Ojai Vampire

The Ojai Vampire is a vampire who purportedly moves to Ojai, Ca during the year 1890 and set up a house near the Creek Road.  Though he was always regarded as a vampire, his appearance was said to be that of a rotten corpse.

Based on the legends, during circa 1890s an alleged European vampire moved to Ojai, California and settle in a house which is near Creek Rd.  The alleged vampire was held responsible for the missing animals and cattle mutilation.  He was also blamed for the mysterious disappearance and sometimes murder of random people.

The villagers set up a hunting party to kill the alleged vampire.  The local citizens found a stone sarcophagus at his home which is guarded by a black dog.  The black dog was vicious but they were able to drive it away by spraying a holy water.  The hunters lift up the cover of the sarcophagus and drive a stake straight to the vampire’s heart.

According to some story, the town’s people took the body of the vampire and sealed it in a slab made of cement.  The slab was allegedly hidden in a place near Camp Comfort County Park.  Up to this day, there are people claiming that they know the location of the slab but would not divulge it.  It is also usual for those people to meet up and search for the vampire remains or even the alleged sarcophagus that was found inside his house.

But the haunting did not end with the death of the vampire.  It was believed that its pet, black dog still haunts the area of Ojai up to this day.  The black dog was believed to bring a bad omen to those who would see it.  Based on the Chumash elders, the black dog is a form of Nunashish which is an evil phantom that serves as a familiar or a guardian of a certain place.


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