Stewart Wilken

Serial killers are known for having a certain target with similar characteristics.  There are serial killers who target young boys, prostitutes and others. But the case of Stewart Wilken seems to be different as he victimized random people with distinct personalities.  Wilken killed both female prostitutes and young boys.

On the 22nd of January 1997, Henry Baskers (12) mysteriously disappeared.  The mother of the boy was not alarmed at first as the boy commonly stayed at the house of the grandmother, but when the boy was not able to make it home on Thursday, she started to get worried.  The Mother went to the house of grandmother to check her son only to find out that the young boy already left on Wednesday.

Upon investigation it was revealed that Henry went into the house of her mother Wednesday afternoon.  Then he played with his friends on the park who later saw him with Stewart Wilken.  Henry and his mother knew Wilken.  He even lived in their house when Wilken had some marital problems.  It was not easy to find Wilken, as he does not have any permanent residence. 

Upon further investigation, the investigating team found out that there are other disappearances linked to Stewart Wilken.  Wilken was arrested on the 28th of January, 1997. He appeared to be very concern on the disappearance of Henry and claimed that he is willing to help.  He also told them that he is indeed with Henry on Wednesday afternoon but only for a short time.  Wilken was eventually released due to the lack of evidence.

But it turns out that his alibi was a lie as he was arrested again 2 days after.  Upon subjecting him to an interrogation, Wilken confessed to committing necrophilia and also confessed on killing his own daughter and Henry.  He would also visit the bodies of his victims from time to time and have sex with them.


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