Saturday, February 28, 2015

Andrea Fernandez

Andrea Fernandez was riding a bus with her newborn son when her zombie experience happened.  She was a resident of Bogota, Colombia, the police found her three days wandering around the town topless, mumbling some words and her child is nowhere to be found.  Andrea finally regains her sanity inside the hospital, she was asking about her newborn baby but no one can answer her question.  Police authority thought that her baby might have been kidnapped by human traffickers.

The same incident has been reported around the Colombia for a hundred of times.  They said that the victim has been drugged of a certain medicine that placed them in a trance.  They are no longer in control of their body once they were drugged.  There were also reports about the tourist losing their consciousness or being drugged leaving them vulnerable to any attacks such as robbery, sexual assault and others.  Tourist and citizens were warned to be cautious when they are visiting a public place and watch out for those people who are giving them things to consume like candies, cigar drinks etc.  The authorities said that these type of consumable products might be dosed with a certain amount of drugs that can place you in a zombie-like state.

Officials believe that the criminals are using a drug that is called Scopalamine.  This drug has the ability to take the free will of a certain person.  In ancient times people who were doused with this medicine allowed themselves to be buried alive.  Scopalamine are often placed on drinks or sprinkled into a meal, it won’t change the color or taste of the food which makes it a popular choice for the criminals.

Victims who were placed in a zombie-mode allow themselves to be sexually assaulted, robbed, steal something valuable to them without remembering anything.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Anaïkatoumenos also known as Anakathoumenos is a Greek vampiric creature particularly on the Tenos region.  This creature has many similarities to other Greek vampire like it doesn’t need blood in order to prolong its existence.  It also doesn’t seem vulnerable to the sunlight.

The name Anakathoumenos literally means “the one who sat back up”.  People believe that the name originated from the way that the position of the corpse has altered.  The movement of the corpse is said to happen when a chemical change is said to happen to the muscle of the corpse.

Another theory about it is that the name was derived with the ancient grudge that the Greeks hold against the Turks at one time.  Most of the Greeks vampire were said to be cursed after they converted to Islam or due to their religious belief.

Based on the Islamic beliefs, upon the death of someone, two angels named Nakeer and Munkar will question people who recently die.  Those departed are then required to sit upright in the presence of the angelic spirits.  A Romanian legend also tells about how Turks are accused of taking bizarre positions after their death.

Anakathoumenos can be detected easily since they are believed to be restless.  A sudden change in the position of the dead body is said to be a sign of being a vampire creature.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria

Amos Gichuhi Kimeria was suspected of murdering his neighbor using a machete and eating his liver, heart, intestines and penis after.  Samwell Epolisi Lodoket, the name of Kimeria’s neighbor was killed using a panga (the African for a Machete).

The remains of the victim were carelessly dumped; some of the body parts were discovered on a granary not far from the location of the home of the suspect.  There are also some remains found on the farm where Kimeria used to work.

2 men who discovered the body on the farm testified that they found the corpse disemboweled on the 29th of June 2012.  They also claimed that they saw Kimeria looking nervous and with bloodstains found on the back and shoulder of his clothing.  The two escorted Kimeria to the police before they even discovered the body because they fear that at his current state he might have cause harm to others who are in the farm.  Furthermore the villagers are already angry of what happened and this might cause a ruckus and mob him.

The police has conducted search and found the other parts of the victim including a flesh of human meat that is wrapped in plastic and a pot that is full with an unidentified meat.  The heart, liver, intestines and penis were never found.

All proceedings have been delayed due to the mental evaluation that is being conducted to the suspect.  In addition the result was never made available to the public.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Amazon Indians Implicated in devouring a farmer

The story about the 5 members of the tribe of Kulina that was accused of butchering and eating a farmer as a part of their ritual was relayed by a city official of the village of Envira to the crew of CNN.

The chief of staff named Maronilton da Silva Clementino told the crew that the members of the Kulina tribe Killed Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, 19 years old on February of 2009 at the outskirt of  remote village of Envira.  The local newspaper reported that the Amazon Indians managed to escape after they were apprehended on a police station for several hours.  No arrest warrant was released due to the law prohibiting them to enter any Indian lands.

The number of person involved in cannibalizing the 18 year old farmer was unknown, though there have been reports of some Indians escaping fearing that the authorities might nabbed them and involved them in the crime.  Clementino was supposedly tending his herd when he met the group of Indians and invited him back to his tribe.  Unfortunately, Clemention never returned.  The family went to the reservation and saw the mutilated remains of Clementino, his skull was found hanging on a tree.

Members of the Kuline tribe began surrounding the police station when the suspects were arrested.  The family was said to be very disappointed about the turnout of events and that the laws are only meant to protect the Indians and not the Brazilians.

Kulina is known to be an isolated village.  There are at least 2,500 Kulina tribe members who live in Brazil.  The tribe is known for cannibalizing human as a part of their rituals.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Normally, an aswang (vampire in the Philippines) needs to transfer the curse to the next generation to maintain the existence of their clan.  But in some instances, there were aswang who failed to transfer their power to their kids, in this case the aswang would return as “amalanhig.”

Amalanhig is a creature in the Hiligaynon folklore.  They tend to kill humans by biting them in their neck.  There is an easy way to survive the attack of amalanhig.  Like the K’uei of China, the Amalanhig can only walk in a straight line due to the stiffness of the corpse.  The wise thing to do if you stumbled upon an amalanhig is to run on a zigzag line or go up the trees and stairs that is out of reach of the creature.  They are also scared of deep bodies of water, so running on lakes and river is also advisable.

They are depicted as a creature that is similar to the human except for the extreme enlargement of their canine teeth.  They are also considered a different type of vampire in the Philippines mythology.  They are the closest creature to the western vampires.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Alvaro Calambaro

Alvaro Calambaro who is held responsible for killing two individuals believes that if he is to be executed, he will go to sleep and wake up in a form of a vampire. Alvaro Calambaro born in the year 1973 pleaded guilty in killing Peggy Crawford (37) and Keith Christopher (21) using hammer and crowbar.

Calambaro together with his accomplice Duc Cong Huynh went to the store on the night of January 3, 1994. They bind the two victims and started beating them with hammer and crowbar.  They were also held responsible for robbing the U Haul business money worth $2,400.

Both Calambaro and Huynh were sentenced to death but Huynh hanged himself inside his prison cell at the Ely State Prison.  A district judge signed Calambaro’s death warrant stating that he is sane enough to be placed to death even though he is being treated of schizophrenia and that he may think that he is a vampire.

Prior to the execution, the Philippine consulate is asking to stop the execution as it would violate the Vienna convention Treaty.  They said that the authorities failed to inform the government about his case leaving him with inadequate legal support. But Carson City authorities discarded their plea and continue in serving the execution.

Calambaro was executed using lethal injection on April 5, 1999.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Attacked by someone with a vampire teeth

A homeless man was allegedly attacked by a man having vampire teeth outside the pharmacy in 8800 in Villa La Jolla Drive at around 6:00 am.  The authority said that the victim which is a 55-year old man was hit in the head and ribs and was left bleeding. When the authorities arrived in the scene the victim said that the perpetrator even threatened to kill him.

The police were called on the scene at 5:45 on a shopping center and found the homeless man standing outside of the pharmacy, bleeding and his left eye is swollen.  He told the authorities that he was just sleeping behind the shopping center when he was attacked.

The suspect was arrested, Monday in La Jolla.  The officers located him just a short time after the incident happened.  The suspect appears to be a transient.

Monday, February 16, 2015


A female Coptic Egyptian, vampire, child murdering demon similar to Lilith and Abyzou, Alabasandria is also known as Alabasdria.

Alabasandria is said to have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a reptile, particularly a snake.  He is known to attack women, virgins and children,  On attacking the pregnant women, she is believed to suck on the milk and blood of the mother causing them to miscarry.  If the mother successfully gave birth to a child, he would prevent the mother to produce milk, thus killing the newborn baby.  It was also said that she can spread disease among women and kill them.

Unlike the Abyzou and Lilith, Alabasandria is said to have offspring who also carries out the same evil intent.  They were also blamed for infertility.

Alabasandria is often associated with another vampiric entity, the Gello.  To drive away the evil creature, the spirit of St. Sisinnious was summoned in order to protect them.  He was called by the believers to help them defeat Alabasandria since he is known to defeat Gello during his lifetime.

There were also charms and amulets available to the market which depicts the Alabasandria being trampled or defeated by animals with hooves especially the horses.  These amulets were believed to repel or protect someone form the attack of the vampire creature.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Al is also known as Eclipse vampire in other region.  In Turkey, this creature is depicted as an average looking person that sometimes can take the form of an eagle.  While it is in its human form, the vampire is known to eat boiled milk and wine (sometimes vodka) apart from blood.

An approaching Ala in an Eagle form can be distinguished with the appearance of the sky.  The sky would start to grow dark and thunderstorms would start to manifest.  Lightning and hail would follow after.  During the bad weather, the Ala would sweep down and destroy the grape vineyard, eating all of the grapes.

In either of its forms, the Ala can cause storm and destroy livelihoods.  Local farmers believed that the creature can be killed with a shotgun loaded with shells that are filled with silver, gold, steel and lead.

On Greek legends, the ala is a creature that can eat the sun and moon, reason why it is also called the Eclipse vampire.

Ala is also a mythological creature in the legends of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia.  Like in Turkey, the Ala is known to be the demon of bad weather.  They are known to be very greedy and with an insatiable appetite for children.

But the Ala is not only known to cause destruction.  It can also give benefits to those people who have a good relationship with her.  The creature is said to live in clouds, lakes or other isolated areas.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Akhkharu is also known as ahharu which means vampire.  The word “ahharu” appeared in the works of Peter Levenda “Simon Necronomicon” in 1977.  Akhkharu is believed to feed only on human blood.  The creature can be summoned using a simple ritual. Unlike any form of vampire creatures which are cursed and cretaed, the akhkharu can come into existence by a certain magical performance.

Once a person successfully managed to summon the creature, it will begin searching for a victim.  If an akhkharu consume enough blood, he will be able to become a normal human.

There is an Akhkharu Society which is a religious type of Mystery school.  The society generally study the mysterious religion called Akhkharianism.  Though many people believed that it originated from Sumeria, others said that the word Akhkharu comes from Egypt.

In a television series, “Sanctuary”, akhkharu is said to be a race of a vampire that enslaved the humanity using advanced technology during the ancient times.  They were also believed to be the pharaohs and the kings of ancient civilizations.

Akhkharu possessed a super human strength, speed, enhance reflexes and senses.  They also have the ability to heal injury at an increased phase and the ability to learn things just by drinking the blood of their victim (includes learning ability and language).  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Aisha Qandisha

Aisha Qandisha is a vampire Goddess that originated in the ancient City of Carthage.  Her name literally translates to “loving to be watered” (as in, something to do with sexual fetish).  Her name has been usually associated with Qadesha, which are the temple women in the Canaan who serve Astarte, they are forbidden to have sex.

Aisha Qandisha is a succubus who drains the energy of her victim while having a sexual intercourse with them.  She is beautiful but on the region of Morocco she is described as a creature with feet of a goat.  She is believed to dwell on wells and waterways.  Like the Wili, Aisha Qandisha is often seen dancing naked, tempting the young men into dancing with her.  Those who willingly danced with her will be her sexual slaves.

Men who was seduced with her beauty will become impotent and uninterested with other women.  Aisha Qandisha also have a companion which is also a vampiric creature.   A jinni named Hammu Qaiya is often seen by her side.

Since she is a goddess, the Aisha Qandisha cannot be vanquished, she can only be driven away by dipping an iron stick deep into the ground before one is enchanted by her beauty. There is also a way to break the spell of the Aisha Qandisha.  A man has to undergo a ritual where he has to be put into a trance and see the goat feet of the Aisha Qandisha.

By the time that he witnessed the true identity of the Aisha Qandisha, he needs to plunge an iron stick as deep as he can into the ground.  After successfully doing this, the control of the Aisha Qandisha over him would immediately break.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Aipalookvik are a vampiric race in the icy region of Alaska.  Locals believed that they are a vampire creature of the ocean.  People who lived along the coast and the sailors are particularly the target of this creature. 

Legends say that the Aipalookvik would occasionally emerge on the ocean.  It looks like a corpse that is on the severe state of decomposition.  This particular type of vampire does not drain his victim with blood but with body heat.  They will then wear the skin on their victim.  The evil spirit that also inhabits the corpse causing it to reanimate can also acquire the memory thus adopting the personality of the dead person.

It is also said to be a God associated with death and destruction.  While most of the times their attack method is to suck the body heat, they can also swallow those travellers who were brave enough to ocean.  The Aipalookvik would then send them to a watery grave.

They can also send tsunamis to the lands, making it impossible for the people to escape his power.  This vampiric race is also part of the legend of the other region in the Arctic such as Greenland and Northern Canada.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Afrit or Ifrit is the Muslim version of vampire.  Afrit means “blood-drinking nomad”.  Afrit is generally the spirit of the person murdered.  The spirit of the murdered person will return to the spot where the last drop of his blood fell and in that place an Afrit would be born.

Some says that the Afrit resembles the appearance of a Djinn but others claimed that the creature appears to be in a ghost form complete with smoke that resembles the appearance of a Christian devil, a creature with hooves a tail and horns.  People who allegedly saw the creature was overcome with fear.

In order to prevent the birth of an Afrit, a nail must be driven into the spot where the murder-victim was found.  But of course one still needs to verify that it is the spot where his last drop of blood fell which is nearly impossible. This process is said to keep the spirit of the Afrit on the earth.

It is believed that the afrit is one of the 5 types of djinn.  Afrit is said to be the most vicious and violent and most cruel to his victim.  He is also said to be the second most powerful djinn.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The adze is a vampiric Creature in the lore of the Ewe people of Africa.  The Ewe people are particularly located in Ghana and Togo.  The adze has an ability to transform into a form of a firefly but it immediately reverts back to its human form if someone managed to capture him.  While in their human form, the adze is said to have an ability to possess human beings.

Those who are possessed by the adze were deemed as witches.  Those who have a connection to a human that is possessed by an adze would suffer some unfortunate events.  There are various sign if one is suspected of being possessed by an adze; women who have brothers especially if their niece or nephew fared better compared to their own, old people who stayed alive despite of the young ones dying, and if the poor people envied the fortune of the rich people.

Being in the appearance of a firefly give them ability to pass through small opening and cracks.  When an adze managed to enter the house, they would suck the blood out of their victims while they were sound asleep.  Their victim would eventually fell ill and die.  The adze is said to originate from the horrors and dangers brought by mosquitoes.

There are no known ways on how one can defend himself against the terror of the adze.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Adlet, an Inuit myth

Adlet is also known as Erqigdlet, they are a clan of weredogs in the Inuit lore of Greenland.   Adlet are creatures with a lower body of a canine and human on its upper part.  Legends say that a woman once bore children composed of weredogs.  She decided to send them drifting on the river, but the Adlets managed to survive and reached Europe.  They got married to European women and managed to increase their population.  They said that Adlets can turn themselves into flesh eating monster.

Fan ethnologist named Franz Boas had an idea on the origin of the adlet.  He said that the story about Adlet may be a variation of the story of “The Girl and the Dogs” which was published in 1889 in the book entitled “The Journal of American Folklore”.  It is also known in the Eastern part of the Greenland as “The Origin of the Qavdlunait and Irqigdlit".

Since then other people started to get interested on the popularity of the Adlet folklore.  The story became an inspiration to other story such as “Dog Husband” which is about an Adlet from the Western Europe that return to the Inuit tribe.  The Adlet was offered sexualsatisfaction by the women of the tribe in exchange for some goods and necessities.  The Carrier tribe is also a variation of the story.  It is said that a dog like creature attacked a woman and sexually assaulted her.  A priest gave the idea that the dog might be an Eskimo whose clothing has an uncanny similarity to the skin of the dog.  Most of the story about the adlet can be found during the 19th and 20th Century like the Tornit and the Adlit which was told by an Eskimo and written by A.L. Kroeber and the legend about Aselu.  It is also said to be the inspiration in the movie “Pathfinder”

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Abruzzi is a name of a town, a vampire spirit and also the festival that is being celebrated on that town to honour the spirit of the dead every November 1.  It is a town located in Central Italy.

Families of the deceased will leave candles on the tomb of their loved ones believing that they will rise up from their grave.  They also place lighted candles on their window to help them track their way home.  They will leave bread and other consumable materials on the table as a form of offerings to the dead.  The town believed that during a certain time, all the spirits in the grave will rise up.  The spirits will all gather in one place and start to march leading to the town and into the house where they used to reside.  The lines are lead by the good souls, next in line would be the souls of the bad people, then the soul of the murdered and last but not the least would be the spirits of the condemned.  They will return home just to consume the offerings that their family left on the food table.

Someone who understands magic and incantation claimed that there is a complicated ritual that one can perform in order to see the procession of spirit.  But they also claimed that this ritual is very dangerous since it can lead to insanity and eventually to death.

Interesting to know that Italy does not have the entire concept of a vampire, the closest idea they have about the rising of the dead is through this festival and probably to the witch whom they called striga.  These witches are known to attack children, a traditional ritual is executed in order to drive away the evil spirit but most of the time people will seek the help of the church in order to keep them safe from this entity.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Abigail Staples

Council members of the town of Cumberland, Rhode Island gave the permission to Stephen Staples the permission to exhume the body of the suspected vampire on 1796.  The suspected vampire was his deceased daughter, Abigail Staples.  The procedure that they are going to perform on the corpse of Abigail Staples was a hope to save his other daughter from an unknown disease, Livina Chase.

Stephen Chase is a known farmer in the land and his daughter, Abigail succumbed to consumption about a year ago.  The council then ordered Stephen Chase that after the “experiment” that he wishes to perform on the body of hid dead daughter he should rebury it in a “dissent manner”.

A little is known about the experiment that was performed on the body of Abigail.  During those times, it is a custom of every family to choose a barren land on their farm and convert it to a grave yard.  And since the body of Abigail lies on the property of Staples, a little is known about the procedure they did.  But it is believed that they perform a vampiric ritual on the body of Abigail.

The location of the grave of Abigail Staples remains unknown up to this day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Abchanchu/Anchanchu -Bolivian Vampire

Abchanchu is a part of Bolivian folklore that is associated with vampires.  It is said that this cryptid has the ability to take the form of an old man, and ask somebody for a direction.  Abchanchu will suck the blood of those who will help him while they were asleep or infect them with an incurable disease.  Sometimes in order to lure their victim to their house, abchanchu will pretend that he is having some sort of trouble at home and whoever kindly offers him to help him on his trouble will suffer the same fate.  They said that there is no way to escape the abchachu once you became a target victim.  He will first bite you and suck your blood and when you managed to escape that attack he will then inflict you with a deadly disease.  The old man always appear to be wearing something expensive and said that he came from a rich clan.  Travellers can wear an amulet with garlic oil in order to protect themselves from the abchanchu.

It is said that the abchanch can be found at the caves and highland of Bolivia.  During the 18th Century it was believed that Abchanchus were only located in secluded places in Bolivia, especially to the inaccessible part of the region or the mountain areas.  After a few years, story about this creature began spreading all over Bolivia especially on the district and town areas.  Some stories about the Abchanchu differentiate them from the vampires, some abchanchu has a way to destroy the villagers’ crops and cause random fire.  They are similar on the western vampires regarding their ability to inflict diseases.  They said that there is an incantation that you have to recite that can protect you from the attack of the abchanchu:

Uyuni, a region in Bolivia has a different interpretation of the Abchanchu, they said that these creatures usually come to visit a house at night and ask the owner of the house if they can come in.   Those who let them in or during an event that the house does not have a lock ; they will probably end up a victim of the abchanchu.

*Note: Abchanchu is a part of the Bolivian folklore, no reported sightings was documented in the history to confim its validity.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson

Aaron Homer was arrested on October 2010 after stabbing his roommate who refused him to drink his blood. The Arizona man allegedly stabbed his friend, Robert Maley, 25 years of age in his arm.  Maley confessed that there had been an incident where he allowed Homer to drink his blood since he threatened him to cut his former girlfriend if he refused.   Aaron Homer was sentenced on March 2011 for 3 year probation period.

The two of them are sharing the house with Amanda Williamson, 21 years old, who are interested in vampire and other undead stuff.  Apparently Robert Maley refused to let them feed on his blood, an angry Aaron Homer is determined to suck his blood thus he was stabbed on his arm.

Firefighters who are just in the next door heard a commotion inside the house.  After some time they saw a man who ran outside of the apartment experiencing a massive bleeding due to the wound in his arm.  The police arrived shortly after the incident ad found Homer and Willamson soaking in blood.  There are also trails of blood leaving the apartment which they believe was Maley’s.

During the police interrogation, the two of them gave a very contradicting statement.  One of them claimed that he stabbed Maley in order to protect himself from his attack.  Homer also gave a different incident.  But the police know better than to believe them, since they think that those statements does not make any sense.

Maley was found a few blocks away from the incident heavily bleeding.  Upon giving his statement, Homer angrily said that he stabbed Maley since he is mocking their religion.  Interestingly all 3 of them were arrested that day, Williamson for the false report, Homer for the assault and Maley for an arrest warrant prior to this incident.  His wounds were also treated and stitched.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Chinese Zombie?

It’s not every day that you see a bus driver that attacks a random woman and just chew her face.  Based on the local news, the man named Dong was drinking heavily prior to the cannibalistic attack.

On Tuesday, the bus driver ran on the road and just stood in front of a car that is being maneuvered by a woman.  That behavior of Dong apparently stopped Du from driving the car.  The bus driver jumped on top of the car and started hitting the car.  The woman inside started to panic and scream for help.

With no help coming, the woman decided to escape out of the car but the psychotic driver jumped on her causing her to stumble down the ground.  Dong started to bit on the face of the poor woman.  The woman can do nothing but to cry while her face was covered with blood as the onlookers started to pull her away from the suspect.

Those people who witness the attack said that the bus driver seems to be crazy and just resist those people who tried to subdue him.  When the police arrived on the scene they brought Dong into the police station which seems to bring an end of his rampage.

The woman was taken to the hospital and the doctors recommended a plastic surgery to cover the wound brought by the attack.  Some parts of his face seem to be affected especially the nose and the lips.

Incidentally, the attack happened in the same year that there has been a noticeable rise on the zombie-like attack in the US.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brisbane City Hall-Australia’s Haunted Building

Brisbane City Hall officially opened on April 8, 1930; the expensive structure found at the center of the city had already gone through different breakthroughs in a substantially expanding capacity following 1927 during its official initiation. The site wherein the Brisbane City Hall can now be found had been bought during 1877, but the location had been regarded unacceptable for a metropolitan corridor in inclination of a more lifted area.

Deemed as a low lying, surge inclined of the developing Brisbane marketing region, there is undoubtedly that the consistent flooding of the River of Brisbane strengthened this worry - within just 40 years, Brisbane had been immersed by 5 noteworthy flooding occasions that equaled and surpassed the late 2011 surge levels prior this year. While more suitable destinations had been advised, a movement in supposition combined with almost 2 many years of monetary stagnation saw the first site still perfect for the part. Hence, the fabulous engineering organization of Hall and Prentice was contracted to plan the structure, with the fortification stone being erected during 1920 by the Prince of Wales, Edward. Edward inevitably rose to the throne on the demise of the King George V during mid 1936, but resigned later that year in the wake of reporting his aim to wed an American socialite who is not yet separated. His sibling Albert ventured into the part, accepting the title as a King.

Brisbane City Hall has gained a neighborhood notoriety for lodging no less than 4 phantoms - one apparition is believed to be a female and frequents the anteroom, lobby stairs and mezzanine; another phantom is supposed to frequent a whole wing of the Hall that was close down for quite a long time thus, before being transformed over to a childcare facility; one ghost is purportedly to be a WWII American mariner who was involved in a battle about a lady with another mariner, and was cut to death in the Tea Rooms underneath the City Hall. These legends are construct and propagated with respect to a component of truth, nonetheless we can relish them later on, we should concentrate on the fourth ghost: the ghost of the  Lift Attendant that haunts the eminent tower of Brisbane City Hall.
This story has been retold broadly in the course of 13 years, but the subtle elements contrast somewhat - a lift chaperon or laborer at Brisbane City Hall, died in his neglect of obligation (varying forms of the story said that he either jumped, fell or was pounded by the lift amid the installation) right on time in the building's history about 1930's. Consequently, his phantom rides the lift of the City Hall and causes continuous mechanical trouble. Let's review the history: in June 1998, the Queensland Independent columnist Louise Rugendyke, stated that a phantom has been consistently riding in the elevator subsequent to the 1930’s. After 10 years amid remodels of Brisbane City Hall, a report written by the columnist Kelmeny Fraser distributed in the City News on November 21 expressed, that during the renovation of the clock tower a development laborer asserted to have seen a phantom which exhibited as outline of a man remaining in a restricted territory.  On 2009, Nicole Carrington stated in the same news agency that a phantom that haunts the City hall include a groundskeeper who rode the lifts who reportedly kicked the bucket in a monstrosity mischance.
Eventually however, the most well known and broadly scattered form of the story point a finger on the Lift Attendant as the spooky guilty party. Talk has it that the anonymous Lift man either hopped to his demise or slipped and tumbled from the City Hall during 1932, starting a continuous haunting and a series of  mechanical trouble on the lift. A latest distributed book penned by a self-confessed "antiquarian", even went far as to concede that while there is no substantial proof to confirm the demise of a lift-man, the said man's affirmed passing somewhere else (far from Brisbane City Hall) is unmistakably the befuddled inception of the story. With that being said, notwithstanding, no confirmation is presented in the book to verify the veracity of the Lift Attendant's passing far from the City Hall.

From memorable records, it can be unarguably confirm that the city hall lift has an occurrence of mechanical trouble completely due to its own from the snippet of establishment. July of 1929 a fire started in a lift well as an after-effect of the lift being powered abruptly at full power, creating thick smoke that pour from the lift which gives the inkling of a noteworthy discharge.  Fortunately, the circumstance was immediately contained by laborers without the requirement for the brigade unit. Once more, April 1930 just 2 days when the Brisbane City Hall had been officially initiated by the Governor, a flame again started on the same area obliging Attendants to jump just to be rescued. Aside from these early issues, no further mechanical trouble show up in the records that might be viewed as typical operational issues.