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Monday, October 31, 2016

Eusebius Pieydagnelle: Obsessed with the Smell of a Blood

In the year 1872, in Vinuville France, Eusebius Pieydagnelle surrendered voluntarily to the authorities and confessed that he is responsible for the death of at least 7 people and that the smell of blood excites him.  He told them that he has a bizarre obsession of blood that he can reach an orgasm by the mere smell of it.  All 7 of his victims were extremely mutilated.

Based on the finding s of the court, Eusebius Pieydagnelle comes from a very reputable family and was able to receive the best education.  Their home is located near a butcher shop that might have triggered his obsession with blood.  Eusebius told the panel “The smell of fresh blood, and appetizing meat, the bloody lumps-all this fascinated me and I began to envy the butcher’s assistant, because he could work at the block, with rolled up sleeves and bloody hands.”

His parents did not approve it but nonetheless he took the job as a butcher’s apprentice.  Eusebius Pieydagnelle could not contain the joy in his heart when he finally made it to the butcher house. The idea of butchering animals the whole day everyday excites him.  But his job was not permanent as his father forcibly took him away from the butchery and apprenticed him to a notary.  This apparently put him in a state of depression causing him to murder women.  His first victim is supposedly only 15 years old whom he repeatedly stabbed and mutilated.  He killed another 6 the last victim was the butcher that he used to work for before he finally surrendered to the authority.

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