The Vampire UFO

Chupa-chupas which name was derived from chupacabras is a creature believed to be a vampire from the sky or a UFO.  The chupa chupa is blamed on an incident of a red light that burned the skin of those people that left them weak and cause them anaemia.  There are also reports that some people that were exposed on that red light died.

The rumours about the chupa chupa started to circulate the news during the 1970.  Incidentally it is also the time that the supposed attack of the chupacabra increased at the South America and Central American region as well as Puerto Rico.

The news intensifies when a certain incident happened at Brazil that killed people and some animals.  There were about 40 people recorded injured by the said UFO sighting.  Most of them testify that weird beam from the sky injured them causing their burns in some parts of their body.  The doctors reported a huge decrease on the amount of haemoglobins on the body of those people.  Some of them suffered a gruelling death.  Local folks attributed that event to a UFO attack.  They believe that these UFO visited them to suck their blood and energy out of them.

One of the victims testified about the chupa chupa attack.  She said she was sleeping when a green light awakened her and it suddenly turned into red.  She said that the light came from someone holding a gun.  She added that this man was wearing a diving suit and it has a quite small eyes compared to the usual.  The unknown man aimed the gun at her that emits red lights three times, she felt like it was a hot needle stinging at her skin.  She wanted to scream but she couldn’t; it felt like her whole body has been paralyzed.  The red light left a mark on her right breast.  Finally she was able to scream that awakened her cousin, but by that time the man was no longer in sight.  She was rushed to the hospital where she spent weeks recuperating her health.

A doctor also gave his testimony regarding the UFO attack.  He said that the entire victim has a mark of punctures on their arms and there are signs that their blood was sucked.  Though the doctor wanted so much to give a scientific explanation on the events, the marks on the victim does not resemble a bite of a vampire bat.

There is also a pregnant woman who was reportedly injured by the said beam of light and her unborn son died.  A dog that has also been reportedly struck by the same light died weeks after the incident.

Besides the 1978 incident, a similar attack of the chupa chupa was recorded in 1980.  The attacks were concentrated in only three regions of Brazil: Sao Luis, Parnama and Belem.  The victims who were mostly outside had their blood sucked out of them.  Some of the victims said that the light is so bright that the night turned into day.  They also suffered a decline in haemoglobin, paralysis, headache, weakness etc.

The attack of the chupa chupa remains a mystery up to this day. Some of them believe that this chupa chupa is a new mutation of a vampire species.


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