Bouda, aside from being a blood sucking creature, it is also considered as were-hyena since it has the ability to shape shift into a form of a hyena. It is a type of a living vampire found in the lore of Morocco, Tanzania and Ethiopia. They can shape shift into a hyena using their magical ability.

When it transforms into a hyena, the bouda would look like any other hyena present in the area, except for the magical amulet that the creature wears. In case the creature loses the amulet that it wears while it is in its animal form, the bouda would immediately return to its original human form.

They are also skilled in crafting magical amulets and charms. They are often found at their forges crafting charms that would let them focus their magical ability and achieve a better transformation.  Bouda are also called as “bultungin” in Nigeria which translates to “I changed myself into a hyena.”

According to the Bouda Legend in Ethiopia, it is believed that every blacksmith can actually wield magic and transform into a hyena. They would usually assume their human form during daytime. Since that time most of the blacksmith are Jews, the Ethiopian Christian would often think that all Ethiopian Jews are Boudas. They believe that the Jews are digging up on their corpses and devouring them.

In Sudan the same belief about blacksmiths exists. Except for the fact that they also believe that woodcutters and people with lots of hair can shape shift into hyena.


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