Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Jacksonville Cannibal

Otis Toole born on the 5th of March, 1947 is a serial murderer, cannibal and an arsonist.  He was the partner in crime of Henry Lee Lucas, a fellow serial killer.  Toole confessed to a numerous counts of murder which includes rape and cannibalism and to a lot of unsolved crimes.  He confessed to at least three counts of murder and was later charged for four more counts before eventually dying inside the prison cell on September 15, 1996.  He was also being held responsible on the death of Adam Walsh.  The police claimed that he is the perpetrator on the said crime; the police marked it as a solved crime and closed the case.

Otis Toole was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida.  His mother is known to be a religious fanatic.  He claimed that when he was at a young age, he would be constantly dressed in a girl’s dress.  He was also a victim of incest in the hands of his sister.  His grandmother was also a Satanist and exposed him to various satanic rituals such as robbing of the graves.

Otis Toole claimed on a documentary shown on television that he was forced to have sexual interaction with the friend of his father when he was just 5 years old.  When he was 10 years old he started to feel like he was a homosexual and had a relationship with a boy when he was 12 years old.  He said that his first victim was when he was 14 years old.  Toole supported himself by prostitution.

Otis Toole met Henry Lee Lucas on 1976, and they started to have a relationship.  Toole confessed that he has been acting as the accomplice of Lucas on the 108 murders that he committed.   In 1983, he was arrested for Arson where he also confessed to the authorities about the series of murders that he committed.

Otis Toole was found guilty in murdering George Sonnenberg and setting his victim’s house on fire in a deliberate attempt to get rid of the evidence.  He was also found guilty in the 1983 murder of Ada Johnson where he was sentenced for 2 counts of death sentenced, but upon appealing on the court his sentence was reduced to life imprisonment.

Otis Toole died on September 15, 2996 due to liver failure.  No one even attempted to claim his body.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The She-Wolf of France

Queen Isabella, the Queen of England and the wife of Edward II was also known as the She-Wolf of France.  She is known for her beauty, intelligence, and her scandalous life.  Her marriage with King Edward II was arranged in order to put an end to the war between England and France.  But it is a known fact that King Edward II was in love with someone else.  Edward II was in love with Piers Gaveston, but the king senses that he had so much influence with his son so he exiled him.  But when the king passed away, Edward II immediately summoned back his lover.

Isabella wrote to her father how she was not well treated.  She might be at a young age of 12, but she is perfectly aware of what is suited for her as a queen.  The territory that was supposed to be handed to the Queen was given to the king’s lover.  For four years, Isabella knew that there were something going on between Edward II and Gaveston, but she knew how to keep an enemy, she even made an acquaintance of Gaveston’s wife.  And because of this bold move, Isabella was admired by the whole France. Finally the baron’s who are not in favor of Gaveston plotted to kill him and they succeeded in doing so.

After Gaveston’s death both the king and queen live a happy life, they had an heir to the throne named Edward and gave birth to three more.  But after sometime, Edward II found a new lover, Hugh Despenser. While King Edward was having a relationship with Hugh Despenser, the brother of Isabella tried to take over France.  Isabella went to her brother to negotiate a peace treaty.  During this time, Isabella renewed her acquaintance with Roger de Mortimer.  They had a relationship but Edward II is not in favor of her wife’s infidelity.  On the other hand Roger de Mortimer raised an army and was successful in defeating the king.  Edward II was imprisoned in the Berkely Castle.  Every supporter of King Edward II was hunted down and suffered a gruesome death including his lover, Hugh Despenser.  Isabella showed everyone how merciless she can be.

Isabella hoped that his former husband would die on natural causes, but 8 months had passed and he is still alive.  He ordered his men to stick a hot poker into his posterior.  When their son Edward took the throne, he executed Mortimer and imprisoned his own mother at Castle Rising.  During this time, Isabella was allegedly losing her sanity.  He would roam at late night all over the castle, grieving about the fate of her lover.  After she died, rumors started that because of her wrong doings, her spirit has turned into a big wolf with a fur that is as white as the snow.  Up to this day, during the full moon, people still believe that the spirit of Isabella in a form of a white she-wolf still roaming around the Castle Rising.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Richard Cottingham

Richard Cottingham is an America serial murderer from New Jersey who terrorized the part of New York during the period of 1967-1980.  He was also known as the torso killer due to his bizarre ways of dismembering the victim and leaving nothing but the torso.  He was also known to drink the blood of a prostitute in one case.  Later it was discovered that Cottingham is responsible for killing more than 6 women.  In most cases he would bite them and drink their blood.

On the 2nd of December, 1979, firefighters responded to a reported fire incident in a small hotel which is near Time Square.  When the fire fighters forced their way in, they discovered more than just fire in one of the rooms.  Two headless corpses was lying on the bed, their hands was also severed.  It seems that the victims was doused with a fluid lighter and was set on fire.  Whoever did this seems to be deliberately removing the evidences.  The missing body parts of the victim were never seen again.  Thanks to the x-Ray one of the victims was identified as Deedeh Goodarzi, a prostitute.  The other victim was never identified.

Police were able to link the crime to a previous incident that happened on the Time Square that concerns another hooker.  Her body was also discovered in the same manner as the two victims.  It was later revealed that they have a lunatic serial killer on a loose.

May 5, 1980, another prostitute was found dead in a motel room.  Based on the investigation, the victim suffered a terrible beating on the hands of the serial killer before being strangled to death.  She was then stuffed under the bed. 

The incident was followed on May 15, Jean Reyner was stabbed to death by an unknown killer.  Her breasts have been sliced off and her body was burned.  A week later, the police were again summoned in a motel, but this time it is due to the screaming of one of their guests.  The scream of the girl appears as if she was being tortured.  When the police arrived they caught a glimpse of a man fleeing the scene.   They also saw a woman handcuffed inside the room who seems to be in terrible state.  The suspect stabbed her and bit her nipples.  She claimed she was beaten, sodomized and raped.

Richard Francis Cottingham was arrested in connection to the crime.  He seems to be a well respected man; he was working for a major insurance firm and has a great family.  But after the police searched his house, they were able to find a trophy room where he kept most of his souvenirs from his victims.

He was proven guilty and was sentenced to 197 years in prison.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Merionethshire Wolf

This werewolf situation was recorded by Montague Summers: The Werewolf.  The case has a huge similarity to the event that happened to the Croglin Grange Vampire that happened on 1871.

The werewolf scare incident happened on the shores of a lake near Merionethshire in Wales.  A professor has this habit of fishing; they rented a cottage on the said shore so the wife can stay on that cottage while the professor went out on fishing.  While they were in the cottage, they invited a guest and entertained her.

While the professor is on the lake and fishing, he noticed a skull that resembles a skull of a canine.  He took interest on the fragments and took it back to their cottage and placed it in the kitchen cupboard.

The succeeding evening has been filled with terror as the wife started to hear bizarre sound on their kitchen.  The weird noise sounded like a gnarling of a dog.  He went to the kitchen where the sound was coming from.   She saw a half-human half-wolf that frightened her.  She quickly locked the front door but she still hears the weird sound of the creature.  She tried to tell her husband what happened that night.  The professor stayed up all night hoping that the creature will show itself.  Eventually he saw a face of a wolf with the eye of a human looking back at him.  He quickly picked up his rifle and chased the beast but the creature vanished into the darkness.

Montague Summers accounted the whole thing:
 “As she moved something drew her attention to the window,and there she saw glaring at her through the diamondpanes the head of a huge creature, half animal, half human.The cruel panting jaws were gaping wide and showed keenwhite teeth; the great furry paws clasped the sill likehands; the red eyes gleamed hideously; it was the gaze of aman, horribly intensive, horribly intelligent. Half-faintingwith fear she ran through to the front door and shot thebolt. A moment after she heard heavy breathing outsideand the latch rattled menacingly. The minutes that followedwere full of acutest suspense, and now and again alow snarl would be heard at the door or window, and asound as though the creature was endeavoring to force itsentrance. At last the voices of her husband and his friend,come back from their ramble, sounded in the little garden;and as they knocked, finding the door fast, she was butable to open ere she fell in a swoon at their feet.”“The hours passed slowly, until when all was darkest andmost lonely the soft thud of cushioned paws was heard onthe gravel outside, and nails scratched at the kitchen window.To their horror in a stale phosphorescent light theysaw the hideous mask of a wolf with the eyes of a man glaringthrough the glass, eyes that were red with hellish rage.Snatching the gun they rushed to the door, but it had seentheir movement and was away in a moment. As they issuedfrom the house a shadowy undefined shape slippedthrough the open gate, and in the stars they could just seea huge animal making towards the lake into which it disappearedsilently, nor did a ruffle cross the surface of thewater.”

The next morning, the professor decided to return the skull on the lake.  After that the haunting of the phantom wolf was never seen again.  A case that is similar to the Hebrides wolf where the geologist found bones resembling that of a wolf and a wolf spirit started to manifest.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wayne Clifford Boden

Wayne Clifford Boden is a serial killer and rapist who has an unusual method of biting his victim in the breast area ad drinking blood.  His first victim was Shirley Audette.   The body of Audette was discovered on October of 1969.  Although they found her tucked with all her clothing, there have been signs that the victim was raped, strangled and has some serious wound on her breasts.  There are also no signs of struggle by the victim.

Marielle Archambault is a jewelry clerk.  She left the shop during their closing time with a man named “Bill”.  Her colleague stated that she appears to be happy upon seeing the young man.  The next day, Archambault failed to show up on the shop.  The employer went on to her apartment to check if she’s alright.  They were shocked upon discovering that Archambault is dead together with her landlady.  There are signs that he was sexually assaulted and there is a teeth mark on her breast.  A crumpled picture was shown and was identified by her co-worker as Bill, but eventually they found out that the picture was Archambault’s late father.

“Bill’s” next victim is a girl named Jean Way, about two months after his last attack. Way was about to be picked up by her boyfriend on January 1970.  Her boyfriend called for her name but she did not answer the door, so he decided to return later.  When he came back, he noticed that the door is unlocked; he discovered the dead body of his girlfriend on the bed, naked.  Way was the last victim recorded in the area.

In Calgary, a similar incident regarding a rape and murder with a teeth mark on the breast was found out.  Apparently the crime also concerned a man named Bill. Someone saw the victim ride a Mercedes Benz on the night that she died.  A friend of Elizabeth Anne Porteous, the victim described Bill as someone with a neat, clean-cut hair and wears “flashy” clothes. 

The exact match of the described Mercedes Benz was found parked outside of the house of Wayne Clifford Boden.  Boden admitted on dating the victim and take the full ownership of a broken handcuff that was found on the crime scene, but he reiterated that Porteous was in great condition when he left her that night.

The police consulted an orthodontic that confirmed that the marks on the victims’ breast and the tooth of Boden was an exact match.  Boden confessed to the killings, he was sentenced for a three lifetime imprisonment.  Wayne Clifford Boden died due to a skin cancer on March 27, 2006.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vampire grave discovered in Venice

An Archaeologist, Matteo Borrini, discovered the remains of a suspected vampire during their excavation.   The old ritual to prevent a suspected vampire from spreading the plague is still evident on the skull.  The remains are estimated to date back as far as the 16th Century.  The bones, believed to be owned by a woman in Lazzaretto Nuovo Island were found with a piece of brick stacked in her mouth.  This ancient practice was believed to prevent the vampire from chewing the cover and eventually rising from its grave and spreading the undead disease.

Matteo Borrini, further stated that back then, when a series of random death happened (mostly about consumption), the deaths were commonly attributed to vampires and other blood sucking creatures.    They believe that these people who have been infected by the disease would soon rise up and terrorize the village.  They think that by biting and sucking the blood, the disease would spread so in order to stop it, grave diggers would normally place a brick in their mouth.  They suppose that the series of death can only stop by that procedure.

The skeleton was believed to be a victim of the Venetian Plague.  Normally dead corpses would throw out blood on their mouth causing the shrouds to sink inside their mouth and appears as if the corpse is chewing it.  These remains were probably the 1st ever suspected vampire to undergo a forensic investigation.  The remains were exhumed from a mass grave that was discovered by Matteo Borrinni. 

But Peer Moor-Jansen came forward and said that while the discovery of the skeleton is interesting; his claim of the first vampire to be examined was just ridiculous.  Moor-Jansen claimed that he found a skeleton under a similar state in Poland.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Werewolf of Husby

This tale of Werewolf of Husby supposedly happened during the middle ages in Husby, Germany.  It concerns an old stingy woman that she offered her farm helpers with only little food to eat, though she has a steady supply of fresh meat every Sunday.  The helpers are a bit puzzled about the supply of meat since they never recalled her buying meat on the market or even asking someone to purchase her the meat.

A young helper wanted to discover the mystery behind this, so one Sunday; the young helper concealed himself into a hayloft instead of visiting the church.  While patiently waiting, he saw the woman took out a magical belt that can give her the appearance of the Werewolf of Husby.  She apparently wore the enigmatic wolf strap and turned herself into a wolf and ran out in the field.  After a few moments, the old lady returned with a sheep.

The young helper thought that if she can produce a meat that easily, the woman must be more generous in giving them food.  Later that day, the woman was cooking the meat while the young helper is still hiding.  She apparently sighed and exclaimed to God that she wished to be with God

The young helper spoke and pretended to be a God and said that he was only cursing her because she was not able to give her helpers an adequate amount of food.  From that point onward, the skimpy woman started to grant her helpers with a sufficient amount of food.

But the young man told everyone about everything that he witnessed.  One Sunday, the woman was again in a form of a wolf wearing the wolf strap, but unknown to her, the whole villagers are already waiting for her outside armed with guns and pitchfork.  They shot him for a few times but the bullets didn’t seem to affect her.  One of them loaded the gun with a silver bullet and shot her.

The woman was able to survive the shot, but the wound remained open and the doctors were unable to treat the wound.  She never again transformed into the Werewolf of Husby after that day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Vampire Incident Narrated By Madame Helena Blavatsky

Madame Helena Blavatsky is a renowned spiritualist born in Russia.  Her most popular work is the Isis Unveiled that also contains a story about vampire.

The vampire incident that happened was supposedly reported by someone who witnessed the whole event.  It concerns a ruler of a certain land who is a dictator and wicked.  He forced a beautiful young girl to marry him, and he continuously abused the girl every day.  The governor soon fell ill and he wanted her wife to swear that she will never re-marry again.  If at times that the wife should marry someone else again, he would return and torment her life.

After the man died, the women immediately broke her promise and sought the person he really loves.  They got married and started a beautiful family.   The governor kept his promise and returned from the land of the dead.  Every night the governor would appear riding a black coach carried by 6 dark horses.  The servants would try to stop him when he enters the house but they would be over powered by the forces of the phantom of the governor.  Some servants claimed that they’ve been electrocuted and others said that they went into a hypnotic state.  The governor would then attack his former wife; he would drain her blood to the point of near death. The vampire made sure to return every night and drain the blood of her wife.

The authorities decided to take the mater into their own hands.  They decided to perform the traditional method of dispelling the vampire manifestation.  The authorities disinterred the body of the governor.  They found out that the body of the governor is still fresh and has no mark of decomposition.  They also noticed that the body of the governor is bloated, as if it is filled with blood on its last night hunt.  They decided to stake the governor and perform an exorcism.

After that fateful day, there were no longer attacks recorded on the girl made by the governor that turned into a vampire.  Also in her book, Blavatsky also discussed the possible origin of the vampires and also psychic vampirism.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arnold Paole

Arnold Paole was a Serbian who was believed to turn into a vampire after his death.  His case is similar to PeterPlogojowitz wherein his death was followed by 16 random deaths in the village Meduegna located near the area of Paracin.  And just like the other case, Arnold Paole involves Austrian authorities and a documentation of an Austrian Physician. Glaser and Flückinger, an Austrian doctor of the military was sent to document and investigate the case of vampirism that will eventually be spread on Eastern Europe.

Before his death, Arnold Paole told his wife that he was being haunted by the undead.  Paole would then hunt the grave of the undead and set their corpse into fire.  But Paole was affected with this event causing him to resign his post and went back to Meduegna.

While Arnold Paole was working on a farm, Paole met an accident that caused his life.  A month after his death, random villagers attested that they saw Paole roaming around the town.  After several days, those people who claimed to saw Paole suffered an unexplainable death.  Due to this reason people will demand the authorities to exhume the dead body of Paole.

When the body was unearthed from the grave, the authorities found a sign of vampirism.  The corpse was not rotten and it stayed fresh, though the nails had already fallen off, a new set of nails are growing.  There is also a fresh blood on his lips.  The group decided to proceed with the staking.  Villagers cried out after seeing a fresh blood gushed out from his mouth.  As a part of the tradition the group scattered garlic around his grave and the other victims.

The villager’s life returned to normal until 1732 when strange occurrences started to happen once again.  A series of unexplainable death caused the villagers to unearth the corpse and search for signs of vampire manifestation.  With the help of 3 surgeons, a lieutenant and a sub lieutenant, the authorities managed to find 11 bodies without a sign of decomposition even though they have been dead for months.  The entire corpse exhibits the same characteristic of Paole’s vampirism. The reports are a part of the modern vampire histories.  No clear conclusion was made on the latter outbreak; some of them think that Paole infested some of the villagers’ cattle during that time.  And when the villagers consumed the meat of the infested cows, they too were infected by the disease causing a new outbreak.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lead Mask Case

Lead Mask Case is a name given to an unsolved case which resulted to the death of two Brazilian, Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana whose bodies were found by a young boy while playing a kite on August 20, 1966.

At first glance, the scene was nothing more than just a normal case, but as the police go deeper and deeper through the investigation, the Lead Mask Case became stranger and stranger.  Both of the dead bodies that are found on the hillside were wearing identical lead mask, the lead mask that you usually wear to protect yourself from radiation.

The boy that was flying a kite saw the remains of the two Brazilians.  Police were immediately summoned and they identified them as electronics repairmen working in a company that is about 200 kilometres away from where the bodies were found.  They were wearing a suit and a raincoat which contains an empty bottle of water and two towels.  Police has no clue why the victims are wearing lead mask which is a lot different to the other lead mask since they decided to cover only their eyes while exposing the other parts of their face.  Cleary their main intention is to protect their eyes probably from a certain luminous object.

The police also discovered receipts of the raincoat and the empty bottle of water.  The police claimed that at first the two men had enough cash on them to buy a cheap used car but when they were discovered they have only a small amount of money with them.  The clerk who sold them water was questioned and said that the two men looks agitated because it is getting dark and it was starting to rain.

The investigating team also found a small notebook that contains the following:

16:30 estar no local determinado. (beat the agreed place)
18:30 ingerir cápsulas, após efeito proteger metais aguardar sinal mascara (swallow capsules, after effect, protect metals, wait for mask signal)

Monday, March 21, 2016


The Mapinguary is a huge furry creature that resembles the appearance of “Big Foot”, usually sighted in the area of Rio Araguaia.  The Mapinguary means the roaring animal; it is similar to the cape-lobo which allegedly wore a skin similar to a wolf.

Based on the legend and those who claimed to saw the creature, mapinguary is a huge creature covered with fur all over its body.  The mapinguary is said to measure at around 2 meters tall and its thick fur is believed to be impenetrable by bullets and other weapons.  It has long arms that are similar to an ape with sharp claws on its hand.  It also has a round head and a noticeable huge mouth.  The numbers of eyes vary based on the legends, some says it has two eyes other says that it has one eye that makes it look like a Cyclops.  There are also some people claiming that the creature has mouth on its belly that it utilized to devour the human.

But there are ways on how to tell that a Mapinguary is on the area.  The strong disgusting smell and the crowd of flies is a giveaway that a Mapinguary is coming your way.  They said that the smell of this creature is so despicable that even the strongest and fearsome warrior would run away upon smelling its unbearable odor.  Those who smell the mapinguary is infected with an unknown disease for a number of days.

Mapinguary loves eating the brain.  They said that their sheer strength is enough to break the skull of a human so that they can feast on the brain of their victim.  Unlike similar creatures, the monster would never flee and fear the presence of a human.  It is aggressive like a hunter and would hunt down its prey.

The only way to kill the Mapinguary is to shoot him in the head.  But it would not be that easy cause the mere presence of the Mapinguary would put you to daze.  The best thing to do is to maintain your distance to the creature and launch your attack when he least expect it.

It was first sighted in March and April, 1937.  A Mapinguary was held responsible for the death of over 100 yellow cattle in Ponta Branca.  People claimed to hear the loud roaring sound in the woods.  Unfortunately the only evidence it left was its footprint that measured at around 18 inches.  There were also sightings reported in Argentina, Patagonia and Peru

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Vampire of Coventry Street

Reports about a giant cat with wings measuring at around 6 ft. flying around the town started to circulate around London in West Drayton Church on April of 1922.  Several witnesses claimed that they saw the creature went down into the cemetery.  Two policemen chased the said creatures and said that they heard the creature release an eerie howl and fly away after.  According to an old man, the giant black cat could be a vampire of the old man who murdered a woman by draining her blood.  The Vampire of Coventry Street is a vampire-related incident that happened during 1890s.

On April 16, around 6 in the morning, a man felt some strange presence following him while he was walking along the Coventry Street, London.  He sensed that someone bit him in the neck and suddenly felt like his blood is being sucked out of him.  After a few moments the man reportedly fell unconscious.   When he regained his consciousness, he was already inside the Charing Cross Hospital, and doctors said someone might have attacked him with a thin tube

After an approximately 2 hours and a half, another man at an unconscious state was rushed to the same hospital, he was suffering from a terrible bleeding in the neck.  When he woke up, his accounts were a lot similar to the first victim.  He felt an invisible presence that attacked him and drained his blood.  Both of them were attacked from the same spot of Coventry Street.

The story about the 2 man quickly spread all over the town, and the town blame it on the Vampire of Coventry Street.  The police who couldn’t find any lead that time hired a vampire hunter.  The vampire hunter allegedly was able to hunt down the vampire and he took it the Highgate Cemetery where he performed the staking.  But some people highly doubted this claim.

History has no account whether the bizarre case of attack on Coventry Street has been solved, but the attack of the supposed Vampire of Coventry Street ended.  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Andreas Bichel : The Bavarian Ripper

Andreas Bichel lured women into his house tricking them that she is in a possession of a mirror that could show them their future husbands.  The woman would then be blind folded and tied telling them that it is necessary to perform the ritual.  He would then hit their head and hacked them with an axe while they were still alive.  He cut open one of his victims from his breast downward while she is still breathing.  During his trial he told the court that he is too eager and excited while doing the crime that he is trembling all over he said that he longed to eat the pieces of his victims.

Though he was held responsible for some petty crimes which includes theft, Andreas Bichel was not considered as dangerous.  He had a wife, a home and children that made him still a respectable man.  In order to support his family needs, Bichel went into the industry of fortune telling.   He claimed that he was able to see the future through a magic mirror that he possessed, a tool that plays a great part in his series of murders.

His first victim, Barbara Reisinger went into his house while Bichel’s family is not around.  He was initially interested at first as a possible housemaid but something came up to his mind that gave him a different idea.  He told her about his ability to predict the future using a magic mirror.  Reisinger agreed to the said ritual wherein she had to sit in a chair blindfolded and her hands tied.  After Andreas Bichel made sure that she could no longer escape, he took a knife and stabbed her repeatedly on the neck. 

In 1808, he met Catherine Seidel who agrees to undergo the bizarre fortune telling ritual.  He asked her to bring three additional dresses and wore her best dress.  Seidel ended up just like Reisinger.  After a few days, her sister grew worried about Catherine and started to look for her.  Moments after, she stumbled upon a tailor shop wherein the tailor is in the process of making of a waist coat whose fabric is similar to the dress of her sister.  The material was said to be given by the person who owns the garment, Andreas Bichel.

She immediately alerted the police who then went to Andreas Bichel’s house to conduct investigation.  The authorities were not impressed with Bichel’s alibi and perform a search through his house.  They followed a police dog that kept on sniffing at a woodshed.  The police searched through a pile of straw and found a woman severed in half.  They continue to dug up and found several other human head and human corpses.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Vampires of Sarbanovac

In 1839, A mass grave desecration led to the arrest and punishment of 2 self proclaimed vampire hunters.  It started when the local priest sent a complaint to the District Court about the mass exhumation done by the villagers of Sarbanovac due to the alleged infestation of Vampires of Sarbanovac.

Before the court, the villagers said that 9 dead people have turned into a vampire.  They gave a full account of the people suspected to be a vampire and those people that were attacked by these vampires.  The Vampires of Sarbanovac are said to assault men, women, animals and children.  They first asked for the aid of their priest but the said priest refused to help them.  They were also given the advice not to perform any traditional remedies that includes exhumation and desecration of corpses.

One day the priest went out of town and the people of the town decided to act.  The vampire hunt was led by Novak Mikov who was paid a reasonable amount of fee for the exhumation.  Mikov was accompanied by several other villagers who dug up 8 corpses.  They cut the hearts of those suspected Vampires of Sarbanovac and boil them in a pot of wine.  After several hours they placed the heart back into the corpse and reburied them.  Remains of a woman were also unearthed but show no signs of vampirism so the villagers decided to just return her to the grave.

When the priest discovered that the villagers desecrated the corpse.  The priest seek the help of the sectarian court.  Radovan Petrov and Novak Mikov were found guilty for digging up the corpse which is prohibited by the church.  The two of them who led the exhumation were sentenced to 7 day imprisonment and 30 lashes of cane.

During this era, consumption and other sickness already has an explanation thus the church is doing everything they can to repel the pagan practices and traditional method on the exorcism of the undead.  Some priests acted more emphatic to the villagers by praying to the graves and blessing them with a holy water.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Vampire Dog of Ennerdale

From 1810-1874, England Ireland and Scotland reported about a vampiric incident that tormented their sheep, the incident briefly happened again on 1905-1906.  The creature is called the Vampire dog of Ennerdale.

The first report about the alleged vampire dog happened in May of 1810, in the village of Ennerdale, a town located at the border of England and Scotland.  Those who saw the creature said that the dog is larger compared to the other local dogs.  It left a track that is set deeply on the ground; those tracks are also long, unlike any other dogs.

The creature was held responsible for the death of 6-8 sheep a night.  Its method of killing is by drilling holes into their throat and feeding on their blood.  Surprisingly, the creature only suck the blood, the flesh of the carcasses remains untouched.

September of that same year, a large black dog was sighted and was shot in a nearby cornfield. The attacks stop for a while only to continue in Ireland.  The public dismissed the idea of a wolf killing the sheep since the last wolf was spotted on 1712.  If the alleged vampire dog was killing at around 8 sheep a night on Ennerdale, the hunger of the creature increase, as it feed on the blood and kill 30 sheep per night.  The tracks that were left is eerily similar to the tracks found in Ennerdale and the manner of attack post a striking resemblance, again the flesh of the sheep remained untouched.

On April 11, a huge dog was shot by an archbishop.  Thinking that they already put an end to the misery of the sheep, the dog reappeared again 10 days after on a town located hundreds of miles away.  The sheep was slain in the same manner.

It reportedly bit a man on Limerick, Ireland and after a short period of time the man went insane and was sent to the Ennis Insane Asylum.  The cycle of event continued, a black dog was sighted, sheep has been slain the same way, a black dog was shot, and a black dog would reappear.  In 1874, the large black dog was again shot.  People were waiting for it to return but to their surprise the black dog was never sighted again. 

After 30 years, the black dog reappeared again.  On November 1, 1905, London Mail reported about an incident of sheep slaughter in Badminton.  Their throats have been ripped out and their bodies were all dried up of blood.  A black dog was reportedly shot on November 25 in Gloucester, in Hinton on December 16.  On the 19th of March 1906, on a site near Guildford, at least 51 sheep were killed on a night of killing spree.  The government turns the blame on a wild animal said to have escape on captivity.  But the local zoo and animal shelter never reported anything about a wild animal escape.

All in all the vampire dog was said to kill 237,250 sheep; that is 10 sheep per night since the day it attacked.  The vampire dog was able to consume 1, 594, 320 liters of blood which is equivalent to two Olympic-sized pool.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ungo: A Vampire Creature in the Philippines

Ungo is a variety of Aswang which is a vampire creature in the Philippines.  It can take the appearance of either male or female but it usually take the identity of a fragile old woman with a long black hair and a black tongue.

A witch can turn herself into this creature by performing rites.  But if he decided to transform anyone against their wish the only thing that she needs to do is to blow down his back.  In this case, a mananambal (healer) can come to the rescue and aid that person who is transforming into an Ungo.  He will create a potion that will return the person to his normal form.

The vampire would resist the potion so the healer would have to force feed the potion down to his throat.  Upon managing to feed the Ungo with the potion that the healer brewed, he would began to vomit random stuff such as eggs, live birds, insects, etc. When the vomiting stop, the Ungo will revert back to its human form and the curse has been lifted.  But the process is said to be effective to those unwilling person who transformed into a vampire, witches who performed the rituals cannot be reverted back to their human form.

Ungo is known to be cruel, not only because they prey on women, children and the sick, they are considered wicked because of their hunting method.  Ungo would attack the unsuspecting victims while they were asleep, he would unleash an odor that could paralyze the victims making them incapable of defending themselves.  The Ungo will then take the victim into its lair, but before that, he will make a replica of that person using leaves of banana or trunk of a tree.   After few days that replica will die, making it impossible for the relatives to distinguish if the victim was attacked by an Ungo.

But they said that there is a way to tell if he is a person or not.  You have to look him in the eye, if you can see your reflection in the inverted form then that person is a reanimated form.  The real person which is inside the lair of the Ungo would be consumed for food slowly.  The Ungo particularly loves the liver of human.

The Ungo can transform into any animals, person and even lifeless object.  A mananambal can create a potion that could identify the Ungo.  It requires mixing special oil during Good Friday.  They said that the oil will boil if an Ungo is within the area. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ursula Kemp: A Witch or a Victim?

Ursula Kemp was accused of performing witchcraft together with 13 other females in 1582.  When her body was exhumed during the mid-1900s to put on display in a museum, the public noticed that she had iron spikes on her body which means people feared that she might return as a vampire.

The incident took place in Essex, England in the coastal area of St. Osyth.  Ursula Kemp lived a poor-stricken life and she was one of the first woman accused of performing the dark arts.  During the trial she claimed that she could unwitch or dispel the evil hex that was placed into people.

A close friend of Ursula Kemp, Grace Thurlow had a son named Davy, who became mysteriously sick.  She went to Kemp and asked her to help her, Thurlow believed that Kemp put a spell on her son and after a few days, her son’s conditions improve.  Eventually the friendship of the two would be tested over the death of Joan.  When Joan was just a few months old, she fell into the cradle and broke her neck and eventually died.  Thurlow was so upset about the incident that he started to feel ill.  She asked Kemp to help her once more and Kemp agreed under one condition.  Thurlow had to pay her an amount of money if she managed to cure her.  After a few days, Thurlow felt better and refused to pay Kemp, she told her she doesn’t have the money and cannot afford to pay her.  Surprisingly, after a few days, Thurlow once again acquired a disease.  She blamed Kemp for her disease, for her child’s disease and even for the death of Joan.

Thurlow who firmly believe that Ursula Kemp has something to do with her worsening condition, she decided to take the matter to Judge Bryan Darcy.  Darcy started conducting investigation on his own and began questioning those who knew Kemp.  He also interrogated Thomas, the 8 year old son of Kemp who told the judges that his mother have 4 familiars.  The four familiars would feed on the blood of his mother’s arms.  Tyffin (gray cat), Jacke (black cat), Pygine (toad) and Tyttey (lamb) were allegedly the familiars of her mother.  A man also claimed that Kemp placed a hex on his wife that caused her death.
Darcy then confronted Kemp but she denied the allegations.  Darcy tricked her that he would go easy on her if she confessed the evil doing.   Eventually, Kemp decided to confess the allegations and told about the names of 13 other witches.  Kemp was proven guilty.

During the mid-1900s, the body of Kemp was exhumed by an occultist named Cecil Williamson and was displayed on a museum.  The event was televised and the public noticed that Kemp has iron spikes in her chest.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

James P. Riva, “The schizophrenic vampire”

James Riva is a troubled young man.  He shot his grandmother while the poor old woman was in her wheelchair with his hand painted golden bullet.  He drank the blood flowing out of the gunshot wounds and set her house on fire together with the dead body to hide the crime that he committed.  James Riva confessed that he was hearing a voice of the vampire prior to the crime.  Furthermore, he also stated that drinking the blood of his grandmother would grant him the eternal life.  Allegedly, this method of killing was whispered by a vampire.  He claimed that he was sleeping when the crime has been committed and that he believes that every people are vampires and he must do everything to be like them.

James Riva has been engulfed in the study of the vampire since he was 13 years of age.  He consistently drew objects that contain violence and have been fascinated in drinking and eating things similar to blood.  He also confessed on killing a horse and drinking its blood.  He further stated that he punched one of his friends in the nose and tried to strike another in order to receive blood, but he said he did not attempt to kill anyone. 

A psychiatrist testified that James Riva kept an axe inside his room and was planning to kill his father. In addition, he said that Riva was hearing some voices that warn him against vampires and believed that his grandmother is utilizing an ice pick to draw a puncture wound on him and suck his blood.  Riva also thought that his grandmother is also poisoning his foods even though she’s on a wheelchair. The voice also said that it is imperative for him to drink blood.

James Riva was sentenced to a life time imprisonment.  He was not documented to commit blood drinking while he was in the prison.  In 2009, at a parole hearing, he told the board and in front of his whole family that he’s sorry.  He said that he realized that he made a mistake on killing his grandmother.  He also said that he’s been on medication ever since he went into prison and he no longer believed that he’s a vampire.  Furthermore he converted to Islam and said that he successfully removed his urge to kill animals.

But the board and his family was not convinced on his repentance.  Some records states that James Riva attacked one of the cell guards while he was on patrol thinking that it will invade his space.  He also said that he was abused by his mom when he was a child and constantly wrote his mother to confess on drowning him while he was inside the jail.  The therapist also said that there are accounts that can prove that Riva also skipped his medication.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Richard Laurence Marquette

Richard Laurence Marquette who was also named Dick Marquette is known for killing three women.  He drained them of their blood, mutilated and dismembered their bodies.  He scattered their remains after to discard the evidence.

Richard Laurence Marquette, born in the 12th of December, 1934 in Portland, Oregon, was first arrested on the charge of rape but his victim chose not to pursue the case.  He was then involved into petty crimes and was ordered to spend 8 months inside the jail.

On the 8th of June, 1961 the police received a report from a local citizen regarding a human foot inside a paper bag that their dog took home.  The dog apparently left and returned this time with a hand.  Upon further inspection on the area, they were able to uncover several other body parts.
After a thorough investigation, authorities were able to connect the missing body to Joan Caudle (23). Joan Caudle was reported missing by her husband.  A testimony of the witness states that Joan Caudle left the bar with a strange man.  Caudle was not a drinker but she had been having some problems lately because of the health condition of her Mom, so her husband said that it is possible that she may have stopped at a bar.

The investigation led the authority to a man named Dick Marquette.  Although Richard Laurence Marquette has already left the area, they were able to find remains of Caudle inside his refrigerator wrapped like any other meat.  Her head was later discovered in the edge of the river.  Marquette was arrested in California on the day that he was added into the Most Wanted List.  He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.  But he only served 11 years since he received a parole for being a “model prisoner.”

In April of 1975, a fisherman found human remains in a slough in Oregon.  The remains were once again bled to dry, mutilated and dismembered.  Authorities identified the remains as Betty Wilson (37), a mother of 11 children.  Wilson’s husband was the initial suspect but his husband was working at North Carolina when the incident happened so it is highly impossible for him to commit the crime.  The investigation then turned to Richard Laurence Marquette.

After the authorities were able to produce a search warrant, they were overwhelmed by the evidence found in Richard Laurence Marquette’s home.  Marquette confessed to the crime.  But there is more to it; as he was confessing about Betty Wilson’s murder, Marquette admitted to another crime that happened in 1974 about a girl he picked up in a bar.  The identity of that person remains unknown.