“Snuffy” Stukeley

The incident that happened to the family of Snuffy Stukeley is a part of the New England Vampire.  The New England Vampire era began during the mid-1700s at the time of the Revolutionary war.  The vampiric manifestation that time is linked in the consumption which is called tuberculosis at this time.

Snuffy Stukeley is a Rhode Island farmer.  Their family is known to be prosperous and he is a father of 14 children.  One day Sarah has been inflicted with the consumption and died.  Not long after her death, several of Stukeley’s children and relatives started to get sick.  The signs and symptoms were similar to the disease that killed Sarah.  They also complained about nightmares and that Sarah is visiting them every night to torment them while they are asleep.  There was also other claiming that Sarah has been pressing on their chest making it difficult for them to breath which is similar to the old hag syndrome.

Eventually his children died one after another which arouse suspicion that Sarah is exhibiting a vampiric manifestation.  In hopes to save the remaining member of his family, his neighbor suggested that the body of Sarah should be exhumed and examine.  They believe that Sarah’s body could hold a clue on how to stop the plague that struck his family.

When the body of Sarah was exhumed, they found the heart of Sarah containing fresh blood.   Blood flowing on a corpse is deemed to be a sign of vampirism during that time.  Her body was extracted and burned reducing it to ashes.  According to the story only one more of his child died and the others survived which solidify their belief that Sarah is indeed a vampire.


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