Monday, June 12, 2017

The Werewolf of Lawton Oklahoma

On February 27, 1971 authorities were bombarded by the reports about werewolf sightings. The sightings about the Lawton werewolf lasted for three days. Donald Childs, one of the very first who reported about the werewolf suffered a heart attack after seeing the creature. He supposedly looked out of his windows and saw the creature drinking on his empty fish pond.

Harry Ezzel, a police officer received calls from concerned citizens ranging from a creature running on the street, chasing different cars and some of them reported about a monster that is hiding from the bushes.

One of the call, that was first treated as a joke was a report from a civilian who looked out of his window and saw someone sitting on the railing. The witness, who was in apartment that day, saw the creature jumped off the railing which is approximately 17 ft off the ground. The witness said that it run in a manner similar to a monkey and his face is disgruntled which looks like a scar from being burned. It is also covered with hair all over its body.

The reports are not only limited to civilians. There are also sightings made by a group of soldiers that were stationed at the area during that time.

The most intriguing part of the report is that the creature was said to be wearing a tattered clothes, which was ripped because it doesn’t seem to fit the monster. He is also wearing pants which are too small for the creature. Two days after the sightings, the creature disappeared and never seen again.

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