Vampire of the Melanasian Island

Abere is a woman possessing an unbelievable beauty that she uses in order to seduce her victims.  She is a part of the Melanasian Island mythology, an island which can be found near the continent of Australia.

Though not entirely depicted as a vampire, Abere is more of a demoness but has a striking similarity with the vampires of the west.  Just like the other woman vampires, this demoness uses her beauty to lure men into her lair.  Usually dwelling in swamp or wetlands, this creature would pretend to be asking for help and when you least know it, she will tangle you with the reeds until you can no longer move.  By this time the creature would start devouring your entire flesh.

There were times that this beautiful demoness will present itself to you while bathing in the wetlands naked. She will run away from those men and hide in the reeds.  Eventually, they would be lost in the swamp while looking for the naked woman not knowing that the Abere is just keenly observing them.  It will then attack them at the time that they are vulnerable.  She also has woman servants who help her in searching for a victim.  The Abere can command the reeds to grow causing her victims to be trapped.  They said that no one can escape the power of the Abere once you enter its lair.

Consequently, there are no known ways on how to defeat this creature.  Unlike other vampires where you have to draw stakes in their heart to put an end to their terror, methods on how to repel their powers is not stated in the legends.  There are also no known ways on how to distinguish an Abere from a normal woman.


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