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Midnight Washerwomen Les Lavandieres

Midnight Washerwomen, also known as Les Lavandieres, is a part of the Celtic lore. They are three old women who go to the edge of the river during midnight and wash the shroud of those about to die. The three Les Lavandieres may be derived from the old Celtic story of the three goddesses of death and slaughter.


Who Are the Midnight Washerwomen?


Midnight Washerwomen

The three women have said to turn their back away from their religious beliefs. They can often be sighted at the isolated part of the river. The description of the vampiric creature depends upon the location. In England, the Midnight Washerwomen appear similar to a ghost. In France, the creature is depicted as a being similar to a skeleton. Nonetheless, in those countries where they are believed to exist, the Les Lavandieres is considered a harbinger of death.


What to Do If You Encounter a Midnight Washerwoman?


If you are traveling alone at night and happen to come across them, you must wring out the laundry. If not, the washerwoman would turn and break your limbs and throw you in the water. Midnight Washerwomen were also known to capture a victim. They will make that captive wash his own burial shroud. Obeying their every command will ensure your survival, but these three women will immediately kill you before completing the tasks.


Accounts on Les Lavandieres

 Midnight Washerwomen

Jacques Cambry has told a legend of Midnight Washerwomen during the 18th century. They are not always represented as old women, but they are often night creatures dressed in traditional clothing. They have high physical strength and are very agile. According to some, you should never disturb them when they are washing their clothes. Otherwise, they will put a curse on you. There have been different stories about this creature in Normandy and Brittany during the 19th to 20th centuries.


The Midnight Washerwomen are bound to wash the burial shroud of the unbaptized children. They will be relieved from their work once they find someone willing to do it for them.



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