The Wolf of Moscow

Serial killers are being dubbed as a “wolf” depending on the method of their killings.  Usually when the perpetrator committed a gruesome crime and mutilated the victims’ body in a manner that only an animal can do, then they were compared to the animal such as a wolf.

Such is the case of “The Wolf of Moscow” named Vasili Komaroff.    He was held responsible for the death of at least 33 individuals.  Surprisingly, the corpses of the victims appeared a day after a horse trading, which led them to one unlikely suspect, Vasili Komaroff.

Vasili Komaroff is known for being a happy man but unbeknownst to many, he had a temper problem.  There was a time when he almost killed his own son due to his violent ways.  The authorities went to Komaroff to investigate and they stumbled upon the body of his new victim which is under the hay stack and waiting to be dumped.

He lured his victims through horse trading and when the unsuspected victim turned their back on him, he would immediately bludgeoned them with a hammer or strangle them to death.  Authorities describe the victims as “trussed like chicken for roasting.”  Investigators found five dead bodies, but the other victims had been thrown into the river and were never found.

His wife was also charged with murder under the theory that it is impossible for her not to know about the grisly crime.  Authorities believed that the wife had a firsthand knowledge and just decided to overlook the wrongdoing of her husband. 

On June 8 the court found him guilty and was sentenced to death by firing squad.  He was executed on June 18 together with his wife.  While on the way to the execution ground he apparently said “Well it's my turn to be put in the sack now."


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