Clara Geisslerin

Clara Geisslerin was accused of witchcraft and was subjected to numerous unimaginable tortures to make her confessed.   She was 69 years old and living at the town of Gelnhausen in Germany when she was placed into trial in 1597. Some of the charges include digging the corpses of children and drinking their blood, murder and having a pact with the devil.

After torturing her she was forced to admit that she has a sexual relationship with the devil while they are in the form of an animal and also on drinking the blood of the children.  She also stated twenty names of other suspected witches whom she collaborated with.

The document stated:
 Her feet were crushed and her body stretched out to greater length, she screamed piteously and said all was true that they had demanded of her: she drank the blood of children whom she stole on her nightly flights, and she had murdered about sixty infants. She named twenty other women who had been with her at the sabbats, and said the wife of a late burgomaster presided over the flights and banquets. 
But once the torture stopped, she decided to recant those statements and maintain her innocence.  The local officials decided to continue the torture so they could save her soul. She again testified that she had children with the devil while having a sexual relationship with them and she killed them all.

But again, once the torture was stopped, she withdrew all those testimonies.  And even swear that God will judge those who accused her.  By that time all the names that she implicated on the case of evil craft testified against her.  The 69 year old woman was tortured for the third time.  For the third time, Geisslerin admitted to having a pact with the devil and doing evil deeds but this time she could no longer recanted what she stated since she died while under the inhumane torture.

The judges blamed the demon for her death and said that the demon can no longer afford Geisslerin to divulge further information so they decided to shut her up permanently.    The case about Geisslerin and her blood sucking confession was closed after her death.


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