 am when a man approached the police headquarters to report an eerie event about a creature following him from S. Clinton-Hotel Henry.  He admitted that he didn’t saw any presence of the creature but he swore that someone is indeed following him since he can feel its presence.  Police report marked it as a man having hysteria.

But after 10 minutes, the police received a call from a random person saying that her friend is inside their house and suffering a panic attack and that someone tried to break inside their house.  The time of the report is at 2:00 am

Police named the creature, the wolf man and claimed that it is just an offender who wears an animal mask to frighten his victim.  The report caught the attention of the media after a week that prompt the defiance police to take the matter seriously.

The “wolfman” was said to be very hairy and allegedly wears a mask, but there are lots of natural hair that was noticed by those who sighted him.  The two trainmen also reported a sighting of the said werewolf.  They were working in the early morning when the wolfman was sighted and another report from an employee of the local grocery store.

No one knows if the wolfman was apprehended or not.  The issue just died like the other bizarre reports that have been reported in the past.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Modern Day Vampire Slayers?

On the 12th of March 2004, Police arrested Timothy White for shooting his co-worker two times at a pizza delivery house.  He’s a born-again Christian obsessed with vampires and zombies.  Apparently he has this belief that he is a vampire slayer and that the person he shot was a vampire.   Fortunately someone was able to witness White going out of that store.  When he asked White about his reason of being there he said he was hunting vampires.

When he was taken in the police custody, the police discovered some lethal armaments such as knife, shotgun and pistols. David Harrison was apparently a long time friend of Timothy White.  Harrison was able to survive the attack and White was charged with aggravated battery.

A similar incident of supposed vampire slaying happened in Colorado on 2001.  Kirk Palmer who is 28 years old when the incident happened killed Antonia Vierira with a shotgun.  It seems as if Palmer believed that his girlfriend has turned into an undead because of Vierira.  He was arrested and placed into trial but was found out suffering from schizophrenia.  He confessed to a psychologist that 4 days prior to the attack he noticed a splinter on his girlfriend’s thumb and removed it.  He said that Vierira appeared after and claimed that his girlfriend is now a member of his vampire circle.  He was so angry that he decided to kill Vierira.

After the crime, Palmer went to Canada to cleanse his soul.  He was found not guilty and was ordered to undergo a treatment on a Mental Asylum.