Thursday, November 18, 2021

Alp Monster, a German Folklore

An Alp Monster is a vampire phantom often associated with nightmares, the bogeyman, and an incubus. It is known in different names depending on the location. There are also other variations of this cryptid in other European countries and English-speaking communities.


An Overview of the German Vampire Alp Monster


Alp Monster



Alp Monster can present itself in the form of a butterfly that came from a demon's breath. This vampire butterfly sucks the life out of its victim. They can also appear as other house pets like cats, dogs, pigs, birds, etc.


Where Did the Legend About Alp Start?


The story about the alp monster started in the mountainous area of Austria and Germany. The mystical hat they wear (known as Tarnkappe), abilities, and personality draws a striking similarity with Alberich, the dwarf king. It is also believed that most of the inspiration behind this vampiric creature is derived from Teutonic folklore. Initially, they were depicted as friendly beings that lived peacefully in the mountain. Eventually, the legend turned into something malevolent.

How Do Alp Monster Attacks Their Victims?

 Alp monster

The Alp Monster is said to be responsible for having nightmares. It is also known to assault its victim, whether they are male or female, sexually. However, compared to other creatures associated with the vampire or other undead, this creature does not force itself to its victims; instead, it enters the victim through its mouth as a mist. It is also known to drink blood, not in the neck but the nipples of the male or female victim.


Based on the legends, some mischievous traits of the Alp Monster can be associated with the elves, like spoiling the baby's milk or adding soil to the baby's diaper. Also, like elves, they tend to attack farm animals, sometimes biting their tails or riding them through the point of exhaustion. They also disturb other small farm animals like the geese.

Alp: A Vampire Creature


Though Alp Monster is more associated with the vampire, its shape-shifting ability is similar to that of the werewolf. It also has an enigmatic hat that keeps it invisible, but the cap remains visible. If a creature loses his hat, he will offer an excellent reward for those who find it. It possesses mystic eyes that give illness and other mishaps. The only way to counter that effect is to remove or damage the eye.


How to Defend Against Alp?

 Alp Vampire

According to folklore, there are many ways one can protect himself from the attack of the Alp Monster. It includes putting a mirror in your chest, placing a broom under the pillow, hanging a horseshoe on your bedpost, etc. The crucifix is also a good way to negate the attack of the creature. If you woke up seeing this creature, you should ask him to return in the morning. It will leave you at that moment and return the following day in his human form. At that point, one must offer him a gift, and it will no longer bother you. It can also be paralyzed by forcing him to eat a lemon. Some stories state that the creature can be weakened, but it is almost impossible to kill.


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