Brandon Duke

Brandon Duke who fired back at a police officer claimed that he was just defending himself against a zombie attack.  Before this incident, Brandon was already wanted for a third degree assault.  The officer saw him walking on the Main Street on May 8, Saturday when he was approached by police officer Blake.   Brandon Duke immediately run and fire a .380 caliber hand gun to the officer.

Brandon Duke took a total of seven shots but he was not able to shot the officer.  Officer Blake cornered the suspect in the stacks of commercial trucks found near the Main Street in Boston Ave.  Duke was shot that eventually led to his arrest.

Due to the gunshot wound, Brandon Duke was taken to the hospital.  During his stay at the hospital, Brandon claimed that there were times that he lost his consciousness and do not know exactly what happened.  He doesn’t even remember pulling the gun and just remember it tossing it aside.  He said he thought he was chased by a zombie and he was only firing gunshots as a warning to the zombie.

Brandon Duke pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault but with the agreement that he will be sentenced to prison for 24-64 years.


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