Friday, July 21, 2017

Alexander Pearce

Born in the 1790, Alexander Pearce was a convict who escaped from prison for several times but was eventually captured and sent to his death by hanging for the murders that he committed. He was also known for cannibalizing his fellow escapees.

The Disturbing Story of Alexander Pearce

Pearce together with Alexander Dalton, John Mather, Robert Greenhill, Thomas Bodenham, Edward Brown, William Kennerly and Matthew Travers escaped from the Macquarie Harbour Penal Station. About 15 days after their escape, the group of escapee together with Alexander Pearce is starting to starve. They drew lots in order to know who would be killed to serve as a food. Thomas Bodenham was the unfortunate one to draw the shortest straw and Greenhill immediately hacked him with an axe.

After their feast Dalton, Kennerly and Brown left the group. Kennerly and Brown was able to reach the harbor but Dalton died due to exhaustion. On the other hand Greenhill and Travers are acting as the leader and it would only be a matter of time before they kill Pearce or Mather. Alexander Pearce had the brilliant idea to take the alliance of Greenhill and Travers that made Mather the obvious victim. While on their journey, Travers was bitten by a snake. After a few days that he is not showing any sign of recovery, the group decided to kill him.

One day, Pearce grabbed the axe to Greenhill and killed him. He then dined on his body. He later raided on a certain camp and stole their food. After sometime he came upon a sheep that apparently belong to an old friend. Alexander Pearce would eventually be caught and sent back to the prison.

While in prison, Alexander Pearce made a confession of cannibalizing his fellow escapees to a priest. However, the priest do not believe his account and thought that he might just covering up his fellow escapes and they are still out there in the woods.

Alexander Pearce escaped the second time, this time he was with Thomas Cox. After 10 days he was recaptured and placed into trial where he was proven guilty of murdering and cannibalizing Thomas Cox. At first they still do not believe the idea of cannibalism but when they found pieces of flesh on Pearce’s pocket that was believed to be of Thomas Cox all their doubts seemed to vanish. The court ordered him to be hanged on the crimes that he committed.

Before he was hanged, Alexander Pearce has a short parting word to those who are in attendance. He said that the flesh of man is delicious and claimed that it tastes better than the fish or even pork.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Diana Semenuha: A Case of a Vampire Witch

Diana Semenuha, 29- a resident of Odessa, Ukraine and an alleged Vampire Witch, was arrested by the police in March of 2005. She was a prime suspect for the disappearance of a number of children. Upon further interrogation, Semenuha confessed that he lure children to her home and feast on their blood. She believed that it was an effective cure to his muscle-related disease but it appears there is more than that. Semenuha would lure the children in her home promising them with foods and other necessities. She would then drugged the innocent child and bleed them to gather some blood. Apparently, Semenuha will not be able to consume all the blood and she would sell the remaining stuff with those who practiced black magic and Satanism. One the children serves her no purpose and is already weak, she return them to the streets and immediately found replacement.

Vampire Witch

The Detailed Review of the Vampire Witch

The police received information about this event and they raided the apartment of Diana Semenuha in Odessa. The whole place is covered with black, black paint, black curtains, and black candles. The missing children were found tied on the bed; each of them seems to be drugged. Authorities also found a huge knife and a goblet which seems to be an instrument used by the Vampire Witch

Semenuha admitted to being involved in some witchcraft practices and even confessed that he took it as her permanent job. She also confessed that she taught these Vampire Witch practices to those who are interested to learn and also ask these students to consume blood from her. She firmly believes that no laws were broken on their practices since she said she offered the children with food and beddings in exchange for their blood. She thinks that no violence was implemented and the children were not forced to give their blood.

One of the kids confessed that she witnessed Diana Semenuha smell his blood and use a syringe to draw a blood out of him. She then saw her pour out the blood in a bowl while speaking some incantations which that latter did not recognize. The alleged Vampire Witch will then drink the blood on the silver bowl after she uttered some witchcraft incantations.

After being rescued, all seven children disappeared on the street, making it impossible for the case against the alleged Vampire Witch to stand. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shocking News: Fetus Capsule

Customs officials in South Korea have intercepted thousand of pills being smuggled in the country. More than 17,000 pills described as a miracle pill that is believed to cure any type of sickness. Upon further analysis, it was discovered that the pills are made from fetuses. The flesh of the unborn were dried up and turned into a powder to create the Fetus Capsule.

The Horrifying Process of Creating Fetus Capsule

The gruesome trade has been happening for sometime in the Mainland China. Medical companies are receiving notifications from medical staff about babies being aborted. They would then purchased the tiny fetus and store it to their refrigerator before they were taken into the medical clinic to be placed in medical microwaves and turn into Fetus Capsule.

After the skins are all dried up, they were grounded into powder to create pills. The powdered fetuses are mixed with some special herbs. The main purpose of the special herb is to hide the main ingredients of the said Fetus Capsule especially to customs officials.

Chinese authorities were well aware of the said trade, they claimed that they tried to stop the gruesome market but thousands of Fetus Capsule managed to enter the South Korean region. It is not a secret that Chinese have a bizarre history of alternative medicine. They were known to eat human placenta believing that it would improve their blood circulation. There is said to be a huge demand on the said pills because of the medical benefits that it is promising. However, authorities said that human capsules may contain bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

There is also a rumor that these babies came from the place called “dying rooms” where children are left to die because their families already reached the limit of the allowed kids. China is believed to perform at least 13 million abortions a year as a form of birth control process which make it a possible source of Fetus Capsule.

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Case of A Demonic Possession

The story about a demonic possession started when the Lee Family of Chicago moved out to New Orleans for a short family vacation. Ethan Lee, the head of the family claimed that he is a descendant of Gen. Robert Lee and of course he wanted to visit New Orleans and explore the area.

The Story of the Demonic Possession

On that afternoon when the demonic possession happened, the Lee family visited the tomb of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. They were walking along the Bourbon Road and talking about certain stuff when Claire caught something on the corner of her eye. It was two boys who seemed to appear out of nowhere. They pushed little Timothy that causes him to come rambling to the street.

Ethan was alert to pick up his son. However, as soon as he picked up his son, Timothy started to cough as if it induced something. Claire was so furious about what the two boys did. She tried to shout back at them but the two boys was nowhere in sight. Ethan was puzzled about the shouting of his wife; apparently Ethan never saw the image of the two boys. The people on the street started looking at them with concern as if they are already aware that it can result to a demonic possession.

Some people approached them and asked them about their son. Unfortunately, it looks like Timothy was far from being fine, there was a blood running down his face and he is unconscious. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with Timothy. After two days, the Lee family went back home, but Timothy is no longer the cheerful child. He seems to be very afraid in sleeping in his own room and always insist on sleeping with his parents. This is the start of the demonic possession. 

A few days had passed and Ethan received that his Aunt who lives in Springfield recently passed away. The couple was a bit hesitant to bring Timothy with them due to the accident that happened but Timothy became a bit clingy. The neighbor next door offered their help and told them that they could leave Timothy behind with them. When Claire and Ethan went back from their trip, the neighbor said that something is wrong with their son. The couple talks to their son and it spoke in a manner that they do not recognize. He sounded like he is on his 50’s and a well mannered man with an accent of New Orleans which resembles a demonic possession.

The next day of the demonic possession, the couple took their son to the doctor and the doctor was literally stunned for what he witnessed. After some conversation with the well mannered man in the body of Timothy, Timothy’s body started to get stiff and his voice changed again. Now he is speaking in a tone of a very scared woman.

Then the doctor recognized one of the voices that came from Timothy, he said that it is his former patient Mrs. Loretta Sheldon. Unfortunately Mrs. Sheldon died a few weeks ago prior to this demonic possession. The doctor then suggests that an exorcism could help Timothy. The couple was shocked to hear that a doctor believes that their son is in possession of an evil spirit. Dr. Morgan said that it might not be an evil spirit. The doctor recommended Xavier Foster and said that he is one of the best.

The next day they took their kid to Xavier Foster and for two weeks, Timothy went into a session with Mr. Foster. They found out that most of the spirit possessing their child has been buried alive, reason why their son is scared of dark places. Xavier then told the couple that their son is being invaded by a darkling. He said that the voodoo power of Timmy is so strong and that he is being used by the dead people as a portal to communicate. For 6 months, the boy continued his session with the doctor, and at last Xavier finally announced that Timothy is free of the demonic possession. However, he told the couple that they still need to watch over him since he has a great potential of becoming a spiritual medium.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jamestown Cannibalism: A Group of English Colonists during the Starving Time

Archaeologists have recently discovered the supposed first physical evidence on the Jamestown Cannibalism act that was committed by the desperate English Colonists at around 1609-1610 at the town of Jamestown, Virginia.

The Evidence of the Jamestown Cannibalism

The team who conducted the research announced this recent finding about the Jamestown Cannibalism in Washington D.C. at a press conference held last May 1, 2013. The incident of the cannibalism was referred to at least 5 historical documents but this is the first ever physical evidence that was found to prove the alleged incident.

James Horn, the Vice President of research of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation claimed that the damaged skull is the only factual evidence of Jamestown Cannibalism by Europeans in all the European colonized country. The skull is believed to be owned by a 14-year-old girl from England whom the researchers named as “Jane”. The skull was found 2.5 feet down in a place believed to be a building that was built during 1608. Upon subjecting it to further analysis the skull was discovered to be cannibalize and not murdered.

The historical account about Jamestown Cannibalism that was said to be politically motivated to discredit the Virginia Company turned out to be a factual incident. The researcher found out that the people who ate this girl were particularly amused on the flesh of cheeks, brain, tongue and muscles at the face. Interestingly, the hair of the girl was not removed.

During the event that was dubbed as the Starving Time, people result into desperate measure in order to survive. Based on the account, Jane’s case is not isolated. The European colonists during those time has to face different type of struggles be it sickness, natural calamity or in this case hunger. The number of bodies that was cannibalized during the Jamestown Cannibalism remains unknown but the remaining survivor was believed to be at around 60 individuals.

People can really turn into a flesh eating creature in times of desperate needs. The incident that happened during the Jamestown Cannibalism is one of the proofs that a human can do anything just to survive.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mullo, The Vampire of the Gypsys

Mullo is the restless one that rose up from their grave to avenge their death and torment those who are responsible for her death. It is a term used by the Gypsy to describe vampire. The intention of this creature is to extract revenge. However, this vampire would be killing any person she dislikes eventually. It will also engage in various sexual activities. They strangle human and animals first before feeding on them. They usually appear a normal human, except that they have no bones. Legends say that they leave their bones in their grave.

The Unique Traits of Mullo

Gypsy Girl With Mandolin | PublicDomainPictures
The Mullo has a very long hair. Some of them have hair touching on their ground. Their hair also appeared to be in fire due to its yellow color. They also have fangs that are similar to elephant’s tusk. When they are living, they are people who die wrongful death. They will then rise up on their grave and torment those people responsible for their death. This will happen between 40 days-5 years. People tend to be more cautious during this time period. This is necessary since they are vile creatures.

Sexually-Active Vampire

The Mullo is a sexually active vampire. They are having sexual intercourse with those people that they were never allowed to be married when they were still alive and also to anybody that they like. Their sexual urge is insatiable that their partner grown weak and eventually die. This is a trait of the eastern vampire. It is also said that they will invite you to join her on her grave once she liked you. The woman is possible on becoming pregnant when having a sexual relationship with a male vampiric entity. The son of the vampire and this creature was apparently called Dhampir.

How to Destroy It

The Mullo can be destroyed in a number of ways. When one recited a Roman incantation commanding the creature to burst, the creature will be obliged to obey and explode. A puddle of blood would be left as a trace of its presence. An iron and a holy water is also said to be effective against this undead creature. If you happen to come across the left sock of the vampire, you should fill it up with stones and threw it on running water. The undead will be forced to search for its socks until the creature was drowned.

Interestingly the Gypsy has a belief that the dead never returned from the living. However, despite of this belief they are also scared about the possible torment that a Mullo presents. Compared to the other types of vampires that can live from thousands of years, this creature has a shorter life span. It is believed that they can only exist from 3-5 years upon its burial.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Story of a Teenage Werewolf

On a 4-minute report that was shown on Ken 5, they revealed about high school students that are claiming to be “teen werewolves”. The students might have been influenced with the popularity of the series that relates to teenage werewolf.

The Alleged Real-Life Story of Teenage Werewolf

The group of students studying at John Marshall High said that there are no reasons for them to be feared. The pack of teenage werewolf who exhibits a Goth looks said that they were not a gang and they treat each other like a family.

The students sometimes conduct a meeting during full moon but they make sure that they have parents’ consent. Fascination about the werewolves started on the 1930s upon the launch of some popular movies. However, the recent movies like Van Helsing and Twilight Saga with touch of romance made the legend more popular to the teenagers which probably led to a community of teenage werewolf.

The pack of teenage werewolf might not have the power to shape shift in the form of a wolf but these teens are experiencing transformation on their own from childhood to adulthood. Growing teens needs to have some sense of belonging and the group of the self-proclaimed werewolves have found their sense of belongings with each other. They are in a group were they were accepted for who they are.

The leader of the teenage werewolf claims that he has some wolf inside him. Each member has some characteristics of a wolf with them, like the eyes which was modified using a contact lens or sometimes wearing wolf-like fangs. This gives them a sense of belongings. They were not trying to be intimidating or even trying to create a menace. They said that they are only there to hang out and have some sense of acceptance within the group. They managed to capture the interest of the public when a pack member whom they considered as an alpha male was suspected of being responsible to the disappearance of the dog of his neighbor.

The pack of teenage werewolf is believed to exist in at least a dozen schools. Each pack contains at least 20 members that does not literally exhibits the physical; attributes of a werewolf.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lammikin: A Scottish Folklore

A Scottish folklore that can be traced back to 1775 tells the story of a mason named Lammikin. Lammikin was hired by a nobleman to build a castle for him. However, after finishing the castle, he never received any single centavo or any type of payment from the nobleman.

The Scottish Folklore about an Alleged Vampire

According to the Scottish Folklore, Lammikin devised a plan to get even with the nobleman. He seeks the help of a nursemaid who works inside the castle. One night, the nursemaid let Lammikin into the castle in order to kill the nobleman along with his entire family. Unfortunately, they were discovere by the uthorities. Lammikin together with the nursemaid was captured and they were both executed for the crime that they committed.

But the Scottish Folklore didn’t end there. The ballad has some distinct variation and development as time passed by. There were 22 different variation of the story of Lammikin. In one of the version of the story, Lammikin is not only a mason but also a vampire who feed on the blood of the mothers with young kids. The ballad tells how the Lammikin would enter the house at night and find the room of the child. He will then poke the child continuously until it cries. Naturally, the mother would come to check what is wrong with her child. During this time, the Lammikin would attack the mother and drain her of her blood. He would then drain the blood of the infant and pour it into a bowl.

Scholars believed that Lammikin is a man who has leprosy. On ancient times, taking a bath with a blood is considered a cure for leprosy. This cure was apparently still popular by the time that the Scottish Folklore came into existence.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Reverend that Turned into a Zombie

This is a story about a rich reverend that was said to turn into a zombie by his mistress with the help of Sanite Dede. Sanite Dede, during her time is considered as one of the most powerful Voodoo Queens just like Marie Laveau

The Story of the Reverend Zombie

The wealthy reverend once lived in New Orleans, a place which is known for its rich culture in voodoo. The clergy member never fails to amuse the girls with his handsome look. His blue eyes and strong German features made him popular to the girls and girls alike. But despite of that he remained faithful to his wife, or so we thought. He was having a secret affair with the servant girl of a plantation.

The illicit affair lasted for 3 years. The reverend managed to keep their relationship a secret. The slave girl was head over heels with the clergy member. She would always watch him even from afar. She can’t help but admire the good features of the cleric. He asked the owner of the servant to donate her to him but the owner of the plantation refused.

The plantation owner demanded a huge amount of money in exchange of the servant. Those are money beyond the capacity of the reverend. They said that the plantation owner also have a relationship with the servant girl.

After two weeks, another servant girl from a different plantation came to him and said that the servant who was involved in a relationship with her was pregnant. The woman quickly went to her master and told her that the servant girl was a voodoo woman who placed a spell on him. The reverend by this time went and said that she also placed a hex on him and asked him to take her as a servant. The master punished the poor servant girl, he cut her tongue and her eyes were gouged.

The people in the plantation, who are aware of her voodoo rituals, went to the Voodoo queen to report the incident. Sanite Dede was furious about the incident and said to the servants that she will do something about the reverend. After three days, the servant girl died due to the harsh beating. At the same night, the reverend died for no known reason. The deceased cleric was buried on a Saturday and on a Sunday noon many people attested that they saw the cleric walking stiffly around the Cathedral. It is said that on the night that he was buried, Sanite Dede bit his tongue and sucked his eyes out. The story said that up to this day, the reverend zombie is walking on the streets of New Orleans looking for his eyes.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Famous Vampires: Russian Vampire Tale

A long time ago, a Russian peasant or a moujik was taking the road along countryside with a cart full of pots when he was overtaken by midnight. He decided to continue on his journey until the time he could find a shelter where he could let the night passed by. But his horse move slower and slower to the point that it finally stopped on a graveyard where famous vampires stories abound. No matter how hard he whipped or cursed his horse, it still refused to move. The moujik gave up on persuading his horse; he took his mat and tried to sleep on one of the graves.

The Famous Vampires Legend in Russia

Just as he was dozing off, he felt a tombstone move. He was so shocked when he saw that the grave was opened and the corpse came out of it. The corpse is wearing an old shroud while carrying his coffin lid. The corpse placed his coffin lid into the church door. The moujik then decided to take the coffin lid and put it in his cart. He then took his ax and waited for things to transpire. By the breaking of dawn, the corpse of the famous vampires returned and threatened the moujik that he would tear him to pieces if he would not bring his coffin lid back.

However, the moujik confronted the corpse and said that he would be chopping him with his ax. The famous vampires then pleaded for him to return his lid back since he cannot return to his grave without the coffin and the sunlight would kill him. The moujik agreed if the corpse would tell him what he did that night.

The famous vampires said that he visited a nearby village and drained a local of his blood. The moujik said that he’ll return the lid if he would tell him how to bring back the life of the person he killed. The vampire said reluctantly that he should tear the skirt of his left shroud. Pouring some coals into a pot and the shroud would produce smoke that could turn the dead back to life.

The moujik then tore the shroud of the corpse. The famous vampires immediately went back to his grave and the moujik visited the mourning family of the victim. He told them that he can bring back the victim back to life. The family said that they would give him half of their wealth if he managed to bring him back to life.

The moujik was able to revive back the dead person. But as he was about to claim his reward, the atmosphere changed and they doubted him about his intention. They said that since he knew about how to revive him, then they guess he has something to do about the death. The people seized him and handed him to the authority. In the end, the moujik told them about everything that happened about the famous vampires. The villagers set out on a hunt and search for the tomb. They drive a stake to the heart of the corpse and the town was never again tormented with the vampire creature.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sava Savanovic: A Serbian Vampire

Rumors about a legendary vampire roaming around the small village found in Western part of Serbia spread fear to the villagers but it increased the number of tourist visits. Local authorities of Zarozjoe remind the public to always carry cloves of garlic on their pocket and place crosses on their doorways in order to repel a visit of a supposed vampire named Sava Savanovic. They believe that a sleeping legendary vampire has awaken and now preying on the villagers of a remote area and also boosting their local income on potential surge of tourists.
Vampire legends

The Vampire Legends of Sava Savanovic

The villagers are baffled on the information given to them by the authorities. They knew for a fact that Sava Savanovic was a part of a Serbian folklore. Nonetheless, it’s better to take precautions regardless if the story is real or not.

Interestingly, the town’s folks are aware that it is a legend but they do not dismiss the fact that some unexplainable things happened in that area during the past. The story of Sava Savanovic was passed to them by their ancestors and they are keen on keeping the story alive by passing it down to the next generation. Whether it is a tradition of culture or a warning sign, the villagers couldn’t care less.

Apparently the people believed that when an old mill collapsed, which they thought was a home to the legendary vampire, the vampire was awaken and is now looking for a new place to stay. Others testify of hearing some footsteps and other odd noise on the alleged staking place of Sava Savanovic, but as the story told he was able to escape a certain death by transforming into a butterfly. While they know that other people might laugh at them regarding on their belief with the vampire legends and other undead creatures, the idea of it is already deeply rooted on their system.

According to old vampire legends, the only way to repel him is to frighten him. They believe Sava Savanovic is only around pretending as one of the villagers. There are already 5 people who died on the area which they think was caused by a vampire (though one of them hang himself).

The tourist may see the idea as a fun way to spend their extra time, but the people of Zarozjoe found the rebirth of the vampire legends a terrifying experience. Some people believed that the rumors about Sava Savanovic started to improve the tourism economy of the place. In my opinion, people should not suffer from fear just to boost the income potential of a certain area.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Vampire or a Zombie Incident

The account of this zombie incident can be found on the works of Brad Steiger. He claimed that it was relayed to him by a friend who is a professional journalist and whose works appeared on some notable newspaper in the US.

The Story of the Alleged Zombie or Vampire on New England

He said that during the 20th Century, a certain creature still lurks the area of New England. The alleged zombie has been tormenting the certain town but they managed to keep it a secret. They said that if someone moved in the town, they quickly warn them about the creature and advice them not to stay out late at night. If someone was believed to be bitten by this “thing”, they would immediately act on their own by sending this victim to a protected area, out of other people’s reach, and they are treated as an undead.

Though the account written is similar to that of a vampire novel written by a famous author, the difference is that the villagers know nothing on how to suppress the manifestation of that said creature. The alleged zombie incident would attack after a long interval. There is really no definite time on the date of its attack. However, the town’s folk seem to have a way to distinguish its attacks from others.

People who moved in to the village never stayed there for too long. Once a teacher was assigned on the place, she will immediately ask to be replaced before the end of the year. Those who knew about the place would never consider buying or raising their families in that eerie place. Today, they claimed that the tormenting of the zombie creature finally seizes after they managed to find its grave. The villagers poured tons of amounts of cements in the pit hoping that it will stop the attack of the creature. But considering that they only managed to stop the creature and not kill it, it won’t be long before it started unleashing its terror again.

Friday, July 7, 2017

2 Teens Killed a Girl Believing It Will Sell Your Soul to the Devil

Two boys allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl and killed her after hoping that it would sell your soul to the devil in the form of a satanic ritual.

2 Boys Performed the Ritual of Sell Your Soul to the Devil

Jose E. Reyes, 17 and another 16 year old boy were accused of mutilating the body of the girl which includes carving the image of an inverted crucifix on her stomach. Reyes and the other boy were facing a charge of a 1st degree murder for murdering Corriann Cervantes. The name of the other boys was not divulged since he is still a minor. Apparently they believe that this ritual is done to sell your soul to the devil.

Officers said that the two boys lured the 15 year old girl into an apartment and hit her with an ashtray and a toilet tank lid. They then proceed on stabbing the poor girl with a screw driver on her face. The incident happened on February 5 somewhere in the southeast of Houston. Reyes was arrested on Sunday and was being held without bail on a Harris County Jail. His lawyer refused to give any comments as he claimed that he was just a newly appointed lawyer and new a little about the crime of the two kids that attempts to sell your soul to the devil

On the other hand, the 16 year old boy was being kept in a detention facility for the juveniles. During the trial, it was revealed that Cervantes was held down by the two culprits in order to prevent her from escaping. She also asked them the reason why they are doing this to her. Apparently the two boys believed that by committing a murder, they would be able to seal a deal with the devil and sell your soul to the devil.

Cervantes and the 16 year old boy who attempted to sell your soul to the devil attended the same school.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum-Australia’s Haunted Structure

Situated in the lovely, picturesque town of Beechworth, only a couple of hours away from Melbourne, is the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. The mental facility was later called as Mayday Hills Hospital, it is said to be the second most established refuge in Victoria, going back 1867. At the point when the mental facility opened, it extended around half of a kilometer from one end to the next.
Australia’s Haunted Structure

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum held a total of 1200 mental patients. More than 3000 patients were held within its dividers within the 128 years that the healing center functioned. Its entryways were shut in 1995. From that point forward, it has become the grounds of La Trobe University, as lodging and gathering structure.

One of the rooms in the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum contains the mark of "J. Kelly", carved in the glass. J Kelly is supposed to be Ned Kelly's (the bandit) uncle which is James Kelly. Due to arson, his sister-in-laws in Greta, wherein a youthful Ned was in during that time, James Kelly was sentenced with a 15 years imprisonment. In addition to his punishment he was entered to Mayday Hills to aid in the construction of the doctor's facility. In the wake of serving his time, it's believed that his brain "was broken". He spent the rest of his life in the mental facility until his passing in 1903.

Ghost Tours that are being conducted at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum turned into the most mainstream ghost hunting on Australia. The Asylum is presently thought to be a standout amongst the most haunted structures in Australia.

One of the phantoms frequently spotted at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is believed to be of Matron Sharpe. Her specter has been found in a few unique location of the mental asylum. Lady Sharpe's apparition has been found in the previous residence, which is currently a portion of Latrobe University's PC rooms. Witnesses claimed seeing her strolling down the rock staircase and will pass into the room. Lady Sharpe was evidently extremely caring toward the mental patients, which is kind of strange most of the time.

One patient whose apparition is believed to haunt the walls of the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is Tommy Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy was a favorite of the staff of the clinic and was given an occupation in the kitchen. Tommy really passed on in the kitchen that is presently a portion of a theater, it is in this theater that individuals have attested that they have felt the impression of somebody pulling at their garments or jabbing their ribs.

Reaction Hall was a portion where the patients could perform in a play, play music or sing. During Sundays the corridor served as the church. On 1939 the lobby turned into a film theater, where prisoners could watch motion pictures. There are two regular sightings in the corridor of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, a young lady that approaches ladies and frantically tries to correspond with them. The other phantom has been found in a window that is used to be a portion of Bell Tower; here the ghost of an old man far from the window is regularly seen.

The Grevillia was the segment of the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum that all patients dreaded. It has been shut for a long time, and now in an abandoned state. As medicine wasn't presented until the 1950s, restrictions, for example, shackles and strait jackets were generally utilized and also electro-stun treatment. Electro stun treatment was broadly utilized as a part of the healing centers during the early years and there are tales in which the entire patient was stunned during one session. When the stuns were directed, the mental patient's bodies either spread out in reverse with power or contracted internally into a fetal position. During this session ligaments would be torn and bones were regularly broken and the teeth smashed.

Laborers at the doctor's facility have reported listening to the sound of kids giggling and playing. They tried to follow the sound but they can't determine the source. Quite a long while prior to the recent influx of ghost tours at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, a guardian saw their 10-year-old child conversing with himself. When asked who he was conversing with, the kid said he was talking with a kid called James who reside on the asylum.

A lady patient who was known to be a major chain smoker was tossed out of the window of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum to her demise by another mental patient who tried to grab her cigarettes. Since the lady was Jewish, the body was not permitted to be transferred not until a Rabbi seen it, the body was left in front of the doctor's facility for two days whilst a Rabbi is on a trip from Melbourne. Witnesses reported that her phantom manifested on the place where the lady fell.

The patio of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum has been divided into allocations long time ago. The individuals who live adjacent have seen the apparition of a man, clothed with a green wool coat. The apparition is believed to be the plant specialist named Arthur who tends the patio nurseries for a long time. Based on the accounts, Arthur will wear his wool coat during winter and in summer nobody could induce him to remove the green coat. After Arthur kicked the bucket, it was found why Arthur had been furtively putting away his wages in the crease of his coat. At the point when the attendants opened it, they discovered 140 pounds, more than four years of the total salary, covered up inside.

There is one last and grizzly story of a mental patient who vanished, regardless of the efforts by the staffs to find him. Several weeks have passed and the missing patient was found when the occupant dog Max, was discovered biting a leg close to the gate at the grounds passage. A second pursuit discovered the body in a tree; the body is in a phase of deterioration that his leg had fallen off. The apparition of the mental patient has been regularly seen close to the passage to the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Tale of Vampire in Russia

There is a tale of vampire in Russia that tell a story about an Imperial soldier who set on foot to his home. To reach his village he would have to come across to a mill that stood nearby. The miller is a close friend of the soldier so he decided to visit him. He was received warmly by his friend with ale and vodka and they didn’t notice the time while talking about their past since it’s been a long time since they saw each other. Finally the soldier said to his friend that he should be going since it’s already night time. However, his friend stopped him and warned him that he might not reach his destination if he decided to push through.

The soldier was puzzled about what he said. He told him that it would be fairly easy for him to reach his hometown since the moon is bright and is not too far away. His friend told him about the death of a warlock who rise from his grave every night. The vampire in Russia would wander around the town committing horrifying crimes. No one dares to cross the road at night.

As a soldier who has witnessed a number of battles, he would not be scared in this tale of vampire in Russia alone. He boldly declares that he belongs to the Crown and he will never be afraid of the phantom of the night. With an ounce of courage and vodka, the brave soldier set off and it so happens that he came across a cemetery. He saw a ball of fire on one of the graves. He curiously approached it and saw one man sitting on a light of fire.

The soldier greeted the warlock and the warlock was surprised. The warlock asked his intention and the soldier told him that he is there to see what he is doing. The vampire in Russia was amused and told the soldier to accompany him since there is a wedding banquet happening on the town and he invited him to celebrate with him. The soldier agreed though he already has an idea who he was talking to.

They went to the wedding banquet where they were warmly welcome. The two of them drink to their hearts content until the warlock gone berserk and started chasing the other guests. He also cast a hex on everyone that caused the newlywed couple to fall asleep. The Vampire in Russia then pierced their hand and drank their blood before they left the venue.

While on their way, the soldier asked him the reason why he drank the blood of the couple; the Vampire in Russia answered and told him that the couple would die and he alone has the power to bring them back to life. The soldier then asked him how, he said that their blood must be poured back to their wounds, but the blood of the groom and bride is in his pocket and the warlock doesn’t have any intentions of returning it.

The warlock also told him more than that. He also told him the way to kill him. However, before the warlock returned to his grave, he told the soldier that he is going to tear him to pieces. The Vampire in Russia has to kill him or else his secrets will be divulged. The warlock attacked him but the soldier fought back with all his might. The warlock has proved to be a very strong opponent. Just as the warlock was to land the final blow, the soldier heard the sound of the rooster and the warlock cowered back to his grave, but not before the soldier was able to retrieve the vials of blood.

The soldier went back to the couple who was killed by the warlock and brought them back to life. The family gave him everything he wanted in exchange of his good deeds. He also killed the Vampire in Russia and brought the peace back to the town.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Case of a Cotard Delusion

Cotard Syndrome also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome is described as a mental illness wherein the person suffering from it thought that he is already dead. Cotard Delusion is believed to be one of the rarest diseases in the world not to mention that it is really bizarre.

One case happened on a Filipino woman who was named as Ms. L. One day 911 received an emergency call from the family of Ms. L after she complained to her family that she has to be buried since she is already dead, a known sign of Cotard Delusion. She was then admitted to the psychiatric hospital. Ms. L smell like a rotten meat and she insisted that she should be taken in a morgue to be with the other dead corpses. The doctors said that Ms. L has tried to commit suicide which includes burning down the house, emaciating herself, etc.

Ms. L is in constant medication of antidepressant when she was still in the Philippines, but she has to stop the medication when she came to the US due to the fact that she could no longer remember the name of the medicine. When she was taken to the hospital, she was hesitant to take any medication; she would often isolate herself and spend most of her day in bed. She would also refuse to be groomed and she neglected her personal hygiene. These are all prevalent symptoms of Cotard Delusion.

After a month of treatment, Ms. L gradually regains her health and upon dismissal she expresses her willingness to participate in psychiatric evaluation and further treatment for the improvement of her condition. Eventually, his condition of Cotard Delusion has been alleviated.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Nabbed By A Djinn Genie

A djinn genie is a mythical vampiric creature in Islamic Mythology that also has a similarity to the Genie of the western culture. In Oman, a young man was supposedly abducted by djinn creature while he was driving his motorbike in an area near Mudar Mountain.

A young man attested that he saw the young man drove his motorbike near the mountain but he has not yet returned ever since. His family has started to grow weary about his absence and ask the neighbors about him. On their search they managed to find his motorbike but there were no traces of the young man. The family seek the help of the authority and the police immediately responded by conducting a thorough search. They mobilize with their search dogs and helicopter but still they were unable to find the man who was allegedly abducted by a djinn genie.

On a local newspaper that was published, local residents of the villages surrounding the mountain believe that the djinn creature dwells on the mountain. They said that this is not the first mysterious case that happened in that mountain.

There were also people confirming that the young man has been kidnapped by djinn genie. They believe that if ever such thing occur, they need to seek the help of religious scholar in order for them to set him free  One of them allegedly had a contact with the djinn creature and he said that the young man is being held in a grotto.

People started visiting the mountain and offering sacrifices hoping that the djinns would release the young man. Up to this day, several people are visiting the grotto in order to appease the djinn genie.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jeremiah Aaron Haughee

Another naked man was caught up in a zombie like attack. This time instead of wanting to eat the face of his victim, Jeremiah Aaron Haughee allegedly bit the stomach of a homeowner. The police of St. Augustine Florida after people reported him going in a rampage on the roof of the residents.

The incident which was reported by the First Coast News claimed that the police arrived in the scene and found two men restraining Jeremiah Aaron Haughee, 22 years old covered with glass and urine. During the fight, Haughe jumped off the roof and bit the stomach of one of the residents. Based on the report, the wound from the bite was so severe that it would leave a mark on the man for the rest of his life.

Officers had to call for backup in order to apprehend him. They use everything they have to restrain him but to no avail. Handcuffs and stun guns have proven to be ineffective to Haughee thus he continued on engaging on a fight with the officers.

Officers had to tase him 5 times before they knocked him down. He was then taken to a nearby hospital and was given a ketamine. He was charged for five counts of battery. The homeowners told the authorities that they woke up and was shocked that Haughee was destroying their garden. Haughee left $1,500 damage on the property of the residents.

It is not confirmed whether Haughee is under the influence of a certain drug or not.