Thaye and Tasei

The country of Myanmar has a little culture when it comes to vampires and the undead.  One reason could be the major religion in the said area.  Buddhism has a tradition of cremating the body of the deceased that is why a corpse returning to the walking life would be impossible.  On the other hand Myanmar has a rich tradition of ghost and phantoms.

Thaye and Tasei is a ghost of those people who have lived a life of sin.   They will remain on that state until they were able to fulfill their duty.  And as the tradition of Buddhism their soul will be reincarnated after.

While in the form of a ghost, they could take a visible appearance but they would appear demonic.  They have a prevalent darker features and a bit taller than the norms with huge ears and protruding canine teeth that resembles the tusk of a boar.

They usually reside on the cemetery or villages where they could feed on corpse or sometimes assault the living.  Unlike some vampire who would take the appearance of a real human to lure victims, the Thaye and Thasei need to take the appearance of the vampire in order to feed on the corpse of the cemetery or attack the living on the village where they live.

Though they were not entirely held responsible for the death of an individual, Thaye and Thasei are known to cause minimal harm and also illness.

One can protect themselves from the presence of this vampire-like creature by an amulet called lehpwe.  The lephwe contains the image of an elephant drawn using the alphabet of Myanmar.  Sometimes when the presence of the Thaye and Thasei is so severe, a special type of ritual is performed to drive away the evil spirit.


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